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Unit-2 Marketing Essentials Assignment Sample

Introduction Of Unit-2 Marketing Essentials Assignment

To ensure that the company has a b presence in the market, marketing is an important activity that must be considered. Marketing has to be done well in the market to make the profitability of the organization be higher which is good for the reputation and standards. Books on wheels is an business idea which makes sure that if the customers are not being able to reach to the library then the library is reaching out to them. Clients have forgotten the value of books and are dependent on online researches and material which is not good and this business idea is going to bring about a change. The report will address current trends and marketing's position in the business, as well as their interactions with other departments.


1. Business ideas and trends influencing the idea

Growth of the business has to be b to make sure that there is better development which is present. Staff of the company has to be retained in this industry to have the right working and operations which is good for the smooth operations. There is good training staff method and product innovation which takes place in the company so that there is higher building of the portfolio for them to hold in market (Veli?kovi? and ?uri?anin, 2020). Economically there is a lot of investment which they are making in the trends which are coming in the market which makes the organization have the right implementation. Sustainability has to be higher in the company to make certain of the development which can take place. Resources have to be well utilized and make sure that there are right actions which are being developed around it so that there is better working for the future as well. The structure must be solid in order to ensure that there is a clear sense of direction, allowing the organisation to meet the appropriate standards and quality of work. Quality of services and products has to be maintained by the company which is good for the reputation and standards and would help in making the profitability and sales are present as well. Promotions concerning innovation and new items that the company is bringing to market must be done on a regular basis to ensure that a higher standard of work is maintained. Stores hold a prominent position in the organisation and ensure that there is a decent improving quality that will be present in order for the firm to flourish and improve (Braciníková and Matušínská, 2017).

2. Role of marketing in an organization

Marketing is a very important department which is present in the business to make the company be able to achieve their targets and goals. There are different methods and techniques which are developing with time to make sure that the company is being able to attract the right customers. Strategies have to be developed by the company to be able to gain the right opportunities and standards in the market to make the components be ber as well. Customer satisfaction is critical for a company's reputation and branding (Havrysh-Musafir, 2017). Communication and transparency is going to be present as well between the company and the customers in the market. Monitoring and controlling must be done properly to ensure that relationships are strengthened and that the company's effectiveness is visible in the market. The organisation makes advertisements from time to time to ensure that the imposition is present and that multiple means to attract the proper clients are present. Getting the proper customers in is critical for a company's success and standing in the market (Baack, Czarnecka and Baack, 2018). This section also assists Books on wheels in being able to have the correct development for the future which will be present by understanding customers and communicating for changes in the firm. Marketers' requirements must be well comprehended in order for improved operations and standards to be implemented. The company must ensure that proper analysis and development are carried out, which Books on Wheels can do for themselves. Books on Wheels' marketing department will have to ensure that improved working standards are maintained. The organisation must have a higher level of working and positioning to ensure that they can get the correct customer base and profit in the market.

3. Marketing function and its interconnection with other departments

All departments are connected and dependent on each other in some way or another which is going to be discussed in the future report.

  • Marketing and human resource department

Company has to get in the right employees which can be done with the help of marketing which is going to be good for the company to maintain their sustainability in market (Nikiforova, 2018). Involving the human resource department in the working and planning of marketing is essential to make sure that the changes which are required and employees have to implement are being balanced well which impacts the company in a positive aspect.

  • Marketing and research and development

Since the marketing staff understands and collects data from customers about the products and services that Books on wheels produces, marketing and research and development are inextricably linked (Uncles, 2018). The company has to make sure that they are having the right communication between these two departments to get the right improvement and development in the quality or design of the product to get higher value in the market.

  • Marketing and Finance

There is a budget which has to be given to the marketing team and that is provided by the finance department, therefore it is important to have the right interaction between these two (Ivanov, 2019). There has to be a good relationship and understanding of transparency that has to be present and monitoring of the two departments on each other which is good for the overall working of the company for the long run.

  • Marketing and production

Satisfaction of the customers is very important for the company to have therefore the collaboration must be b between these two departments (Hanlon, 2018). There are important performances which are present between these two departments to make the organization have the right activity to limit the working and performance.


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