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Introduction Of Management And Operation 

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Management and operations are critical for a business's success, as they aid in the generation of vital results. Working in the workplace to improve operations and management, which will aid in the development of positive results in the workplace and the achievement of the company's goals (Hitka and et.al., 2018). Sainsbury’s are one of the leading retailer brands in the UK market in retail industry. The company was founded in 1869 and the founder of the organization was John James Sainsbury.The Sainsbury’s work in three division including Sainsbury’s Bank, Argos and Sainsbury’s supermarket. The company works in hypermarket, supermarket, convenience shop etc. this is vital for the company to increase business so that they can develop better market share in business market. The report will explain the importance of leaders and manager; it will also explain the roles, characteristics, function of manager and leaders in workplace. Further the report will explain the different theories and approaches of the leadership to increase the understanding of operation and management for Sainsbury’s.


P1Definition, roles, Characteristics and compare the manager and leaders

Both the manager and the leaders are vital factor of the business and it is essential for the organization to make sure that they are using both the factors in development of business performance and in achievement of objectives and goals(Geschwind and et.al.,2019).

Step 1: Definition

LEADER: Leaders are those in charge of encouraging entire teams and individuals within businesses in order to improve the company's performance. Developing and encouraging the people who work in the organisation to improve the overall results of the enterprise (Oh, 2019). Leadership is a skill which are very important for the business to have the best leaders who can motivate the other employee working in the organization so that they increase the overall result in workplace.Sainsbury’s leader are increasing their performance by training and development to provide better results in market.

MANAGER: Managers are those who work on the process of managing the entire process of working in workplace and develop necessary steps to increase the objectives and goals of organization. Managers are vital and they need to have the desire skills for the necessary working in the workplace

Step 2: Role

Leader: The role of the leader is to increase the unity in the business and the teams need to perform together in this so that they can have ab better working in business. Developing the unity among the people so that while working as a unit they provide the company with the results and can give them increased in performance. Leaders take care of the works and motivate the employee so that they can improve in performance to increase business productivity.

Manager: Manager plays crucial role of maintaining the workforces. They work in the management to increase the objectives and set target of business which the other people working in the organization need to plan and achieve from their skills and knowledge. Manager is working to assign the duties to the people which are working on their task to develop performance and action to increase results in business. Taking care of the responsibility for the day-to-day activity in the business so that they can create a vital impact on business result and profitability.

Step 3: Characteristics


There are different characteristics of the leaders which are very vital for the business and increase the overall results.

Honesty: Leaders are always working on the process of providing the honesty towards the workplace and giving the company in the increase working.

Confident: leaders work in increasing the confident of the people and develop their confident to get motivated and also develop the working for employees.

Communication: leaders increase the communication of the employee and the management which help the business in development of better relationship.

Delegation of authority: Leaders allow the delegation of authority in the workplace and they increase the overall process of development in business.

Commitment towards work: leaders help in making the commitment to increase performance and developing a commitment from the employee.

Motivator: Motivating the employee and increase performance to develop business.

Good decision making: leaders work on the decision and take decision for the employee in workplace and it help them in dealing better with the process of performance and objective to be achieved (Alonderien? and et.al., 2020).


Manager is having different characteristics in their workplace for which they increase a process of development in business and create better process. Here are some of the characteristics of the managers:

Responsibility: Responsibility are one of the characteristics of the manager in Sainsbury’s and they are following them with the best to provide the result in workplace. It is one of the most crucial factors as the manager need to be responsible for their working and need to develop the understanding of workplace.

Patient: Manager of Sainsbury’s works on the passions and it’s essential as working on the manager post need to be evaluate by developing better passion and took decision.

Flexible: flexible manager are vital and the Sainsbury’s is having the manager which are flexible with the workplace and make the employee feel free and take decision to increase performance.

Specific: Providing the right task and role to the person who can increase performance is one of the characteristics of manager.

Manage of time and activity: working on the monitoring process and developing the best of process working operation to increase results. It is vital for the manager to calculate the time of activity to increase the results.

Positive attitude: Always stays positive to achieve the target, the manager of Sainsbury’s is focused and positive towards their goals and work on development of business.

P2 Role and Function of leader and manager

Step 1: Sainsbury’s and its problem:

Sainsbury's is one of the main store chains in the UK which is giving all the item and administrations of the retail business. Working in the business from a significant stretch and giving the essential necessity in market so they can foster a superior cycle of expanded outcome. The company is having issues in their working with the utilisation of technology and developing of necessary change methods in workplace. Sainsbury’s is working on the necessary changes as the problem they are facing in the market are impacting their business and making it tough for the development in business.

The issue with the retail area organization is that they are missing with the valuing technique and the market rivalry information which is affecting them in better outcomes.Sainsbury’sDeveloping strategy to Increasethe working in business and provide the necessary changes to understand the market knowledge in business market.Sainsbury’s are developing the process of utilisation of technologies and the leaders are developing the training and development of the people working in business to increase their process(Manzini and et.al., 2018). Company needs to develop a lot of strategy to increase in the position and cover major market of the retail industry in the UK market so that they can reach to the top again. Sainsbury’s are working to make pricing strategy to be low and increase the process time to get reduced so that the customer does not need to wait for a longer period.

Step 2: Leadership style to overcome issues

Leadership style to overcome the problem Sainsbury’s facing

Working hard to improve the workplace and increase employee promotion is not assisting the company in developing a better business. On the other hand, it tends to impair workplace productivity while also making it difficult to define clear objectives.

Democratic leadership style refers to the way toward working with the adaptable and taking the data from the representative also to make it comprehended till the ground information. The heads of the Sainsbury's are ensuring that they remember the worker for work environment yet take choice without anyone else to make it a superior comprehension in the circumstance of organization prioress activity. When the company is facing the lack of results the organization leaders change their leadership style and understood the in-depth knowledge of the business which help them in getting the better results in commercial.

The chosen company is facing the slow growth in the market and they are increasing their market so that they can increase their performance in new market place. This can help them in dealing with more audience and the sale can be increased which further help the Sainsbury’s in increasing their working in market.It is vital for the Sainsbury’s to increase the process of development and works on the objective to develop their working performance and reach better target in market. The growth needs to be developed so that they can increase in business and can overtake their competitor in market.

Working on the stability of the company by developing newpricing strategy would increase results. Working in the low pricing strategy so that the competition can be reduced, this can help in development of results and also create new ways of resources in workplace. Stability is needed to settle and the company is well settled in different places so its easy for the leaders to understand these issues they are facing to increase the business and work on the necessary changes to be made for development.

Moreover, the manager is inventing new approaches to produce results by developing the motivation and confidence of the Sainsbury's employees, which will further aid in higher performance and improved market results. Following a change in leadership, the growth of manager functions is aided, and employee-manager relationships are strengthened in the workplace. This also aided in improving the overall development process at work. Furthermore, the manager's job is to make sure that all of the company's activities are assisting them in increasing performance on time so that they can grow their business.

P3 Approaches and Theory of leadership.

Leaders in the workplace helps the Sainsbury’s in getting the motivated employees and also provide them with the better performance in office through guiding them towards the right path to achieve results, which need to be developed to gain future benefit in professional (Rosenhead and et.al., 2019). The leaders also evaluate the changes in factory and works on the external environment changes to give the benefits to the workplace in business. There are different styles of the leadership and the Sainsbury’s is utilising the leadership styles to increase there working are:

Situational leadership: Situation leadership works on the different factors of behaviour which include the directive behaviour and the supportive behaviour in the workplace (Lumbers, 2018). The directive leadership behaviour refers to the ways in which the task and objectives are directed to the employee and the supportive are that the ways in which the leaders are supporting the manager in the working areas to increase their results and achieve better results. Sainsbury’s are using this in development of behaviour and culture factor in workplace and it develop better process in workplace. The leaders of the Sainsbury’s are analysing the market and took the decision accordingly, the theory help in finding the best of the solution for the problem the company is facing in the market.

Situational leadership



· Creative approach

· Trained Employee

· Effective communication

· Skills and talent analysis of employee

· Analysis of situation effectively

· Allocation of resources.

· Lack of funds

· Unqualified staff member

· Wrong interpretation of resources

· Switching to more employee

· Lack of resources.

Contingency leadership: This type of the leadership style is used to the development of the issues the company is facing as it is used in the process of working with new ways and increasing the development in business (Lemoine, Hartnell and Leroy, 2019). There are different ways in which they are developing the strategies on the issues like working on the pricing strategies to increase the sales. Continues leadership are used by the companies to develop regular development in workplace. It is very vital for the them to use this and provide a regular development in business.It is essential for the company to keep working on the continues development process so that they can increase in future results and it also increase their development in market for longer run.

Contingency leadership



· A wide range of solutions

· A lack of problems

· An innovative approach

· Thorough market research

· Monetary resources

· Mind-opening activity

· High revenue costs

· Limited financial resources

· Untrained employees

· Inability to receive results in a timely manner

· Growth is slow.

System leadership: This kind of authority is referring to the cycle where the outcome is more significant and the interaction is not considered as significant. Working on this the company get focus on the results and not on the process or ways they are following. Retail sector business works on this as they are working for the customer satisfaction and they want to achieve this to max. Results which are gotten by the exercises utilized in the business, Sainsbury's is working in the retail area and have diverse division in working which need to foster their business to expand the outcome in market(Gifford and et.al., 2017).

P4 Approaches to operation management and Leader and manager Role


P5 Operation management importance and values

Step 1:OrganizationalObjectives:

  • Improving the workplace and workforces.
  • Pricing strategy to be developed in the business.
  • Increase in productivity

Approaches are used to increase the operation management better of Sainsbury’s. these help in analysing better of the situation and taking the necessary actions accordingly. The approaches are explained below in details:

Step 2: TQM

TQM: All out quality time is a long interaction which deals with the long accomplishment for the business (Ng and et.al., 2018). Sainsbury's are chipping away at low estimating in the pandemic to hit it for a more extended accomplishment as the administrations are needed with expansion administrations like home conveyance which ca help in accomplishing the business targets. The nature of the item is indispensable and this can be significant for them in accomplishment of business destinations. Manager works on the strategy to increase the quality and the leaders make sure that the employee is developing the working to increase results (Van der Walt., 2019).TQM is very important and the company works on the development of quality in market so that they can provide a better increase in process of workplace. This develops in increase in market with better customer satisfaction. This increases their customer retention and also provide a better working in market.

Step 3: Just in time

JIT: This is one of the most important approaches for the company objectives as it is helping the company in developing the process and increasing the results by making the production on the time (Fallah-Mehdipour, Bozorg-Haddad and Loáiciga, 2020). It is a role for the manager to assign the duty to the right people and the organization performance need to work accordingly. On the other hand, the leaders work on those job assigned and make sure the production is done on the time. This is vital for the business to provide them with the necessary production on their given time to hit the market target better. It is vital for them to work on time and increase results to achieve the objectives. Utilisation of the full potentials to provide the production just in time to set targets (Kibenge and Powell, 2020).Just in time is important for a product to be delivered and the services to be offered so that the company can develop business growth and also develop in increase in process of performance. Development in results can provide a productivity and profitability in market for Sainsbury’s.

Step 4:Kaizen-

Kaizen (Continues improvement) it is a strategy which focus on working together in the workplace and this allow all the department people and employee working for the aim and objectives. This help in regular development and improvement in workplace (Ramos, de Moraisand Barbosa-Póvoa, 2018). Working together always provide better results when done in the proper working with understanding of the task. The Plan do check act (PDCA) is a process of cycle which help in understanding the regular continues improvement in workplace.

Plan: in this stage it is necessary to identify the data which is vital and then plan accordingly. this help in making a process of planning for the development which is crucial to increase the performance for the same.Plans are essential as they help in making the concept to be cleared and provide a better understanding of the process and what to plan in the workplace. This help in continues development and the business can get results after the understanding and planning.

Do: development of the implication and finding the solution for the planning and data which is gathered. It helps in development of necessary actions to increase development.Working on the implementation and planning the necessary steps to develop the result performance and provide a necessary understanding of results.

Check:Check the process and confirming the results to go through the before and after data comparison.Checking and monitoring help in getting the issues understood and also provide a better process of development and also give an increase process of gaining the profit in better performance.

Act:The action is required for the documentation of the result and utilise them in future for the understanding the changes. It helps in making the necessary recommendation for continuousdevelopment.It helps in making the necessary recommendation for continues development. Action help in increasing the results and provide the actual performance for which they are working hard to increase performance. It is vital for them to provide the necessary results in increase performance and develop results.

The process Plan Do Check Act helps in supporting the business for the development and increase in continues development for business. The Sainsbury’s need to develop the business by developing plans to increase performance of organization and achieve the business goals.Sainsbury’s can develop the use of the method and also increase their process of development in continues process to provide a better result in business. It is vital for them to develop such process of results by development in workplace so that they can increase the profitability in market and achieve the targets.

P6 Factorsimpact on operational management and decision-making by leader and managers.

Different roles to increase in organization performance

The role of Corporate Social Responsibility: This is the process which help in giving something to the society from the organization. The role of CSR is to provide services for social benefits and social causes.The social responsibility in the market needs to be developed and the Sainsbury’s are initiating to help the society with its CSR projects to increase performance in market.

The role of Culture: Culture plays a vital role in the development of working in business and it also help in development of results because when the company having a culture where all the employee are motivated. When they are focused in the development of better resources to develop new results in performance. Culture role is to improve performance by motivation and development in their performance of employee.

The role of Values: Values of the company and the employee are critical for the performance as the values are the ways in which the company or employee working in the organization. The role of values is to develop the process of working in organization and creating a possible way to increase performance and develop working

The role of ethics: Ethics and behaviour help in increasing the way the company is treating the customer or the employee and it can help in development of business as this can lead to increase performance. The role of ethics is to provide the equality and culture working for every person and provide them with similarity and no discrimination. Ethics are vital for the business and it is essential to develop the necessary process of behaviour at workplace to improve performance.

All the factors are helping the business in increasing the performance and developing the better results in workplace. Helping the society is vital and the Sainsbury’s are working on this to develop better trust in public. When the company is working with the values and ethics it helps in increasing the motivation of the people working in the organization and it develop better results in workplace. Sustainability is very important and working with the necessary recommendation to keep the work going and increasing the results to develop business for future. When the culture and values are developing the company can achieve the objectives of increasing productivity and changing the fast production to low-cost process.


From the above report, it very well may be inferred that dealing with the administration and the authority of the working environment can foster a superior working for the organization and it can prompt the improvement of results in the working environment and furthermore make a superior cycle of result for something similar. They need to work with the necessity in business and give the organization new ways by growing new methodologies in business. Further from the above investigations it has been reasoned that the head of Sainsbury’s utilize the techniques like Kaizen, lean assembling, six sigma, Just in Time appropriately and it has assisted with expanding their usefulness and benefit. The report further helped in understanding continuous development process to use if new market and increase performance.


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