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HR Strategies For Employee Retention

Introduction: Human Resourse Strategies For Employee Retention

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1.1 Research purpose

The purpose of the research will be the identification of the key factors that can be utilised by the HR department of an organisation to help retain the talent pool of the organisation. The HR department is responsible for managing the available resources in an organisation. This department is exclusively responsible to manage the workforce and maintain a healthy ambience that caters to the needs of the employees thereby enhancing workplace engagement and productive performance. Therefore the human resource department of an organisation must formulate necessary strategies to enhance the aspect of employee retention for any particular organisation.

1.2 Aim and Objectives


This research aims to assess the involved and necessary kill required by the HR department of an organisation to retain employees and prevent brain drain from the organisation.


  • To assess the importance of HR strategies in employee retention.
  • To evaluate the necessary strategies to enhance workplace engagement.
  • To differentiate the section of involvement of HR in skill enhancement and employee retention.
  • To identify the HR skills involved in enhancing motivation for the employees in an organisation

1.3 Rationale

Employee and skill retention is an important factor in this organisation. The Human resource department is the one that deals with the requirements necessary to manage the overall workforce in an organisation (Fahim, 2018). The organisation needs to come up with necessary strategies that can help them retain the employees and the skill pool in an organisation to maintain a healthy performative output and have a competitive edge. The Human resource department needs to come up with necessary strategies that can help them enhance their respective skills

Employee attrition is a huge blow to any organisation in existence and it hampers the overall work process and productivity. This aspect highly hinders the overall productivity and quality of an organisation (Poornappriya and Gopinath, 2022).Therefore, the HR department is ought to enhance their skills and strategies to retain employees in an organisation. 

In today's time, it is especially important since competition has increased in all industries. Lucrative offers are made to the employees and thus employee attrition has increased as well (Khalid and Nawab, 2018). HR departments needs to come up with necessary strategies that would promote workplace motivation and in turn their retention with the organisation. 

1.4 Significance of the Research

The key significance of this particular topic is to assess the importance of skill enhancement for the HR department of an organisation to promote a healthy workplace culture that caters to their basic needs and professional assistance. This research will ponder on various sections and concerns that are necessary to be addressed for employee retention (Tejet al. 2021). Necessary strategies will help an organisation to promote a healthy working culture and enhance employee retention. Employee retention is a necessary factor to be considered in an organisation to improve the overall production output.

1.5 Research Questions

  • What is the importance of HR strategies for employee retention?
  • What strategies can help improve workplace engagement?
  • What is the difference in skill enhancement of employees and employee retention in an organisation?
  • Which HR skills will help in enhancing workplace motivation for employees?  

Literature Review

2.1 Themes

Concern about employee attrition

In recent times employee attrition has increased significantly and it can be witnessed in different organisations. It is not only impacting workplace engagement but also impacting productive output.

Employee attrition rate

Figure 2.1 Employee attrition rate

A spike in employee attrition can be observed in current times. Employee attrition has reached 14% in 2021 (statista.com, 2022). It is mostly attributed to the work culture that has prevailed throughout the pandemic and the associated situation. The necessary strategies of  the HR department helps to promote the retention of employees.

Theoretical models for employee motivation

Herzberg's motivation factors

Figure 2.2: Herzberg's motivation factors

Necessary strategies ought to be taken by the HR department to enhance workplace engagement. Consideration of theoretical models like the usage of Herzberg's motivation factors in formulating strategies will be highly helpful (Bevins, 2018). The two factors involved in this section help in addressing the concerning factors of motivators and hygiene factors in an organisation that enhances workplace motivation

Key HR strategies for employee retention

It is quite important for the HR department to take the necessary approach to enhance the skills of the department to take necessary measures and enhance the workplace engagement of the employees. Attention to employee feedback is quite important to make the workplace culture more favourable for the employees (Maliket al. 2020). Exit interviews are necessary to ponder the section that might be affecting the workplace engagement of the employees. These strategies will be crucial for workplace engagement for the employees. 

2.2 Literature Gap

A literature gap will be observed in this specific course of research due to the inaccessibility of necessary sources of information that ponder on the specificity of the data. It will arise due to the inaccessibility of specific data associated with employee attrition and feedback from employees. Much of the information is confidential to an organisation therefore the availability of data will be affected severely. 


3.1 Introduction

In a specific course of the research process, a certain course of methodology is observed in terms of data collection and a necessary approach is adhered to in terms of data collection. This data collection process is crucial in deriving conclusive evidence associated with this specific research.

3.2 Research method

A research methodology process is highly important in addressing the concerns necessary for a specific course of research. In this particular research, mixed methods will be taken into consideration which will help in gathering information regarding the strategies to be taken by the department for employee retention. Therefore, primary and secondary research-based data collection processes will be considered. It will consider a qualitative approach in the collection of information through interview process information will be gathered through authentic online journals and articles (Rutberg and Bouikidis, 2018). A deductive approach will be considered to deduce the information gathered from this research process.

3.3 Data collection method

In this process, both primary and secondary data collection processes will be considered to collect data for employee retention strategies of the HR department. The primary research process will include an interview process that will consider 6 questions to 3 different HR managers to derive qualitative data that would help derive conclusive evidence from their responses regarding the factors that promote employee retention in an organisation. The questions that will be asked are mentioned in the following order:

Question 1: Which factors promote the most amount of motivation among employees in an organisation?

Question 2: Which strategy is highly helpful in promoting workplace engagement?

Question 3: Which strategy helps promote workplace motivation?

Question 4: Which strategy will help the Human resource department to enhance employee skills?

Question 5: How can the HR department enhance workplace engagement?

Question 6: Which skill is highly necessary for effective employee retention?

3.4 Data analysis method

Qualitative data will be derived from the primary and secondary research regarding the employee retention strategies that can be taken by the HR department of an organisation to enhance overall workplace engagement and productivity. Certain skills and strategies are associated with this process and the data that will be derived will further be accessed through a deductive approach (Pearse, 2019).This approach will be highly helpful in deducing conclusive pieces of evidence associated with this specific topic 

3.5 Ethical concerns

The data collection process includes several ethical factors that will be considered in the highest regard in conducting the data collection process. Only relevant data will be collected for this specific research and no personal information will be disclosed to any third parties during the data collection process. The entire course of the data collection process will adhere to the norms and guidelines of the “Data Protection Act” of 2018 (legislation.gov.uk, 2022). This act lays down the guidelines in terms of the collection and utilisation of personal data of individuals. Authenticity will be marinated in the collection of data from online journals and articles for this research

3.6 Summary

The data collection process will involve a joint approach of both primary and secondary data collection process which involves a qualitative data collection process regarding the strategies to be taken by the HR department for employee retention. Ethical norms will be adhered to in the data collection process to maintain authenticity and an unbiased approach regarding the data collection process for this particular research. The data will then be deduced further to draw conclusive evidence to support this specific research. 


In today's time, it is highly important to formulate necessary strategies in the HR department to promote employee retention in an organisation. It not only enhances the quantifiable aspect of productivity and quality of the work process. It also ponders on the aspect of the quality of work culture that is prevalent in an organisation. The research will be conducted to draw necessary pieces of evidence associated with strategies necessary to be taken by the HR department in this context. A mixed method of data collection method will be considered which will be further deduced to derive the necessary conclusive evidence. Throughout the research, ethical guidelines will be followed to maintain an unbiased and authentic research process.


  • HR policies can be moulded as per the current trends in an industry.
  • Engagement activities and effective reward system can be taken into consideration



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