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Managerial Decision Making

Introduction - Managerial Decision Making

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Managerial “decision-making” is considered as the procedure aimed at solving detected difficulties and enabling efficient and effective performances concerning the activities of businesses. It is further known to be one of the cognitive procedures of preparing choice among multiple options, based on beliefs, experiences and knowledge of multiple decision-makers. The organization that is taken for this particular study is Alpha Corporation. The aim of this study is to identify and assess the base of loss in the organization of Alpha Corporation and critically analyze the actual scenario for this case. The process of making multiple managerial decisions plays a crucial part in the procedure concerning planning.


Question A.

The given analysis is based on the identification and assessing the division of the product which is constantly producing the lead towards the loss of the Alpha corporation in the country UK.

A1: Identification with accessing the negative product;


Vacuum Cleaner

Water Dispenser

Coffee Maker





Table 1: Number of products manufactured

(Source: Self-developed)

The loss-making product has identified the production through the coffee maker. The Alpha Corporation has been producing 3 items such as; Vacuum cleaners, Water dispensers, and coffee makers. As per the view of Creel and Paz, (2018), the organization has been trying to reach higher heights in recent years that have increased its profitability in the UK. Among the 3 desired products the organization have suggested an adequate statement of income in providing their sales towards the number of products such that, Sales of vacuum cleaner had been $110000 along with the water dispenser $200000 and coffee maker by $90000 in the year 2018. The company has included their variable cost in accessing the 3 products which lead to the margin of contribution; they also had a determined cost for production of the desired products before selling in the market.

 The organization has suggested the statement in making the number of costs calculated, it shows the final total operating income in the form of loss states the products of the Vacuum cleaner by $5000 with water dispenser inflecting a loss in the form of higher $61000 and the last product of the coffee maker making $65000 loss in the financial year. Therefore the company had a most negative outcome from the desired product named Coffee maker, imposing the downfall of the Alpha Corporation in the country UK.

Figure 1: Graph on sales for the Alpha Corporation

(Source: Self-developed)

Establishing the revenue

The increase in revenue of the organization for an Alpha corporation is determined in the form of desired activities in the business in suggesting the sale of products along with the services in the country and the other activities of their bank balance. The total money that has been accrued during the process is including the expenses such;

  • The identified cost of the desired product - the direct amount of cost for the current products in the market including the labor along with the cost of the raw materials (Refer to Appendix 1).

($ 400000 - $ 145000)

  • The expenses are in the form of operating costs - the costs that are indirect consisting of the utilities, insurance and many more

($ 255000 - $>

The Gross profit is consisting equaling the revenue of sales (GP - R)

It is suggesting the desired indication of the indication towards the efficiency of the production along with the setting of important prices and targeting the sales of the organization for Alpha Corporation in the country of the UK.

The given analysis is suggesting that the monitoring of their profit along with the loss for the long period of 1 year. However, the efficient data of work is identified for starting towards the improvement in the companies increasing their competitiveness in the process of their business in the country.

It also enables the decrease of the margin in the gross profit which is helping to the desired illustration of the statement for the income of the company in the country. As cited by Di Vaio and Varriale, (2018), the lowering aspects lead to several changes in the company Alpha Corporation. This has been the reduction of the amount in sales and the selling price of the products manufactured by the organization. The loss leads to the shattering of the demands of consumers in the country making the rise of their cost for the inventory. Their net profit doesn't have a sudden increase and decrease but it remains constant proportionally in increasing the total revenue in accessing the desired product. The Alpha Corporation has evaluated the margin of their net profit from the expenses increasing the proportion of sales of the assets. The company has exceeded revenue in the measurement of the aspect of their industry. As per the view of Erokhin et al. (2019), this strategy enhances the product outcomes as a result of the coffee maker's impact on the loss in the profitability of the company affecting the financial budget. This is the virtual negativity that the company is measuring to avail a positive input and output in the year 2018.

Figure 1: Decision making of the management

(Source: Courses.lumenlearning.com, 2021)

A2: Implications in the negative product;

In the world, every organization is aiming to achieve the desired goal such as the Alpha Corporation has an expansion in its business in the country UK. The coffee maker making the desired loss in the organization has led to negative destruction reducing the operations. The Alpha Corporation has faced the challenge of its share in the market, decreasing the demand of the number of consumers leading to the downward trend of the business cycle along with the important output. As cited by FUADAH et al. (2020), the reduction is including the laying down of the employees in the organization of the Alpha Corporation in the country of the UK. Assets of the company and the other facilities have decreased. The higher rate of loss has affected the transparency of the bankruptcy of the company; this has affected the economy in the year 2018 of its calculator of the statement of income.

The loss of the product coffee maker by a huge margin has affected a negative outcome of the Alpha Corporation in the country UK. This loss is leading to the desired implications such that; the costing of the desired product hampers leading to the management of productivity of the company Alpha Corporation in the year 2018. The negative has also affected the morale of the adequate wages and labors of the company and their shattering of willingness in performing the desired works assigned to them. As cited by Grosu et al. (2019), the loss-making product in the form of coffee maker has led to the demolition of their other products in the market of the UK. However, the organization has to determine the analyzing of its pricing as well as the other aspects that can eventually impose towards the gaining of the particular product.

Question B.

The Alpha corporation in the country the UK has an intense loss of its desired product in the form of coffee maker that has destructed its long term visions in reaching the higher heights, It is notified from the evaluation of dropping and continuation of the product in the market such that;

B1: Destruction of the company;

As suggested by Adegbite et al. (2019), the company has to drop the desired loss-making product as the organization has been manufacturing and producing several products in the form of Vacuum cleaners, water dispensers and the coffee maker in the form of a product line for the geographical lines with the reporting and the decision making of the company in the country of UK. The portion of the important analysis of the organization the management of the company has believed towards the warrant for the products of the organization in the market establishment. As opined by Gulluscio et al. (2020), the number of the financial operations will enhance the managers of the organization with the aim of stopping the production of the loss-making coffee maker. These are the significant disruptions that show the increase of the mitigation in the goods and the services. The dropping of the production in the product will establish the consideration of the qualitative and the quantitative aspects for choosing the assurance for the alternatives.

B2: Elimination of better controlling;

This assurance is helping the elimination and keeping of the segment and service of the product differing the costs in the revenues to be increased reaching the target production in the country of UK. The analysis of the drop in the product signifies the segments increasing the profit of the product for specialization and controlling the generating for the longer period in the particular organization for the year 2018. The strategy deals with the positive margin of contribution in costs of the other product. The negative allocation is suggesting the intense initiation for the fixed costs of the organization Alpha Corporation. The approaches help in benefiting the decision of the data for the approach of contribution for the fixed amount of costs in the country UK. According to Herath and Woods, (2021), the effectiveness is suggesting the largest contribution of the strategy for dropping the production of the loss-making product in the form of the coffee makers.

B3: Establishment of costs;

This mitigates the desired establishment of the fixed costs in the organization of Alpha Corporation. The company is having a better calculation of the net income that is retained for the comparison with the constant drop of the segment. This performs the highest value towards the net income of the company in proceeding for the more and more amount of information in the country of UK. As per the view of Huynh, (2021), the accounting of the desired team of wages and laborers has their ideal necessity in the development of an instant running for the organization. The cost of the product line in the allocation of the determination of the cost establishes the adequate proportion for the implementation of dropping the product coffee maker and supplying to the number of consumers in the country UK. It is eventually suggested and identified that implementation of the removal of desired product and division has measured the percentage opted for the lines in the production. However, the shutting down of failed product production has been helping the organization of the Alpha Corporation achieve the measurement of the adequate entity for the competition in the market in the UK.

B4: Reaching the strategic market in production;

However, as argued by Brahma et al. (2022), the company of Alpha Corporation should not drop the loss-making product. It is identified as the several reasons for the particular product of the coffee maker such as; the company will be hanging on to the desired product in the country of UK. By taking the time in reaching the strategic market it benefits the adequate line for the product retaining the unprofitability in the incompetence through the number of aspects for the statement in cash flow of the company. The estimation of the product cycle penetrates the synthesis in the periods that have been expanded in keeping the loss-making product. As suggested by Khan et al. (2019), the product also reduces the cost implications in adjusting the other products benefiting the course of the number of services and products. This strategy will increase the mindset of the higher-level management to raise the profitability and finance of the organization in the country the UK.

B5: Reaching the desired sales margin;

The response of the target audience in the form of consumers is that adequate goods are supplied. The consequence is the changing of the product line in re-energizing the rate of sales in the organization of Alpha Corporation in the year 2018. The uplift execution of plans will increase the strategies and understanding of the particular product in the country of the UK. It transfers the popularity of the company in the several aspects dipping the sales along with the important returns constituting the sales. According to Martin-Rios et al. (2021), this leads to the reappearing of the chain of discounts and evaluation of the impact in the cycle chain that had been unprofitable.

B6: Loyalty in the brand value;

The organization should keep the loss generated product as it keeps the loyalty for the particular brand. In the intense situation, the maturity of the coffee maker had been introducing the variations for the strategies in the loyalty of the organization in the country UK. As cited by Saghafi et al. (2022), the new number of customers in the market is being interchanged with the old ones in availing the awareness for the size of generating the revenue from the other products of Alpha Corporation.

B7: Leaders in affectio;n

The number of customers has their desired sustainability in their need of a coffee maker therefore; the organization should not discontinue dropping the desired product from the manufacturing aspect in the country UK. The specific leader's affection for loss is the common determinant in the form of strategy that can be implemented for the encouragement in continuing the same product of coffee maker. As per the view of Saleem et al. (2020), the item for the sales holding the sales margin stores the range of valuable aspects needed for the development of the company and increases the old negative product in the country UK. The corporation of Alpha should not decrease and shut down its production of the product such that the higher-level management of the company would determine their weaknesses and focus on their strengths to establish they're reaching the target market. 

Question C.

C1: Factors improving the operating cash flow;

There are several factors that help in the improvement of operating cash flow such that,

  • Collecting the receivables that are overdue;

This examines the receivable accounts helping the organization the collection in the form of invoices. This enhances the adoption of the posture for aggression in the prompt of contraction with the demand for the payment along with the desired customers. This includes the adequate shift in the rapid change for the receivables that have been incomplete with the collection of warrants. That helps in routing the agreement for the facilities of the credit and switching to the advance cash.

  • An increase in the turnover of the inventory;

This factor helps in the improvement of the adequate amount of turning about the margin of sales of the organization Alpha Corporation in the country of UK. It analyses the tight through the criteria in purchasing the desired product. The excess in the selling between the third parties increases the proper prices from high to low in reaching the establishment of cash flow in operation in the country (Ugrin et al. 2021)

  • Paying the adequate suppliers in time;

Enables and ensures the strategy in accounting for the important pay towards the agreement of the suppliers for a long period of time in the country the UK for the organization of Alpha Corporation (Ul-Hameed et al. 2019).

  • Rising the significant prices;

These factors determine the selection of the needy price in the goods along with the services in the market in the UK in the year 2018. It is very beneficial in increasing the amount of profit for the company by lowering the inventories. The cause for the non-acceptance of the customers leads to the acceptance of dropping the rate of prices entirely. According to Alvarez et al. (2021), this simplifies the adequate product line of the Alpha Corporation in the market and easier in running removing the overhead costs of the products manufactured.

Implicating of Capital expenditure has been performed through this stage;

  • Project identification;

The identification of the project is the most important factor in improving the “new capital expenditure” and consideration of the desired project in future for the organization of Alpha Corporation (Brahma et al. 2021).

  • Project vetting and definition;

This is the factor that signifies the accurate categorization in understanding the brief of the project on capital expenditure and ensuring the appropriate wellness of the organization Alpha Corporation.

  • Implementation;

This is the factor that helps in the starting of the work as soon as the project is initiated reaching a successful outcome in the organization (Creel and Paz, 2018).

  • Monitoring;

It helps in reviewing the number of decisions in ensuring the track of the particular project along with providing the desired opportunities for the improvement of the alteration for the processes in the country the UK.

  • Auditing the post;

It analyses the important outcomes in investing for the new capital expenditure of the project for the future along with analyzing the success for the determination in providing the further improvement of the Alpha Corporation in the market UK (Di Vaio and Varriale, 2018).

C2: Approaches for reducing the gearing and investing in new opportunities;

As suggested by Ugrin et al. (2021), it is identified that the coffee maker can be passed in the differentiation from the better test of the competition in particular criteria inheriting the basic design and the features adding towards the components of the services. This equals the offering of a good design increasing the overall sustainability for a long period of time in the country of the UK. It instigates the point in the differentiation along with under definite.

As opined by Saleem et al. (2020), it is suggesting the championship of the customers who have their desired needs in buying the product of coffee maker in the market UK. The various significant products have security for a leading towards the profit for a long period of time. The particular product is emphasized in the form of the lifecycle to the coming generations and advanced innovation of the market. As suggested by Erokhin et al. (2019), the desired product has an adequate margin of sales along with a higher rate of value for the brand in the organization of Alpha Corporation in the country of the UK.

As argued by Payandehdoost et al. (2022), is opined branding helps in the worldwide channels of the organization Alpha Corporation. The consistency in the branding evaluates the consistency throughout the confusion in recognition of the adequate brand in the country UK increasing the awareness for developing the negative product of coffee maker in the year 2018. However, as opined by Adegbite et al. (2019), it is enabled towards the sophistication for the desired control in successful allocating the inventories of the company with the aim of perfecting the values and growth of the business. The organization of the Alpha Corporation has mitigated the course of the negative situation for the decrease in its profitability along with the financial aspects in the country the UK.

Question D

The managing director of Alpha Corporations needs to lessen its present gearing concerning finance and also should generate sufficient cash for paying out the daily functional costs. In addition, the entire organization must produce reserves and excess cash for the capital expenses needed to expand the sales capacities, production and distribution (Abiola & Adisa, 2020). The managing director of Alpha Corporations also needs to lessen the ratio concerning financial gearing by multiple pathways incorporating converting loans, increasing products and many more. The Alpha Corporation has faced the challenge of its share in the market, decreasing the demand of the number of consumers leading to the downward trend of the business cycle along with the important output.

The respective organization produces three dissimilar electronics products such as water dispensers, coffee makers and vacuum cleaners. Out of these three electronics products, the coffee maker is not able to generate revenue in the marketplaces in which the company functions (B?rbu??-Mi?u et al. 2019). The term “Income statement” plays a crucial role in the annual report of the respective organization.

Direct Material




Direct Labor




Direct Overhead




Table 2:Revenue generated by three electronics products of Alpha Corporations

(Source: Self-developed)

From the above-illustrated table it is transparent that the product, Coffee makers are not able to generate much revenue as compared with two other products such as water dispensers and vacuum cleaners. The income statement of the respective organization further focuses on four different components such as net operating loss and profit, sales revenues, fixed costs and variable costs (Abugre, 2020). Therefore the managing director of Alpha Corporations needs to implement multiple marketing strategies for making huge amounts of revenue in the upcoming future.

Figure 1: Revenue generated by three electronics products of Alpha Corporations

(Source: Self-developed)

From the above-demonstrated graph it is quite clear that the three consecutive electronic products consist of three dissimilar income amounts in the marketplaces in which they actually operate. 

The statement analysis concerning finance consists of a few limitations as well. Therefore the respective organizations need to be aware of every limitation at the time of preparing the financial analysis chart in the upcoming days. The limitations of the statement analysis include

  • Not having an alternative for judgment:

An inspection of the respective financial statement of Alpha Corporations cannot take the respective place of “sound” judgment. Ultimately, multiple judgments are further taken by the management of the respective company on their skills and intelligence (Kiradoo, 2020).

  • Based on former data:

Only former data for accounting for several pieces of information are incorporated in the respective financial statements and they are further analyzed. Therefore, financial statement analysis cannot supply a proper basis for upcoming planning, forecasting, budgeting and estimation (Malhotra, 2021).

  • Difficulty in Comparability:

Business concern size is varying as per the transaction volume. Therefore, the figures concerning multiple financial statements further lose the attribute of the actual comparability (Abiola & Adisa, 2020).

  • Dependability of figures:

Sometimes, financial statements' contents are especially manipulated by actual dressing concerning the window. If “so”, the respective statement concerning finance further results in meaninglessness or misleading (Habanik et al. 2019).

  • Multiple methods of Financing and Accounting:

The finishing stock of multiple raw materials is “valued” at the respective purchasing costs. The actual “Closing stock” of eliminated goods is further valued at the actual cost price or the market price (Kiradoo, 2020).

  • Transformations in Accounting procedures:

There needs to be formal accounting methods and policies for several decades while analyzing the financial plan for Alpha Corporations. If the financial statements of Alpha Corporations consist of frequent transformations then the figures concerning dissimilar periods will tend to be incomparable and different (Habanik et al. 2020).

The given financial statement of Alpha Corporations is not stable in the marketplaces in which the entire organization operates. However, the efficient data of work is identified for starting towards the improvement in the companies increasing their competitiveness in the process of their business in the country. As referred to by Lassoued et al. (2020), this has been the reduction in the amount in sales and the selling price of the products manufactured by the organization. The increase in revenue of the organization for an Alpha corporation is determined in the form of desired activities in the business in suggesting the sale of products along with the services in the country and the other activities of their bank balance.

The managing director of the respective organization needs to implement multiple appropriate marketing strategies for bringing growth to their respective business. With the help of proper marketing strategies, the respective organization can expand their business in the local and international marketplaces (Abiola & Adisa, 2020). In addition, the respective company can further excel in their career path and further can expand the productivity of their respective business in the marketplaces.

The respective organization should engage appropriate stakeholders for doing their business in a fruitful manner. Proper implementation of frameworks and theories for proper control of budget needs to include in their annual report with which they can understand their respective position in the marketplaces (B?rbu??-Mi?u et al. 2019). Production budget and sales budget needs to be corrected with previous analysis for earning huge amount of revenues in the upcoming days.

Furthermore, the respective organization needs to consist of appropriate consumer bases which will further help to gain feedback and further can enhance the actual weak points of the company (Abiola & Adisa, 2020). The respective organization needs to move on to multiple latest marketplaces which will help the company to bring growth in their business and can be able to earn a huge amount of revenue. The company further needs to consist of a stable website which will further allowing the customers to shop the products online. Therefore with the help of this online marketing strategy, there is a huge chance for the company to excel in their career path. Furthermore, the respective organization will be capable to gain a brand image and recognition.


It is concluded from the above study that the organization of the Alpha Corporation has faced many of the desired challenges in initiating a better workflow in the company. The context suggests the number of implications that had been faced in the form of negative uncertainties by the Alpha organization in the country of the UK. It includes the downfall of the coffee maker product leading to a decrease in the rate of profitability and the aspect of financial income of the company. The organization has analyzed the statement of their cash flow in the year 2018 forming towards the loss incurred in the development and expansion of the firm in the country UK. It has also insisted on the dropping and continuing with the manufacturing of the product, the strategy helped them in understanding the demands of the number of consumers in the market of UK.

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