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A Comparison Of The Marketing Methods Of Two Multinational Hotel Brands Assignment

Introduction: A Comparison Of The Marketing Methods Of Two Multinational Hotel Brands

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A marketing strategy means a business's whole game method for reaching potential consumers and transforming them into consumers of their services or products. A marketing strategy includes the company's importance scheme, data on targeting consumer demographics, essential brand messaging, and different high-level components. There are some unique marketing strategies for every company. On the topic of Hotel management targeting, there are some key menus to learn about the entire thing. There are so many methods like segmentation method, digital method etc. In the case of the multinational company, they took so many strategies after the covid 19 pandemic to grow their business. There are so many exciting constructions that the company built to attract consumers. Some comparisons are individually circled to every hotel company throughout the world. The hotel, Marriot has so many strategies to attract a customer; this is a multinational company in the U.S.A. The Hotel and resort band was launched by J.Willard Marriot and Alice Marriot in 1957. The Hotel company 'Premier Inn', the largest hotel brand in the U.K. The hotel brand contains around 40 thousand compartments and is near 578 hotels.

This study will evaluate the comparison between these two multinational hotel companies and analyze the companies' marketing strategies.


Every business sector has its marketing strategy to make them look unique from other companies, strategies, business ideas, financial planning etc. They are using different marketing strategies; conventional and digital marketing.

Marriott resort and hotel has had almost 665 location positions in 131 nations worldwide. The company includes almost 205,053 rooms globally (Nozdreva et al., 2021). The brand projects to make more than 160 hotels containing 47,765 apartments. Roundabout 174,000 workers are doing jobs for the business. According to a statement by 'Macrotrends', in 2020, the yearly revenue of the hotel Marriott was '13.770 billion U.S. dollars, and this has declined 34.08%. The remaining revenue of the hotel and resort name was about '176 million U.S. dollars, and this was reduced by 86.55 per cent.

Source: (Nozdreva et al., 2021)

Award-winner Premier Inn hotel is the fastest and largest-developing hotel brand in the U.K. Premier Inn rooms feature an attached bathroom, and Wi-Fi internet logs on, T.V. with Free view. Premier Inn presents consumers with a money-back name- (Good Night Guarantee) of a perfect quality apartment, friendly service and comfortable surroundings, which is exceptional amongst Britain's top hotel circles (George & R, 2021). Premier Inn, the hotel in the U.K., was the number one Britain-wide resort group to sign up and the nationwide tourist panel Visit 'Britain'; this refers now to Premier Inn as part of a new quality valuation scheme, mainly created for economical accommodation.

In the opinion of Bill Marriott, sustainability refers to being a great corporate resident and ecologically promoting and stewarding economic development, inclusion and diversity in his communities globally. The international company Marriott is growing more significant day by day (G.I.R.G.E.N. & M, 2021). Hotel Marriott International is concentrating so much on Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Marriott International has perfectly organized strategies such as New Age group Travelers, portfolio power, Brand Distinction, Technology Guidance, global growth and Owner Preference. These strategies are devised to contend with the competing chains. Next to these strategies, Marriott company has a 'C.S.R.' strategy recognized as Spirit to serve our communities, a social methodology to stay ahead of the contest. Association has a strategic administration program to hook up with the newest trend and progress in the flea market. Marriott International upgraded the great room entrance experience for the upcoming Generation Tourists in (2007) and is extended to 190 nations of nearly 500 Marriott resorts and hotels. Corporation has scheduled to develop this system for more than '80%' of the Marriott assets worldwide in 2015. Also, Marriott International is trying to decrease its labor expenses in its trade offices despite the better growth of the corporation itself. There will be 100 hotels in the country of India alone within 2016. In China, Marriott is preparing to open brand-new hotels quicker than the competitor hotel chains. The financial systems of India and China are slightly slowing down. However, the tourism and travel industry is still expanding at a confident pace, and Marriott International aims to capture the expanding tourism and travel market by including new apartments.

On the other hand, Premier Inn has a particular medium- and short-term development systems, which offer employees a particular direction. For example, the company wants to upsurge room figures in November '2010' by almost 2500 quarters and make the goal of 32 enhance to 55000 apartments in 'U.K.' at the bottom of 2014.

In inclusion, the Premier Inn has reduced the overheads as an alternative to implementing streamlining administration, supporting the- back-office procedures and providing a sequence of procurement projects. The company would like to control finance strongly, through both purchasing and operation competences. And this aided underpin its controlling margin. At the end, the Whitbread produced Good Together plan in 'January 2010', to drive natural performance and further expand its corporate accountability. This system has set targets for CO2 decrease, environmental sourcing and rubbish management. Also, Premier Inn declared that they would create a 'green hotel'. The 60-appartment Premier Inn, beginning the business in the autumn '2010', will use the greatest level sustainable production materials to decrease 30 carbon radiation and 40 HO2 savings.

For Marriott in the current situation, the main product/material in its marketing combination is in the kind of 'hospitality' services (Wu & H, 2021). Their merchandise strategy includes everything which goes into moving the resorts. They have near about 30 brands which involve popular resorts like Sheraton, Ritz-Carlton, Renaissance and many other hotels (Slootweg et al., 2018). They have also shortlisted the product tags like premium, luxury, longer and select stays. In terms of making costs, the price of Marriott International differs with diverse hotels, locations and customers. The prime purpose of the business is to provide a top-level experience that surpasses customer fulfillment for the amount they pay.

This is very understandable the strategies and promotions it has applied to offer an overall improved customer relation and service. Premier Inn has unique pricing tactics i.e. semi-flex, Flex, standard, Advance, and Non-Flex rates. These offer customers with various options. 'Flex' is the most adaptable choice which permits them to amend or withdraw their appending time up to '1pm' on that day, the customers are about to enter. Usually, the resort has a range pricing strategy targeting to offer the consumers with an excellent amount for their cash. Equally, it also follows a price prejudice strategy with its smallest rates being frequently for apartments on the Friday, Saturday, and particularly Sunday nights.

Source: (George &R, 2021)

In current years, Marriott International's promotion strategy has rotated from 'offline' to 'online'. It has moved its attention to flea market itself more 'digitally" than utilizing the traditional business approach. As justifiably put by the President of Marriott International, Arne Sorensen, on his weblog, what digital media is permitting the business to do, is not get attention to themselves, but to watch their visitors in their personal spotlight. This is very understandable the strategies and promotions it has applied to offer an overall improved customer relation and service. Specially after the covid 19 pandemic the company has totally started increasing digital marketing. From booking tickets for the rooms to before 24hours cancellation they provided facility to the customers. They also spread their unique facilities throughout their social handle to spread it worldwide.

As Covid-19 limitations ease, the owner of Premier Inn, Whitbread, is banking on selling to harness -pent-up need among consumers for 'staycations' and to guide the business's recovery. With the country under 'lockdown' and incapable of taking a trip for the majority of the last 12 months, the Premier Inn owner posted a shortfall of '£1bn' for the (2020/21) economic year. Still, the corporation estimates a substantial bounce in vacation requirements as the vaccination schedule progresses and tourism restrictions improve in the U.K. since mid-May. This will thus be spending £20m into a business over the upcoming economical year. At the head of that venture is Premier Inn's first main brand constructing campaign for triplet times, Rest Easy, which opened ahead this month later, being deferred by Covid (George &R, 2021). The company adopted digital marketing to gain success as the other companies also started up by reinventing civilization. This company provides all kinds of opportunities and facilities to the consumers online to recapture the limits.

Marriott's sustainability along with green messaging strategy is guided by several proposals to decrease environmental effects through the procedure and structure of sustainable resorts and accountable sourcing while resorting and guarding the ecosystems:

The company works on the reduction of one-time-use polyethene, including substituting single-use bottles of conditioner, shampoo and bath soap in bathroom showers with bigger pump-topped containers. The company has Implanted more than '415,000' trees in the last several years. Counting by the company's effort as a formation member of the Evergreen Association, a team of Arbor Day Groundwork collaborators and partners committed to proceeding with forests and trees as natural resolutions for meeting the citizenship and sustainability goals (Dhir & S, 2019).

Source: (Terence & B, 2022)

In Premier Inn, they also took sustainability process and green massaging projects, such as usage of the heat of the ground source to maintain coolness and heat in rooms and offer warm water throughout the hotel. They invented very low powered L.E.D. light in the reception and restaurant areas (Alvarez-Risco et al., 2020) . They also installed mild flow shower points in the bathrooms as well as the toilets to reduce the wastage of the water. The management managed to maintain fresh air blowing through the whole compartment to make it fresh and good for peoples' health.


The hospitality business is one of the main handlers of the U.K.'s market that has flourished in the last few years. Moving by the range of development in branded financial plan hotel sector in the U.K., workers in the hospitality business will especially be pushed to 'redefine' their market operation and practices in order to continue successful and competitive in the U.K.'s business. That will ask for accepting of new strategies, concepts, and inventions that are affordable, efficient, and capable of offering first-class feel to their clients.


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