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The social protection floor is a fundamental level of national social security that ensures situations such as secure protection against poverty, social exclusion, and vulnerability. A favourable environment must be created in order to allow for a better life cycle, as well as the provision of basic financial stability and health care. There are those who do not obtain the fundamental security help that can be provided to them if these guidelines are properly executed and publicised to all. Existing social policies did not prioritise education, but they gradually realised the importance of education in developing countries such as Africa, India, and Singapore (Hirsch, 2019). In order to have a better national development, social rights, human rights, and other essential security such as food, water, and shelter must be supplied. There must be a proper method supplied to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in order for them to deliver the best possible protection to the world's population. This is a very practical strategy that may be used to ensure that all individuals have better human rights. Civil and other rights can be covered by committees like Economic and Social Council and the Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, which will ensure that everyone has a better level of living.

People in today's environment require the appropriate economic and social assistance in order to function properly. It is due to Covid-19 there are globally people who are suffering globally which cannot be overlooked and must be worked upon. Human rights for health care aspect elements are critical right now to ensure that individuals receive the essential assistance and facilities from this committee and it’s connected NGO's. People all around the world must benefit from this in order to achieve optimal working and functioning in the longer term. The Social Protection Floor collaborates with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and oversees them to ensure that better benefits are provided to the population and that there is a higher level of operation and work (Sabates-Wheeler, 2019). The most crucial part in today's environment is the health factor, which must be thoroughly covered in order for proper growth to occur. There are charities that have expanded through time, and they must be continuously watched to ensure that they are providing the best services available.

SPF provides a number of advantages to individuals and ensures that they receive the basic help that they require. There is a minimum degree of education that must be provided, and individuals must be aware of this component in order to assure a higher level of knowledge and productivity. Unemployment and social protection for basic needs must exist, and they will if the necessary actions are taken (Razavi and et.al., 2020). Fighting for the right cause without possessing the necessary information is detrimental to one's development. Fighting for the correct thing without having the necessary knowledge is detrimental to the development of the individuals who must be there in order to make suitable provisions. To ensure that individuals have greater security and quality of life, access to healthcare centres must be available. Individuals are working or looking for job in order to support them financially, which may be accomplished through this, where people can receive their rights, which are incredibly important to them. People must be aware of the improvements that society is attempting to achieve for them in order to ensure that there is a higher standard of life (Sepúlveda Carmona, 2017).


  1. It is necessary to provide guidance to those who are participating in the protection that has arisen for them. People all around the world need to be made aware of the rights standards so that improved actions and directions can be taken. The purpose of establishing a social protection floor is to improve the working and living conditions of individuals who require assistance due to economic factors or poverty rights. Many people are ignorant of the SPF development that must be provided to them in order for them to achieve their current level of achievement. People will not be able to achieve the best for themselves or their families unless they are aware of the changes that are occurring in their favour (Feltenstein, 2017). Educating and enlightening them about the policies and procedures in place to ensure that they receive the best possible care. SPF's mission is to ensure that people receive proper health care, as well as the appropriate assistance in the areas of poverty and other factors that will enable them to live a better life. They will be able to work more efficiently if they have a simple way to communicate with them.
  2. Complaints must be effectively heard in order to ensure that appropriate actions for the health factor are taken. Guarantees provided by the social protection floor must be met by having the right measures at all costs in order to improve the current working conditions. As a result of unemployment and global economic imbalances, many people from the lower and middle classes around the world are in need of assistance right now. SPF needs to work harder and reach out to a larger audience in order to achieve its goals (Blofield, Giambruno and Filgueira, 2020). People must be heard in order for better facilities and working circumstances to be provided for them, for society as a whole to be more satisfied, and for their trust and loyalty to not be abused. Frauds exist in this field as well, which must be addressed so that better working conditions and processing can be achieved.
  3. The social protection floor must ensure that they are available to the public at all times. It is critical to be visible in the market for those who require assistance, since this will bring more people to them. There should be hotlines available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that individuals may call out. There must be a win-win situation for everyone as the people in help and objectives of NGO’s are being achieved, and that can only happen if they listen to the individuals who need assistance (Kaltenborn, 2020). SPF must ensure that dignity and personal data are properly safeguarded and not disclosed, since this would be detrimental to the policies responsibility. People's trust and loyalty must be earned in greater numbers if proper working and performance are to be achieved.


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