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Leading Sales Plan For Organisations

Introduction: Leading Sales Plan For Organisations

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Summary of sales plan

Corporate mission statement:

The corporate mission statement of Unilever is “To add vitality to the lives of the people”. Unilever believes that in the recent times it is getting much more important for the people to have access to more nutrition, hygiene and personal care and this is the reason Unilever provides their customers with the products which can make them feel good, look good and get the most out of their lives through the use of their products (Austen-Smith et al. 2017). The corporate mission statement also encores that the organization try to assist all the people with the products in order to support all the aspects of the lives of the people. 

Specific sales objectives:

The specific sales objective of the beauty and the carenes products of Unilever is to say no to the normal with the help of the new positive beauty vision of the organization. The organization believes that their product ranges will assist the customers with the best sort of support in the skin and beauty care.

Summary of key trends in the market that are affecting our sales:

The key trends which is affecting our sales are as follows:

· The trend beyond the skin tone as most of the brands are shedding light on the dark and fair skin which is affecting the business of the beauty and skin care in the UK market.

· Anti-aging trend of the people which is guiding the needs of the people.

· Beyond the gender approach of the people as both male and female are approaching for the beauty and the skincare products.

· The rise of the natural beauty products are also governing out sales.

· The mask friendly make-up of the people is the recent trends of the people as in the recent times it is observed that the people are nowadays wearing mask because of the COVID-19 issues and this is the reason people are searching for mask-friendly products and therefore, driving the sales of the organization (Morganti et al. 2019).

Core value proposition:

The Core value proposition of Unilever, UK sales is the branding of the beauty and the skincare products which states that the availability of the best and natural products for the customers which is available at a reasonable price. The scale of the organization provides it with the opportunity to provide the best quality of the products to the customers at the lowest price. 

Summary of major actions needed to deliver sales objectives / key milestones:

The major objective of the organization is to deliver a sustainable living common place for each and every person in the world. In UK, our organization has developed some actions which will help them to deliver the sales objectives for the organization in an effective manner.

· Popularize the beauty and cleanliness and bring it within the reach of the common people which is at a low price.

· Plant-based and environmental products which can deliver the customers with the best sort of services for the customers and in the recent times the organization is making new campaigns to deliver the sales objectives.

· New technology-based advertisements for the customers to attract them in this time of pandemic and provide them with the environmental products at a low cost.

· The development of the minor marketing systems for increasing the reach among the existing and potential customers and make provide them with the idea about the products.

· Another unique thing which can be developed by the organization for achieving the sales objectives of the organization is the awareness programs which will make the people understand the need of the use of the herbal products guiding them towards the products and services of the organization in the beauty and the skincare sector.


Part 1: Markets and trends

1. Trends in the market

Key trends / changes affecting your sales organisation(s)

(what is happening in the market)

· The skincare is thriving at a rapid speed and the customers are more shifting towards the skincare and beauty products.

· Due to the recent pandemic and global crisis the customers are more supporting the choice of the natural beauty products and this is the reason the recent trend says that the natural beauty products are on a rise (Gitau, 2017).

· The DIY beauty and pampering has grown to a higher level.

· The e-commerce sector is at a rise and the customers are more approaching to purchase the products which are available at the e-commerce department.

· The mask-friendly makeup and beauty products are at a rise and the demands of such products are at a rise. The customers are more motivated towards purchasing such products.

Implications for your organisation

(how might we react to these trends/changes)

· The recent contracts with three new beauty and natural product developing organization are the best strategy which our organization has done in order to achieve the sales goals.

· Our organization has been able to develop product which is important for meeting the customer requirements. The development in the mask-based makeup products is the best strategy for the organization.

· Collaborations with the best brands and delivering the customers with the best brands at low price is another implication of Unilever, UK to react to these changes or market trends.

2. Brief market overview

Market analysis

Size: The value of the market reach to 2.16 billion British pounds

Growth: The marketing is growing at a rapid speed and the cosmetics, dermo-cosmetics skin creams, body lotions, hands and lip care and the sunscreens as well as the makeup products. Such increase in the needs of the products are indicating the growth of the market.

Our market share: Unilever, UK has a 36% share in the market of the beauty and the skincare products.

Customer segments

· Females aging between 18-35 years of age are approaching the organization for special skincare and makeup objects.

· The females aging between the age of the 35-50 years of age are more approaching for the herbal and natural products (Morganti et al. 2019).

· The males aging between 25-45 years of age are also counted among the customer segments.

Customer needs

· The females are asking the organization for the herbal products which can support their natural supplement needs as the increase in the global crisis cases are making the people move towards the herbal and the natural products.

· The customer needs are also moving towards the in-mask makeups which can assist their needs of the beaty and skin care even while wearing the mask.

Buyer behaviour

· Searching for the in-mask makeup products.

· Searching for brands which can support the needs of the herbal products needs.

· People asking for the organic facial and body skin care products are the special needs of the customers in the recent times and this is the reason the customers are making the buyers approaching the beauty and skincare companies.

3. Competitor analysis

Competitive analysis

Key competitors

Market share

Proctor and Gamble

Johnson and Johnson


Edgewell Personal care

Mondelez International

25% Market share

16% Market share

12% Market share

7% Market share

9% Market share

4. Market position analysis

Unique products / services


Substitutable products / services


Current position (circle)












Position in 3 years’ time (circle)












Few or no competitors, buyers have few alternatives, perceived uniqueness


Numerous competitors, buyer has many choices, little perceived uniqueness

Comment / implications for us / actions:

The current position of the organization has been marked 8 in UK because of the highest market share of the organization in country in the beauty and the skincare segment and the decreasing market share of the competitors. In the recent times our organization has been able to stay ahead of the customers and the increase e-commerce is supporting the organization a lot. The behaviour of the buyers which is shifting towards the herbal and the organic products is also one of the prominent reasons behind the present condition of the organization (Murphy and Murphy, 2018). It is also observed that in the recent times the organization is also able to grab the attention of the customers towards the products and the services of the organization as the high-quality products are being sold to the customers at low price.

The expected condition of the organization in the in the upcoming three year circle indicates that the organization will mark the best outcomes in the beauty and the skincare product sector as various new brand are included in the product portfolio of the organization which is making the customers to increase their reach among the herbal and the organic products and the customers are also getting their products at desirable prices as the high quality products are readily available for the customers through the e-commerce channels and these good quality products are also available at a price range which is very low and any class can easily purchase and take care of their skin and beauty aspects (Henfrey et al. 2018).


Part 2. Our customer management strategy

1. Gateway criteria that define our key accounts



List of current key accounts

List of potential key accounts

Revenue potential


Relationship between the buyer and the brand

Masking behaviour of the people.

Cost to serve


Increase in the sale with the existing clients

The herbal and organic food products needs in the future.

Demand stability


The increase in the demands of the customers for organic and herbal beauty and skincare products.

The increase in the consumer demands for all-brand subscription through one channel will increase in the future.

Access to the market


The increase in the market reach because of the access to the e-commerce


2. Our key account portfolio


Our relative business strength with customer




Key account attractiveness


Strategic Investment:

· Effective marketing and brand awareness.

· Increasing the strength in the hygienic products through the availability of Q3.

· Q3 growth in the facial skin product is increasing and this is the reason the organization is investing in this sector.

Selective Investment:

· The selective investment in the J-Beauty brand.

· The selective investment in the essential delivery of the ordered products at the door-step of the customers.

· Selective investment in the e-commerce collaboration.


Proactive maintenance:

· Addressing the potential product safety and quality aspects.

· High-level quality through collaborations with new and famous world-class brands.

Manage for cash:

· The cash dividend is use for purchasing the shares which are very low in price.

· Cash and term investments are used for managing the cash (Austen-Smith et al. 2017).

· Cash only management department is also there for effective management of the cash.


3. Structuring for KAM: our stage of KAM implementation

The idea here is to consider what actions you need to take, to build your KAM team and their skills. Some of these actions might involve other departments.

What stage are we at, in implementing KAM?

Optimizing KAM is the stage of implementing KAM at which our organization is at present.

What actions have we taken to build our KAM team?

  • Select people belonging to the previous plans
  • Teach them with the attributes about the previous plans and product specifications.
  • Restructured the organizational processes
  • Involved the whole top management for the development of the KAM team (Romaniuk et al. 2018)
  • Become a team and organization which is a customer centric.

What are the priorities for the medium term? Why?

Peace and equitable and sustainable development of are two of the priorities for the medium of the Unilever, UK. This is because of the increase in the need of the people which is moving towards healthy and organic supplements and this is the reason the people are approaching for the bet quality [products and our organization has chosen these as the medium-term priorities for the organization’s business.


4. Customer acquisition and profiling

Profile of our most attractive customers:

The most attractive customers of our organization are the females belonging to the age group of 25-40 years and males belonging to the age group of 25-35 years. These two groups of customers are the most attractive customers as they are mostly attracted towards the products and services of our organization which are herbal and organic as well as they are the most beauty concerned groups among our customers. These group of customers are also responsible for most of the beauty product purchase in the UK.

Attitude towards Value

(Intrinsic / Extrinsic / Strategic value buyers)

Service-based segmentation offering to these customers / segments

Strategic value buyers

The people belonging to these two segments are provided with the best sort of services as they are the most trusted customers of the organization and are ready to pay the top amount for closing the deal with the organization and purchasing the products (Gitau, 2017). The high quality products vary their prices when are connected with different brands and this is the reason these are offered with the best sort of products which will satisfy their needs and their pocket aspirations as well.

Profile of customers to avoid:

The customers belonging to the age group of 18-25 years of age among both male and female are needed to be avoided as they are group of people who are not much interested in the quality of the product as they only feel that the power of money is important but on the other hand it is also needed to be understood that the quality and price both should run simultaneously and this is the reason they are needed to be avoided.

Attitude towards Value

(Intrinsic / Extrinsic / Strategic value buyers)

Service-based segmentation offering to these customers / segments


These customers are provided with the best products on the basis of their requirements and on the basis of the price range they are searching for. Our organization avoid interacting with these customers as they do not support the valuable suggestions.

Part 3. Our offering: products and services and sales strategies

1. Statement of how we add value

Through our products

Through our products we believe that the sustainable and equitable products will create the value and provide our customers with the value as well. The products that we provide to our customers are very much organic and without any side-effects and this is the reason the products are highly hygienic and therefore, will not hamper the customer’s health (Carvalho, 2020). It is also observed that Unilever is also famous for the delivering the best sort of products to the customers within a very short range of prices which will not even affect the budget of the customers.

Through our processes

Through our processes we try to reach out to the customers and provide them with the products and services which will satisfy their needs. The customers are suggested with the products which are only required to them as per the social media survey results and likings.

Through our people

The employees of our organization are highly active in analysing the needs and requirements of our customers and through the cold calling and message interviews we all try to communicate with the customers in a very effective manner and this is the reason we say that we create the value and provide the customers with the most valuable experiences through our people (Romaniuk et al. 2018).

Through our services

Our services we believe that we can provide the customers with quality products which are effective enough to fulfil the requirements of the customers. The customers always ask for the best suggestions and our executives have been effective enough in providing them with the best quality suggestion and we also allow them to provide us with the feedbacks which can help us to enhance the quality of services and the customers can have the most useful experiences.

2. Our pricing strategy

What is our proposition around core price? What do we say about total cost of ownership?

“Our Prices are the lowest” is the proposition around core price which we use for our customers. Digitalised, less costly, faster access and delivery and best quality is what we say about out total cost of ownership.

What do we say about total cost of relationship? Are we more accurate than our competitors, and do we communicate this enough?

We have the best logistics outsourcing and we are the most realistic one, this is what we say about our total cost of relationship. Yes, we are more accurate than our competitors and we communicate and advertise this thing very often and in an effective manner.

What is our policy towards discounting?

Our policy towards discounting is the customer loyalty and retention.

Anything else the sales team needs to learn? Negotiation? How to set prices? Influencing?

Influencing is something that our sales team is needed to acquire in an effective manner.

Part 4. Management of major bids

1. Sales opportunity prioritisation

Sales opportunity



Notes / comments on sales strategy

Relaxation to lockdown


People will be coming out and the meet friends which indicates the usage of the makeup and skincare things.

New summer outings


The summer outings and vacations indicate the use of the sunscreens which will ensure the new sales opportunities.

Resuming of the offices


Women and men go to their offices with a good, pleasing professional look and this is the reason it is a good opportunity for the sales team to approach them for their products.

Recent pandemic relaxation but people more conscious to health and herbal approach


The in-mask makeups will not be preferred much as the mask can every ruin it.

The objective here is to think about the main sales opportunities coming your team’s’ way over the next few weeks and months, and to prioritise then according to their desirability and winnability. The Green / Green opportunities are the highest priority, so you can consider how to resource those accordingly. Where an opportunity is coming up Red / Red, you might consider walking away; or, at the very least, how to reduce your costs of bidding.

Part 5. Our sales organisation

1. Sales structures, roles and talent development

Sales Structures




The sales structure of the organization indicates that we have a matrix kind of an approach and this is the organization has a flexible approach towards achieving the sales results.

  • Biggest department and employees work across all the regions of UK
  • Decide for the sales channel retention
  • Provide the opportunity to work on all customer divisions
  • Sometimes does not allow flexibility
  • Capacity building is slow
  • Strategic decisions are affected because of such big departments

Sales Roles


Sales Director

Regional Sales


Sales reps


Key functions

Develop national sales plan, develop annual unit and gross profit plan and supervises the regional sales manager

Maximises the sales growth, communicates with the sales representatives and provides the sales report to the director and top management

Meeting the sales goals, influencing the customers, exceeding the sales growth and limits and prepare monthly and weekly reports

Provide the sales support, develop annual plans and participate in the customer services


Presentation, client relationship and negotiation skills

Recruit and catch the sales people and possess the management skills

Customer focussed, interpersonal skills, pleasing personality and objective communication

Hiring skills, presentation skills, negotiation and influencing skills

Skills & Knowledge

Sales skills and marketing knowledge

Recruiting and presentation skills

Ability to present and influence

Negotiate and presentation skills


Hiring skills, accounting skills

Management skills

Negotiation skills

Key Accounting management knowledge 


2. Focusing sales force development


Type of training

How often?

Measure of achievement

Delivered by


Interactive courses

3 week course

In-company test

Regional Sales manager


Negotiation and influencing skills

2 week program

Realistic opportunities to interact with clients

HR manager


Communication and personality development

3 week PDG program

Interactive tests in from of the director

Outside PDG personal hired for this special course

3. Sales force incentives and rewards

Sales Role

Components of the reward scheme

Weight (%)

Possible effect on sales behaviour

Key account managers

Variable payments and annual rewards

25% of the annual pay

Higher sales approaches

Sales managers / team leaders

Sales profit shares

2% of the sales profit

More interested towards increasing the sales as the higher the profit amount will be the higher will be their incentives

Sales people

Extra pay depending the sales results

10% of their annual package

Highly motivated towards more sales projects

4. Sales performance measurement


(see 11)

Operationalisation (Measures / indicators)



Actions needed

Resources needed



Increase the reach among customers after the relaxation to the lockdown

1.1 Increase in the number of customers

5% increase in the customer buying

To have extended reach among the new bunch of customers

More interactions and meetings with the customers.

Social media marketing is required

Social media handles and Access to the customer portfolios


1.2 High sales reports

New customer profile increment


1.3 New customers approaching


2 Herbal or organic producto sales


Higher product sale

almost double sale of the herbal and organic make-up and skincare products

To reach the double sales landmark within 6 months of the plan launch

Make more advertising boards and have door-to-door approach to the sales

Contract with printing the printing company and social media paltforms



New product acquisitions



5. Sales force performance evaluation



Target 2022


Sales Activities

Calls to customers

1000 calls to customers per day

1500 calls per day

It will increase the chances of increasing the customer base

No. demos

100 demos per day

150 demos per day

It will boost the sales report


Client results

Customer satisfaction index

Score: 3.6

Score: 3.8

Improve the organizational profile and brand image

Customer classification (A/B/C)



Covert all the customers into premium one as there will be no classifications from now onwards

# Customer complaints

300 per day

Below 100 per day

Reduction in the customer complaints will indicate enhanced services


Business results




Increase will indicate effective sales channels and approach

Gross Margin



The more will be the capital retained by the company

Market share



This will indicate the increase in the customer relationship and the increase in the innovation.




Austen-Smith, D., Galinsky, A., Chung, K.H. and LaVanway, C., 2017. Unilever's Mission for Vitality. Kellogg School of Management Cases.

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Romaniuk, J., Dawes, J. and Nenycz-Thiel, M., 2018. Modeling brand market share change in emerging markets. International Marketing Review.

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