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Introduction Of Arts & Humanities Film, radio and tv production

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Short reflection essay is providing the information to increase the knowledge about the history and experience of life. The essay will explain the inventions and reinventions of the America and the history of America. Further the essay will explain the knowledge about the literature and the American version of literature text. The story of the Maggie from the Novel Maggie: the street girl will be explained in the report with the American region influence meaning of text. Essay will explain the working on literature text and the importance of literature in America.


Inventions of America

Moving from 18th century to Present

Over the year the inventions of the Americans are developing and it is important for a country to work on the evolution to make an impact worldwide.Moving from the Colonial period to the Gilded Age the American has developed their working to increase the country policies and creating an impact on the world. There are innovators who helped the country in creating an impact and made a new phase of country which is ruling the entire world with the power they are having including the inventions of technologies and nuclear weapons, creating development in the interior strength and making the change worldwide.

In today’s time American have one of the best places for inventions and technologies to develop the process of working and creating an impact on the world. They are having one of the finest places in today’s market with the name of “Silicon Valley”.America has invented the Banjo Clock which is one of the wall clocks in the country. In 1847 they invented the Gas mask in the country which helped the entire world with the facilities of the Gas protection to survive in the emergencies (Gogoi, 2018). The development in inventionis helping the country and the America are evolving continuous development process.

Invention behind America

America is being foundlong backand the name of the country is discovered by Columbus who has kept the country name as America.America is regularly evolving with the help of literature knowledge and the development into the education and knowledge which is creating an impact on its innovation and development in global market.Many researchers explain that the Columbus was not the first person who visited America or landed the foot in the country. Moreover, this is why the Americanscelebrate October 12 as the Columbus Day in the country. It is an annual holiday day for the country, the national holiday is continuing from 1937(Dorn, 2017).Working on the development the country invented a lot of inventions which are helping the country worldwide and also providing a support to the other country with their inventions.

Invention vs Reinvention

Inventions are the working of the innovators who work on ideas and create an impact in development of business and provide a new innovation of product and services which help in creating a better impact on living and life. Reinventions are the restructure of the inventions which help them in creating a better performance of the inventions and develop a major impact on workplace.

Process of play in the country is crucial as they need work on the development of invention and reinvention in the process of America development with new process. This is also helping in creating a literature and play through process to explain the understanding about the communication and development on America over the years.

Inventions and reinventions are the factor of development. There are inventions which are made for the first time and use to develop the understanding about the innovation. Working in the America there are thousands of innovations which the American made and they further felt that there must be a change in development for that they worked hard to reinvented that innovation to increase its performance and develop the working in the country.The process of lay helps in creating a knowledge and provide the literature through a process of play in the explanation and communication.

Evolution of the history of America

After the name given by Columbus the country is working hard as they separated from the Europeans and develop a new country which is long back to impact the new country. Innovations have helped the country in establishment and creating a new way of development for the people of America. Developing the infrastructure and making the country most powerful over the world was the working of them. Working on the innovation like nuclear missile, rockets missiles, etc to make this country powerfulthat had created an impact worldwide. The country is primely located in the North America with 50 states;the war between the American and the British war was the first war of success for the American which they celebrate as independence.The second is declared on the 1776 as Declaration of Independence(Hamalainen, 2019).

American Region influence the meaning of Text

Overview of managing Text:

Managing text refers to the process of understanding through the Text and it is called as Intertextuality which reflects that it is easier to understand through text listening and speaking.Intertextualityrefers to the process of shaping text meaning by other text. It is also mistaken for the plagiarism as this increase the performance through the quotations, allusions etc. working on the text is important and understanding the creativity of the text is very functional.The working of the similar or working with related works of literature that influence and reflect audience interpretation of text (Xu and et.al., 2017).

The intertextualityis using in the quotations, allusions etc. it is very vital for the working to improve through the development of better communication. Intertextuality does not need anyreferencing and it works on the direct assumptions as it provides the clear information. Understanding through the text is very helpful as it also develop a better understanding which can be used further in development of new process which can create a better knowledge. Developing the concern over text man help the American in creating better knowledge for future and can be used in development in country. Text is the spoken language which is something as a document or a book which have a body or a text contain the emails.

American version text in Literature

American used the text into their literature and produced a lot of novels and also used this to communicate without making any referencing. It is essential for them to provide the best of communication and literature to provide the innovation and inventions in the business or workplace. They used this to create an impact on their literature and develop a performing in the country. Developing of the literature text help in creating an impact through better communication and explaining a better understanding of language.Literaturehelps the American to let people know about their culture and ethics (Hyndman and Pill, 2018). It also creates an impact to the world in getting to know how the American behave in the country as literature are used worldwide for years and it help in creating a better process of information to others.

Maggie the Street Girl

Maggie the girl from the street is one of the novels of Stephan Crane in 1900s, the story of Maggie is explained in the novel to provide the information about how the life goes on the street lady and what are the changes and develop she did in the life. The book publisher Crane was 22 year when he published the book on Maggie. Maggie is the girl working in the shirt factory and to improve the life she worked hard but due to her mother being drunk every time she dated the guy, Pete.

While in the working the boys flighted and the name of the Maggie was used for badmouthing in the neighbour whomakes her feel said and her friends also started to use the abusive words which made the Maggie feel alone and they did not defend her for the goods.Maggie faced the worst of the alcoholism as her mother was one of them which is increasing the life struggle due to the alcoholism in life. This is increasing the effect on the life of Maggie as she faced drams and abusive from the mother for the alcoholism. This was stopping the Maggie in going up to the better life as she was concern about her mother and working on to develop a better life. The novels explain that the social cause can be an impact on the people mentality and it is essential for the street girl to get the best of life which she was working for. At the end there are different causes of social effect which made the life typical.

Hypocrisy in the life of the Maggie in novel is that there are people who used to call her a friend but when she needed them the most. They left her and do not even help her in the need when people are bitching about her and making a cause of action for her. She needed the friends in the hard time but they betrayed her and made a hypercritic action of ditching.

The Text is used by the novel in explanation of the entire process of the story which went into the life of Maggie. The novel is expressive and provides the entire information about the story of the street girl. Text help in creating a better impact in the overall process of learning and expressing which is used by the author to provide the story in explanation to various factor of alcoholism and hypocrisy which can impact a life directly if they control more in a person life.


The essay concluded the reflection of the Maggie the street girl and the importance of literature in the life for the American. America is one of the countries which helped in creating different innovations in development from the history to present. American developed new inventions to increase the use of life and also developed in better functioning. The history explained that Columbus who helped the country to give the name and establishment after the European conflict. Essay provided that the literature is crucial to communicate and deliver the information to increase the overall literature and offer culture to people.


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