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The Evaluation of Critical Characteristics and Skills of Global Leaders

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Introduction: The Evaluation of Critical Characteristics and Skills of Global Leaders

Succeeding in the volatile economy requires the ability to expand a business globally. An international business involves partners, operations and senior managers and alliances who virtually represent the global regions. A global leader requires a set of pre-defined skills and distinct qualities to work across regional and national boundaries and extend the business forward. GlaxoSmithKline plc is a renowned in the healthcare sector of the UK that is famous for its strategies in specialty medicines and innovative vaccines. The annual revenue collection of the company exceeding 20,000 million British pounds, which stands as evidence of its success in the global market. Emma Walmsley, the CEO of the organization, has been credited for this success due to her exclusive leadership qualities. The report sheds light on the skill requirements of a global leader with reference to Emma Walmsley as an ideal example.

Discussion on Global leadership

Elements of leadership

Cross-system leadership style

Figure 1: Cross-system leadership style

The Healthcare industry involves a number of challenges that made the healthcare professional fall into struggling in dealing with work. Leadership elements facilitate the factor that allows the stakeholders of healthcare a chance to improve. As opined by Ghosh and Manongsong (2021), mentoring skills are the major element that enables the organisation to effective progress. The leadership element is linked with the team performance that can be effectively achieved using the intervention of knowledge by introducing leadership quality and its elements. Healthcare organisational structure has focused on the existence of leadership elements. As stated by De Brún et al. (2019), collective leadership quality in clinical and healthcare facilitates effective leadership quality among individuals. This progressively influences patient quality care and helps in developing skills among employees. This leadership quality has influenced the collaboration work with the same goal, purpose and enthusiasm. Emma Walmsley, CEO of GSK is a renowned personality, famous for their leadership quality that allows the GSK Company to withstand a competitive market. She has faced critical issues in dealing with the healthcare situation. This includes uncompetitive structure talent and investors' insufficient confidence (Gsk.com, 2022). However, her vision and leadership quality has exceptionally contributed to putting GSK Company to extend heights (Figueroa et al. 2019). Emma Walmsley, each decision has been made with analytical thinking that combines both private and professional life with a significant argument on benefits and costs. These elements have made GSK company to be back in the pharmacy game globally.

The working environment of GSK pertaining to the leadership style followed

GSK company organisational leadership style

Figure 2: GSK company organisational leadership style

Organizational leadership style influences the company's overall impact and develops the brand image in a competitive market. This dramatically influences the working ethics, workforce and quality of care delivered to the users. As referred by Stankosky (2018), global leadership quality allows the healthcare international company to experience benefits, and profit and enables to spread of the of the individual personality. Emma Malmsey, CEO of GSK has been involved in encouraging staff and employees of GSK Company to face challenges that are experienced in day-to-day professional activity (Palmer, 2017). GSK Company follows leadership qualities that include an autocratic style, democratic style and transformational style. This critically evaluated the engagement of the GSK Company to influence the working environment by meaning the decision on self. During the management, a democratic leadership style has been followed that allows the engagement of the employees and the stakeholders in making a decision that is beneficial in the aspects of the workforce.

Employees' expectations in healthcare are required to be fulfilled as this industry is highly prone to burnout characteristics. Therefore the need for the development of leadership style influences employees to maintain work ethics by following the medical code of ethics (Drewniak et al. 2020). Transformational leadership style within healthcare facilitates the involvement of the employees in sharing their thoughts in order to produce the innovative idea. According to Gandolfi and Stone (2018), leadership style serves benefit to the healthcare settings by developing effective courage to face challenges. This allows the individual to develop team building, solving issues faced by employees and other stakeholders. This strategy has dramatically influenced the company to meet success by improving the path to the new develop inspiration management within the healthcare industry.

The leadership quality of the CEO

Leadership quality in healthcare leader

Figure 3: Leadership quality in healthcare leader

Pharmaceuticals facilitate the effective involvement of the engagement that is highly promoted by the effective barriers faced during the processing. As mentioned by Till et al. (2020), leadership quality has been evident in developing among individuals from medical curricula. This facilitates an effective work environment that promotes sincerity among the employees. Emma Walmsley found encourages the employees and other stakeholders to deliver patient care that influences the quality of life. Healthcare leader quality has the aim to develop humanity that meets the work of ethics in pharmaceutical sectors. Competitive advantage is critically significant for its optimal and diver environment. Developing a vision that initiates the effective engagement of the by collaboration. This dramatically influences the integrity of the pharmaceutical industry (Palmer, 2017). CEO leadership quality facilitates by mentorship with the investors that turn out to be effective in effect during the process of segments. However, CEO leadership quality influences the investor to invest in the pharmaceutical company. This allows the company to reach success. Relative information needs to be developed with its effectiveness that is highly initiated by the management and the teamwork. Therefore, CEO leadership quality turns out to be effective in managing the pharmaceutical investors, employees and the processing unit., this significantly allows the optimum utility and the segment of the leadership quality followed by mentorship.

CEO leadership quality is highly influenced by the mismanagement that needs to be considered in reviewing the competitive market field. As stated by Khan et al. (2019), workplace diversity in the healthcare industry has prominently seen that enables the employees to be insufficient in completing allocated tasks efficiently. A leader's engagement in this aspect has effectively reduced the disability employees' disclosure that promotes quality care and the development of logistics operations within hospitals. The logistics approach within the pharmaceutical industry repairs effective time management. This is highly noted with the effort and involvement of the CEO leadership quality. Developing sustaining in the workplace is another leadership quality that is highly initiated by Emma Walmsley in GSK. This influence the effective approach to developing the mentorship programme (Gsk.com, 2022). GSK is ought to be more competitive and less conservative, this challenge that is faced by Emma Walmsley. Its accountability to the organisation has influenced the manufacturing of medicine in the UK. Therefore, the CEO's quality of leadership extensively and exclusively signifies the company over long and short-term goals. This, therefore, reduces the disability among the employees removing barriers and challenges faced by GSK Company.

Learning from the research work

The major requirement of a global leader involves mentoring skills since they require supervising the actions of all the members. In addition to this, global leaders require global strategic thinking and a lifelong curiosity because the world keeps getting more advanced every minute. As mentioned by Figueroa et al. (2019), the factor that distinguishes a global leader from others is the decision-making ability regarding the skill that has to be used in a particular situation. “Collective leadership quality” has been introduced in this context which involves a group of people working together to meet one common goal. The healthcare industry is more susceptible to burnout which mandates the proper following of work ethics. GSK has been one of the organizations that have effectively followed collective leadership under the guidance of their CEO. As said by Albert (2018), the quality that makes Emma different from others is the constant encouragement she provides to her employees. The collective leadership is evident in the company of the huge profitability. Despite being recalled as an outsider in the pharmaceutical world, Emma's global strategies have almost positioned her as one of the first women CEO of the healthcare sector. She has also been effective in maintaining diversity and sustainability in the workplace, which falls under the abilities of a global leader.


Global leaders account for bringing positive changes in an organization by building trust among employees. Besides supervising their employees, a global leader is responsible for keeping records of multiple stakeholders from the cross-borders. Global leaders have the acquired skill of influencing people from different countries to expand their business operations. Emma Walmsley has been one memorable figure in the healthcare sector due to her distinguishable leadership qualities as a global personality. Despite her background in consumer products and marketing, Emma has been an efficient leader of a huge pharmaceutical company like GSK, setting herself as an example. The "transformational leadership style” is ideal in the healthcare industry per the previous literature, which has been a well-maintained criterion in GSK. The constant urge of the company to improve the quality of its care and the guidance of CEO Walmsley has been the cause behind its huge success in the global market.




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