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Task 1

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Introduction: Reflective And Academic Writing: Differences, Skills And Career Development

The discussions have been based on the topic of developments in reflective writing and the working progress of academic writing that has developed the cultures of the referencing styles. In addition, creating an interlinked in the above depicted both kinds of attributes the entire discussions have been held on.


Reflective writing has been involved in critically evaluating the experience infrastructures recording by making an effect based on the planning structures by improving the cultures of knowledge rates (Kopnina, 2020).The key difference between the two ranges of attributes regarding reflective and academic writing is to create a narrative essay by elaborating the personal experiences of notified in the accurate ranges of timing. In contradiction, the developments of writers' changes have been sustainably improved based on their experience rates. In addition, Academic writing has been considered as a piece of writing that has notified on accurate academic subjects however, reflective writing has been collecting reliable knowledge that has been based on personal knowledge and understanding modules. It has also created explorations and developed the cultures of performance appraisal rates by analysing the multiple ranges of attributes related to support by evidence arguments, full references through reliable resources and improvements of formal languages effectively by making information for the developments of future practice (Williams et al. 2020).

There has also been academic writing briefly divided into two kinds categories related to descriptive, persuasive, critical and analytical improving the cultures of accurate language features and purposes by developing the cultures of the skills rates and enabling the working progress by reviewing the progress at the working places and university respectively. However, Khanjani et al. (2018) have stated that the developments of reflective writing have also created a positive effect by streamlining the learning power and helping to develop the cultures of two kinds of aspects related to logical thinking and cognitive ideas. Thus, the chances of development of reading comprehension, via- self-examination, self-esteem and writing performances effectively by collecting reliable information and allowed to adjust and created responses by generating the issues. In addition, the chances of underlined assumptions and belief rates have been sustainably developed by creating a positive effect on the teaching and learning progress. The developments of collecting experiences regarding the internship period, working on the organisations or collecting experiences through other institutions have been considered perfect examples of reflective writing that has maintained professionalism at the time of considered academic writing (Lin et al. 2018).


Throughout the above discussion, it is clear that the discussions have created an interlinked between reflective writing and academic writing that have developed the cultures of underlined activities by making an assumption of the teaching and learning process. The reflection of personal experience cultures has also created a positive effect of developing the cultures regarding generating the rates of value by developing the cultures of writing performance rates.

Task 2

In my point of view, at the time of sub, fitted my presentations in semester 1, my tutor provided me with a wider range of feedback that has developed a culture of time management. In addition, the presentations have also been filled with reliable information that has created a positive effect on increased the rate of efficiency infrastructure and the readers can also be getting lots of information based on the topic. At the time of conducting my presentations, I have been getting successful to develop the cultures of multiple ranges of skills related to "Public speaking, delivery, creativity and body language and tone of voice" respectively (Vaganova et al. 2019).In addition, the improvements of improvements regarding time management and the development of voice modulations have also created accurate interactions by boosted up confidence rates in a sustainable manner. Thus, at the time of my conducting my PowerPoint presentations, I have also been collecting knowledge regarding the improvements in time management that can be helped me to increased the rate of capabilities, knowledge, and experienced rates by achieving the ultimate ranges of determinations. It can also be helped me in the development of my future growth cultures by creating an effective range of decision-making approaches and identifying the determinations (Hagger, 2019).

Thus, the development of skills related to Problem-solving ability and improvements of decision-making approaches can also be developed in the cultures of future growing cultures and make positive effects of improving the rate of "Personal Development Plans (PDP)" by achieving the determinations. For instance, the developments of time management can be helped me to boost confidence rates and make an appropriate range of infrastructures modules and I can also be able to submit my projects or assignments within meeting the deadline thus, it can be much more effective side for maintaining a healthy relationship structure and delegated the responsibilities. In addition, the improvements regarding the different kinds of skills improvements related to communication, goal setting, and maintenance of healthy relationships and delegation of working responsibilities have also created a positive effect on achieving the ultimate range of objectives in my working places. The chances of efficiency, capacity, as well as performance management module, can also sustainably grow up that can be treated as a much more effective side for the development of enhancement programmes (Moldoveanu andNarayandas, 2019).

Task 3

At the time of registering into the career portal side need to be maintained the wider range of criteria that have created positive effects on the development of the future growing cultures. In addition, at first, have to be searching in social networking sites related to Google by writing theProspects.ac.uk. After that, there has been overviewed an option regarding "Take the quiz", after selecting this option it has also been briefly divided into two ranges of attributes that are "Carrer Plan", and "Job Match Data" effectively. Thus, after selecting the options regarding"Register now and take the quiz" in the options around "Carrer Plan" the registration pages have been getting open (Prospects.ac.uk, 2022).It has been filled up with lots of criteria an email address; create a password, first , current education, interest in, studying in, the last , and created accounts. After filling in the above-mentioned valuable information need to be selected the accounts regarding created accounts then the registration process shaves been also be successfully conducted (Prospects.ac.uk, 2022).

I have been interested in the job profile which has related to management or the types of relevant fields such as marketing, finance, or administration sectors. Working in these types of relevant fields I can be learned a lot of things related to improvements in time efficiency, interaction with others, managing the team's ability and building up an effective range of communication infrastructures modules that can also be created a positive effect to the developments of my future growths ineffectively (Immordino-Yang et al. 2018). The rates of fairness and constant developments of the increasing rate of nervousness chances have also been effectively decreased that have created a beneficial side to the trimming of working in the organisational sectors. It can also be treated as a beneficial side for the enhancements of teamwork ability and that has also helped me to develop the cultures based on the company's perspectives. Thus, the chances in productivity and the rate of welfare activities can also be sustainably developed by achieving the ultimate ranges of objectives that have based on the long and short ranges of goals effectively.

Task 4

1. Identifications about 2 skills

A.) Communication Skills

B.) Time management skills

2. Working progress on planning structures

The developments of communication infrastructure can be created positive effects to increase the rates of rate of integrations and developments of relationship structures. Thinking about the audience and making empathy by improving the cultures of networking styles and increased the rate of much and more practised ability the rates of nervousness at the timing of speaking in public rates can also be diminished. Thus, the rate of emotional awareness and improvement of time management ability can also be getting easiest by monitoring the ultimate ranges of effectiveness (Kuzminov et al. 2019).

3. Supports for mechanisms will be used

Taking the help of the Study Hub the chances of providing opportunities and the rate of course material and improvements in problem-solving ability can also be sustainably developed (Griffiths et al. 2018).The development of skills regarding time management and communication skills can be also growing up confidence rates and maintained the ultimate range of professionalism by elaborating the ultimate range of problem-solving abilities.

4. Action Plan

What is your Goal?

What date will you achieve this?

What things will you do to reach your goal?

Who will help you to do this?

Evaluation: have you achieved this goal? Yes or No

Developments of communication platforms


Created precise communications with no ambiguity and established the relationship structures by diversifying the communications and sharing the responses.

Practising skills


Improvements in Time Maintenance


Prioritized the working criteria by identifying the issues and delegating the tasks among the group members for reducing the conflicting rates.



Table 1: Action Plan



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