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International Business Operations Assignment


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The success of the business depends on the effectiveness of the company in managing the business operations. With the increasing globalization and international business expansion, the corporate sector had become more complex. While operating in the international business environment the firms need to focus on managing the impact of different factors on the business operations (Srivastava, et. al. 2020). When the firms are offering consumer goods then it is essential for them to focus on the quality measures.This essay would focus on highlighting some of the important research topics related to international business operations. For explaining these concepts in detail, the essay will consider the case of Burger King. It is an international hamburger fast food restaurant chain that operates at an international level and serve their products and services to customers across the globe.

Businesses needs to focus on different factors while offering products and services to the customers. It is essential for the firms to manufacture the products that can satisfy the different needs of the customers. Quality of the products and services offered by the businesses plays a significant role in the customer satisfaction. In the recent decades with the increasing globalization the concept of quality management had gained a lot of importance. Businesses need to focus on the quality of their products because it is having a major impact on the brand value and image of the company in the market (Swafford, 2021). When the organization focus on the quality of the products and services offered by them then it helps them in offering better products to the customers that contributes to the long-term profitability of the company. It can be said that quality if a significant success factor for the firms.

While operating at international level the quality measures taken by the company is having a major impact on the firm. Managing the firm at international level is not easy as one needs to focus on the managing the business operations overseas and this make it more complex (Cherunilam, 2020). All the nations are having different quality measures and the businesses needs to pay attention and follow the quality standards in an appropriate manner. Burger King is operating in different nations and is offering their products to different customers and they need to follow the quality standards made at international level and at the national level. The company can use different quality models and can set quality standards for themselves that can help them in enhancing the quality of their products.

Burger king is having a better position in the international market and due to this the company focuses on developing effective strategies that can help them in operating in an appropriate manner. The case company focuses on product differentiation strategy that helps them in gaining competitive advantage over others. While operating at the global level the company faces high level of competition from the different competitors (Bonadonna, et. al. 2019). The company always focuses on making strategic decisions for operation management that helps them in managing the firm effectively at the international level.It can be said that the company is more concern for their strategic goals and focuses on maximizing the productivity of the firm.

Being an international brand, the customers expect high quality food to be served by the case company and for this they must focus on quality of the food served by them. Quality management is particularly important for satisfying the customer expectations. The company is constantly focusing on ensuring that they must offer good quality food to their customers. The managers and the top executives focus on ensuring that all the safety precautions are being taken that is helping them in controlling and managing the quality of the products in an effective manner. The company is more concern for managing their entire supply chain in such a way that quality standards would be meet (King, 2017). Burger King focuses on ensuring that from the raw material to the final product they must ensure that quality is not compromised. Along with this the focus on the quality factor in supply chain management. In all the stages the company focus on managing the food safety so that they can manufacture high quality products and can serve high quality food to their customers.

Burger King focuses on selecting the suppliers that can provide high quality raw material according to the company policies related to the quality management (Swart, 2019). They focus on ensuring that they suppliers should have proper and effective monitoring program. Burger king is also having independent auditing program for their suppliers that helps them in monitoring that all the quality standards are being meet. The company is also concern for the quality of the raw materials as they believe that the quality of the final products is highly depended on the quality of ingredients used by them.

The company is also concern for nutrition in their food and for this they are working effectively for increasing the level of nutrition present in their food. They are using different types of ingredients such as bread, non-veg and vegetables that can help them in improving the nutrition profile of the food served by them. Burger king focuses on the restaurant level food safety as it is important for the food serving companied to ensure that they must have safe handling for the food. The case company focuses on offering high level of training to their employees which helps them in ensuring safe food handling practices in the restaurants (Madar, 2020). For maintaining the quality of the food at the restaurants they are focusing on using high tech machines such as Kitchen Minder that are helping them in offering high quality food.

In the food industry it is important for the businesses to focus on having effective quality management system in the company that helps in following the rules related to food safety and meeting the safety requirements according to ISO 22000. The food quality standards set by the ISO 22000 food safety management system are required to be followed by the businesses. While operating at the international level it is important for the businesses to focus on developing effective strategies and using different quality models that will help them inmanaging the quality of the products offered by them.

Total quality management is an effective model or the management approach that helps the businesses in satisfying their customers with the quality of products offered by the company (Bulls, 2020). In other words it can be said that this is an effective model that helps the businesses in working on their quality management in a systematic manner. The companies need to ensure thatthey focus on continuously improving the quality of products offered by them and their services as well. The TQM approach helps the entire organization by assisting them in managing quality properly ,and all the employees should work together for improving the processes and implementing better strategies and plans for ensuring the quality of consumer products offered by them(Johnson & Pramod 2020).


The organization needs to have clear aims and objectives that can help them in developing effective strategies according to it. The mission of the company should be well understood to all the employees and top executives of the firm that can help them in managing the business practices in such a way that they should led the firm towards its mission.For an instance, the mission of burger king is to “offer reasonable prices quality food to the customers that is served quickly in attractive and clean surroundings”. According to the mission of the company they have developed effective strategies for quality and better service and are managing their business operations that can help them in leading towards their mission (Rey & Bastons 2018).

In the international business environment different factors are having an influence on the business operations. According to pestle analysis of external business environment the different factors such as political, technological, social, legal, environmental, and economic factor are having an impact on the international businesses. Burger king focuses on managing these factors in an appropriate manner by developing better strategies that keeps them well align with their objectives and led them towards their mission. It can be said that burger king is making effective use of their resources with better strategies for leading towards success.

When the businesses focus on working as per their mission statement then it helps them in creating an effective market image in the industry and lead them towards success and development. As per the mission statement of the case company the management focuses on ensuring that they focus on ensuring quality of the food and should serve them in an attractive and safe surrounding. The company had involved the different characteristics such as quality and better service of their mission statement and are working according to it only. It can be said that the businesses need to focus on ensuring that they should work according to their mission statement only as this would help them in gaining trust of their customers and creating great customer base.

While operating in a highly competitive market the case company is focusing on their mission statement for ensuring that they must operate efficiently. For the sustainable growth of the company burger king had align their strategies with their mission and this is leading them towards success. When the firms are operating at international level then it is essential for them to understand that they need to work as per their mission for achieving the long-term goals (Shams, et. al. 2021). The case company had an effective strategy that helps them in keeping all the stakeholders motivated and aligned with the mission and values. They have created a positive workplace environment that keeps their employees motivated towards their roles and responsibilities and help them in being competitive in the industry.

The pricing strategy of Burger king is well aligning with their mission statement and the company is concern for their customers and according to it they keep their price affordable. While keeping the price affordable the company never compromises the quality of the food offered by them and services offered to the customers at the restaurants.The company is focusing on product quality by managing all the business operations related to it in an appropriate manner. Burger king is paying attention on food freshness, food safety, raw material control, safe inventory management, secure supply chain and safety measures at the restaurants (Rubenstein, 2017). These practices are helping them in offering high quality food to their customers. Apart from this the company is also concern for the service quality at the restaurants for offering better customer experience to their customers.

They are focusing on offering quick response to the customer and fast service at that restaurants so that the customers can enjoy their food and can have better customer experience as well. The company also offer effective training to their employees so that they can communicate effectively with the customers and can manage them properly while offering service to them. The firm is also focusing on the maintaining a safe, secure, and positive environment in the restaurants so that all the customers can enjoy their food properly without any disturbance. It can be said that the company is more concern for the quality of the food and service offered to their customers at the restaurants. It can be said that it is essential for the firms to focus the mission and work according to it only.

From the above discussion it can be said that managing the firms at international is more complex and the companies needs to focus on different factors. All the business operations are interrelated with one another and having an impact on each other. The businesses need to focus on developing effective strategies and aligning them with the company mission statement for running the firm in an efficient manner (Dermol & Širca 2018). From the case of Burger king it can be said that the company is focusing on quality standards in an effective manner with the help of better strategies. Along with this the company had aligned the strategies with the mission of the organization in an appropriate manner. It can be concluded that the skills and knowledge of the employees and attractive strategies aligned with the long-term goals can help the firm in managing the international business objectives properly.


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