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Reflection on Business Operations and Management Module

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Introduction - Student Reflection on Strengths, Weaknesses, and Self-Development

Writing a reflection plays a very important part in the self-development of a student. It not only helps others to understand what a student learned in his study life but also helps in identifying the strengths as well as weaknesses to deal with the future challenges. Thus, one of the main notions behind conducting this study is to write a reflective piece of writing in which there will be a discussion of two important parts. The first part will describe about what I have done in semester 1 and in what manner I have deployed those learning to get better results in semester 2. In addition to the second part of the important which is the most important part of the study will discuss about my self-development through this module which is related to business operations as well as administration. 

A Reflection of Semester 

In this segment of the study, a brief reflection of what I have done in addition to what I have learned will be discussed in detail. The assessment which I completed in semester one was related to creating a portfolio where I was asked to select a company and had to complete five important tasks. Firstly while doing the entire semester 1; I initially comprehended the meaning of business operations as well as management. I learned that Business functions and administrations dive as well as investigations into the centre basics of business association which will be proficiently overseeing and sorting out the accessible assets in the business and concentrate on the support of the clients. I also learned that in order To maintain an effective business substance, the administration needs to concentrate on the essential things and methods of business regulation, accounting as well as advertising which all should be adjusted. The completion of the contemporary research has helped me in knowing the issues confronted within the UK as well as in what manner they deal with those problems. And completing the case study on ALDI has helped me in understanding the core principle of marketing.

Now let me discuss what I have learned from the three segments of semester 1. From the first segment which was related to contemporary research I comprehended that efficiency in any business is the focal point of its existence, Pandemic was extraordinary and marked each economy and organization the world over, comprising the United Kingdom. From this segment, some important points have also been identified like why the business operations in addition to management of the UK got affected due to pandemics in which the study showed that improper strategy measures and others are because by unexpected eventualities. So, overall from this part, I learned that in this pandemic working businesses might face a lot of contemporary issues but thee need to adopt the strategies in such a manner so that they can deal with them in the upcoming times.

From the second segment of assessment 1 which was related to the case study of Aldi again, I have learned a lot of important key points about business operation and management. In order to comprehend the actual meaning of competitive rivalry apart from Aldi, I have also used the case of the British auto industry. Both the different segment of the industry has assisted me in understating how managing a proper business function helps a company in facing its competition in both home-based as well as international businesses sector. The segment has helped me in identifying the shortcoming of Aldi which directly impact the business functioning of the company. Life for instance, In the ALDI store, purchasers have restricted assortments. They need to forfeit their desires as well as the premium of choosing from a parcel of assortments and browsing what little selections are accessible in the grocery store and restricted scope of items. Since ALDI grocery stores have the strategy of keeping chosen brands and items which will be utilized by the majority of the customers and the renowned items which are notable by a large portion of individuals. With this point, it can be said that big companies also face business operations-related issues, and keeping in mind the customer needs and pReferences they need to modify their business functions and operations.

The last segment of semester 1 was related to the topic of business ethics and while doing this research again I learned various important facts about the topic. I learned what is the actual meaning of business ethics which stated that Morals in business is a discipline that the association ought to follow to ultimately benefit all worried in a business climate. Overall the study of the entire semester 1 module has additionally helped me improve my learning outcomes for semester 2. The topics which I learned in this segment has helped in identifying my strengths and weakness concerning the topic of business pertains and management. It has also helped in understanding where I am standing at present and this concept will help me in my future professions. The study has additionally helped me improve my personal development due to which I feel more confident now regarding the topic which I have learned. 

Challenges faced in Semester 

During the previous semester, I have been able to gather several pieces of information that have been helpful in enhancing multiple activities and functions of business operations and management. Before starting this module, I lacked knowledge regarding several areas. This knowledge gap is required to be fulfilled by studying this module and therefore it is to come this force which helps me in understanding the impact of several business operations on the performance of the business and gaining competitive edge in the market. I find myself fortunate to be able to have this opportunity which will be helpful for me in developing my skills and knowledge. This module has helped me in understanding and presenting me with the appropriate examples of business operations with the case study of ALDI. I have no prior knowledge in the area of finance but after going through this module I have been able to understand the components of the financial budget and how it is supposed to be prepared. I had limited knowledge in the area of location strategies and quality control. One of the very basic concepts that I knew was the fact that the business organisations focus on providing excellent quality products and services to the customers in order to maintain their brand reputation and remain competitive in the business environment.

A Reflection of Semester 

Utilisation of knowledge

With all the knowledge that I have gathered from the module, I have been able to identify the promotional strategies which are required by ALDI in order to promote their products in the competitive business environment. I have also been able to identify several marketing features that are helpful in enhancing the business performance. Not only that, I have also been able to exhibit multiple ways of being able to advertise the product and services of the organisation so that it will be helpful for the management of the company to generate more leads and gain profitability from it. This module also helped me in understanding the significance of location strategy and how flexibility of business operations can be one of the major factors that should be considered while doing business in the market. ALDI should focus on implementing innovative technology that will be helpful for them in manufacturing excellent quality products and will help in meeting the ever changing demands of the customers. The company should also focus on maintaining the quality of the products which will be helpful for them in meeting the requirements of the customers and their expectation that it can enhance their experiences with the product of the company. After having certain knowledge from the module, I have been able to gather information and knowledge regarding significant financial resources based on the requirements of the organisation and I have also been able to gain certain skills. I have acquired time management skills, presentation skills, communication skills, research abilities, problem solving skills that have been helpful for me in analysing several aspects. I have come to understand the importance of developing effective budget planning and how it is important to work within a budget which helps the organisations in maintaining superior quality of the products and services.

Functions of knowledge to improve understanding

This module has been helpful in understanding the major operational aspects of ALDI and how the business has been able to gain competitive advantage in the local market. I have been able to focus on providing a proper plan of guidance to the workers which has been helpful in optimising the operational aspects of the company along with ensuring that all the allocated resources and budget has been utilised by them in order to enhance the operational aspects. I have been able to use my time management skills in finishing of the project work provided to me as a simulated period of time. My problem solving skills have been helpful for me in analysing the situation that is taking place within the business environment. I have also been able to analyse several HR strategies that have been one of the most interesting topics that I have learnt and excelled in.

Although, there are several other areas that need to be improved as continuous improvement will be helpful in reducing the knowledge gap. I still have a knowledge gap regarding the supply chain logistics operations and the practices that will be helpful in providing a sustainable approach to the company. Supply chain is one of the most important areas of businesses and it is very important to understand the function that takes place within the company in order to perform better as an employee. I need to continue learning and developing my knowledge through several resources such as internet books and journals in order to deal with the knowledge gap so that in my professional life I am able to deal with the investors and suppliers.

Learning Development

It is very important for me to continue learning all the business operations and management so that it can help me in receiving a competitive edge among other employees of the company. I want to keep learning theoretical and applied that knowledge in a practical manner so that the practical experiences help me in gathering important knowledge and also allow me to remember my skill acquisition. By now, I have come to realise that practical experiences have been effective for me in terms of gathering important and relevant knowledge in the specific area in comparison to other theoretical learning resources. I wish to further focus on gaining a diploma of knowledge on the specific area of learning.


So, from the overall reflection it can be concluded that this has helped me a lot in understanding the module in a better manner. The topic of business operation and management has helped me in understanding how modern business able to tackle the contemporary issues and the reason behind the increase of the issues too. With the help of the study I also developed my personal skills on using the concept of business operation and management that has been helpful for me in the professional aspects. This reflective writing has provided adequate information regarding the business functions and Management which has been helpful for everyone to develop their strategies and concepts that have been helpful in understanding several business functions such as human resources, marketing, finance, logistics and supply chain. This reflective piece has been helpful in improving the quality of knowledge that I have developed along with enhancing my experiences.

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