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Strategic Project Management Assignment help

Introduction - Strategic Project Management

The main concern of this project is KARL, which will evolve with GUL. KARL is a unique project management that will create a relationship between people and environment within a laboratory. A monitoring process is organised by the KARL monitoring committee as well. A micro level of scale of research work is also the concern of KARL management team and that includes different body movement and their responses along with environmental accessibility. Nowadays people are easily distracted with technological assessment, it can be a future threat for the World, and this KARL project is made to assess capacity, behavioural responses, and flow of humans along with various environmental perspectives over them. A proper methodological research approach is taken here to make this project more convenient for non-professionals and try to create a rectified relationship with people and environment. The main focus of this report is strategy based project management approach along with proper recommendation.

1. Brochure

1.1KARL Background

Global London University (GUL) is looking to be a world leader in teaching and research facilities. People are causing harm to the environment through various daily activities. Kinetic-Activity Research Laboratory (KARL) is going to provide a unique experience for the researchers of GUL. KARL is granted a space of approximately 4000 Sq.m; around Londoneast UK site. KARL can create daily environmental situations that humans encounter to complete their daily activities. KARL can create railway stations, highways and town squares within its operational area. Researchers will create real-life simulations of places such as town squares and railway stations to observe areas for improvements between human and environmental interactions.

KARL will allow researchers to study various environmental interactions on a micro-scale basis. The UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities (UKCRIC) is the base for government investment in the KARL project. UKCRIC is looking to implement an investment of £600bn over the next 50 years depending upon the outcome of KARL project. KARL project will enable UK to design infrastructure based on environmental safety (Ukcric, 2021).

1.2 Benefits of KARL project across GUL

KARL project will create annual operational spending of £1.7 million for GUL. Several races within GUL will benefit due to KARL project. Following are some of the areas

Humanities and Social Science: The KARL project has been developed to discover the effects of arts within environments. PAMELA is a similar project to KARL. PAMELA found out the environmental consequences of art development by humans. KARL will be able to provide a better solution considering the urban engineering techniques in mind. KARL can determine several improved situational factors for dealing with critical social issues. These improved social factors can be employed all over the world for improvement.

Law: KARL can create different designs for handling legal activities for police stations, prisons security environments. Small changes within daily procedures can implement massive environmental changes. KARL can make crate design-related changes to police stations and prisons.

Education: KARL can make a massive impact in the educational sector. Fundamental changes in brain science and medical sciences can be observed during the project duration. Researchers can create a Doctoral Training Programme based on the outcome of KARL project. PAMELA has been running experiments for several years to find significant advancements related to medical sciences. KARL will provide opportunities for researchers to expand their previous medical science-related research. Following are some of the educational activities, which are proposed within the KARL project

  • Complex Design making
  • Urban engineering and Social Psychology
  • Urban engineering and intelligent data
  • Fire safety improvements


2.1 Introduction

Choosing an appropriate project site is essential for successful completion of a project. KARL project is developed to check several parameters that are affecting the environment daily. It is essential to choose a site that will enable authorities to use all methods for testing purposes. This report has been developed to give a brief overview regarding the KARL project proposed site.

2.2 Principle Location

Londoneast-UK site has been considered as the prime location of KARL project. KARL is a unique project with many requirements. Following are some of the critical requirements associated with KARL project (Boyd and Chinyio, 2008)

  • Engagement of large numbers of people: The KARL project will need to engage large numbers of people to conduct several studies. All people might not be needed at the same time for experiments. People will need space for resting and dining purposes. Space for resting is needed for successful completion of KARL project.
  • Parking Space: Both researchers and people participating in experiments will need space for parking their vehicles. Good parking space is required for smooth performance of the KARL project area.

Authorities have come up with numerous plans to meet the requirements of the KARL project site.

Figure 1: Londoneast Location Sites

(Source: Google Maps, 2021)

Plan A: Londoneast-UK has an event hall within their facilities. Event hall can be used for testing purposes at the time of experiments. Londonist-UK has cafeteria and breakout rooms associated with their premises. KARL project can use these facilities with advanced notice to the LEUK.

Plan B: KARL project can use the facilities of May and Baker sports and Social Club for several experimental needs. This space3 is directly adjacent to the Londonist-UK site. LEUK has a positive working relationship with May and Baker sports club. KARL project can easily afford the club facilities if they come up with an improved deal.

2.3 Advantage and Disadvantage

There are several advantages and disadvantages associated with the Londoneast-UK site.

Advantages: Londoneast-UK site has been taken as an area for future development projects. Several projects have been granted within Londoneast-UK area.

  1. Data Centre: London mayor's office has given the green light for a 1.5 billion Euros investment in designing a data centre near Dagenham. KARL project can get numerous benefits from this new data centre. Complex governmental data can be readily available from this data centre (Conroy et al., 2019).
  2. Film Studio Development: Barking and Dagenham Council in east London have confirmed that they will develop a new film studio with modern facilities. UK has been a global leader in film and creative industry. A new film studio will help KARL project to have new equipment for experimental purposes (lbbd.gov.uk, 2021).
  3. Travelodge Hotel: A new hotel is going to open adjacent to the proposed film studio within Dagenham. The problem of accommodation regarding KARL project will be solved with new hotel plans (Lu and Tabari, 2019).

Disadvantages: Following are some of the disadvantages associated with a londoneast-UK site

  1. Funding associated with data centre and studio may create problems for KARL project outcomes
  2. Finding public investors for hotels and studios might be an area of challenge for the Dagenham authorities

2.4 KARL project requirements

KARL project will need large groups for their experimental purposes. KARL project team needs to create a comfortable environment for people. Otherwise, people will not behave in a natural way inside the experiment. Meeting expectations of people participating within various KARL project activities is a significant challenge for authorities. Providing a sustainable healthy environment is another central area of challenge for KARL project authorities. Londonist-UK site has been considered for the KARL project site.

2.5 Conclusion

It can be concluded that this report will give a brief overview of regarding KARL project site. Londonist-UK has been considered for KARL project site. Numerous advantages and disadvantages of londoneast-UK site have been discussed within this report. Several requirements of KARL projects have been discussed briefly within the consultant site report.



The CBE FR Eng

GUL Date: 8/11/2021

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to inform you that London Borough of Barking and Dagenham has expressed strong support for developing GUL KARL project at the londoneast-UK site. There are numerous reasons for choosing this site for developing KARL project.

? At first, the growth rate of Barking and Dagenham is massive. The government is looking to build new homes and jobs for their fellow citizens by the end of the year 2035. That is why it will be easier for KARL project to find volunteers for experimental activities associated with the project

? Accessibility of the barking and Dagenham area is impressive. There is a direct tube station adjacent to the project site. KARL project employees can avail the tube service that is connected to central London. Due to C2C stops, KARL project members will be able to connect with central London faster.

? Community engagement associated with Barking and Dagenham area is massive. People have shown interest in participating in several activities that are similar to KARL project. KARL project will easily find volunteers for their research programmes. The KARL project can make several changes to its management if all the volunteers are from the same locality. GUL will find it easier to inform people about the KARL project programme schedule.

? Barking and Dagenham area is an excellent example of a diverse community. People from different backgrounds are living within Dagenham area. It will be easier for KARL project members to find various environmental factors affecting several branches of society. Dagenham has encouraged locals for education-related activities. Therefore locals of Dagenham are already known to the factors associated with environmental sustainability.

Due to the above factors, I think Londoneast-UK will be the perfect site for GUL KARL project development.

Yours Sincerely,

Project Management Consultant

KARL Project



The President and Provost


Dear Sir,

I am pleased to inform you that the Mayor's office has been impressed by the resourcefulness of the KARL project. The UK collaborator for research on Infrastructure and Cities (UKCRIC) has been the government go to authorities for technological advancement around the UK. UKCRIC has granted funds for KARL project development.

I was surprised by the enthusiasm shown by the Mayor's office regarding the outcome of KARL project. Mayor's office was impressed by the work done by PAMELA (Pedestrian Accessibility Movement and Environment Laboratory). Mayor’s office is hoping that KARL project will determine crucial factors that will help minimize the critical environmental condition.

Yours Sincerely,

Project Management Consultant

KARL Project


5.1 Definition of the Project

Global University London (GUL) has appointed its faculty and science division to develop an exciting new project known as the KARL (Kinetic-Activity research Laboratory) project. KARL project has been defined as a unique facility to determine interactions between humans and environment.

KARL project has been granted an area of 4000 Sq.m for further project development. Height of constructed models can be around 10 meters.

5.2 Objective

The objective of KARL project is to implement design changes with products associated with environmental implications. KARL project will observe the factors that determine people's behavioural responses in terms of environmental interactions. KARL project will provide researchers with an opportunity to test their design ideas for minimizing environmental degradation processes daily.

5.3 Identify Business Need

KARL project has specific requirements for business needs. Following are some of the significant areas of requirements associated with KARL project (Agus Pramuka and Pinasti, 2020)

  • Site management: KARL projects will need specific requirements for their project location. They will need a large number of spaces to provide minimum requirements for their volunteers. Large spaces are required to maintain the health and safety standards for various volunteers.
  • Revenues: KARL project will need to hold talks with UKCRIC to have specifications regarding their budget (Ukcric, 2021). Resources may increase depending upon the scenarios. GUL needs to talk with UKCRIC regarding their project budget.
  • Risk management: Risk management associated with KARL project is a critical business need. Leaders will need to properly manage different risks according to their category for successful completion of the project.
  • Technological Requirements: KARL project will need a bunch of technological products. According to project procurement strategies, authorities associated with the KARL project will need to choose WIFI, Network, Communication and Cluster rooms. (Zilberova, Tomashuk and Bobkin, 2020)
  • Project Governance: Project governance is essential for the successful completion of KARL projects. GUL needs to appoint an effective strategy for project governance of KARL project.

5.4 Stakeholder review


GUL executive directors of estates are constructed with director of capital projects, Directors of maintenance & operations, Director of sustainability and Director of student accommodation. GUL professional service is included within the internal stakeholder part. Deans are seen as the critical internal stakeholder of GUL (Dalcher, 2020).


UKCRIC is seen as an external stakeholder for the KARL project. Volunteers who will be participating in several activities are considered as the external stakeholders for the KARL project (Ukcric, 2021).

5.5 Scope

Scope of KARL project is to determine several factors that create problems for environmental degradation. KARL project is developed to determine environmental factors on a micro level. Impacts of the environment in determining contentment, stress and fear are determined with the help of this project.

5.6 Constraints

Accuracy of collected data may create problems for KARL project. Collection of public records may be an area of problem for KARL project employees. Getting proper responses out of the volunteers might be an area of concern for the KARL project management.

5.7 Success factors

There is several success factors associated with KARL project. Following are some of the examples of success factors associated with KARL project (Vrchota et al., 2021).

  • Feedback quality is a critical success factor in the KARL project. People will need to give proper feedback regarding the outcome of experiments. Without proper feedback, it will be challenging to achieve the outcome.
  • Honesty is a crucial success factor associated with KARL project. Researchers and volunteers will need to provide their honest inputs in each experiment of the KARL project. Honest inputs will help to determine the required output for the GUL KARL project.
  • Risk management is another crucial success factor that is associated with the GUL KARL project. GUL authorities need to collaborate with UKCRIC regarding future project budgets.

5.8 Options Appraisal

Financial appraisal has been considered as an appraisal option by the GUL authorities. Financial appraisal has been considered keeping several options in mind (APM Body of Knowledge, 2019). Failure of meeting academic vision and requirement of increased capital has been considered as reasons for appraisal options. GUL has considered a total capital cost of approximately 46.8 million Euros. Approximately 20 million Euros have been considered as an offset for equipment grant.

5.9 Risk appraisal

Several risk appraisal actions have been considered for KARL project. Continued involvement of local authority is an area for risk appraisal. Communication with fundraisers is a process of risk appraisal for KARL project

 5.10 Benefits appraisal

Consultation has been considered as a benefit appraisal for KARL project. Strategy and delivery managers have to be consulted for successful completion of KARL project. Finance services are considered within the benefits approval for GUL KARL project.

5.11 Funding & cash flow

UKCRIC has been chosen as the funding authority for this KARL project. London Mayor's office has granted revenues for development of KARL project. GUL is looking to announce the confirmation of cash flow by the end of January 2022 (Ukcric, 2021).

5.12 Programme

Capital programme for new building acquisition has been considered for this KARL project. Capital Programme subcommittee and estates committee have been prepared for capital programme. RIBA plan of work has been taken into consideration for development of KARL project (Riba architecture, 2021).


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Proper vision of GUL is to organise an excellent education facility to their students and management. GUL organises the KARL programme along with 5 years of the basic plan. Their decision-making strategies are based on proper committee structure along with management associations.

  • Firstly, approval of funds comes from Accommodation Board along with capital and strategy control board
  • On other hand, a committee is always focused on business cycle based chronology and those are critically focused on economic expansions and recessions.
  • GUL management committee is the same way focused over their business case along with FES board of School, which is maintained by professor Wendover (Dalcher, 2020).
  • Their chairperson of capital board is C. Silvers who manage £250k capital initiation. This capital based review programme is associated with the executive director of Estate Project based Group.
  • GUL’s KARL programme needs to maintain a high amount of resources and their subcommittee of the Sub project is associated in this manner by the professor service head (Capital Project Sub Committee- CPSC)
  • Their management committee is strong enough to maintain a £2 m fund and it is managed by Provost. In the same very independent officer managed finance committee, this is included with £5 m fund.
  • The Independent Council Committee of GUL is highly associated with the Governor.


GUL’s project management is critically assessed by their valuable internal stakeholder and those are

  • Chairperson of FES School Board (Professor Wendover)
  • Chairperson of Estate Capital Board (Professor C Silver)
  • Chairperson of Estate Review group
  • Chairperson of Capital Projects Sub Committee
  • Estate Management Committee chairperson
  • Chairperson of Finance Committee
  • Independence GUL Committee (Governor)

GUL update strategy is made to focus over KARL management procedure and their strategic alignment is all about engineering perspective that builds a human life more conveniently along with environmental perspective. This project is made to interact at the micro scale process level. Their total project management is all about £250k fund and which will be particularly approved by GUL’s accommodation committee. CPSC is the main organizer of the total process of fund management. Every management area is independent in their own field and this makes the GUL update strategy more impactful over the KARL project (Shad, Gul, and Zahid, 2019).

KARL project needs a huge level of innovative technology to build up in the area around 4k square meter and it is included with the high street, railway station, and town square. This project needs to be maintained economically and financially and as previously mentioned Caroline Silver is main chairperson of Capital Board management and his associations and assistance should provide £46.8m of funds to make KARL.


Project Name:

Project Organisation:


KARL Project Strategy Management

Global University London (GUL)



GUL always tries to provide excellent technology in the education sector and tries to invent new processes for betterment. Their engineering sector got a new project based on Kinetic Energy based Laboratory in London. It is called the KARL project.


This project is critically focus to made a better relationship with human and environment and that will create an advance association in the nature to build a better World

Financial Objectives

£46.8m is the total cost of KARL’s laboratory, which is implemented by GUL in their project management (APM Body of Knowledge, 2019).

Design Brief

KARL will critically assist with human science, brain science, law, social science management, education, law, and environment. KARL is designed in terms of changing explosion sound with bird sound along with people's responses in terms of environment design or different dynamic conditions.

Acceptance Criteria

This project is based on micro level perspective and critically focus on

? Project involvement by human

? Emotional and physical based responses

? Public encouragement attributes along with new idea implementation which associate with environment

Risk Assessment

? KARL project management has the huge threat of fund allocation

? Cost measurements.

? The acceptance process of people in KARL is a huge question.

? Environment opportunity creation somehow is in risk

Table: 1 Project Initiation Document (PID)


  1. Global Leader in Medical Research – GUL always tried to produce every opportunity for betterment of their institutions. For example, they improvise the KARL project. They should also introduce different training modules; experience based technological advancement in their sector. This project will help the GUL to become top university in London
  2. Academic Excellence – In this new age university education method should be more technical and improvising for future advancement. Introduction of crossover and space learning method. Along with this, GUL should introduce elaboration processes and spaced practice will create new opportunities in education sector (Jenner, and Kilford, 2011).
  3. Publicly Engaged and Accessible – KARL project of GUL is a highly technical project and more project introduction in their sections along with local people engagement can create various types of opportunity in their organisation and strengthen the bond with local community.
  4. Deliver Global Impact – KARL is a unique process made to create advancement over humans along with environmental assistance. This global pandemic changes the many criteria that associate with human and nature and this KARL project helps to rectify nature and human demand over survival processes (APM Body of Knowledge, 2019).
  5. London’s University – KARL project funded by FES along with UCRIC collaboration. GUL is more advanced in learning, research, teaching, administration along with accommodation. This perspective helps them to work more closely with London University.


The GUL approved capital programme is based on 2022-2024. Main criteria of KARL are to make a new age laboratory, the main sponsor of the KARL is Prof. Wendover, and he is the chairperson of FES School Board. On the other hand, GUL contributed £ 26.8m to make this excellent facility based KARL project, which is associated with measuring a great relationship with humans and the environment. Total budget for this programme included with £46.8m and director of project estate Mr. Caroline Silver wanted the fund allocation report in January 2021 and however due to Covid pandemic this project was delayed. That is why it will be further completed in December 2022. KARL project GUL not only is associated with many other projects or programmes for the betterment of the organisation. It includes Frobisher lab, brain science based lab, toilet programme, ontological centre, lift replacement programme and other valuable programmes (Karlproject.readthedocs.io, 2021). Every time the main sponsor of the projects are different professor from the same university. This highest number of funds allocated for the project of called oncology department refurbishment. C.Silver is the project manager in every project and his main concern is completion of project in the allocated time.


GUL is very reputed university of London and for improvement in their organisation, they improve KARL project and this project required

  • A proper marketing or advertisement, which helps to spread these people near everyone. GUL should critically focus on advanced marketing management to reach KARL projects to everyone and create more advancement within society. Spreading more awareness can make people more engaged within the project and spread more positivity in the environment and in this way bond with nature and humans become stronger (Nap.edu, 2021).
  • Student engagement is highly needed in this project. Not only outside engineers, should GUL take more initiatives so that their students get the opportunity to work within the KARL project. This will affect their career and their learning module. Professor should be more enthusiastic towards this initiative for future references. This also improves their teaching process (Fewings and Henjewele, 2019).
  • Various approaches will be introduced during implementation of this project and authority should be more aware during the project practising within the organisation. Experienced people should be more engaged through this improvisation of the project. Fewer absences are necessary for this KARL project management and high-quality substitute is necessary to promote for a better result within GUL.
  • Funding must be more prioritized within this project management. Funding creates more credibility within GUL. Various curriculum activities must be also introduced within the KARL project for more advancement within institutions.

Not only infrastructure introduction, it is needed to maintain those infrastructure as well. GUL also follows this assessment more particularly. The RIBA plan should be introduced in every step of this project (Riba architecture, 2021).


It can be concluded that this report has been developed to give a brief overview regarding strategic project management of KARL project. A detailed background of the KARL project has been discussed within this report. KARL project sites have specific requirements such as a large accommodation area and refreshment area. Responses related to local council and Mayor's office have been included within this report. Business case study includes a detailed analysis of the project stakeholders and business needs of KARL project. Critical success factors of KARL project are discussed within the business case. A detailed description of GUL committee cycle and organizational charts has been included within this report. Detailed analysis of GUL strategies has been concluded within this report.



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