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The impact of Covid-19 on Tesco express retail shopping in Brixton through online shopping Assignment

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The impact of Covid-19 on Tesco express retail shopping in Brixton through online shopping


  • To understand the impact of Covid-19 on retailing industry.
  • To expand the business online for shopping for this industry and especially for Tesco.
  • To analyse the strategies and actions this can be taken by Tesco to be able to cope up with Covid-19.
  • To recommend methods to overcome the challenges and make the business is successful.

Research questions

  • What impact does Covid-19 have on the customers visiting the store?
  • Why should online shopping be considered more effective than visiting the store during the pandemic?
  • What strategies could be implemented by retail business owners to integrate the challenges faced due to the pandemic?
  • What are the recommendations for organisations to be able to make the right measures for themselves?


The focus of the discussion is on the current issue that the retailing business is facing in Brixton as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. It is critical for businesses to ensure that they are taking the appropriate activities in light of the current situation in order to achieve more market stability. Most merchants focused on the financial component in order to ensure that their operations were efficient. Retailers fought to carve out a niche in Brixton in order to find the ideal economic working conditions and lifestyle balance. In order to attain the correct market balance, customers had already begun to shift to online purchase. Customers are taking their time, but they are all adapting to the technological advances that are being made for their convenience, guaranteeing that the right measures are taken. Businesses must ensure that they are taking the appropriate steps toward improvement in order to maintain a long-term competitive advantage. Companies must adapt to changing circumstances in order to secure the best possible position in the market. Measureable efficacy is critical for the firm to be able to grow and provide a steady online shopping experience that ensures high quality of work.


Finding primary sources to do this report will be challenging, but if the appropriate steps are taken and web platforms are used wisely, the research can yield superior results. Because of the lockdowns and restrictions imposed on customers accessing the stores, finding the real customers contacting Tesco will be difficult as they are adapting to the online platforms slowly. The other issue will be keeping to the planned research schedule, as time management skills are ineffective when there is a great amount of facts to present in a compelling manner while staying within word restrictions. Limitations must be addressed in order to ensure improved working conditions and to ensure that customers' voices are heard, as well as a better way of life. Customer feedback is being taken into consideration so that better work and progress can be accomplished. The research budgeting must be done efficiently in order to achieve the right working and processing in order to find stability and ensure that operations are increased.


It is critical to ensure that there is a greater purpose and information being put forward. There is reading and quoting of authors, as well as new comprehension and discussion of the topic, all of which can lead to a better outcome. There are numerous other publications and analysts who have presented their viewpoints and thoughts, which may be discussed and analysed so that readers can gain a better grasp of the topic, which is quite significant.

Question 1: Impact of covid-19 on customers visiting stores

As per the view of Samdani, 2020, COVID-19 had a significant impact on customers visiting retailers, and it hasn't been stable since. Market businesses have adapted and grasped the necessity of health and safety precautions, and they are taking the appropriate steps. It is critical for the company to ensure that consumers are acknowledged and given the attention that they deserve in the organisation. At this point in the market, important decisions of being online must be made in order to keep clients for the long term. When most countries, such as the United Kingdom, China, Ireland, and others, were put on lockdown, the corporation did not fare well. The organisation must ensure that they are working in accordance with COVID-19 in order to preserve safety and comprehend its impact on customers. According to Hacioglu Hoke, Känzig and Surico, 2020, there are numerous unique concepts and strategies that are emerging due to Covid-19 in order to ensure that there will be a solid understanding and working environment. Change is difficult to implement, but Tesco was prepared for technology innovation, allowing the corporation to implement changes quickly in a location like Brixton. It is critical for the business to ensure that the appropriate steps are being performed. The one-on-one relationship did not happen, and the services may be disrupted, causing the company to lose client loyalty and hindering better working.

In the opinion of Wang and et.al., 2021, businesses in the market have had a difficult time ensuring that there is a stable working environment and that there is improved digital transformation. Customers' desires can be determined from the fact that they requested online delivery, and services should be adapted to fit their requirements; otherwise, competitors will be able to steal customers. To guarantee that clients obtain the necessary services and goods from the organisation, it is critical to engage in the appropriate activities and measures. Quality and services provided by the organisation must be in step with new modern ways being adopted in the market. Tesco has made considerable progress over time, which will help them locate the optimal working environment and placement for them. In order to improve functioning and understanding, accurate data analyses and evaluations of the current market are required. Covid-19 has altered people's perceptions about the market. For the past two years, the company has been able to deal with the present obstacles of adjusting to technological advances in order to perform well in the market. The business has to make sure that they are dealing with risks well so that the branding of the company does not get impacted and make the company have limitations on the clients which are loyal to the organization.

Question 2: Online shopping’s effectiveness.

As per the author Budd and Ison, 2020, there are numerous benefits to be gained from online effective buying, which will also benefit the company's economic component. The organisation must think about current trends and what its customers desire, and how they may be met. Customer feedback on the current state of Covid-19 in the market should be acquired on a regular basis so that they are aware of the modifications that are expected of them. In order to maximise client satisfaction, not only the design and enhancement of the product must be improved, but also the services. If it weren't for the customers, the organisation would only be able to ensure that they had the necessary profit margins and analyse the technology investment. The company's new design will be done online in order to provide greater stability and efficiency, which they will need in the long run. The organisation has undergone digital transformation in order to effectively communicate with clients and get a better result. Customers did not respond to changes as well as the company did, but it is vital for the organisation to take the necessary measures and make adjustments. Also stated by Ozuem and et.al., 2021, that financial restrictions will be present in the organisation, necessitating the use of appropriate measured actions and sources. Mistakes on the internet spread rapidly, and maintaining a positive reputation in the marketplace is essential for a stable working environment. The government has enacted a number of laws in order to deal with the limits and to ensure that there is improved operating and functioning.

Stated by Boons and et.al., 2021, Tesco has had a number of challenges of getting technological changes as a result of this abrupt transformation over time. It is critical to take the appropriate activities and measures to ensure that clients receive the appropriate services and goods from the organisation. The company's quality and services must be in line with new modern approaches of online platforms that are being implemented in the market. There are numerous constraints of interaction and communication with the clients that exist online because the company will not be able to find a viable market niche for itself. It is critical for the firm to ensure that they have the appropriate indulgent clientele so that they are aware of the improvements made to their safety for the clients for their health can be taken up by the organisation. There are numerous measures being weighed to ensure that e-marketers have a higher chance of finding a target. Following the Covid-19, the organisation has taken a number of steps to ensure that stronger platforms are in place to ensure that the company has a better working environment. These changes will necessitate suitable promotions, which the company will have to invest in so that they can find the right working space. Promotions for the firm are also produced online in order to attract the proper kind of attention from clients and ensure that the company maintains a higher level of stability.

Question 3: Strategies which retailing industries need to face to overcome challenges

According to the Naeem, 2021, the techniques used by shop entrepreneurs to incorporate the challenges they face are too widespread. In the market, they are refining their working processes and activities. One of the most important strategies is to relocate businesses solely so that the damage is minimal and the firm may continue to deliver products and services to its consumers. It is critical for retailers to remind their customers about their web stores and online businesses, as this increases client awareness. Customers must be able to traverse their online stores correctly in order to take use of the services provided by the company. To attract clients to the firm, the corporation has to develop several customer support methods, including diverse vouchering bonus schemes.

As per the view of Stewart, 2021, the retailer must guarantee that their ecommerce platform meets the requirements of B2B clients. This involves presenting pertinent information and requiring information on an e-commerce platform. Customers demand a functioning and user-friendly ecommerce platform so that they can use it more efficiently by the organisation. Consumers are fearful of going out because of COVID, and business owners are experiencing a shortage of customers. Organizations must guarantee that their Brixton stores, as well as its delivery agents, have the necessary security and safety in order to increase client loyalty and boost market performance, all of which are crucial for the business during a pandemic.

Gleason and et.al., 2020 suggested that, Working in E commerce, the company must develop better software and technologies to avoid order mistakes, which can result in a loss of customers. Safety and protection measures for employees and consumers are one of the key tactics that the company must undertake Changes in consumer behaviour as a result of a pandemic can have an impact on the whole business, and businesses must plan accordingly. It entails informing them through online platforms of all the efforts taken by the retail firm to ensure the safety and well-being of the market's customers. Consumer behaviour changes substantially after an epidemic, and it is vital for businesses to understand these changes as well as the societal factors that must be considered in order to improve performance. Understanding the clientele will only make it easier for the company to make future judgments in order to ensure that the company is in a better position. Because the competition is increasing, creating a loyal and trustworthy workplace for the organisation is critical in order for them to be able to do their best work. The strategies are crucial, and they may be able to assist retail organisations in achieving better results by utilising online marketing and keeping an eye on workplace safety hazards. Increasing consumer knowledge of changing techniques and approaches in order to function more efficiently and provide unique items a market position that will attract the right clients.

Question 4: Recommendations for improvement in the retailing industry

Getting online and aiding clients in being able to shop online is crucial for the company's success, according to Rybaczewska, Su?kowski and Bilan, 2021, customers have gradually adapted to easier methods and procedures as technology have advanced, allowing them to make secure online payments. Because Brixton is an area that clients like, it is critical for businesses to establish a presence there in order to ensure a solid economic factor. Because the clients have a strong reputation for the company in Brixton, the firm will be able to have a better profit margin, but it is critical for the organisation to comprehend the current scenario. Currently, the company must ensure that clients prefer online services over the company's physical presence in the market. The organisation must ensure that the appropriate actions are made so that the risk factors may be overlooked in the long run. It is critical for a firm to have a product line and new items added to the organisation on a regular basis in order for customers to remain loyal to the brand. Because of the Covid-19 scenario, the retailing industry, such as Tesco in Brixton, has to go online, and the busy areas are no longer visited by customers as they once were. Displaying products online must be done efficiently in order for them to be able to ensure that the appropriate actions and improvements are taken. Credit must also be given to the personnel for ensuring that information is shared effectively so that they can have a positive connection.

Figure 1: Preference of shopping online

(Source: Wong, 2013)

In the opinion of Martin-Neuninger and Ruby, 2020, employees are the company's backbone, and if they are unaware of the changes, then they will be unable to make the necessary improvements. Understanding customers is beneficial to improvement, but employees must be heard on an equal footing in order for the necessary long-term improvement to take place. All of the changes and needs of marketing must be well understood. Tesco has opened a large number of stores to ensure that customers may visit them effectively and on a regular basis, but there are no internet presences. If the company had built an online place for them, the company would have been able to ensure a constant level of work and performance. Accounting must be done on a regular basis in order to ensure proper observation and forecasting in the organisation, as well as a positive improvement. Modifications must be made on a regular basis to ensure that there is a deep retailing operating system in place that will last in the long run, as well as to ensure that excellent customer behaviour is observed. The organisation must ensure that they have a good market position, which will be beneficial to the company's overall operations in order to be able to have the proper working conditions, which are critical for the company's success. Businesses must ensure that there are improved working operations in place to ensure that the firm operates efficiently and effectively in order to achieve greater branding. Tesco has a lot of experience in the market, so they'll be able to ensure that they'll have fewer issues in this area.


Research methodology refers to the procedures for gathering data and analysing it in order to generate a better result and gain information from it. This method will include collection methods, participant observation, and statistical analysis to ensure that a satisfactory working formulation is achieved. There needs to be more detail and explanation offered so that better methods and a wider range of works are available. It is necessary to do an evaluation in order to assure that certain task will be completed (Kumar, 2018).

Research type

Quantitative and qualitative research is the two forms of study that can be employed in a research project. Quantitative data requires numerical and ensures that there is a well-defined working. Qualitative research does not include numerical and focuses solely on analysing the data acquired, whereas quantitative data requires numerical and ensures that there is a well-defined working. This research will also include quantitative research to ensure that there is a decent working environment and performance (Ragab and Arisha, 2018). To ensure that there is greater working and educated comprehension, good data collecting must be provided.

Research approach

Inductive and deductive research approaches are two types of research approaches that can be used in a research endeavour. The inductive approach will work on new hypotheses and facts as they emerge, and it will also be more flexible. Deductive reasoning is less flexible than other approaches and is based on current theories. This study will take an inductive method in order to ensure that the correct understanding and working are there (Babii, 2020). It is critical to have the proper understanding and working relationships in place so that firms can make the necessary changes.

Research philosophy

There are various research philosophies such as interpretivism, realism, and positivism that can be used in research to improve understanding and productivity. Positivism is another way that may be utilised by the study to make the outcomes positive and focus on only the opportunities, however in order for this research to have the correct understanding, another approach must be used (Ngozwana, 2018). Realism will gain popularity as a result of a deeper understanding of the facts. Interpretivism focuses on the interpretation of obtained data. There needs to be a good interpretation of the data acquired so that better judgments and planning may be made for the future.

Data collection

There are two types of data collection forms: primary and secondary, both of which can be used to ensure that there is improved working and functioning. Primary data is gathered directly from the source to ensure that the information acquired is reliable and correct. Secondary data collection is obtained from a third party which understand the company is there in order to obtain better and more information as well as their perspectives.


This study involved a total of 20 individuals who are loyal customers of Tesco in Brixton in order to acquire valid data. In a research effort, there will be both probability and non-probability. The probability will be non-biased, which is beneficial to the research findings, whereas non-probability will be biased. There will be different outcomes if there is bias at work or if this is implemented. This study aimed to be fair and create the greatest possible outcome; hence probability working was applied, which is beneficial to the ultimate result (Snyder, 2019). A sampling of participants is going to be difficult as all the clients have a different take on the business which has to be understood so that there is a better working.

Data analysis

This study project includes the use of thematic data analysis, which was examined to ensure that the audience would be able to read their favourite parts of it, resulting in superior inputs. The audience was also included in this study in order to collect comments and develop it based on their interests, resulting in better results. Because the audience is rarely interested in reading the entire research, subheadings and Questions are established to help them understand it and ensure that it is well-organized (Mohajan, 2018). There must be good interpretation present in order to ensure that there is better working and functioning, which Tesco can alter to ensure that they have the correct working and comprehension.

Ethical considerations

To feel conformable, the participants must be informed of the topic and facts about the project. A declaration form and a consent form were also obtained from the participants to ensure that everyone was on the same page and that the information gathered was accurate (Basias and Pollalis, 2018). There were no bias acts or inputs employed during this research to ensure that the results were accurate. There was also no stolen data used in this research endeavour to ensure that the audience gained fresh knowledge and insight.


Question 1: Shopping online for clients before the Pandemic situation rose globally?

Frequency of shopping








Once in 6 months






Figure 2: Shopping online of clients before Pandemic situation rose globally?

Interpretations: According to the graph above, there were 20 participants; seven of them chose weekly, six said often, four said monthly, two said once every six months, and one stated rarely. People began shopping online before Covid-19 became widely available, which is an important factor for firms to consider. Businesses must ensure that they are properly adapting to this feature so that effective improvements may be achieved. Tesco would be able to ensure that they had a decent opportunity to get online as well. The organisation must ensure that all of its products and services are well-balanced in order to maintain a stable working and economic environment. Customers are getting technology-friendly which can be used by the company to make sure that there is going to be right operations of working and processing which is going to be there.

Question 2: Frequency of shopping online or offline during the Pandemic?

Online shopping rate












Figure 3: Frequency of shopping online or offline during the Pandemic?

Interpretations: According to the data in the table above, many clients prefer to shop online rather than offline because of the conditions and security precautions. 9 of the 20 participants shop online, 6 have a moderate level of online shopping, 4 have a low level of online shopping, and 1 has never done so. Tesco can ensure that a sufficient number of people are purchasing their products and services online, resulting in increased sales and profit margins. Online purchasing is a strategy that businesses use to ensure that they are operating efficiently. Businesses must ensure that there will be sufficient stability and productivity.

Question 3: How is the payment method for the customers did you find it difficult or easy?

Online paying method










Figure 4: How is the payment method for the customers did you finding it difficult or easy?

Interpretations: From the graph above, it can be deduced that around 12 participants have chosen to ensure that a simple online payment mechanism is available. A total of 20 individuals indicated it is complicated, with 5 saying it is difficult. Tesco must ensure that they are adjusting to the simplest approach for customers to find the simplest way to make a payment so that they can maintain the correct customer base and operate more efficiently. There must be precise placement in order for higher operations and operating to occur. To ensure that there will be better operations and working, there must be fewer complications. To ensure that stronger standards are present, the organisation must make the appropriate decisions and plan ahead of time.

Question 4: Habit of purchasing changed after customer relation management was present by Tesco in the market?

Customer relation management changed purchasing of Tesco products












Figure 5: Habit of purchasing changed after customer relation management was present by Tesco in the market?

Interpretations: From the table above, it can be inferred that Tesco makes better decisions and works harder for its customers. Out of the 20 participants, approximately 13 indicated yes that their customer relationships are improved; four said no, one said never, and two said little. This factor needs to be enhanced by the company in order for proper working and processing to take place. Customers must have the best facilities and working conditions in order to ensure that good working conditions exist. The company has objectives that must be met, and in order to maintain stability, the corporation must ensure that proper attention is paid to customer input and expectations. Clients will affect the company's profit margins, and all customers are critical for Tesco to maintain at this moment in order for them to be able to function properly.

Question 5: Preference is present on shopping online or offline of the clients?

PReferences of customers










Figure 6: Preference is present on shopping online or offline of the clients?

Interpretations: It may be deduced from the preceding table that the firm will have more online customers than offline customers. There are 11 participants who prefer online buying and 7 who prefer offline shopping because they want to be able to see the items and services in person, and two participants who prefer both, which is also a good factor. The majority of customers desire online services, which is a great way to ensure that everything is running well. Customers must gain a thorough understanding of Tesco's products and services in order for the company to ensure that it operates and functions properly. Customers must receive what they expected in order for the company to be capable of operating and perform at a higher level in the long run.

Question 6: Is the satisfaction still present with Tesco?

Satisfaction with the brand


Highly agree








Highly disagree




Figure 7: Is the satisfaction still present with Tesco?

Interpretations: According to the above table, excellent client satisfaction is required by the firm in order for the company to have a loyalty and trust element. Eight of the twenty participants favoured high agreement, five agreed, and four were neutral. Two people disagreed, and one strongly disagreed, with the customers' satisfaction. The organisation must ensure that they are able to strike a decent balance between the two in order to ensure that there is a stable working environment. Customers' satisfaction with online services must be present to ensure that the organisation is operational and functioning properly in order to meet the required requirements. Satisfaction has to be present of the customers to enough that there is a stable working and processing which is present of the clients. Businesses have to work according to the clients and the employees so that they would be able to make sure that there are right improvements that are being implemented in the company.

Question 7: From the point of view of delivery the organization has helped the company be able to save time?

Time saved by home delivery










Figure 8: From the point of view of delivery the organization has helped the company be able to save time?

Interpretations: According to the following pie chart, proper delivery of online work must be present in order to ensure that there is a steady working environment. Customers enjoy online shopping because it saves them time and allows them to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. There were ten individuals who agreed with the statement strongly, six who agreed somewhat, and four who disagreed strongly. Customers must ensure that their voices are heard within the organisation and that proper working procedures are followed. Businesses must ensure that their customers are satisfied with the services provided by the organisation so that better work and processing can be accomplished.



Based on the findings, it is clear that good working and processing skills are required to deal with the escalating conditions. An online platform can be used to provide a more stable working and processing environment. To ensure that there is good working and effective working; customers must be balanced and devoted. Covid-19 closed the markets, and there was also home delivery, which was available for safety reasons, but clients did not find it to be safe. However, the market evolves rapidly, and firms must ensure that appropriate steps and improvements are performed online. Businesses must quickly adapt to changes in order to ensure that the appropriate measures are taken, as well as the appropriate techniques to accomplish for Tesco in Brixton.

Market dynamics and conditions do not always remain the same; different activities must be performed in order to operate efficiently. Customers' behaviour must be understood for a successful deployment and operation to take place. Working over a period of time might be learned in order to gain a competitive advantage and future chances for the company. Pandemic conditions have transformed the way people function in the market, making it more difficult to analyse information and make the best judgments.


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