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Introduction Of Unit-16 Operation And Project Management

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Operation Management refer to the process of developing the necessary work on the manufacturing and operation of the company to develop the results. Tesco is one of the leading retailers in the market of retail industry of UK. The company is working on global level and providing the necessary services of product in the retail market with the majority of retail share of UK market(Gholizadeh, and et.al.,2019). The report will explain the information about the PLC and the operation management in workplace.


P1 The implication of operation Management within Tesco

Operation management refer to the process of developing the working of operation in the workplace. Tesco provide the necessary process to increase the performance of operation to increase productivity and profitability of workplace(Zhang, Wang and Lin, 2019). Operation is included basically in the production and the manufacturing of goods and services. The critical philosophies of Tesco are their inputs of the operation whichare its technology, human resources, equipment. Working in operation management the management try to increase the employee relation to develop sustainability in workplace.

Management of operation is characterised on different ways of activity of business including the product and services by developing the inputs and outputs. The operation management of Tesco works on the planning, organising, controlling, leading and staffing in the workplace to develop better process of increased results. Tesco provide the operation management all the necessary working to develop business by increasing in technologies. There are different significance of the operation management and it is vital for the Tesco to increase the understanding on the operation management and develop process of performance(Qin and et.al., 2019).

  • Inventory Management: Operation management works to develop the understanding and control over the inventory management of the workplace. This is vital for the Tesco as the inventory management need to be specific and help company in maintaining the resources. Tesco use Inventories to provide a good stock for the business which allow in increase performance as no shortage of stock is their due to inventory calculation.
  • Cost Reduction: Operation management works in Tesco to provide better costing and control the waste of investment to reducecosting of product and services they are offering. Cost reduction is vital for the business operation because it help the Tesco in increasing the target audience who can afford company product.Tesco increase the production units to reduce the cost of product made on bulk amount.
  • Optimisation of Resources: Working on the operation it is vital for them to increase the overall process of development and utilisation of the given resources in workplace so that they can provide a better understanding and increase performance for business. Tesco control their waste resources and use them in different methods to provide the utilisation to the best for better impact on business.
  • Supplier management:the supplier is one of the major factors of the production and is important for the operation and manufacturing unit. The company need to works on the supplier’s sand have the best of supplies to increase process. This is crucial for the business and Tesco and the company works on developing of supplier for their product unit to provide better results.
  • Quality Management: Quality is important for the company as it help them in dealing better with the performance and operation process works to provide the quality management to increase profitability. Developing the quality increase in better performance in market over the competitor and help the business in increasing the development in business.

M1 Operation management in relation to Six sigma methodology and lean principle

Six sigma principleswork on the increasing the quality and working of the company product and services so that the Tesco can increase better performance in market. This helps the business in getting better results in market and develops their performance in market. This helps in increasing the development and employee moral to provide better results so that they can develop the quality of product and services in the market. Working on the quality and development helps in creating a chance of getting better results so that they can eliminate their competitor in market and increase the overall stability in market. This also helps them in getting better market range and increase in market share of UK.

Lean approach works on the no wastage of product and resources which the company works on and Tesco deals in this function make the best use of resources. The element of controlling the waste of resourcesis very vital and Tesco increase the employee engagement to control the wastage. Working on the change and lean principle it is necessary for them to control the waste to increase the saving of investment and utilise the best of resources. Developing this habit provide the industry in increasing the resources use and provide the better society in market which helps in working on different CSR projects. This provides the change in process of delivery as to provide the fast ways in increase process and respect the people working in the workplace. Tesco provide the necessary requirement to respect people working in business and develop knowledge for the workplace to learn.


P2Continuous improvement plan based on Operation management in Tesco

Continuous improvement

Continues improvement process of working on the regular updates in the workplace to develop better process of working and increase the results in workplace. It’s a process of working in develop and grow in every process of workplace to develop -better performance for Tesco(Layke, 2019).

Continuous Improvement Plan for Tesco

It is a process of development in the workplace where they are working on the planning to work and provide the increase performance in Tesco. The company working in the plan to get a Continuous development in workplace. It works on the process of development in the strategy for the workplace and increase the results to provide better working in performance of the improvement in Tesco(Scott and et.al., 2017).

  • Evaluation of the previous goals: it is essential to works on the previous goals to increase better performance on the next goals and help in the understanding from the old results. It helps the Tesco in getting a wider information of knowledge which can help them in making better decision for the future projects and goals.
  • Data review and analysis: working on the data review from the old analysis and the plan to get the objective. It helps in understanding the change from the manager and works on new process of development in plan. The data can help in increasing the wide coverage of development as it gives a clear information of the project and goals the company aiming for.
  • Evaluation: it is essential for the Tesco to develop the working and increase in the improvement of the plan and provide the development in plan. This can help Tesco in getting better development process in workplace.
  • Setting SMART goals: it is very important for the business to set the smart goals in the business to develop better results in Tesco so that they can reach heights. SMART goals help them in getting better performance and reach the growth in market.
  • Summarising the Planning process: working on the summarising of the process of planning in development for Tesco to increase improvement. Working with the summarising process to develop a better understanding of necessary development in workplace.
  • Compliance: emerging the whole process to get compliance and increase in development.

The principle of Operation management is the focused, rapid improvement, know competition, resources etc. these helps the Tesco operation management to work on the necessary process to evaluate a better lead in market from providing of services and developing of necessary working in business. Which is helping them in development of performance in workplace.

There are different methods which the operation management and company works in the workplace to get the Continuous improvement which include the PDCA and TQM methods of development. All the efforts to increase the development and provide the changein workplace so that Tesco increase their performance so that they can deal with increase in results. This provides the Tesco in development of performance and as well increase in the overall change in workplace so that they can get better results in market. This is vital for the Tesco to provide the necessary change and get the market share increase and growth in profitability.

M2 Theory for the Continuous development plan in the market for Tesco

Continuous development focuses on the process of improving performance through generating higher-quality operations and services in the workplace so that better results can be achieved. PDCA is one of the most extensively used tools in the market; it aids Tesco's knowledge of the concept of quality and workplace growth. Tesco utilise this to gain a competitive advantage over their market competitors and provide the necessary details of business.

  • Plan-Do-check-Act (PDCA)

Plan: It is the ways to develop the understanding and identifying the opportunity and working on planning for change.

Do: implementing the changer in the process to get the best of the Continuous development plan in the workplace for Tesco. It is essential lot provide an implementation of the change in the process of development.

Check: Working on the necessary process of change in the Continuous development and regularly check the process to increase performance in Tesco(Kenderdine, 2017).

Act: The action is need to develop better performance in the company and provide the results to the Tesco so that they can use the Continuous improvement in development of operation.

D1 Strategy for the Continuous Development

It is essential for the company to develop the process of improvement and they need to work on the methods and increase techniques to develop results. It is essential for them to provide the necessary development which can further help in increasing of results for Tesco. Use of PDCA, six sigma and TQM in the operation and project so that the company can perform better.Working on the six sigma and utilising the PDCA can help the Tesco in getting better results so that they can increase a develop growth in business and market share in UK. It is critical for the organisation to build its Continuous Development plan and procedure so that it may get better market results and improve performance.


P3 Project Life Cycle

The project life cycle is the process through which an organisation undertakes a project to expand or improve its business, which may entail adjustments and the development of new methods. It is a high-level organisational method for delivering a successful project. Understanding PLC procedures and phases is critical for the business management. This is critical for the manager to gain a better grasp of their project and how much it cost.

Tesco's project plan is to focus on the improvement of facilities so that employees may work more efficiently and the overall company performance at the workplace improves. When working on a project plan, it's critical to comprehend the concept of employee labour and keep a set lunch hour for they so that the coordination in local regions may be better controlled.

It is critical for them to work on the retail business with all of their energy and enthusiasm; as a result, the company is focusing on increasing performance and improving the project life cycle to assist them achieves better results.

Timeline of a project plan:

The timeline provides the development and process of plan which the project is following on topic.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6















The PLC is having 4 stages as a process:

Project Initiation: Identifying the project on which the organisation needs to plan and build a project is critical while working on any project. This is the initial stage of the project life cycle, where the problem, opportunity, and brainstorming are brought together to achieve the goal. The manufacturing unit learns about these difficulties and the goal they aim to attain during the beginning stage. The feasibility study is discussed on the Tesco's objective is during the initiation stage.

Project Planning: Following the project's inception and completion, the company begins the process of planning the project's completion.During this phase of the Project Life Cycle, it's critical to concentrate on the criteria for developing the business case planning. The goal and case of the organisation is to establish a proper lifestyle for their employees, which includes a process of creating crucial business specifics and making the appropriate decisions.

Project Execution: The process of project execution begins once the project has been planned, and the company has formed several teams and plans to work on. The execution of the plan includes the actions on which the organisation has already worked as planned; while working on the execution of the plan, it is critical for management to ensure that suitable action is being developed to maximise the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Project Closure: Closure is the phase in which the project is completed and all calculations and work on the project are calculated in order to gain a better understanding of the project life cycle. It aids in the analysis for Tesco of project performance as well as the understanding of teamwork and the analysis of teamwork presentations.

M3: Rational for Methodologies and Leadership Within PLC

Different components employ different project management approaches. There are various methodologies that function differently on each business endeavour or business case. It is critical for the company to manage the knowledge and calculation process in accordance with the company's needs.Methodologies are working on the necessary utilisation of the resources so that they can use a better knowledge for the given topic and provide the results. The techniques are based on factors such as project cost and budget, team sizes, risk tolerance, flexibility and timing, stakeholder collaboration, and so on. Working on the project and determining the optimal technique is critical; it aids in estimating the best way to improve project performance and outcomes.The leadership works with the methodology sand increase the process of better results to provided the lead form front and develop the necessary process of working in the research for organization.

Tools:The management of the organisation employs a variety of tools to determine the overall analysis of the project. It aids in the efficient planning of business cases and initiatives. The tools aid in the planning and collaboration of projects, as well as the documentation and evaluation of those projects(Jin and et.al., 2019).

Critical path method: This approach of project planning calculation is based on a knowledge of the path, such as which path takes the longest and which path is the most critical to accomplish the work. This means that if there is a delay in one aspect of the project, it can cause the entire project to be delayed.

Gantt Charts: The Gantt chart is used to improve the whole process of planning and comprehension of the important way to complete a project. It focuses on project start and conclusion dates, as well as their objectives.

Network Diagrams: This tool aids in the analysis of data as well as the creation of a better grasp of project planning. Because it consists of different arrows, the networking procedure of the arrows diagram was employed in the Network Diagram.


P4 PLC theories and concept Effectiveness

The effectiveness of the Project Life Cycle for the Tesco is as follow in the bellow:

  1. Assist and explain the resources that are required.

PLC provide an understanding of the necessary development and understanding of the process and resources in workplace. This is vital for the business as this help in getting a better understanding of the resources.Tesco provide the necessary resources to develop performance and which are required for production and services to offer (Alexander, Ackermann and Love,2019).The use of models and theories by PLC can help the organisation have a better understanding of the project and formulate plans to achieve the intended goals.

  1. The ability to plan the phases of a project

Tesco focuses on the development to deliver the change and suitable operating strategy, while the PLC provides the necessary development. The project requires a plan, and Tesco is working to give the required specifics in order to improve results and performance.The phase aids Tesco in implementing change in their project plans and increasing the company's ability to provide better results through action.

  1. Maintain the project's viability

It aims to demonstrate the precision with which Tesco operates in the project, as well as to improve performance and deliver superior market results (Wuni and Shen, 2020). The word "project viability" refers to how well the project, its difficulties, and its goals are outlined.Constant viability is required to get the most out of a project as a result of which the project is being prepared. This can lead to advancement in the workplace, as well as an increase in necessary company modifications and an overall process of improved performance. Identifying the appropriate project concerns and working to produce outcomes.

  1. The planning phase receives sufficient attention.

The planning phase of the Tesco are that it helps them in getting a plan for the business to work in retail industry. This is necessary for the working of Tesco to plan the phase as this can increase in necessary working for the organization to develop the process of knowledge and creativity in business projects.

M4 PLC differentiate within small and large scales project

The small-scale business projects are worked within small teams and are submitted within short period of time. The models work on small scale to provide the necessary outcomes to increase performance in short time. The documentation is easy and it does not require a long process to do the necessary documentation of the project(Cavalieri, Cristaudo and Guccio, 2019). The large scale on other hand works on long period and required a team to works on different segments to complete the project sand provide better performance for the business. Large scale will get the support from the planning of models to provide a long run in business to increase better performance in business.

D2 Recommendation

To work on the necessary process of PLC it is essential for the Tesco to provide the change in performance with the technological updating and increase the training process of people working on that particular project. The aim and objectives need to be done with proper knowledge and people to work on.

To recommend the Tesco needs to improve the project life cycle so that they can provide the productivity of product and services as working in retail industry need good stocks and the company need to maintain their standards over the years. They are leading the retail industry and they need to provide the necessary working according to the development of market performance.


According to the findings, Tesco's operation and operation management are extremely significant, and it is critical for the corporation to build the workings of a new strategy in their operation and operation management in order to have an impact on business.The above report it can be concluded that working on the operation management the Tesco need to provide the development in their performance by increasing the necessary working and delivering the best performance for results. To achieve the aim and objectives the PLC need to be calculative and developed to increase better results in Tesco so that they can reach the market profits.


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