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Who Invented Homework
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  •   1 July 2024
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Who Invented Homework?

Many students wonder “ Who even got the cruel idea of assigning homework to students, as if the school was not tiring enough already? It had to be a teacher named Robert Nevilis, the father of Modern Homework. Certain rumours suggest that he came up with this idea as punishment for students who forgot everything he taught in the class. So he thought what would be best was to keep students tied with school learning even in the comfort of home. This form of punishment was way better than giving physical kind as it improved their skills.

While many believe this to be true there are ongoing controversies about who invented homework. There is a theory that Johann Gottlieb Fichte, a German philosopher who was a nationalist and the founder of Vollschule truly discovered the idea of homework. He aimed to spread nationalism among the common citizens by assigning them revision work at home. This also inspired an American revolutionist Horace Mann, led to the establishment of homework in the US's education system.

It cannot be concluded as to who was the foremost inventor of homework as educators from different countries idealised making students practice what they have learnt. But what can be conferred is that homework has been linked with education for many years. It is an integral part too.


The Timeline of Banning and Reincarnation of Homework

Did you know the anti-homework sentiment you feel today was also acknowledged in history? Here are some facts to support this:

  • Homework was banned in early 1900 as it affected students' mental health.
  • In the 1930s, the American Child Health Association recognized homework as child labour.
  • In 1957, during the Cold War between America and Russia, the US government saw homework as an opportunity to outrun Russian students' intellect.
  • The rise of the 21st century saw mixed opinions from students, teachers, and parents. There is still a dilemma about homework being a resistor or catalyst for students' academic growth.

No matter how frequently homework was removed from the picture of education, it still finds its way back to reinforce discipline among students. Let's focus on what's important; understanding why homework was invented.

Top 10 Tips for Writing Homework

What is the Main Purpose of Homework?

The role of homework in a student's life has always been vague. However as educators, students and parents developed a healthy relationship with homework, the clear objectives of homework became visible and effective. These can be academic, or non-academic. The main objects that homework focuses on reinforcing include:

  • Regular homework strengthens the concepts taught in class every day.
  • Promotes independent learning which sharpens students' confidence, memory, critical thinking, and analytical skills.
  • Disciplines students by making them create study timetables for each day.
  • Reduces distraction and increases the ratio of learning habits in students' daily activities.
  • From a young age, students learn time management, an important life skill for career building.
  • Encourages out-of-the-box thinking and reduces rote learning, which is unwanted for fruitful academic growth.
  • Prepares students for examinations and covers lengthy syllabuses beforehand.
  • Keeps parents involved in students' school learning and improves the communication gap.

To ensure that the objective of homework is fulfilled, teachers and parents should monitor students’ sincerity towards doing homework. Schools should carefully ensure that the amount of homework assigned each day is not stressful to affect students' mental health. It should match student’s interests. Parents should ensure that students are consistent in Practice Homework.


Different Types of Homework

Homework can be differentiated into many types based on the time when the concept was taught. Here are some types with examples -

Type of Homework Description and Examples
Practice Homework This type of homework is based on concepts already taught in class 
Eg: Given multiplication questions after being taught in class
Preparation Homework This type of homework is based on concepts, yet to be discussed in class as a warm-up. 
Eg Before introducing World War 3, you asked to read an article related to it
Extension Homework This type of homework helps to apply concepts to real life and helps in in-depth understanding.
For eg: After learning photosynthesis, you will be asked to test the different areas of plants affected by light
Integrated homework This homework uses concepts from different subjects in one project.
For eg:Math: Collecting and analysing data on species populations


Are there any cons of Homework?

By learning objectives of homework we have established that homework is very beneficial for students. But it’s important to perceive both sides of the coin. Therefore let’s uncover the cons of homework that make students despise it.

  • Less Free Time: Doing homework takes away students’ free time which they could’ve invested in doing some other activity. After all, it is also important to rest to recharge your brain for the next day at school or college.
  • Stress Factor: Tons of homework stress out students and has been seen as the cause of clinical depression among students. They start attaching their worth to their capability of submitting homework timely which cultivates low confidence.
  • Zero Social Life: The time after attending school should allow students to socialise and build communication. But since students are left at home worrying about homework, they get depleted of such learning opportunities.
  • Affects Exam Preparation: While homework aims at helping students prepare for exams, it can also take up the time that should be spent on self-learning.

Have a look at what some famous educational experts have to say in support of homework being a con in student’s life:

  • “If the kids haven’t learned the concepts by the time they leave the classroom… the homework is pointless.” This was said by Heather Broos.
  • In the article, "The Great Homework Debate," Christina Tynan-Wood mentioned that younger students aren’t developmentally ready for the work habits and time management skills that homework is supposed to teach.
  • Alfie Kohn mentioned in his book “The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing” that homework in elementary school pushes students away from learning rather than improves academic performance.
  • Stress is a health risk to students, especially in high school, according to the article "Is Too Much Homework Bad for Kids’ Health?" by Sandra Levy.


How Homework Enhances The Quality of The Education System?

After discussing the benefits and disadvantages of homework, it is important to consider whether homework has improved the quality of the education system. The answer solely depends on various factors. These include the relevancy between homework and the curriculum, student participation frequency in a particular year and whether the concept taught was clear enough for students to implement in homework.

If the school education wants homework to become an enjoyable and growth factor in students' academics, they need to make it enjoyable. For example, instead of only focusing on giving a topic and asking students to write, teachers should assign practical homework where students have to perform activities to reach solutions. Educators should assess every little homework carefully and motivate them by showering compliments and suggesting improvements.

Many schools in the UK have found new strategies to invite maximum participation from students. The aim should be to develop strategies that would keep students away from mental stress, and instead help them in effective learning. Sources have shown that 80% of schools with student-friendly strategies have seen exponential growth in students’ credit scores and knowledge enhancement.


Modern Perspectives and Future Trends

It's unavoidable that after COVID-19 and online education, the significance of homework has increased. During that time homework had become the best way to assess students. This put educators to work and find ways to improvise the old practices for better evaluation.

  • Homework questions will be created based on student's skills and interests with AI technology integrated with personalized feedback.
  • Because theory-based homework is easy to forget, practical-based homework will be assigned for memorable learning practice.
  • UK educators have realized that life skills should be indulged in students' learning paths from a young age. That’s why homework will be based on those.
  • Homework will be used to enhance communication skills and confidence via collaborative learning.
  • Gamification of homework can also be expected in the future to make homework a fun part for students. It will also involve scores, virtual rewards, and enjoyable graphics to keep students involved.


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