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Operations Management Essay

Introduction - Operations Management Essay

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In order to manage and perform organizational functions, an organization has to follow a certain strategy. In this case, the system operational management strategy is especially effective because it allows identifying the goals, the truck, and the necessary operational changes of a particular organization at the same time. This report analyzes the validity of the application of Operations Management Strategy to the organizational strategy of an engineering products and services provider called Croylek Ltd.

1. Present a brief overview of your business

According to the scenario provided, an engineering production-based company has been selected to serve the current report. Croylek Ltd is one of the leading well-known manufacturing companies based in the UK. Although the company started its business operations as a motor manufacturing company in the early days of its establishment, it later began to produce and market products and services for different engineering sectors by properly utilizing new opportunities. At present, the company mainly produces and provides services related to industrial, electrical, and electro-mechanical products. The goal of the company is to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing services according to the needs of its customers. The company has annual revenue of £7 million, but has been declining its revenue growth recently and stands at £3.8 million for the last financial year. The company markets its products and services in a large market. For this, 10 to 15 employees are deployed in each of its branches as representatives of the parent organization. All of these employees assist in the performance of the organization through the interaction of organizational structure, risk assessment, and business strategies.

2. Identify the different subsystems and three challenges and three opportunities offered by each for improving business performance

According to Almaaitah et al, (2020), in performing institutional functions, any organization has to rely on multiple subsystems to manage the institutional functions. A total of four driver subsystems can be considered in this case, namely Structure, Vision, Strategy, and Culture respectively. Proper use and utilization of these four drivers enable the selected business to achieve its objective. However, the use of each of these subsystems has led to some challenges and opportunities in managing the system scale related to business performance.





a) There is a possibility of conflict between the divided departments in the formation of the organization.

b) The presence of multiple senior executives leads to instructional differences in the workplace.

c) Lack of innovation in the organization due to structural weakness.

a) In the presence of multiple departments, individual institutional functions will be expedited according to the specific department.

b) One leader or director does not have to deal with multiple employee management issues.

c) The department head can easily manage his specific short workplace.


a) Identifying the right vision and implementing it can be quite costly and time-consuming.

b) Institutional change as a result of the implementation of the new vision can cause problems for employees.

c) Wrong vision measures can increase the risk to the organization.

a) A proper vision planning helps in the risk assessment of the organization.

b) It is possible to evaluate the future competitive situation of the market through Vision Analysis.

c) Vision statements can be used to decide on the need for specific production growth and change based on future customer needs and requirements.


a) The organization will not be able to achieve its goals if the strategy is not aligned.

b) A poor management strategy is unable to track the progress of institutional functions.

c) Often the employees of the organization cannot relate to the strategy followed by the organization.

a) With a proper management strategy, it is possible to successfully utilize the human resources of the organization.

b) By identifying the strengths of the organization through the use of standard techniques, it is possible to improve it.

c) It also helps the organization to survive in the market competition by minimizing its weaknesses.


a) There is a lack of communication among the employees of the organization.

b) Lack of communication creates a non-cooperative environment among employees.

c) Such conflicts within the organization's human resources create a negative work culture.

a) It is possible to arrange peer-to-peer communication between the employees by arranging a weekly meeting with them.

b) A collaborative environment can be created by letting employees know each other.

c) It is possible to improve the institutional culture by creating an ideal leadership plan.

3. Develop the context for Systems operation management (strategic, tactical, and operative) in your business

According to Solimun et al, (2018), the main goal of any organization is to achieve maximum profit and provide customer satisfaction through proper marketing of its products or services. Institutional functions need to be successfully managed and performed to achieve this goal. In this case, the selected Croylek Ltd organization will have to focus on three main issues to achieve the success of its Organizational Systems operation management. Below is an analysis of the three main essential elements of Systems operation management.

Strategic ManagementPlanning: Strategic management is the primary step in managing the functions of an organization. At this stage, the goals of the organization are selected by analyzing the activities of the specific organization, the process of its execution, and the information related to the target market. The selected organization needs to constantly change its goal selection systemto survive in the ever-changing market.

Tactical ManagementPlanning:According to Smythet al, (2018), in this case, the main goal is to implement the strategy chosen by selecting the steps through appropriate decision making. These decision-making functions include activities such as Proper Risk Assessment, Conflict Resolution, and Problem Solving. The selected organization will have to evaluate and verify all these factors and select appropriate steps for the implementation of its strategy.

Operational Management Planning:According to Reidet al, (2019), operational management planning is done for the implementation of the specific goals of the organization and the formulation of strategies to meet the objectives. In this case, the organization has to recruit and use suitable skills in certain fields to perform its functions. The selected organization is simultaneously using the appropriate skilled technology and human resources as per the specific department to carry out its institutional operations.

4. Analyze the potential role of each of the following system operation management skills in improving the business performance.

In order to maintain the productivity of the organization, it is necessary to keep an eye on its performance. The management of the five key elements that drive this business performance are discussed below.

Resource management:According to Turuljaet al, (2018), human resources are a key asset for performing institutional functions. As a human resource, the organization needs to hire qualified staff to perform certain tasks. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. The selected organization can implement any resource management theory to manage its human resources. According to Vithayapornet al, (2022), in this case, by implementing Maslow's hierarchy need model and theory, the organization can provide appropriate opportunities by assessing the needs, requirements, and disadvantages of its employees. This will enable the organization to build a hardworking, efficient and loyal employee circle.In addition, the organization will be able to create a positive environment in the institutional workplace by using this model and this will encourage the employees of the organization to work with maximum satisfaction.

Risk management: According to Braumann (2018), the organization has to face various problems in the operation of business and production. In this case market competitive risk, risk related to dissatisfaction among the employees, and so on. are worth mentioning. The main function of risk management is to risk the physical and human resources of the organization so that it is possible to manage and perform the functions of the organization continuously. According to Gritzaliset al (2018), the Risk Management Plan enables the organization to take steps to address potential risks, prepare employees to deal with the risks through appropriate training, and protect the organization from financial loss. Creating a Proper Risk Assessment makes it possible to predict future risks and select future steps based on them.

Facilities and Operations management: According to Okoroet al, (2019), multiple effects of this management system can be seen in the management of institutional functions. It collects and evaluates information about the activities carried out by the operational management of the organization and whether it contributes to the organization's objectives and progress. At the same time, based on this evaluated information, the next steps and instructions in the field of institutional functions can be selected. According to Wanigarathnaet al (2019), this management system makes it possible to build and maintain a healthy and positive work environment. In this case, legal requirements, maintenance of the physical assets of the organization, and maintenance of the needs and demands of the employees are also taken into consideration by formulating this management system.

Supply chain management/ Procurements: According to Yadavet al, (2020), the presence of an uninterrupted supply chain is required for the organization to carry out its production activities. In this case, the organization has to pay special attention to the supply chain, transport system, price, and customer demand in the market. The company needs to develop its supply chain management strategies in such a way that it can be done with minimal cost when switching from one particular supplier to another. In this case, the organization needs to keep up to date by gathering the necessary information about both the competitors and suppliers of its target market, so that a smooth and uninterrupted service can be obtained with the slightest change in the supply chain at the required time.

Quality and Innovation management: Customers are one of the key assets in organizational management, so providing them maximum satisfaction by meeting customer needs and requirements is the main goal of the organization. In this case, the company needs to improve the quality of products and services produced according to the needs of its customers. According to Kharub et al, (2018), this will enable the company to retain its customers.Innovative ideas play a vital role in quality management. In this case, it is necessary to apply innovations to achieve flexibility in quality change according to the customer demand for the products or services produced by the organization. The use of innovations makes it possible to control the cost of production of products and at the same time, an innovative product and service can attract customers in particular. This allows the company to create a huge demand for the services it produces in the market.

5. Summaries your work

The report highlights some of the plans and initiatives based on an appropriate context for conducting and executing the institutional functions of a particular organization. Selected Croylek Ltd provides industrial, mechanical, and electrical products and services to its customers in the conduct of its business operations. The company typically generates £7 million in revenue annually, but its revenue growth has slowed down in recent years. As of last financial year, the company's total revenue was only £3.8 million. In this case, the company can make some changes and improvements in its operational management strategy to bring back its revenue growth. According to the report, the organization will have to pay special attention to the use of its subsystems, in that case, it will have to make appropriate decisions regarding the improvement of operational management strategy by analyzing the challenges and opportunities in implementing the use of key subsystems. At the same time, it needs to focus on evaluating the appropriate utilization of existing system management skills, so that the organization can increase its total revenue by improving its strategies through the available resources.


By observing all of the issues discussed, it can be concluded that a business organization must follow the appropriate system operation management plan to perform its functions. In creating an ideal organizational management plan, the organization must first make the necessary decisions based on the problems and benefits associated with the use of its subsystems. Above all, it is important to re-evaluate existing operation management skills before taking specific steps to manage the organization.

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