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Project Management Of Tesco Cyber Security System

Introduction-Project Management Of Tesco Cyber Security System

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 Every action carried out by the organisation or by the manager involves management, a critically crucial as well as a substantial aspect of the process. This current research is based on the Tesco Plc firm, it identifies those variables and features that have a negative influence on the project or success criterion to a certain or greater amount. Furthermore, this study explains project management theory. In addition, an example of a recent incident that has created an issue for the company would be used as the context for the report. In this process, a certain theoretical model is required to evaluate the possible solution for the project.

Main Analysis


Tesco has been compromised by hackers, resulting in thousands of unsatisfied customers being unable to purchase food from the country’s largest retailer online (Kollewe, 2021). The outage has caused its supermarket website and app to be unavailable for a second day, preventing customers from placing new orders or making changes to current ones. We’ve been having issues with our online grocery website and mobile app. Please be patient. An effort was made to tamper with our systems, which resulted in issues with the site’s search function. We are investigating the incident. Customers were informed that they may be required to attend a virtual waiting room before being able to access the site as Tesco attempts to regulate the initial flow of traffic.


Although using a standard for project management and elevating the status of the project manager in complex organisations might assist enhance performance, it is not always possible. Every week, Tesco gets around 1.3 million orders online every year (Rosnizam et al, 2020). This is why fixing the issue was of utmost significance on an immediate basis. They worked hard to get all services back up as soon as possible, and they apologised for any inconvenience. However, the problem remains with the possibility of their customers getting into such trouble again, which led the company to consider running a thorough security check project, followed by necessary changes done to their cyber security system.


The “Project Management Body of Knowledge” (PMBOK) Guide, published and maintained by the Project Management Institute (PMI), is widely acknowledged as the fundamental reference and the global standard for the project management profession (Koskela, L.J. and Howell, 2002).

Fig 1: PMBOK Project Methodology

(Source: Vargas, 2001)

The PMBOK has five process groups containing 47 project management procedures, as per Abd Elhameed (2018), which would be helpful to analyse the project management of cyber security issue of Tesco:


First, the initiation process group sets the goals for the project and defines what it will take to achieve them. All of the project’s stakeholders are identified and their roles are clarified at this phase of planning. The beginning process group is not for everyone. The project will be given to a project manager, and the effort obtain approval from the executive team.


The tasks of the planning process group include identifying hazards, milestones, and the project’s budget. Progressive elaboration is used to design the project and create the necessary documentation. An initial meeting was held to identify the project’s stakeholders and determine a timetable for the project’s completion. Money will be put aside to purchase new software. Call abandonment rates, wait for durations, and call diversion is developed as baseline data.


Coordinating efforts and communicating with the sponsor and other stakeholders are the primary goals of this phase. During this phase, the bulk of the money is spent that results in the predicted outcomes. A selection of vendors is made once they had been assessed. The team already received training, and the preferred solution is put into effect. Interested parties are informed of pertinent information.

Monitoring and Controlling

The project’s progress and performance are monitored and controlled via the use of monitoring and controlling methods. The key performance indicators (KPIs), selected during the planning phase, would be measured daily and the results would be recorded. Processes will be modified as a result.


Project management is unique from other kinds of management in that projects are time or milestone restricted. Closing actions include obtaining client approval, archiving documents, closing contracts, analysing lessons learned, and recognising achievements. The project would be considered to be successfully finished once the specified objectives are met and all related activities are performed.


Project management is essential for all sorts and sizes of organisations, regardless of whether they are technically recognised as such. A project’s success is defined by the information and practices that are commonly accepted. Project management procedures are grouped into knowledge domains based on their content. The cyber security monitoring and amendment of Tesco website and app needs a thoroughly managed and effective project outline to be carried out.


The current research is concerned with project management, which is important in assisting a company in meeting its agreed-upon goals and objectives promptly. Project management is also defined as the process of planning, implementing, executing, monitoring, regulating, and evaluating a particular task, all of which are done in the context of a given task. Such project management possibility has been explained by using PMBOK theory. Moreover, the entire analysis has followed a step-by-step process of describing the situation, identifying the problem, finding and outlining and solution, and conducting a brief evaluation.


In order to implement the suggested project management method, Tesco must keep one step ahead of the current risks and constantly enhance its tools, procedures, and business processes. They must collaborate with their software and systems engineering teams to provide security assistance throughout the development lifecycle, as well as to provide proactive monitoring and response capabilities in the case of a security occurrence. Based on the opinion of Taylor et al (2020), Tesco’s cyber security expertise team grows as they complete placements in a variety of security activities, ranging from security operations and vulnerability management to penetration testing and monitoring and capability. In this scenario, the company will have the ability to work on a variety of projects including incident response, security platforms, and security architecture, among others. Through system evaluations, system security, and incident response, they will also make a significant contribution to the worldwide cyber defence effort.


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