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Managing Data of Digital Information and Global Environment Assignment

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Introduction - Managing Data of Digital Information and Global Environment

  • Crucial information are must be managed properly
  • Helps in the time of decision making
  • Vital impacts of internet on society
  • Impacted the sector of business, social and even today’s education

Speaker Note: In respect to the assignment the major concern is given on the whole management structure and systems of the information about the time of the recent digitalization and the environmental condition across the globe. The given concept of the assignment is totally based upon the ongoing and after results of the situation of covid-19 in the whole world. The process for the management of different information in the current situation for the condition of the internet along with the presence of sufficient data which requires a particular kind of skill and the skills of investing for strengthening the infrastructure of data in an organization. It is observed that the technologies which are used for the management of data need to be dynamic in nature for utilizing it in the decision making process and understanding a particular effective knowledge about the system of management.

Informational management system of digital and environmental condition of world during covid-19

  • Companies on digital technologies is increased
  • Promote population supervision
  • Management of information digitally developed to assure effective treatment while providing
  • Developing the utilization of various digital technologies.

(Source: www.mdpi.net)

Speaker Note: It is very important to understand the management system of different information is crucial for the assurance of better and effective process of decision making. According to these conditions of covid-19, it is observed that most of the company has increased the all over use of different digital technologies and it also supports the sector of healthcare for using the appropriate data (Allam and Jones, 2020). It was observed that different digital technologies are making effective changes in the hospitals and different types of business for making the use of Past records of health data of the different patients and providing the treatment according to those health data. It also helps to promote population supervision, the exact understanding of the current situation, getting information and examination of the recent invention by the use of network data and also by communicating to the different people. It was observed that there was an increment in the total utilization of digital technology at the time of global pandemic in order to assure the developing changes in the current time which can be effectively managed.

Overall benefits

  • A cost efficient solution
  • Data management becomes easy to understand
  • Helps and supports in the customization of different data
  • Helps to reduce the negative impact on environment

(Source: https://www.mckinsey.net)

Speaker Note: It was clearly observed that during the situation of endemic and the situation of post pandemic the increment for the adaptation of different digital technologies is still continuing in the different organization and the respective industries also moved as per the buyers and customers also moved towards the program of online entirely. The system can be seen from consultation of different medicines precipitation up to the buying or purchasing of necessary and essential products over the internet through online processes (Garnett et al. 2018). In accordance with this type of situation the management of detailed information majorly becomes necessary to assure that it must be checked at an all over platform of different operations and also providing guidance to the patient who are suffering from covid-19.

It was observed that the digital management of informational data provides different benefits and positive impacts as well. It was observed that through the process of digital management the cost for the effective process of management is reduced as compared to the total cost of management during the offline system. It is easy to manage as it can be accessible from any space. This helps a group of people to interact on a single topic while maintaining the guide line of the COVID-19 regulatory. The information can be digitally customized easily. It also enables in order to ensure environmental sustainability and information stored digitally. It also enables us to reduce the use of too much paper.

Different impacts of internet over society

  • Effective communication using different tools
  • Provides informative and learning opportunities
  • Causes of depression and internet addiction
  • Sharing of unnecessary information to the world

(Source: els-jbs-prod-cdn.jbs.elsevierhealth.net)

Speaker Note: In the era of the modern world, the internet plays a huge role in the day to day life of the world. It helps and supports the advanced system of communication through which it becomes easier to communicate to any part of the world. It also became easier and easier as the development occurs every day. It became a significant medium for passing different informational data to different parts of the world without even stepping a single step outside. The positive effect of the internet over the traditional aspect of learning is that, learning pupils can extract different correlating resources, different tools for effective study materials and also it helps to develop educational and learning intelligence (Guo et al. 2017). It allows one to connect to the teaching subordinates during any requirement of study and learning. As it supports an improved level of communication that offers the benefit of assisting the learning pupils by teaching subordinates through emails and different internet tools. Correspondingly it also has a significant negative impact on the society which is the addiction of internet and the depression effect by the over uses of internet.

Impact of the internet on society-Manuel Castells

  • Network across the globe
  • Privatization in 1990
  • Service on internet users

(Source: 0701.static.prezi.net)

Speaker Note: According to the age of information, the reviews and analysis by Manuel Castells, the decisive technology is the electrical power engine for the transformation of technologies of the age of industrial. The network across the globe consisting of different networks of computers is totally based on wireless platform of communication, a multimodal capacity of ubiquitous, and the required chosen time for the interactive communication and related space for transcending. The concept of the internet is not totally new as a technology however it was developed firstly in the era of 1969 (Ivanov and Dolgui, 2020). Due to the privatization in 1990 it was released by the US department of commerce for controlling and maintaining the diffusion of speed all over the world. Based on the service on internet users, there were about 40 million internet users according to the first survey of the internet of the word. In the year of 2013 internet users were raised up to 2.5 billion in total in numbers where the country China has the largest number of internet users in the current period of time.

Technologies of freedom and autonomy of culture

  • Technology for the aspect of freedom
  • Abbreviation and the expansion of internet

(Source: www.mdpi.net)

Speaker Note: Internet has provided technology for the aspect of freedom, according to the coming culture of librartrain, define ants benefit for the scientist by the Pentagon and also for the engineers and related students, without any direct implication into the vision of the military (Kraus and Kraus, 2020). The abbreviation and the expansion of internet in the era of mid 1990 results the combination of three different factors. The beneficial effect of this system helps utilize the use of different materials for significant development of incorporate. In respect to the concern, the knowledge and understanding of the concept of management of different information about digitalization and the condition of the global environment in accordance with the situation of covid-19 and the situation after it. The impact of the internet projects the concern about the society manual castle. It helps in order to understand the major impacts of the internet over society.

Rise of social networking sites and mass-self communication

  • Important activities of the internet
  • Active and biggest operators of the social networking sites

(Source: media.springernature.net)

Speaker Note: The overall use of social networking is drastically increasing and the amount of time spent globally is evaluated through the total numbers of emails of 2007 of November. Similarly, in the year 2009 of July the total number of users of Facebook reached a milestone of 1 billion. The all over users of Facebook reached half of it in that year however in the year 2013, the total number of Facebook users surpassed the milestone of 1 billion in less than 3 years (Saiz-Rubio and Rovira-Más, 2020). Countries like China, Latin America and India were the active and biggest operators of the social networking sites like Facebook. The major important activities of the internet indicate different social media networks and different platforms where these activities take place.


  • Different digital information
  • Information by different organizations

Speaker Note: The increased use of the different digital information has provided in order to facilitate making the process even easier in order to store data as well as the handling of a wide range of information by different organizations often becomes critical. It can harm the depth of one's self esteem and negatively affect the growth and development of an individual and also on the purpose of the global aspect.



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