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Google Bard Transforms into Gemini: What Sets It Apart?

Google Bard Transforms into Gemini
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  •   16 February 2024
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Has the latest news of Bard getting a new name Gemini reached you? If not, then now you know about this brand innovation It had been just a few days since AI creations like Bard showered upon us, but soon new upgraded version, termed Gemini was gifted to us. But is a change of name the only change that has been made or we will see some new features as well? All these questions will be answered in this article


What is meant by Bard?

Bard is an AI chatbot designed by Google which can resolve and give solutions to any prompt you enter in it. It provides the exact information rather than relevant search results. It has the capability of giving creative answers to personalised questions as well. The results provided by this AI tool are based on a database updated by the creators.


What is meant by Gemini?

Gemini is a new generative AI platform. It was created in Google’s AI research labs. There are three versions of it:

  • Gemini Ultra: the most significant and latest version
  • Gemini Pro: a lite or a little more advanced version
  • Gemini Nano: This is a smaller version which can be also used in some mobile.

Gemini was introduced as a replacement for LAMda, a better version which is capable of working with more than just text attributes ( images, audio, videos, codes, use of different languages other than English).


What’s the Difference Between Bard And Gemini?

A lot of people are still not aware what’s the difference between Bard and Gemini. Both of these are different but interrelated. Gemini is the name of the complete AI models designed by Google and Bard is the name of the chatbot that can be used to access these Gemini models. Bard is an app and is visible in the front end to the users, whereas Gemini is a family of models and not for the front end. In simple terms, Gemini is the fuel for Bard.

It is already a known fact that with name change there have also been many advancements brought to light. Here is a list of them:

  • Can Generate Images: As of now, Gemini has been updated to generate images in exchange for text queries. You can define the kind of visual aid you want and it will give the most suitable image within seconds. This is possible due to Imagen 2 which is Google‘s most advanced text-to-image AI model.
  • Shift from laMDA to Gemini - When Bard( now Gemini) had just been launched, it used LaMDA which is a lightweight version of LLM ( large language model ) created by Google. It wasn't much appreciated by the user. Then it shifted from PaLM2, and currently, Gemini is the most advanced one out of all previous LLM.
  • Availability on Mobile - Gemini is made available on Android and soon will be available on Apple iOS as a Google app. This application will work as Google Assistant on the android mobile phones.
  • Language Support - Earlier only English language was available for use. But now different languages like Korean and Japanese will also be available. Moreover, language support will also come into use opening doors for all country languages.
  • Will Carry Complex Tasks: Gemini will carry many complex tasks like coding, logical and creative thinking, reasoning, and producing in-depth information related to any topic. It is becoming better at relating to previous contexts and giving relatable results.
  • Connectivity to more tools- Gemini will attach to Google tools like document, sheets, Gmail, Slides Meet etc improving their performance and capabilities.
  • Multimodality - Earlier Gemini could only respond to text inputs, But now it can provide results to multiple types of attributes like images audio, videos, graphs handwritten notes, diagrams, and different languages.
  • User Interface Improvements: Gemini aims to help users experience a better workflow. It will make your technical tasks easier without unimportant distractions.


Why the sudden switch from Bard to Gemini?

Many people are wondering what was the need to change the name from Bard to Gemini. Sundar Pichai, The CEO of Google clearly stated the reasons which included:

  • There is an utter need to let users know that the original AI model that Bard is part of is Gemini.
  • It cleared the confusion and made it easier to understand that all the new AI advancements come under one roof: “Gemini”
  • There have been many new changes in the Bard that needed to be recognised. With the change of name, users have come to recognise all the latest updates.
  • Now that Bard is recognised as Gemini people will become more familiar with the Gemini Model using the Chatbot interface which directs to the Gemini Ai model.


What Does Gemini Advanced Version Offers?

There also has been one special upgrade in Gemini, which is the advanced version of Gemini. This is a paid version with even better features to offer. Characteristics of this Gemini Advanced version include:

  • It will be operated by Gemini Ultra, which is known to be the most capable model.
  • It will be available in more than 150 countries.
  • It is part of the AI premium plan of the Google One subscription system.
  • Longer prompts will be easily understood and answered by Gemini Advanced.
  • It is free for starting 2 months.
  • The selected price is $ 19.99 per month.
  • It provides 2TB of cloud storage and allowance to Google’s latest advancements.


How to Use Gemini?

For better precedence, Google has made it very easy to access Gemini Ai on different electronic gadgets. Refer to this guideline for using it on phone.

  • Visit Google PlaySore
  • Down the application named as Gemini App
  • Install the application
  • Use the Gemini app and interact with the AI assistant
  • Long press the home button
  • You can even make Gemini your default assistant


What More Can We Expect from Gemini?

Gemini has a broader vision for all the users and will see many new upgrades in the future. It is still developing to user’s requirements and updating the latest information every day. The upcoming challenge is to adapt to all the languages and develop the ability to detect prompts and provide adequate solutions.


What Impact Gemini has on Education?

Just like all the other sectors, Gemini has also influenced student’s life. Students use it to get content for their assignments. But can it promise viable information that helps in getting good grades? The answer is no. The content is easily detectable by Turnitin which can affect your academic integrity.

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