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Bm633 Strategic Agility

1. Introduction-Bm633 Strategic Agility

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Strategic agility is defined as an organization's capacity to recognise internal and external alterations in their economic context. Remaining relevant requires the ability to detect and seize advantages as well as possible dangers, as well as to mitigate or eliminate these risks from occurring in the first place. Strategic agility is the ability for company executives to swiftly adopt or react on innovative concepts that might be helpful or negative for the firm (Tubtimcharoon, 2019). Strategic agility implies being the first to market with innovative services, products, and offers for external and internal consumers and clients, as well as being a quick follower.

Competitors and newcomers can't keep up with strategic agility leaders. They are able to maintain growth and profitability for the firm as a result of this. Vulnerability, ambiguity, and complication are common occurrences faced by agile leaders. These people are also ready to take calculated chances, make huge wagers to acquire possibilities, and actively shape the future (SHENGNAN and Nedelea, 2019). For agile leaders, it is critical to keep an eye out for and discover new possibilities, while also being proactive in developing and creating new ones.

2. Organisational Overview

2.1 Brief Information about the Company

The Oak Tree Inn is situated in the heart of the village of Balmaha, Scotland. The attractive natural beauty of the hotel sector has made possible the fact that customers are heavily attracted to the hotel industries of Scotland. It has been observed in an extensive manner that Oak Tree Inn comprises a range of services such as accommodation, on-site cottages, coffee shops & ice-cream parlours along with bar facilities (Love Loch Lomond, 2021). These exceptional activities have been able to draw attention towards a range of potential visitors. This hotel is situated on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond and this exceptional location has been able to create a major attraction for the visitors to come. It has been seen that the pub and guestrooms are extremely friendly and they provide services within much comfortableness.

It basically offers B&B accommodation along with serving the best quality Scottish food and drinks which are consists of Gluten-Free and Vegan options available. On the other hand, there is also St Mocha Coffee Shop & Ice Cream Parlour, which essentially serves coffee roasted on-site and home-grown ice cream. On the other hand, it has a parking spot within areas divided for various vehicles. Therefore, the facilities regarding the artificial park, free Wi-Fi and exceptional staff are considered responsible for creating attention towards a large number of customers (Love Loch Lomond, 2021). It has been observed that the transportation medium is extremely swift and it is quite effortless to get to the hotel. As a matter of fact, the pleasant atmosphere in the hotel premises and in the bars is the key to the success of The Oak Tree Inn. They also provide relaxing rooms and a fun atmosphere as well as exceptional services (SHENGNAN and Nedelea, 2019).

2.2 Competitors of the Organisation

Competitors are one of the major issues faced by Oak Tree Inn. It is indeed true that the UK marketplace is filled within so many hotel sectors. Oak Tree Inn also has to face difficulties regarding the fact of this huge range of competitors. One of the major competitors of this hotel is EasyHotel, Ibis and Holiday Inn (SHENGNAN and Nedelea, 2019). However, the exceptional service quality and a range of different services have created a competitive advantage for the organisation in the marketplace of the UK.

2.3 Market Position of the Organisation

The market position of the Oak Tree Inn basically demonstrates that it is the location that has been able to create an attraction towards a range of customers. It has been observed in an extensive manner that the hotel sector has been able to make a huge market share and is growing in an enhanced manner (Love Loch Lomond, 2021). Though the economic recession made an impact the hotel will continue to expand more.

3. Environmental Analysis

3.1 PESTLE Analysis

PESTLE Analysis of Oak Tree Inn will be beneficial to the business tactics of the organisation.

  1. Political Factors: It has been observed that political stability is considered as the foremost factor for Oak Tree Inn as its needs to cope up within the region (drinksretailingnews.co.uk, 2021). The Brexit situation has been able to make a major impact on the hospitality sector along with diminishing the number of visitors.
  2. Economic factors: The UK is an economically expanded region but due to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, the country has to face a major economic downturn. The national lockdown has pressurized people to be at home and hotel industries have to pay for it (David, 2019).
  • Socio-cultural Factors: It has been reported that the number of people who maintain luxurious lifestyles in the UK is more and every year a range of tourists come to Scotland as it is considered as one of the most attractive places in the UK (Frue, 2019).
  1. Technological Factors: Oak Tree Inn has recently updated its security systems and maintains the comfortableness of the visitors through the procedure of major technological advancements.
  2. Legal Factors: The legal procedure against limitations forced on the licensed trade by the Scottish Government might bring problematic situations for the Oak Tree Inn (drinksretailingnews.co.uk, 2021).
  3. Environmental Factors: Tackling climatic change is one of the foremost challenges faced by the Oak Tree Inn. The hospitality sector is trying constantly to mitigate issues related to high carbon emissions (Frue, 2019).

3.2 Porter’s Five Forces

  1. The Threat of New Entrants: The threat of new entrants is increasing day by day in the marketplace of the UK and that could be a problematic issue for Oak Tree Inn to get a competitive advantage for the future (Varelas and Georgopoulos, 2017).
  2. The Threat of Substitutes: There are some threats of substitutes in the marketplaces that do not impact the profitability of this hospitality sector.
  • The Bargaining Power of Buyers: Having a large number of hospitality sectors in the marketplace of the UK has made possible the fact that the bargaining powers of the customers are increasingly high (Nannelli et al., 2019).
  1. The Bargaining Power of Suppliers: As hotel industries require a range of materials such as furniture, raw materials for food and alcohol for their services, Oak Tree Inn has to depend on multiple suppliers (Varelas and Georgopoulos, 2017). That means the bargaining power of the suppliers is quite low.
  2. Competitive Rivalry: Industry competitiveness might be a problematic factor for the hotel sector. Catnip Inn, Deluxe Inn and Suites and Saline Creek Farm are major competitors of Oak Tree Inn (Nannelli et al., 2019).

3.3 SWOT Analysis

  1. Strength: Oak Tree Inn serves the best quality Scottish food and beverages in the region along with meeting the expectations of the customer.
  2. Weakness: COVID19 has made an enormous impact on bringing the economic downturn for the hotel.
  • Opportunity: Scotland is a stunning place and the natural beauty has the ability to create an attraction to a large number of visitors (Frue, 2019).
  1. Threats: The COVID19 impact has created major impacts which might be a future impact on the hotel effectively (David, 2019).

4. Strategic Options

4.1 Technological Advancement

From the entire evaluation of the SWOT analyse it has been observed that the major weakness encountered by Oak Tree Inn is considered as the major weakness of this hotel. Therefore, not mitigating the issue might be able to create a major influence and thus can be a threat for the hotel sector (Tubtimcharoon, 2019). In order to mitigate the issue regarding the fact of the pandemic is often can be considered time lengthy. Therefore, it has been observed that the hotel has to create a major focus on promotional activities of the hotel. In the promotional activities of the Oak Tree Inn, they need to show their major responsibilities in terms of maintaining the COVID19 protocol (Li, 2018). As a matter of fact, they require adopting major strategic decisions for the expansion of the company. Technological advancements can be a suitable factor for the hotel to increase its profitability.

Bringing technological advancements might be accommodating for Oak Tree Inn for its major expansions. Technological improvements can be effective in decreasing the number of employees. For example, the implementation of modern technologies such as robotics can be beneficial in sustaining social distancing. The hotel industry needs to make an initiative in terms of technological advancements rather than appointing more workers for cost-effectiveness. It is indeed true that this initiative will be able to mitigate the issues regarding the fact of the economic downturn. Creating a strong presence in the social media platform could be a beneficial step for the hotel in order to make a global presence. In terms of today’s generation, the social media presence of a particular business is indeed necessary for its expansion. On the other hand, sharing pictures and videos might be able to form a visual attraction towards potential customers. Thus, visitors might take the initiatives to visit the hotel.

They need to create awareness among the people that Oak Tree Inn is contributing majorly to the fact of sustaining the COVID19 protocol. As a matter of fact, to implement these strategies the hotel needs economical resources. Therefore, making hotel premises within a safe and secure hygienic atmosphere could be beneficial for the hotel authority to how that how aware they are regarding the pandemic. Thus, by applying these strategies Oak Tree Inn will be able to mitigate its weakness and the future threat regarding the fact of the economic downturn. However, applying these techniques might be required economical resources and sufficient time.

4.2 The Appliance of SAFe Model

The Scaled Agile Framework's principles are meant to get better the company as a whole by stirring lean-agile decision-making crossways functional and organizational boundaries.

  1. Alignment: SAFe basically necessitates that company’s place planning and reflection intonation in place at all heights of the organisation. It has been observed that regarding the fact of technological advancements, Oak Tree Inn needs appropriate planning and preparation for conducting this in an effective manner (Scaled Agile Framework, 2019).
  2. Built-in quality: Sustaining quality is an effective part of this procedure. The hotel authority has to make sure of the fact6 that agility should never get nearer at the cost of quality (Scaled Agile Framework, 2019). In terms of technological advancements of Oak Tree Inn, they will provide the best quality service possible to visitors.
  • Transparency: Having transparency during the time of conducting any work is extremely necessary for the hotel (Tubtimcharoon, 2019). Sustaining COVID19 protocol requires appropriate visibility and a major focus on the subject matter.
  1. Program execution: Through the appropriate program execution Oak Tree Inn will be able to get success in mitigating their issue.
  2. Leadership: It has been observed that for conducting all these steps in an effective manner, Oak Tree Inn will require an appropriate leadership style in order to accomplish this process (Scaled Agile Framework, 2019).

5. Conclusion

In this way, throughout the above discussion, it is concluded that during the organisational business operation of Oak Tree Inn, the organisation proficiently develops its business operation by utilising and implementing sufficient and resilient strategic approaches within the organisational culture. Due to this, currently the organisation has been able to extensively enhance and increase its business operation. Moreover, by incorporating different kinds of theoretical models within the workplace environment of Oak Tree Inn, the firm has been able to potentially improve the business operation and organisational profitability and brand reputation in the market.


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