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Sore Throat: Assessing Doctor-Patient Interaction and Professional Ethics

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Introduction- Assessing Doctor-Patient Communication on Sore Throat Diagnosis and Treatment

Sore throat is a condition that is bothersome for patients because it generates some kind of irritations, scratchiness and intense pain in the throat. The reason behind the development of sore throat is viral which a seasonal flu is or any kind of viral attack. However, this is not a serious viral disease because it is resolved by the autoimmune system of the body. The main aim of this essay is to assess the role play of a doctor and patient on a sore throat and objectives of this essay is to understand the working skills, ethical values of a professional and observe the strong and debilitating point that underpin the interaction process of the doctor and patient. Statement of this essay is effective ethics of doctors to help to improve health and wellbeing of patients from the issue of sore throat.

In this section, I am going to discuss responses between doctors and patients regarding the issue of sore throat. During the role play session of a doctor and patient I went through many experiences such as from the perspective of a doctor I understood that it is required to ask every single detail that should be generated by a patient. On the other hand a patient must provide detailed information of his or her condition of the health including the onset of the disease development, marking the pain scale and so forth (Saat et al. 2022).

Similarly, while performing the role of a patient I also learned to gather knowledge on sore throat from the perspective of a patient because a good doctor will not prescribe medication only and a wise patient will not persuade the advice blindly (Essack et al. 2019). There will always be an interactive relationship developed between the patient and the doctor. Besides during the role play session I realised that a doctor needs to be efficient enough to detect the disease and perform the diagnosis procedure according to the apparent symptoms because irrelevant diagnosis process can create a negative impression in the patient for example to detect the presence of sore throat a doctor must run a microbiology laboratory test to confirm the development of the disease by a viral attack (Kuriyama et al. 2018). On the other hand I also got to know as a patient that cooperation is necessary and following the instruction of the doctor is mandatory if it is beneficial for health. During this task, I have identified that communication skills are essential among doctors to engage patients in health care approach and improve their health and wellbeing effectively.

This section is going to discuss professional ethics and personal ethics of doctors in UK ad its implication while providing service to a sore throat patients. From the role play scenario I realised to apply many ethical and moral values. For example, while asking about the personal history of the patient I committed to keep the information secret as per the rule of patient information privacy act (Kotecha et al. 2018). This literature stated that doctors in UK ensure that they will maintain confidentiality or privacy of patient data while providing services to them. For example an individual Honesty is an important ethic that can vary from person to person in terms of applying. Nonetheless in the case of visiting a doctor and prescribing medications to a patient both sides have to be honest while generating information (Gmc-uk.org, 2021).

According to UK government, a doctors or health care professionals need to focus on seven principle of healthcare including selflessness, openness, accountability, honesty, integrity, objectivity and leadership (Gov.uk, 2017). In this regard, I have identified that doctor has been focus on these principle while providing service to a sore throat patient. Honey is an important ethical value. Besides this, many other values also need to be nurtured at the workplace such as regularity, accountability, sincerity, abnegation, altruistic mentality, respect and so on. This literature stated that doctors in UK maintain honesty perspective while they providing health care facilities to patients (Jalal et al. 2019). From the point of view of a doctor, a patient has the right to know the current health condition from the doctor directly and in this case an honest and true information delivery is equivalently important without developing any false hope.

In this section, I am going to discuss strengths and weaknesses of the meeting between the doctors and sore throat patients. There is no doubt that role play enriched me in every way, especially performing the roles of a doctor and patient. I actually understood their mindset and different aspects of them. Consequently there are demerits also associated with the interaction process that I was able to diagnose from the role play assessment (Kuriyama et al. 2018). The interaction process did not go well as per the expectation because it took me a while to understand the interaction process and imply those in the play. The process was not systematic, rather can be said scattered because of a lack of presence of outline that contains specific questions usually asked to a patient by a doctor or common queries shot by the patient to the doctor.

From the role play performance I perceived that the role play session would have been better if a systematic approach was maintained and followed. The questions would have changed as per the disease and symptoms but a rudimentary structure would remain the same and ideal to apply for extracting organised information in front of the patient and doctor. Therefore, to improve the interaction process between the doctor and patient a proper guidance and systematic approach need to be implied to construct an organised information list and develop the relationship between the patient and doctor.

From the above discussion it was understood the role play session of the patient and doctors enhance the understanding of communication skill and the importance of interaction between the patient and doctor. The main aim and objectives of this assessment met at the analysis of the working skill, ethical values evaluation portion. Besides meeting the goal and objectives, this assessment also engenders a clear understanding on the beneficial side of a healthy interactive interaction process and its necessity in the medical profession. From above discussion, I have identified that effective ethics and morale value of doctors are crucial factors behind improving health and wellbeing of sore throat patients.



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