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Business and Business Environment Assignment Help

Introduction Of Business and Business Environment 

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The phrase "business environment" refers to the connection and reliance of both external and internal influences on company processes. Tesco is one of the leading retailer brands working in the industry of retail. They are leading the industry of retail in UK with the majority of market share with company names. They are offering different product range in the market and they are also developing their increase of product range to gain competitive advantages. They sell their unique brand of clothing, household goods, and essential nutrients(Hrechyshkina and Samakhavets, 2019). Further study will concentrate on numerous opportunities relating to various sizes and types of companies. The report will go on to discuss the benefits and drawbacks on the surrounding factors. Finally, a macro and micro study will be performed to assess the establishment's strengths and weaknesses. as like Business Environment Assignment Help


P1 Type, purpose of Organization with their structure

There are many various types of corporate organisations, each with its own set of characteristics based on the industry in which it operates. Public, private, and voluntary organisations are the three sorts of organisations.

Public organisation-This refers to organisations that are governed, managed, and regulated by the government of the country in which they operate, and that exist solely to provide various forms of help to its citizens. This can also be referred to as freely and government-owned enterprises that provide various forms of assistance and merchandise to citizens of the country, with the goal of assisting the country's public authority in maintaining social control over exchange and industry in order to ensure the free flow of labour and goods (Belas and et.al., 2019). The primary goal of this company is to provide services to the general population rather than to make a profit. The Tesco’s legal structure is that it is accountable to the central and local governments and is, for the most part, directly sponsored by something comparable. This is managed by the board of directors for the benefit of various investors and records to have a yearly comprehensive meeting where the key issues of dispute are discussed. Tesco is one of the best examples of the industry of public organization. The goal of the organization is to achieve the maximum of the profit from the industry of retail. The purpose is to increase the standard of quality services in the market of retail product and services.

Private organisation-This is a corporation whose stock is not available for broad public purchase and is subject to numerous government regulations. This refers to privately owned businesses that operate as a legal entity apart from its owners. The goal of this firm is to increase profits for customers and shareholders while also establishing itself as a market leader. This is focused on putting in place the right framework to support the company's goals. Due to its legislative framework, its shares might be offered to the general public. Each offer record is given to its owner in exchange for one vote at the organization's annual meeting to split the earnings at the conclusion of the fiscal year, referred to as profit, when the organisation is managed by a governing body and an administrator is assigned. Individuals' or investors' responsibilities are based on the ventures they have undertaken. Iceland foods limited business is an excellent representation of a private corporation. The major purpose of this private company is to get a major stake in the UK's supermarket industry. The major goal of the firm is to generate outstanding income by providing high-quality food items. Legal form: Its administration of this company was indeed lawfully created by registering it with the Legal Entity.

Voluntary organisation- These are the organisations that are made up of diverse groups of individuals that collaborate to try to carry out tasks that benefit the general public. The motivation behind these organisations is to recognise the needs of certain groups of people and to initiate programmes and activities in collaboration with the national government and on their own, where it accounts for meeting the rights of persons or groups of people (Hans, 2018). The legal structure of the British heart foundation accounts for the overseeing and administering body, which includes and is known as sheets of chiefs, leader board of trustees, and overseeing panel, all of which exercise control and oversight over the organization's actions. British Heart foundation are one of the examples of the voluntary organization. The goal of the organizations to provide the health and safety to people. The purpose of the organization is by promoting the health and wellbeing among the people.

P2 Size and Scope of Organization


Public organisation (Tesco)

Organization is important for a range of responsibilities in the business, including human resources, marketing, and information systems. The basic goal of all of these activities would be to improve the company's business performance. They are working on delivering the best of quality standards in the workplace and also providing the right quality product and services.

Private organisation (Iceland foods ltd.)

Iceland foods' main functions include human resource practices, manufacturing, advertising, and delivery. All of these functions are controlled very effectively by highest level performance to achieve very higher profits.As it operates enterprises in restricted parts of the market, the private industry is of moderate scale and influence. The scope is vast in the term of providing the right facility to the people with their variety of product range.

Voluntary organisation (British health organization)

The essential roles of this volunteer initiative include hiring, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution. Such actions helped the organization reach its goals on schedule. This non-profit group is able to raise a significant amount of money from donations and donations, allowing it to have a very vast scale and influence of activities. Focusing the aim to providing the right information and the activity of giving the process of working for social responsibility.

P3 Relationship between the different type of organization

  • Some of the organizational function’s interrelation in Tesco:

Marketing and finance department: Advertising and the finance department are inextricably linked to one another. They are the two main pillars of each organisation. Tesco's finance department prepares financial projections for the whole group. As a marketing group, we need a budget because we need to transmit a unique and noticeable action. The money office is aware of the organization's current financial position. Without the presence of the promoting section, Tesco will be unable to increase their transactions, which will generate benefits, which are required by the finance office to function. If there is discord in these two offices, it will be difficult for the organisation to achieve its goals(?rešnar and Jevšenak, 2019). The overall process of development in the marketing and the HR department needs good relation and they both are interlinked with the relation in Tesco. They perform together and required a process of development for each other

Marketing and human resource department: Tesco believes that the marketing department is reliant on the hr department for effective advertising personnel. Because the market is so competitive these days, skilled workers are in high demand. Such candidates with a marketing degree, talents, or expertise must be hired by human resources. HR must market in such a way that it attracts a larger number of prospects. Careful selection is required. The correct applicant for the proper job should be chosen. HR should also provide training to staff so that they can learn new marketing tactics.

Finance and human resource department: Tesco has to do a better job of policing these areas. Finance allocates funds to the human resources department for recruiting and other purposes. If HR fails to conduct proper recruiting and chooses the wrong applicant, the firm will incur extra expenditures because employing workers raises costs. If the accounting department makes poor recruiting decisions, the HR council's funding may be slashed. Coordination between these two divisions is critical to the corporation's development and prosperity.

Research and development and marketing department: Tesco has a good research department that is responsible for the company's growth. The advertising division is the only one who provides information to the exploration office regarding market interest so that they may conduct research accordingly. Then, with the help of the marketing group, the research group investigates the sending of innovative products in the market. Development is especially important for the organization's long-term viability. Advancement also aids the company in attracting customers and building a strong customer base(Khan, Çera and Nétek, 2019).

IT and finance department: Financial division provides monetary expressions for the company such as asset reports, profit and loss announcements, and IT assists the company in embracing advanced innovation. These two offices, imprints and Spenser, collaborate on projects. If any new money-related programming enters the market, IT will embrace it and assist the money division in comprehending the specialist component. If a company wants to stay ahead of the competition, it must choose new innovations carefully.

Customer service and marketing department: Customer support enters the picture after the product has been sold. Customer support at Marks and Spencer is among the best in the industry. If a firm provides value for money, it will be able to keep consumers for a significant duration. The marketing function will assist the call centre in determining the kinds of services that consumer wants.

P4 PESTEL analysis

Political: it is a worldwide corporation; Tesco has a strong network. The business accords benefited the company. Company believes that in order to win the government's trust, one should follow all of the standards set forth by the administration. The firm responds to government inquiries sent through its homepage. Because they adopt acceptable business procedures, organisations receive adequate assistance from the government. The positive and negative aspect are that policies cannot be in favour sometimes and can cause them in negative impact (Mahadevan, 2020).

Economical: When the country's inflation rate increases, it will have an impact on the organization's duties. Financial elements include foreign conversion scales, lending fees, and swelling rates, among others. The UK's financial methods are outstanding, assisting Imprints and Spencer in reaching the organization's goals. Organizations continuously have faith which is positive impact in providing high-quality products because they feel that if they provide high-quality items, they will be able to keep the client.

Social: The organisation is greatly influenced by society. The general public's tendency, taste, and desire are examples of social factors. Tesco analyses market patterns and then provides goods that are popular among the general population. Because not everyone accepts extravagant products, businesses that offer low-cost items are able to attract a large number of customers. It is essential as it can lead to positive and negative impact by the change of the pReferences and taste of the customers towards the product and services.

Technological: Tesco is the recipient of the most current advancement. Receiving fresh ideas will help the company stay ahead of the competition. Time is saved and work is made easier via innovation. The advanced change was given to the organisation. Currently, businesses promote themselves through their websites or other forms of internet media. Doing limited-time movements via web-based media is the most cost-effective way to reach a large audience. Technologies give positive impact by increasing the work productivity and the negative in the terms of employments of people (Ortega and et.al.,2019).

Legal: Legal aspects are crucial for the company to consider. Tesco adheres to all of the guidelines set out by the government. They do not engage in any unethical behaviour in any of the organisations where they work. This will aid the company in establishing a strong brand image as well as a strong relationship with the country's government. Tesco also ensures that the representatives' rights are protected. They pay their reps on time and provide them with proper work space. All well-being and security requirements should be adhered to by the organisation. The organisation is responsible for the safety of its employees.

Environment: Tesco makes certain that they do not engage in any activities that are harmful to the environment. They are committed to long-term growth. The company also runs environmental awareness initiatives in which they raise public awareness and teach people how to safeguard the environment(Song, Sun and Jin, 2017). The negative is that society is impacted due to unethical working.

P5 SWOT analysis

Swot analysis refers to the factor of the organization with its internal environment analysis to develop the understanding of the strength and weakness of the Tesco.

Strength: The major strength of the company is that they are having the good financial stability in the market which helps them in getting the right support from the market. The goodwill of Tesco is very good which help them in getting the right information about the market. Tesco is having majority of the market share of UK retail sector. The strength also helps in giving the better decision making to the company product and services. The innovation range of the Tesco are helping them in getting the right product and services with their innovation range to increase the market range for profits(Abdel-Basset, Mohamed and Smarandache., 2018).

Weakness: The major weakness of the Tesco is that they are not following the right steps of the company process; they are not including the leading change in the workplace which is essential for them to understand. There is necessary change implementation which the company needs to work on so that they can eliminate this. They also faced the food safety issues and need to manage the inventory and it can further impact on the company overall performance towards their decision.

Opportunity: There are different opportunities for the company to work in and they can increase their process of online working as a major service. The high unemployment rates can be developing the best of the opportunity of employment for candidates. The company needs to develop their overall process of increase the change in workplace. The machine learning and the utilisation of the artificial intelligence can be a support for the company in developing the fast working (Vlados, 2019). The increase of opportunity for the groceries use in the market is a major factor which they can utilise to work. The decision are essential for the opportunity and the company needs to develop their work accordingly.

Threat:The major threat is about the EU-UK relation which is causing them in the Brexit of the workplace. This is essential for them to make sure that they are developing good process of working. The economic recession and the covid-19 pandemic are affecting the business of the retailer and the impact of pandemic is making it difficult. The decision related to the threat of competition and natural disaster are a factor to impact on business.

P6 Strength and weakness of external macro factors of Tesco


The political element has a significant influence on organisations, and it also offers them strength by giving them an edge in the trade deals they enter into. When Tesco follows all of the regulations of the public authority and earns the trust of the public authority, it sets an example for other organisations in terms of growing their work force and taking advantage of the national government ways in Texas that strengthen the company. Tesco are working on their increasing strength through developing the process of working with policies and increasing the right information to develop the product and services on the company social factors. This include working according to the taste and preferences of the audience. External factor will help the company in developing the better performance as the organization are working on legal factor to develop their business.

Tesco works in the United Kingdom, but continuing to work throughout the UK market is very advantageous for team to gain their overall objectives. The macro factor provide the support to the Tesco as it is working on the development of business process where they are working on trends and preferences of the audience. One of Tesco strengths is that they obey all of the legal issues and rules set forth by the government, and they use the legal element to the best of their ability to help firms achieve their commercial goals (Agyekum, Ansah and Afornu, 2020).


The weakness of the company is that they are not working on the change and developing of the technologies so that they can provide the increase number of business. This is vital for them to make sure that they are developing the right factor of working in retail industry. They are supposed to develop the overall change with new strategy and working on the competition of market. The market competition is increasing and the use of the technologies and artificial intelligence need to be developed. It is essential for the company to work on their external factor; they need to develop a better utilisation of the technologies so that they can develop a faster working in the business of retail. There are different brands which are getting the better performance due to the technologies and it is essential for the company to provide a better impact on business.


The following research examined the Tesco industry and its usefulness, as well as how its functional exercises are carried out, from top to bottom and in detail. This investigation focused on Tesco to develop their understanding on their macro environment factor to develop business strategy. It is essential for the company to develop the understanding of the external and internal environment factor to be worked on. This report was aimed at evaluating several possible outcomes, as well as the relationship between small, medium, and large foundations, as well as public, private, and voluntary foundations, based on their external climate. Finally, the organization's strength and fragile portions were investigated in relation to the impact of outside and inner segments. The report provides the information of the business and business environment and the both are essential for the organization and help in developing the right factor of improvement in business.


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