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Personal And Professional Skills In The Workplace

Introduction: Personal And Professional Skills In The Workplace

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A workplace includes several internal and external entities that relate to different aspects of its operations. There are some qualities desirable in an organizational structure to get the best result. If I get the leadership opportunity, I should keep an eye on cultural improvement, teamwork and management of my leadership.


Leadership is one of the desirable abilities of a worker in an organisation to achieve general and specific goals. Leadership relates to influencing followers and associated members of any organization by any individual or a group of people. A workspace culture is defined by the characteristic representation and personality expression of an organization (Adeani et al. 2020). Workspace culture is the outcome of belief, tradition, interaction, and attitude.

Figure 1: Gibb’s cycle

I have gone through a pattern-wise development process. My association with a sales business a few years ago. It was on an eCommerce platform. I opened my online store page for getting more leads rather than just operating it offline. The eCommerce portal was trending on top of business listings for their best-selling products. I have sold products for some of their best-seller categories. My association was therefore extending the profit and experience about various situations that occur during an eCommerce operation.

As a standardized business platform, there was 24x7 support for the merchant and also for buyers. The support team was divided into several departments including manifesting, account management, catalogue management, packaging and shipment management. I continued the online sales business for two years where I have seen significant changes in product sales and profit growth. Depending on business insights, I have tried to keep a balance between customer satisfaction and profit. I modified my catalogue with the products that were most demanding at that time but not excluded those products that were rare in the market (Markkanen et al. 2020).

The sales business was highly populated with high ratings and positive customer reviews. I have managed to make an average turnover. The business was in a positive flow at the beginning although, in the middle stage, I had to face customer complaints and product returns. Some complaints were justified while others were not and for them, I got a satisfying approach from the resolution team.


Leadership involves several characteristics including decision-making, showing a clear vision, determining goals that are achievable and directing others towards it by providing tools and guidelines. Leadership has an extended meaning and it is not only limited to a workspace but also relates to the ability of a politically or socially associated person (Tawanwongsri and Phenwan, 2019). The culture of a workspace whether it has belonged to an organized sector or an unorganized one is one of the key factors to decide its progression. Some key factors make direct or indirect impacts on workplace culture.

My sales business was operated in a remote space although I had to communicate with customers, my trainers, product handling and delivery staff, my offline coworkers and other business associates. I took the responsibility to maintain a good culture by making collaboration with workers and making satisfying responses to the customers (Roedema et al. 2022). I had no idea about the real feeling of online sales as a merchant and things started to surprise me as well as my coworkers as dag deep into the business. My coworkers were happy to make things done at the right time.

The problem came when there was an increase in customer returns. The profit margin was very low and I even had to think that what processes should be involved or altered to regain the flow (Ahmed, 2020). My coworkers were unpaid for a few days but they never gave up and they gave the effort to get rid of this situation. I managed to make up for the shortfall later when the seasonal sales came up. I feel quite happy now about that situation happened as it was an achievement for us for knowing so many eCommerce business truths in a quick time. People who have ever engaged in such businesses must have learned from negative outcomes besides the positives.


A leader should have enough sense to spread knowledge and raise a development process. These are good leadership, management skills, associated people, organization philosophies and policies. The vision, values and mission are also responsible for an organization to make an impact on its culture (Ardian et al. 2019). An organization get better results by organizing work among teams rather than putting a bunch of responsibilities on an employee. Teamwork happens when several people progress with combined work for reaching a common goal. Conflicts are resolved by solving a problem that occurs using work management. Skill exchange is also a benefit of teamwork and the overall development of a team becomes more meaningful through teamwork.

I have managed to include the above evolutionary ideas in my online sales business. It is obvious that one business in its long and short run has to go through some ups and downs and our business was one among them. I was pleased to see the sales graph was going high day by day. The product units were sold to customers in clusters day by day and customers also bought related products from my store. This was possible as customers were delighted to get quality responses from me and my coworkers (Pieper et al. 2021).

I have faced some challenging situations where I had to deliver my work on time under immense pressure. I failed to properly communicate with the customers. They even returned the products with negative feedback. I read the feedback and discussed with my team the mistakes we did. They gave me suggestions about the work process for some segments where each of us had to take on some of these responsibilities (Yaacob et al. 2021). This idea helped my team to bring the eCommerce business back to its original state. I got valuable support from the support team of the eCommerce portal as well during the bad phase.


It becomes essential in specific cases where collaboration is highly required and three is also a requirement of work delivered on time. Teamwork is beneficial to get inspiration and motivation for every member of a team. It also helps in the healthy management of conflicts (Dhaliwal et al. 2018). It is important to manage the team accurately to get positive business outcomes. If a negative result comes up in a certain process, it is mandatory to discuss it with the entire team and find the best possible solution. 

Rethinking and re-analyzing are better than blindly jumping straight into the big pool. As an eCommerce business operator, my responsibility is to regularly look after the in and out processes. Any approach that seems flexible for the business must be implemented after justifying it with a different point of view. People who are operating their sales business online or offline must be careful about the market demands. 

As a sales merchant, I should not give priority to products that have no market demand. If such products are in my inventory, I should release these products by giving discounts. In situations where I had to sell a high quantity of products, I should first assign team responsibilities. The workload distribution should be proportional to the team's strength. If any member of my team has less skill in one category and more skill in another category related to the business I should try to keep him or her with the most flexible one. 

There are various theoretical concepts about leadership that help one to make a clear understanding of it. The theory of Great Man explains the nature of leadership as n inborn characteristic. This theory also explains that leader can bring their mythic and heroic power as per requirements. This does not emphasize leadership buildup through learning.

Action Plan

Actions are necessary for a reflective approach to business analysis. The positive results of businesses surely need to be appreciated as they belong to the efforts of every team member. The leader’s operation also makes a big impact on the overall team performance. As a leader, I should hear from other team members as a specific opinion can become a game changer in the whole scenario. The Trait theories explain leadership as a combination of inherited features. These features reflect a leader’s behaviour. Traits including confidence in self, and extroversion are welcomed in a business as a development approach. People who are non-leaders can also have these features and the trait theories do not satisfy them.

The Theories of Contingency are related to the changes in environmental variables for optimizing a leadership style for a particular situation. These theories also suggest one leadership style can handle one for one or a few situations but they are not suitable for every situation (Schoch, 2021). I need to improvise my idea with the best possible result as a leadership step.


A business or organization's growth depends on the cultural development of its workplace. Certain policy changes and rule modifications can make the culture of a workplace in a good position. Other features that help in this process are leadership and teamwork. As a leader, I should collaborate and communicate with my team members. I should also take challenging steps by understanding workplace situations.



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