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Venue Management in Post-Pandemic World Assignment


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Covid-19 and Venue management

The covid-19 pandemic and its consequences had become an important topic for all businesses and industries. The global pandemic had led the world towards major transformation and had affected the majority of the businesses and industries to a greater extent. The event industry is one of the worst-hit industries that had got affected due to the covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Experts are predicting that the pandemic would affect the event industry and venue management for long period. Venues always play a major role in the event industry. But in the post-pandemic world, the venues for weddings, parties, and other events would be changed because the requirements as per the safety measures would be changed.

Venue management is associated with many sectors that include the hotel industry, live music industry, sports industry, corporate event industry, and tourism industry. All these industries organize different events and in which venue management teams play a major role. Due to the pandemic situation and the precaution measures taken by the government the venue management is highly affected as they are required to make changes in their business practices. The reasons such as travel restrictions, the hotel industry and tourism industry is highly affected. And these reasons have transformed the venue management as they are not able to use the different venues for organizing the events as per the client's requirements. In the post-pandemic era, the venue management would need to make major changes in their working pattern.

Transformation of venue management in a post-pandemic world

In this situation, the world is moving towards alternatives that can help them in doing their tasks easily without going out and the same is happening in venue management. The events cannot be just cancelled so the venue management is looking forward to organising the events differently.Donlon, had mentioned that in this post-pandemic situation the venue management teams need to adopt the change and look forward to using alternatives related to doing the things in different manner that can help them in organizing the events properly. Technology is playing a major role in transforming industries. Conducting the virtual events had become the new normal for the venue management. In the present era, the social distancing norms are required to be followed by all the individuals and due to thisconducting the events at specific venues,would not be possible due to the safety measures taken for covid-19.

Trends in venue management in a post-pandemic world

Entertainment is very important for the better mental health of human beings. The venue management teams are facing a lot of issues in organizing the entertainment events. In the present post-pandemic era, the venue management teams are organising online events and using the online platforms such as google meet, zoom, Webex meetings, Join.me and other as their venue for the event. For organizing a successful event the businesses need to focus onall the different factors properly such as planning, communication, sourcing and management. In the post-pandemic era, online concerts are most common and the majority of the musical bands are conducting online concerts for entertaining the peoples. It can be said that it had become important for the venue management teams to focus on organizing the events in such a way that they should keep their audience engagement within the safe premise of their homes. For example the online concerts focuses on entertaining the audience by enjoying the concerns or live performance from their homes safely.

Similarly, corporate events and all the businesses events are now held online. The business conferences and meetings are essential for appropriately running the businesses and they cannot be cancelled. Along with this the events related to education are also now held online. It can be said that the venuemanagement needs to make a lot of changes in their operational management for appropriately organising the events in this post-pandemic world. For venue management teams having effective team members is very important and the skill related to using the online venues required by those members are also changing whileorganizing the events at an online platform.

Before the pandemic, the venue management need to focus on all the diverse factors before selecting the best venue for the venue as per the requirements and the type of event that is required to be organised. Similar to the physical event the venue management also needs to take care of all those factors while conducting the events on online platforms.The venue manager or the coordinator needs to select the best online platform for the event. Along with this, the entire team’s needs to be well connected with the help of social media platforms, emails and phone calls so that they can develop a better plan and can organise a successful event.Virtual events are not easy to manage as the coordinators need to bring the audience online so that they can have more viewers. It can be said that venue management had changed to a greater extent and will continue to change in the post-pandemic world.

Barbas had discussed regarding the pandemic and venues, he had mentioned that the post-pandemic era, venue management would be changed to a greater extent becausethe entire event industry is changing. The way in events was organized in the pre-pandemic era and now in the post-pandemic world would be completely different. The venue managers and the event planners need to focus on following all the rules and regulations made by the government for conducting the events.When the event managers and the venue managers would focus on all these factors then they have to emphasis on all the factors while selecting the venue and organizing an event.

One of the major challenging operations for the venue managers and the entire event management team would be selling the events. The attendees in any of the events would focus on safety measure that is required to be followed by the management team at the venue so that they can limit the risk of covid-19.The venue planners need to meet the hygiene standards at the venue and have to select the appropriate and safe place as the risk of covid-19 is not completed gone in the post-pandemic world.The venue planners and the event management need to focus on viral marketing for attracting the audience towards the events organized by them.

For the venue management teams and venue managers, social distancing would be a great challenge for them. Social distancing had become very important for reducing the spread of Covid-19 and according to the government guidelines the venue management teams need to ensure that they follow the social distancing at the venues. In 2021 and even till 2022 the venue management teams are expected to strictly follow proper social distancing at all the physical events that are been conducted by them. This is mentioned by Mohanty, et. al. in their report. It can be said that social distancing would be a part of life until the situation gets back to normal and no single case of covid-19 remains active.

According to this, the venue management teams should focus that they might select an appropriate venue as per the number of attendees and need to ensure that the social distancing should be followed at the place. The selected venue needs to have enough space so that the social distancing can be followed in an appropriate manner. The venue management teams need tofocus on planning and designing the venue in such a way that they can have proper safety and sanitation measures at the venue. The venue manager and the entire team need to be more creative while designing the venue as they need to make proper entry and exits and need to maintain social distance among all the employees or the staff members as well. It can be said that in the post-pandemic era the venue management would be more complex and the event planners need to bemore concernedabout following the government guideline properly otherwise they might face legal issues related to it.

The risk for the venue management and event management teams would be increased to a greater extent. In such situation it is crucial for the venue manager to make effective decisions related to the service that would be offered by them to their clients. In this situation, the venue managers need to generate better ideas and work on them for offering the best, safe and hygienic services to theircustomers. Along with this, they need to motivate their entire team to be enthusiastic and adopt the change in an appropriate manner. It can be said that the entire team needs to work together for organizing safe events.

The planners need to focus on making better and effective use of technology and advanced skills that would help them inmanaging the events efficiently in the post-pandemic world. For making the virtual events successful it is important for the venue management team to focus on connecting with all the stakeholders such as event coordinator, venue planner and audience virtually so that they can make effective use of the online platform and can conduct a successful virtual event.

Similar to virtual events the concept of hybrid events is unique and new for the entire industry.The venue management teams are looking forward to conducting hybrid events in the post-pandemic era. The hybrid events are the ones in which the participants can attend the event through both online and offline modes according to their choice and pReferences. The venue management needs to understanding that in the post-pandemic era they need to offer more convenient service to their clients. For example, it can be said that venue managers needs to focus on offering the possible option of both online venue and offline venue to their clients o that they can select according to their choice and convenience. Organizing the hybrid events would be one of the best things for the customers as it would all the participants to have a real choice as to how to participate in the event, but this is more complex for the venue management teams.

The international events are having a great opportunity to be held through the concept of hybrid events. The events generally the meetings, conferences, and professional meetupsthat are organized at the international level can be organized with the hybrid event pattern. In this manner, the locals would be available to take part in an offline manner and on the other hand, the participants or the audience from the different nations can attend the event through online mode. This would help the businesses in organizing the events effectively in a safe manner with the travel restrictions and following all the guidelines made by the government related to covid-19 precaution measures. Drury, et. al. had discussed that due to covid-19 and concern for the safety measures the behaviour of the customers would also be highly influenced.

The concept of hybrid events sounds good for the clients and the audience but it is more complex and challenging for the venue management team and the event management teams as well. The work of venue management just gets double and more complex to manage as they have to manage the event properly at both the online venue and the offline venue. The venue management teams need to have large number of team members for managing the all the operations related to the venue management in both online and offline mode. Proper social distancing, hygiene, and sanitization need to be used at the venue, and for online or virtual venue management they need to ensure that all the participants can easily get connected with the event and should not face many issues as well. Thus, it can be said that the venue management team needs to be more advanced in managing the events successfully in the post-pandemic era.

Implications of the above discussion

It can be concluded that the covid-19 pandemic had transformed the ways of doing things. The work and management of the events for venue management teams would be changed to a greater extent in the post-pandemic world than in the pre-pandemic era. The venue management services offering teams and organizations need to make effective use of technologies for offering more convenient and safe services to their client. Along with this in the post-pandemic world, the successful events would be the onesthat are more safe, hygienic and are conducted with proper social distancing and safety measures. So it can be said that venue management and the way in which events are organized is completely changed in the post-pandemic world for the venue management firms.



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