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Organizational Human Resource Management Assignment sample


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According to Zehir et al (2016), the authors want to state that there is a huge importance of Strategic Human resource management in the organization for the achievement of the companies set goals and objectives and which will help in the better overall performance of the employees and the organization. According to the research it has been found out that strategic HRM has a great impact on the performance of the organization. As when the human resources will be managed and trained properly in the company then they will be able to more focus on their job work and give their full potential to achieve their short or long term goals of the job or task on which they have assigned.

Analysis of Project

Research Informed Literature

From the research, it has been investigated that the strategic HRM help in the proper recruitment and selection process of the organization, as when they choose and select the new employees through perfect HR strategies then they will be able to select the right person for the right job and according to that, they will be able to increase the productivity of the employees and the organization (Zehir et al, 2016). As when the employees have good skills and knowledge related to their job work then they will be able to increase their productivity and give their full potential in it. This also helps in improving the flexibility in the employees related to their work. They will be able to learn how to work perfectly in different situations and conditions and adjust themselves perfectly in it so they can give their full potential in achieving their own and company goals and objectives together and perfectly.

Knowledge and Understanding

As in the new changing world, the competition between the organizations are in very high and they become more human-oriented organizations and it became important for all to have an effective and skilled human resource for performing their daily working activity and face the competition effectively (Garavan et al, 2016).

Nowadays a diversified workforce is working in every organization which means that from many different places employees comes to work together and to handle and manage them properly it is very important to have strategic human resource management in the organization, so the HR manager can understand the issues and problems of all the employees and can solve that in the perfect way which helps them to retain the good productive employees in the organization and increase their speed of the operation in the workplace. This also helps in the reducing the turnover rates of the employees and increase the profit and sales of the organization, as when all the employees of all department will know their duty and responsibilities what and when and how they have to do then this will help in better performing of their work and this will help in the better sales and growth of the organization (McClean & Collins, 2019).


With the changing outside world and increasing competition, it becomes important for all the organizations to adopt the necessary changes in their daily working of the organization to cope up with the new challenges and difficulties they face from the external environment. And to adopt those changes and implement that in the organization in the perfect way it is very important to strategically manage their human resource so that they all will adopt the changes effectively and help the organization in the proper implementation of it and reducing the chances of resistance by some employees. The perfect Strategic HRM helps in the proper planning of the future growth and development program for their employees so that they can build future managers for the company who can take a higher position in the future. This also builds up confidence in the employees related to their work that in the future they can work for the better future of their own and company.

As the companies are facing problems in properly managing their workforce and retain the more productive and effective employees in their organization. This happens because without the use of strategic human resource management the manager is not able to properly understand the problems and issues of their employees and what they want from the organization and from their work which result in the high turnover rate of the employees from the organizations (Pellegrini et al, 2018). But with the help of strategic human resource management, the companies can manage and retain their employees effectively and which in turn helps in increasing the performance of the employees and the organization both.

Practical Application and Deployment

The various methods are also used to do an effective strategic human resource management like by properly evaluating the capability of their human resource so according to that, they can plan for the future development and training program for the employees so that they can build up new skills and knowledge for themselves which will help them in future to and current time to perform their work more effectively and solve their job problems through creative thinking and thoughts. When they will be able to build more skills in themselves then they will be able to give good performance in the organization (Para-Gonzalez et al, 2018). The HR manager also identifies the future requirements of the Human Resource so that they can plan an effective recruitment and selection process. Human resource is a very important tool of every organization as without them they cannot perform and achieve their goals and objectives perfectly. They also properly develop all the objectives of the company clearly and define those to the Human resource so that they can know and work on it properly in achieving all their set goals and objectives of the company and their own objectives and goals which they have set to be achieved.

With the help of strategic human resource management, the HR manager can link the business strategies and HR strategies together so that they can increase the performance of the organization and improve the productivity of their employees. This helps the sales and marketing team to give their best in boosting up their company sales and profit. The human resource management practices and policies help in the better management and controlling of the human resource activities in the organization so that they can give their full potential and can easily retain in the organization (Zehir et al, 2016).

Skills for Professional Practice

This also helps in building up good teamwork in the organization as when the manager understands and knows the behavior of their employees perfectly and knows how to deal with them then it can help them to build great effective teamwork who can focus on the company objectives and goals achievement. This will also help the team members of all other departments to coordinate and corporate with each other for the better performance of everyone. This also helps in the proper growth and success of the organization, as now they can manage their employees perfectly, now they give rewards and recognition to their employees who give an extraordinary performance which results in creating a healthy competition between the employees and they all start giving their full potential in their job work.

Nowadays no organization can work perfectly without strategic human resource management because the better they manage their employees and retain the best employees in their organization they will be able to improve their performance and growth. When the diversified employees collaborate and coordinate with each other then they can build a good team and can work perfectly together and this also helps in learning new skills and knowledge in the employees which can help them in handling and managing the problems and issues at their work and creatively improve their performance (Garavan et al, 2016). 


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