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The Essence Of Healthcare Management

Introduction: The Essence Of Healthcare Management

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The consultancy report will deliver the knowledge about business health service structure created by Guys and St. Thomas Hospital. The case study about this hospital has been found to indicate each good and bad points which are making an impact on the overall hospital management. The management structure of a hospital is found to be a bit different from other business management designs. The most critical factor for hospitals to manage in their business system is to deliver the best experience to customers with good health service. Hospital management is not easier than others. Here the managerial methods involve health care services therefore, the risk of giving life to a patient who is in a critical stage is found to be dependable on the internal structure. Here the reputation of hospital, profit, and managerial expectations all are related to the growth of hospital services. These factors will be described throughout this report in the context of Guys and St. Thomas Hospital.

Overview of Guys and St. Thomas Hospital 

The UK’s leading health service providers, Guys and St. Thomas hospital have been found to deliver valuable healthcare services to people by putting them first in the business. The annual turnover of the healthcare organisation has been identified as 1.5 Billion pounds. The company has arranged its trust-providing service in conjunction with the NHS in England. This is one of the largest structures in the country that is satisfying almost 2000 trainees each year who are in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate sections (Guysandstthomas.nhs.uk, 2022). Therefore, it can be said that the organisation is valuable for teaching services and making trustworthy doctors in the country. Providing huge facilities to the staff the hospital has organised strength within the workforce. However, Guys and St. Thomas hospital is known to arrange NHS business with almost 550 organisations out there (Sebah et al.,  2019). 

The development of a good relationship with a respectful business environment has been signifying the good growth of the hospital. 

The reputation of the NHS worldwide is also contributed to by this section of the organisation. However, the implementation of IT services in the business to improve the healthcare observation facilities within the NHS is another effective exposure of the hospital (Nhs.uk, 2022). Its techniques are unique and quite attractive for the patents. Its incorporation can be found in trend to satisfy the health service quickly without any error. Therefore, the patients are more reliable to take services from those hospitals which are available with It services in medical science inside the hospitals. Guys and St. Thomas hospital is well-known for giving service to children and poor people who are in need of better healthcare service in London and other UK regions. 

Guys and St. Thomas hospital is a huge part of the NHS which works as an efficient trust which can satisfy the needs of people by giving them the best medical services. After the expansion of the G&S in 1993 (Shah et al., 2021), in 2021, Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals merged their hospital services with the organisation which is highly effective in building an empire of good and healthy healthcare services in the UK. The internal environment of trust is found to be influenced by the application of equality and diversity. The organisation publishes the staff and community magazine called The GiST, which ensures the knowledge about extreme research and innovation done by the team of G&S which can improve the health care system throughout the country (Guysandstthomas.nhs.uk, 2022). 

In addition, the development of an e-newsletter named Connect is facilitatory for the community to make an impression of the service structure with good care of employees. The staffs employed in G&S is valuable to the organisation, therefore, the company provides training and education to the staff. It is valuable to measure for developing betterment in the NHS services structure and ensuring the growth of the business by grabbing a large number of patients who can trust the operation of this trust. Equality impact assessments (EIA) are found to support the internal policies of G&S which can satisfy the diverse culture of the business as well as their internal environment with high-quality management (Green et al., 2020). 

Concept of healthcare service delivery by the hospital 

In order to deliver the best practices to the healthcare providers in the trust as well as to serve people with extensive value G&S strives to be the best in the market. In addition, the organisation has emerged its healthcare service with high integrity that could be a developer of a respectful environment inside the hospital. In accordance with the Health Belief Model (HBM), the concept of healthcare service can be delivered as a distilled concept that can emerge from behavioural and psychological research (Anuar et al., 2020). This theory is reliable to bring forth the fact about patients' choice in taking health care services. patients' choices should be given priority by healthcare organisations to make them perform acceptably among the patients and patient parties. The model is highly beneficial to understand the behavioural inputs that should be varied with the decisional behaviour of the patients. Their psychological aspects are regulatory to manage the healthcare service units cared for by the hospitals (Riad et al., 2022). This model is applicable to emerge the concept of healthcare service structure developed by G&S. 

Giving the best eye care to people with the implementation of artificial lens surgery the trust has maintained its reputation throughout the UK. The service structure has been managed through the application of advanced technologies since 1949. In recent days the company has entered the value of technology and its application in a fruitful way that is under the progress of demand (Guysandstthomas.nhs.uk, 2022). After the pandemic, the concept of healthcare service changed a bit and people are more fascinated by the technical exposures of hospitals that can provide them with procurement through contactless service. This kind of psychological behaviour of patients and their homies is conceptualised by Social Cognitive Theory (SCT). This theory is quite connected with the development of health behaviours in the context that can support the significance of indulging technology in the healthcare service by G&S. The reason for performing particular health behaviour by the patient community is stratified through the utilisation of this theory (Khudzari et al., 2019). Trust has been identified as strategic in finding the behaviour of patients in supporting the value of their personal choices. 

There is no doubt about the quality of service provided by Guys and St. Thomas trusts the cardiac patients. This organisation has been identified as the first healthcare service provider which set up 3 leadless heart devices for patients (Guysandstthomas.nhs.uk, 2022). This is the reason behind trusting this organisation as the ultimate destination for getting a proper cure. The foremost priority of any healthcare service provider is to satisfy the patients and their families with the best care system. The team members of G&S are highly appreciated for their dedication towards giving high-quality service to the patients. The trust has included the best innovation inside the service system with the incorporation of a Microlife Vital Sign-Alert, which can create alerts in the detection of any disease inside the human body (Vousden et al., 2019). SCT is reliable in finding the efficacy that works behind the behaviour of the patients. Their perspectives about healthcare functionality are signified in front of healthcare organisations. Moreover, the application of this theory is aligning the behavioural approach of G&S as the best healthcare service trust in the UK. 

Identified challenges

After studying the case study of Guys and St. Thomas hospital is found to face several challenges in recent years. The unexpected and shocking issues within G&S are described with reason below: 

Internal challenges 

Issues in IT usage 

IT tools are the stake of the business and service structure of G&S Hospital. The company has integrated its internal service system with the implementation of Information technologies. It is obvious that improper maintenance of IT tools can damage the internal structure. Up gradation is highly needed for the implication of technology in business by managers. However, G&S hospital has been identified to be a huge operational challenge with the failure of IT machines in the operation theatre. At 40 C temperature in the operation theatre, IT servers broke down on 19th July 2022 (Bbc.com, 2022). This major failure made the government ban all its operations using IT machines. 

Staff crisis 

Chronic staff shortage is being faced by Guys and ST. Thomas Hospital is under NHS control. It is quite a disappointing fact about this hospital in the current days. Being a major part of the NHS, staff shortage should not be an issue within this hospital. Staff crisis has been identified to break the pace of work as well as its quality. This is also a serious issue within Guy's hospital (Unitetheunion.org, 2021). The effectiveness of staff and managerial methods must be restored by the hospital to bring forth a suitable service structure for the clients. Understaffing is making a huge unsatisfactory environment for staff. The unsafe working system and lack of maintaining the well-being of staff are found to make the most of the issue within G&S in recent days. 

Threats in cyber security management 

IT issues are not only limited to the IT server breakdown but it is also hampering the security purpose served by the hospital. NHS cyber attack is the hot news in Europe which is making the potential patient parties who take operational and procurement under the observation of NHS and G&S. The data and information of patients and staff of the hospitals under the NHS are getting security issues (Griffin, 2017). Security breaches within IT servers and the hacking princess are emerging across hospitals which is a seriously frightening fact about the NHS and its compositions throughout the world. 

Managing patient administration through a manual system 

The manual system is found to make hazardous situations for the patients and the employees. Administration and managing patients' records are delivered through the manual settings in the machinery objectives of the hospital. (Donnelly, 2022) This is not done with poor managerial observation. The trust is not advanced with its operational administrative system as it is still slow like old days. In addition, internal IT issues are making threat manual systems more boring and exhausting for the patient parties in the very recent digital era. 

The inconsistent stock of medical tools

Medical stuff such as medicines and injections are being noticed to be out of stock most of the time. This is caused by staff shortage, there is no dedicated staff to manage all these operational features that can exchange stock and increase the value of service (Riad et al., 2022). This is a serious issue that is emerging tension for the hospital in managing its value in the NHS. The overall NHS service is being criticised by reporters as well as patient parties in the current days. 

External challenges

Barriers in language 

Language is a factor that can enhance difficulties in communication with stakeholders for organisations. G&S is facing external issues with language barriers. It is so into the process of management developed by the NHS with British English (Lloyd et al., 2018). The language barrier factor contributes to a reduction in the relationship and understanding between patients and medical service providers. Giving comfort zones in the hospital to the patients is lagged by the hospital in the current days. Not only now, but the hospital was biased with British users from the beginning also. Therefore, it gives the most priority to the British English language rather than preferring conversation in other languages simultaneously. 

Financial crisis 

Financial breakdown after the pandemic hit the floor in Europe has made the overall business functions poorer than ever. The meltdown of IT gadgets in high temperatures impacts the financial crisis of the hospital a huge amount (Donnelly, 2022). The development of internal issues has increased the external financial crisis for the hospital. G&S hospital is lacking the staff and patients to manage the financial growth it had in the old times. 

Digital revolution 

The current business market is getting a high advantage with the digital transformation of every business activity. In the current digital era, the evolution of digital methods has been introduced by other hospitals. Every hospital is satisfying the patient parties with digital service structures such as tele-health operations and tele-medical services (Burki, 2019). G&S is still processing service systems with the application of manual methods which is creating an extension of the lack of competitiveness in the market. The digital service system is in demand among patients which can create a better experience than is given by other hospitals. The Digital revolution has already created complications among G&S which is not enough to be managed by the staff remaining in the hospital. 

Legal barriers including administration 

After the pandemic, hospitals are facing some legal barriers in Europe. Changes in healthcare laws are found to make the process difficult for hospitals. NHS and its major trusts and hospitals are not different from managing these laws. As the application of strict rules and legislation on the operational features of hospitals has been sentenced by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), the hospitals are needed to incorporate major changes in their internal environment (Sokolow, 2020). This is one of the key issues affecting the business structure of G&S. However, the organisation is already lacking a safe work environment which is making huge pressure to be emerged by the government on hospital activities. 

Lack of understanding of the system 

The shortage of employees is one of the main internal issues of G&S. Now the external effect of understanding digital methods and managing the IT tools as per the suitability of management structure with the competitive market the hospital is getting tension about its lack of understanding (Shah et al., 2021). The staff and their poor knowledge about the maintenance of digital gadgets can introduce extensive operational disgust in the current era of digital expansion. 

Development of Solution 

After analysing the issues faced by Guys and St. Thomas Hospital it can be said that the organisation needs easy recovery with the application of strategic development. Business growth in the potential market can be emerged by adopting the following strategies: 

Using transformational leadership theory 

Transformational leadership theory will make the overview of changes that should be adopted by the leader of the NHS as well as Guys and St. Thomas Hospital. This leadership is highly valuable for making the international process of transformation within the business structure and service system of G&S will be satisfactory for the patients. Increasing customer satisfaction with the incorporation of profitable growth of employees as well, the application of this leadership will help to encourage employees to teamwork with their innovative and creative appearance (Siangchokyoo et al., 2020). G&S is highly recommended to improve the internal environment as well as it can emerge the growth of business in future. 

Mobile Robotic Nurse Assistant 

The assistance of nurses can be improved through the application of Mobile Robotic Nurse Assistants. It can ensure betterment in the service design with the extensive technological survey. This is an innovative method to be explored by nurses. It can get the ability to manage the internal methods in G&S. This is one of the most effective technologies in the current advanced stage of healthcare service (Saadatzi et al., 2020). Medication delivery, Patient movement and transfer, medical supply retrieval and others can be satisfied through the application of integrated Robotics in the nursing assistance at Guys and St. Thomas Hospital. 

Developing a Lean management system 

Lean management adoption is the current strategic approach for the leaders to make the managerial methods improved with continuous improvement. By achieving small goals and the activation of continuous improvement in the business by increasing financial value G&S can satisfy its improved structure of the business. According to Shaturaev and Bekimbetova (2021), the Lean management makes a focused point of view towards the needs of employees well. Thus, it can improve the workforce strength of the NHS also. Lean management embraces innovation through perfection. This factor is highly needed for Guys and t. Thomas in the current era. 

Implementation of RICOH solution 

RICOH solution is Global digital software which is based on the digital transformation of business through the implication of advanced digital technology. It can serve as a competitive edge to the business holders by sharpening its service structure (Ricoh.com, 2022). Innovation is the most effective motivation for the organisation that can exclusively emerge satisfactory management methods with innovation in business structure. Application of RICOH solution can emerge the understanding of staff about the digital methods as this software eases the process of management and creates an open end for the staff for learning more about digital methods in service.  

Enreging training and development of employees 

Training and development are highly valuable for the development of the workforce with value creation. Retaining the internal strength of nurses, doctors and other administrative staff can be identified to increase the productive nature of business (Buljac-Samardzic et al., 2020). The application of training and development through the authorisation of NHS in the hospital would be the most preferable factor for the growth of G&S trust in Europe. It can satisfy the needs of employees as well. The effectiveness of training and development can emerge in motivation for the employees as well. 

Digital transformation of the service system

Digital transformation is the most satisfactory strategy for the current business expansion. Digital methods should be understood by the organisation and its managers. In this case, training and development will be helpful for emerging expert systematic structure within G&S. NHS can find much for acceptability throughout the globe with the enhancement of internal management. Digital tools in giving automation in service to patients can satisfy their requirements for their most trustable organisation (Wessel et al., 2021). As image matters, the most among patients G&S should retain its image by coping with the current market development strategies. 

Managing the growth of HRM to ensure a better recruitment process

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the foremost priority of this current digital business expansion. As HR managers are responsible for developing a fruitful business environment, the implementation of strategic training and recruitment process for employees is also indulged by the HR managers. HRM can increase the productivity and creativity of the organisation through the rightful recruitment factor (Mitosis et al., 2021). Without discriminating against people in accordance with their cultural and social background, they should have emerged human rights to get the opportunity in working with G&S. This would reinforce the workforce structure of the trust by magnifying its value in the market. 

Elevating IT technology usage through better investment 

IT technology usage must be better within the NHS and its conjugated hospitals. The NHS technology is poorer and older than ever. The technologies are no doubt unique but the operational features in the current days cannot be competitive enough for the NHS with the utilisation of those technologies (Ramos and Chavira, 2022). Therefore, the NHS must adopt advanced technology usage and enhance betterment in the IT structure. The reduction of IT issues can emerge through the application of new technologies. In this case, the NHS must bring forth training to the employees for using the advanced technologies. Betterment in technologies can be reengineered by the organisation which can satisfy it by regaining productivity. 

Satisfying the internal workforce

Creating exponential perks and benefits for the employees with the simplification of employee management features, the development of internal peach can be possible. Guys and St. Thomas hospital must increase its potential to understand the needs of employees and their satisfaction (Buljac-Samardzic et al., 2020). The integration of performance-based incentives and making employees satisfied regarding their contribution can motivate them which will increase the value of their performance for meeting the goals of the organisation. 


This report has developed a valuable extension of the knowledge about Guys and St. Thomas hospitals and service structure. This trust has emerged in its healthcare service for poorer and needy people being the major part of the NHS in England. As the NHS serves more than enough people throughout the world and its renowned service system is promoted by a satisfactory business environment without focusing on profit, G&S is also derivative in maintaining the sentences of the NHS. The mission and vision of the organisation are quite clear with the application of a unique service structure for the patients and their needs are managed by the organisation as per their goodwill. 

Currency digital movement of the industries has been noticed to create extensive tension in the managerial section of G&S. The hospital has been identified to face issues with its IT tools. The meltdown of IT in operation theatres has created an overview of the poor maintenance structure regulated by the organisation. This has declined its brand image in the hospital market. People already started losing their positive visions of G&S facilities. The effective conclusive part of the story of Guys and St. Thomas Hospital is its recovery which is needed as soon as possible with the IT recovery and digital transformation. 


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