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Secure The Data In Cloud Environment

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Introduction - Secure The Data In Cloud Environment

 Data security is important in cloud computing. Data can be misused by hackers. Misuse of data is a kind of thing. The loss of data is not needed in cloud computing. Mainly, In the IT world, Information is essential. Data files cannot be lost. It is also legal action. By this, It is ensured that local backup is taken. Most companies store personal data on their servers. There is a sensibility. The following next point is a decision. To save the sensitivity is a kind of responsibility in the organization in cloud computing. By compromising such data, It can lead to troubles for the firm. There are also some giants like Facebook that are part of such an issue of cloud computing. It uploads the sensitive data to the customer's fault. It can avoid storing such data in the cloud. In this way, storing sensitive information can be avoided.

The goal of cloud computing is that it also allows users to get benefit from the technology. It needs deep knowledge about cloud computing (Kaur, et al. 2018). It is also focused on business in cloud computing. It is impeded by IT.

  • It is self-service of on-demand in cloud computing.
  • It has broad network access in cloud computing.
  • It has the pooling of resources in cloud computing.
  • Cloud computing mainly reduces its costs. It reduces the managing cost and maintenance cost of the IT systems.
  • It should have scalability.
  • There should have business continuity in cloud computing.
  • There should have the efficiency of the collaboration in cloud computing. It is the benefit of cloud computing.
  • In cloud computing, There have the work practices of flexibility
  • By cloud computing, It has the access to automatic updates.

Figure 1: The image of the cloud environment

(Source: https://miro.medium.com/max/640/1*ngkHgQq7ij1NBNr62er3zA.png)

Problem statement

In cloud computing, Encryption of data is also needed in the cloud. There have the threats from then unwanted hackers. It is the additional layer of security. In cryptography, The method is protected from the administrators and providers. There has a service provider o9f the data encryption in cloud computing (Aujla, et al. 2018). Here is also the preliminary round for encrypted cloud service. So this is the main problem statement of cloud service. There has also an option of cloud service. It is the round of preliminary encrypted files which give extra security in cloud computing. The password helps to keep the data encrypted. It has additional measures. There has encryption data which should be stopped as unauthorized access of data.

Research questions

  • Does the encryption not secure its existence?
  • What are the chances of getting data corrupted in cloud computing technology?
  • Why the developers also have the access to data and the password is unreliable?
  • Is the cloud system an authentication method of computing?
  • Has cloud system secured to encrypt the data?

Relevance and the importance of the research

Research questions are like a minor task. It can also make a vast difference (Khan, et al. 2021). Some ethical hackers can test the security level of the system. It can be decayed over time. It can be also provided in cloud computing. Loopholes can allow hacking from unknown resources. It makes the cloud system safe if it is a kind of constant action.

Literature review

There are many ways to secure data in the cloud (Cui, et al. 2019). It is also essential for them both on the computer and in the cloud. Encryption ensures the service administrators v and the service providers. It is also essential for third parties. It doesn’t have access to private information.

Key concepts, theories, and studies

Cloud servers include vital information which mainly protects the information. Most people nowadays have started using the cloud (Abed, et al. 2021). It helps to protect data in the IT world. It is very essential to secure the information in the cloud. Service provider gives their privacy in cloud computing. It has also notifications to make changes that affect the information.

(Source: https://assets.website-files.com/5feac9d1cc32ae279e536778/5ff58d73ab9d0fa75bc50ca8_Bitmap%20 (29).png)

Key debates and controversies

To configure privacy settings, a cloud computing operator are needed (Saxena, et al. 2018). The following service also stores the data and it can be pulled from the devices or apps. A strong password is also essential for cloud computing. A strong password is needed for every account. A strong password is private information. Weak password makes cyber security unusable. It must be diligent. Easy manes, birthdays, company names, close friends, and pets' names should be avoided. It is vital to make strong passwords. Capital letters and small letters are both rare and required to make a strong password. The password should be updated regularly in cloud computing.

Gaps in existing knowledge

In cloud computing gaps in existing knowledge are a vital point. In cloud computing, two-factor authentication is needed. It means by signing in to the account, The following information about cloud computing is also needed for encrypting (Chhabra, et al. 2020). There have also common methods for authentication. It helps to provide the personal PIN and put a code in cloud computing. There has also the authentication of the apps which should be included in cloud computing.,

Research design and methods

Research design and methods are also vital points in cloud computing. Personal information may be innocuous. Birth name, maiden name, of mother, should not be given as personal information. There should not be given any type of personal information which can be easily identified by hackers in cloud computing (Tyagi, et al. 2021). The software developer also has many types of questions for verification. Questions should be answered for the verification. So the research design should be a significant part of cloud computing.

Aims and objectives

To secure the data in cloud computing, sensitive information is also vital to point. There has also the aims and objectives point which is a significant point in cloud computing (Pourvahab and Ekbatanifard, 2019). The most essential sensitive information should not be linked. Social security numbers and financial statements should not be leaked mainly, the sensitive data should not be stored in cloud computing.

(Source: https://go4hosting.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/abc.jpg.png)

To secure the information in the cloud, the following things are needed.

  1. Cloud service should be encrypted in cloud computing technology.
  2. To read user agreements.
  3. To set up the privacy settings
  4. To use a strong password
  5. To use two-factor authentication
  6. Personal information sharing should be prohibited
  7. Not to share sensitive information
  8. To use strong anti-malware program

Methods and sources

The methods and resources are also a vital point, the following cloud information transfers on the internet. SO methods and sources are the vital points (Subhalakshmi and Srinath, 2020). Strong antivirus is needed for the computer and anti-malware protection is also needed for any kind of laptop, tablet or smartphone, etc. It is also vital for the cloud using-device. Also, these programs mainly block URLs and it is also downloadable. These programs also feature location services remote wipes etc. Any kind of security software is the solution to every digital safety need.

Practicalities and potential obstacles

Practicalities and potential obstacles are also vital to point to secure the data in cloud computing. The following update of the operating system is also needed to secure the data in cloud computing (Prabakaran and Ramachandran, 2022). There should be always a bug in the system that mainly harms any kind of computer or laptop. An updated operating system is needed to it solve. To fix the bug in the system, computer security essentials are needed. So, the following updates should be installed on any kind of laptop or computer. The update of the operating system is vital to get the protection of any kind of computer.

Implications and contribution of knowledge

Implications of contribution knowledge are also essential to secure data in cloud computing Public wifi needs creative passwords. Firewalls and ant viruses are also needed for the malware programs. There is also a wireless internet connection where the connection should be safe. Mainly, when the public Wi-Fi is used to secure the data in cloud computing, their Wi-Fi generally verifies the connection by businesses (Shah, et al. 2022). If there is no source, hotspot use should be avoided. The cyber attacker uses this method to steal the data of open Wi-Fi connections when the hotspot is connected. Cyber thieves do this kind of technique. To protect the information Wi-Fi should be turned off and the following connection should be verified. To protect this information, a Virtual private network connection is needed. So, VPN or virtual private network is using must for this case. VPN mainly protects the data when people use public WI-FI.

This way cloud information should be secured. Sometimes cyber attacker may find their path. Then password change is needed, and verification of information is also needed need. This way people can find a way to stop cyber thieves.

The crucial point is that the data security of the cloud data integrity prevents the unauthorized deletion of data. Business of all sizes helps to take the advantage of the data availability, data redundancy, etc. cloud computing helps the traditional data center physical infrastructure. Cloud can also reduce the main shadow of IT (Dangi, et al. 2019). It stores the data from the closets storage and it can be governed and protected by the regulations and practices. There are a number of challenges for enterprises to secure data in cloud computing. Most cloud platforms have entered into the market nowadays. The following service needs the integrity of data, availability, confidentiality, etc.

There have many kinds of errors in cloud computing like malicious intruders, the errors of configuring, human errors, the errors of configuration, etc. There are many kinds of data integrity in cloud computing. It provides data possession or PDP. It also has a high availability in cloud storage.

(Source: https://techsparks.co.in/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Cloud-computing.jpg)

Practical implications

Practical implications are also a vital part of cloud computing. Cloud computing is considered for businesses for any advantage of storage. Cloud computing has introduced the protecting difficulty and security which is outsourced by the cloud computing users. Data security involves the service providers. It needs to meet the basic standards (Stergiou, et al. 2020). There has been a discourse mainly between Azure, Google, etc. In cloud computing, software developers can not be in the same domain. Cloud service engineers can not be allowed to access sensitive data. The cloud service engineers may provide necessary security to meet the cloud users by abiding by the regulations.

In the other software’s, cloud users must protect critical data and it helps to verify the cloud storage services. The cloud service providers mainly don’t give the option for their basic responsibilities. In cloud storage, the responsibilities make data security in cloud computing.

The data should be shielded from any kind of authorization.

Theoretical implications

Cloud technology incorporates data encryption and it has controls to access the data. There have many kinds of circumstances in cloud storage. It makes the information accessible in specific situations. The main step is to find sensitive data and characterize data. The sensitive data location is identified in a cloud environment (Shikha Rani, 2020). The data types can enter into the cloud. There are many kinds of automated tools that help to identify the data of any organization.

As there are everything may be safe and secure in a cloud environment, there may be no data hacking. So, there is mainly there has a risk of data hacking in a cloud environment. So, there are also potential challenges like data loss, insider threats, data breaches, etc. Data security is the main factor of cloud technology. Data outsourcing mainly raises the issues of data privacy. Data privacy presents a critical aspect of the business to save sensitive data. Data privacy presents sensitive data in cloud technology.


The encryption is mainly done by browser interfaces and storage providers. To secure data in cloud computing, there has a strategic awareness and privacy sensitivity in the following cloud technology. Cloud computing is envisioned as the next-generation computation. The software and resources have been delivered in the internet service. Cloud is a type of environment that has the resources of software and hardware. Cloud computing is considered the archetype of computing and it can provide minimal-cost services. There are also the many kinds of service models that help to secure the data in cloud computing technology.

Reference list


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Research schedule

Research phase



Load balancing



Security and integrity

Business continuity


Multi-tenancy cloud in privacy

The efficiency of collaboration


Recovery of data and backup

The work practices of scalability


The segregation of data and

Automatic updated which should access


The cloud architecture which should be secure

The cost reduction of IT


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