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Digital Marketing Samsung Case Study 

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Background of the business

Samsung is a Korean company which is having its headquarters in Seoul and was established in 1938. This is a private organization which is detailing in a lot of products and services like consumer electronics, DRAM, flash memory, telecommunications equipments, home appliances, etc. The company ranked as the 15th largest advertising agency for their products and services so that there is going to be right working and make the company be able to gain the right attention in the market. Government is in the hands of Samsung which is going to make sure that there is good press and bureaucracy which is present. Reason for selecting this company is that it is having a good experience and brand recognition in the market. There is a lot of learning which can be taken from this company which is going to be better functioning in the future as well.

Macro digital environment

Samsung is famous for their advertisement aspect which makes the organization be able to adapt to the changes and promote their products and services from time to time. There is no political implementation which the company is having for the long run of the company and the organization is being able to have a better reputation (Warokka and et.al., 2020). Social needs have to be understood by the company to make sure that there is a good loyalty and trust which is present. More technologies are being implemented in the organization therefore the organization has to make sure that they are having the right training and measurement which exists. Strategies have to be followed by businesses to make sure that there are good digital resources which are present in the company to have better standards.

Micro digital environment

Samsung has been in the market for a long time, which has enabled the company to make the correct decisions and operations, which are critical for the company's success. The company's weakness is that it is overly reliant on other departments and markets, which is why it is unable to provide a better market experience. Another problem that the corporation has is product failure, which means that customers may not enjoy the products and services, which is a significant threat. Opportunities for the company can be taken when there is a good use of technological changes and make the productivity and operations of Samsung are higher. Legal restrictions and market competitiveness are significant, and the organization must keep them in order to have proper operating and processing in the market.

10C’s Model

Samsung employs the appropriate concepts and frameworks to ensure that they are operating effectively in a competitive market. The 10C’s was designed by Richard Gay which consists of consumer, corporate culture, competition, convenience, consistency, communication, control, customisation, coordination and creative content. These factors can ensure that the organization has a good reputation in the market, which is a very crucial feature to have. The 10C’s model is going to help Samsung be able to operate effectively in the market and have a stable operations and profit margins as well. It is critical to ensure that the firm has a thorough awareness of these characteristics in order to ensure proper communication and relationships with the company's clients, which is critical for gaining their loyalty and trust in the organization (Teixeira and et.al., 2017). There are numerous factors that must be considered by the organization, and a thorough understanding of them is essential for Samsung long-term success in the market, despite the fierce competition. Currently Samsung understands the clients which are present in the market.


Target audience

Target audience of Samsung are between 20s to 50s years therefore there are so many changes which are taking place in the products of the company. The most expectations and improvement according to the audience is required by this age group which is going to make sure that there are right actions that are being taken. The company gets a lot of information and understanding of the clients so that there would be higher understanding and ability which is going to make sure that there is better standards which are being shown. The pieces of features and gadgets of Samsung has to reach out to the clients so that there is going to be higher operations and working which is going to be there. Blogging of the products has to be done effectively in order to make sure that there is good working and processing which the company can have and the right foot has to be taken as well. Characteristics of the company has to be understood and make sure that the professional working is good of the company to make the portfolio of the company be stronger and make the brand image be better (Ivanov, 2019). Communication makes a lot of difference in the company and this aspect has to be well understood to make the organization have the right changes which would make sure that there would be higher operations. There are many aspects that clients are unaware of because of the technologies they are employing. Samsung ensures that customers have sufficient knowledge of the gadgets they are purchasing in order to achieve a better comprehension and performance. Samsung products and services are widely used around the world, ensuring that the company operates efficiently. The company must also ensure that the appropriate workplace standards are in place. To be able to have the correct sales and profit margins in the market, the targeted audience must be effectively amused, and their experience in the company must be stronger.

Customer journey

Customers must be informed of the customer journey in order to ensure that appropriate activities and improvements in the working journey occur. In the business out of market phase, trigger phase, active evaluation, and initial brand consideration phase, loyalty phase, experience phase, and purchase decision phase, there are numerous techniques that can be used. These are a few of the maps that consumers must follow in order to ensure that there will be good working and processing. There are many clients with varied expectations, but there must be common ground built to ensure that the organization operates at a greater level of productivity and efficiency (Santoso, Kauf and Aristo, 2019). Client emotions must be understood in order for improved collaboration and understanding to take place. Managing the time limit is also vital in order for Samsung to be able to map out a better client experience. Direct sales and paperwork are required to complete training and documentation, which must be well-prepared to ensure that greater service and operating requirements are fulfilled. Processing loyalty is required for knowledge to be present and future working to be higher, allowing customers to work in better settings. Client experience must be greater in order to ensure that proper guidance and work are there when providing services in order to ensure that the organization meets the appropriate requirements. Implementation must be prioritised higher in the company in order to ensure proper working and processing. There are criteria that must be followed in the organization to ensure that the appropriate standards are met. To be able to have the right working and ensure that the company's standards are adequately maintained, the customer journey must be good of the organization.

Figure 1: Customer journey map

Awareness in the clients has to be higher of the features and improvement which has to be done so that there is going to be better discovery which was done. Search for solutions has to be made in order to make sure that there is better working. Considering all the blogging and hash tags and through this the purchase of the organization would rise. Loyalty has to be higher in the customers and make sure that there is going to be higher working and functioning which has to be there. Advocacy is taking feedbacks and reviews and working on them so that there is going to be better working and functioning so that there is going to be better operations.

Online value proposition

Customers have the right to click on products, register themselves, and utilise sites that are beneficial to them in order to generate good motivation. Samsung's clients must be provided with audience research, stronger communication, well-understood evaluations, on-time delivery that meets or exceeds client expectations, and other services. The company is constantly working hard to ensure that the proper measures and improvements are being taken for the company's benefit. People go to Samsung because of the features, and they want to make sure that the working performance is good so that they can work more efficiently. Samsung has to make sure that they are having a good working place in the market and make sure that there is better profitability. Gadgets are favoured at physical stores so customers can view the goods and then take it, resulting in better value for money. In order to function more effectively, clients' experiences must be understood and balanced. The number of channels available to a firm based on its target demographic must be increased in order to ensure that proper research and brand positioning are carried out (Nair and Gupta, 2021). There are numerous benefits available online that a company can take advantage of provided they have the proper knowledge and work ethic. To ensure that the firm has a positive social presence and that the necessary structures are in place for the long term in the market, clear communication must be present.

SMART digital marketing objectives

  • To increase the market share by 40% by the end of 2023 by having the right technological aspect.
  • To make the profit margins are higher by 35% by the end of 2024 by using the technological aspect and the changes in the market effectively.
  • To make more investment by the end of 2026 in the technological aspect so that the satisfaction and needs of the customers is matched by 60%.
  • To increase improve the services of distribution and online presences by 55% by the end of 2025.

This will ensure that Samsung is able to identify the proper working conditions in order to increase productivity and win the attention of employees. Customers will be satisfied, and they will be able to acquire improved operating and profit margins.


  • Situation analysis- The organization is having a strong place for them in the market which has to be well maintained and made sure that there is special working which has to exist. Risks of miscommunication and other issues can rise during campaigning therefore the organization has to make sure that they are having good analyses of all the actions which are present.
  • Objective- Samsung wants to overtake the market place of Apple which is the leading organization in this field (Barata and et.al., 2018).
  • Strategy- Local searching marketing is a great strategy which can be used by Samsung to be able to capture the market and make sure that there are higher standards. Planned strategies have to be present to make sure that there are better tools and techniques which the organization would be able to have to analyse the market by using SWOT, PESTLE, etc tools.
  • Tactics- A strong focus on the organization's research and development department is required to ensure that the organization's sales and profit margins are increased for its own advantage.
  • Actions- Samsung's strategy is to include distinctive features and designs into their products and services in order to achieve a healthy balance (Critchlow and et.al., 2019).
  • Control- Leaders and managers will ensure that they understand their people when making decisions, and those they are able to effectively control them afterward. Monitoring and controlling is important for the company to have so that there are better employees working which is going to be better working.


Theme and purpose

Client loyalty is required, and in order to attain this, the organization must take the appropriate measures and plan. Campaign has to be well balanced and planning to be worked upon so that there are higher profit margins. The company's goal is to ensure that they provide greater sales and features than Apple, which is their biggest competitor, as well as other firms that are vying for Samsung's business (Pradhan, Nigam and Ck, 2018). The organization's goal is to attract clients' attention and ensure that they have a positive experience with the company, allowing them to perform more efficiently and effectively in the market. Campaigns would take months to find results but the customers in the market are going to be aware of the situation which the company is putting them in. Thought the campaign which the organization is planning has to be done effectively which does not risk the standards of the company.

Digital and social media communication tools

Samsung's tools enable the corporation to attract the correct customers, which is an important aspect in the company's ability to compete effectively in the market. The following study will go through the digital and social media communication tools that the company can use to compete with Apple and other big companies in the market. Customers who are devoted to the company or who use its products and services should be provided with accurate information. The corporation uses websites and other methods to ensure that they have the appropriate level of engagement with them (Charlesworth, 2018). The organisation uses blogging to ensure that they are disseminating the correct information in order to monitor the appropriate working and ability to ensure that there is effective working. Obtaining the necessary financial support for future investment for higher-level work so that better operations and processing may be implemented. Businesses must ensure that their operations are more profitable, and in order to do so, they must have a strong market platform, which campaigning may provide. The organization's marketing campaign is to ensure that there is effective emission of work and that the proper stakeholders make the right decisions for the company's advantage. Listening to clients and making changes based on their feedback is critical in order to achieve the best results. Social understanding must also be there in order to achieve a higher level of integrated civilised working. Clients must be well understood, and the relationship with them must be solid, in order to ensure that efficient working can take place. Advertisements must be made in the organisation so that customers are aware of what is available and to ensure that the firm is operating properly (Kingsnorth, 2019). There are numerous tools available both online and offline that can be employed by a business to ensure that effective working is present in the organisation. There must also be tracking of the software that the company employs in order to ensure that the company's criteria are met and that its portfolio is robust.

Tools and measures

Customer relationship management is a useful strategy that Samsung use for campaigning in order to improve efficiency. For Samsung to be able to find the proper place in the market, it is critical that it maintains open lines of communication with its customers. The evaluation of all actions taken must be well structured, and it must be ensured that a good communicator is present. There is a positive working environment and effectiveness that the company must strive for at all times, and in order to achieve that, appropriate modifications must be made (Hofacker and et.al., 2020). Whenever changes occur, the organisation must ensure that the appropriate relationships and connections are in place to effectively communicate them. It is necessary to make periodic announcements to ensure that the organisation has a good networking account in order to obtain the necessary supplies. There are solid connections that the company has established in the market that will assist the organisation in developing the appropriate functioning strategy. Using the right online presences is important for the company to have which is going to be good for the overall working. The company's effective workforce would also aid the business in having the correct working and interactions in order to locate market stability and increase processing. The organisation prioritises communication and training capabilities to enable effective improvement over time (Nunan and Di Domenico, 2019). Advertisements must also be more prominent in order for the company to be able to meet the needs of its customers while maintaining consistent profit margins. To ensure that there is no separation, human relationships must be effectively maintained.


It is critical for the organization to ensure that they have the appropriate retention rate and that they make the appropriate acquisitions. To ensure that a campaign is successful, it must have the proper support and understanding from the workforce. The organisation must work on social media strategies in order to maintain a consistent working environment and process, as well as to meet the needs of clients (Oklander and Oklander, 2017). In recent years Samsung has made a lot of online marketing place for themselves which has to be maintained for the long run of the organization. Content which Samsung is putting in the market is having good transparency which is going to be a great factor for the overall working of the organization. The company's working attribution is quite high in the market since there are many events that the company uses to promote their products and services, which is a significant component. Samsung can employ hash tags and loyalty measures to get the optimal performance while also attracting customers. Samsung is currently putting a lot of money into attracting customers' attention to make sure that they have the right targeted customers which makes the company have the right place in market.

Monitoring and evaluation

Mapping of the implementation has to be present so that any lop hole can be worked upon by the organization and make sure that the risks invested are minimum. When actions are made, there are apparent reactions in the organization. The organization must be precise about the actions and improvements in working that must be made in order to find a better working environment and measures that will be implemented. Samsung might use a balance score card to make sure that there is better placement of the organization in the market. The organization will have a set of expectations for the employees, and they must meet those expectations. For this to happen, the organization must ensure that there is a well defined action plan in place, as well as well-designed working (Muhammedrisaevna, Bakhriddinovna and Rasulovna, 2021). Samsung sets budgets to ensure that they are taking the appropriate activities and improving the organization's working and functioning in order to get better results and operations. Controlling the actions that take place in the firm must be in place to ensure that there is a defined liability in place and to increase the company's success by lowering market risks.


  • Reach

It is critical that customers are aware of the adjustments or improvements that the company is doing for their benefit. As a result, interactions will increase, and investment in social marketing and other online platforms will rise.

  • Act

Making plans and working on them is critical, and it also necessitates the appropriate level of engagement, which is beneficial to attaining the objectives (Barata and et.al., 2018). Implementations must be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that conflicts and problems do not arise inside the organisation.

  • Convert

Steps must be clearly specified, and the framework must be followed to ensure that good offline outcomes are evident.

  • Engage

Employees must be given adequate training in order for them to be able to communicate effectively and to ensure that there is a high level of client loyalty to this organization. Customers must be engaged with the organization's products in order for sales and purchases to be sustained and profit margins to be increased.


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