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Why do current Radisson hotel customers of Radisson (Leeds) UK prefer staying in Radisson Leeds compared to other high-end hotels in Leeds 

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The Radisson hotel is one of the international chain of hotels headquartered at Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S. the company was founded in 1909 and it is the organisation of hospitality, hotels and tourism industry and the subsidiary organisation of Radisson hotel group. The Radisson has significant and large network of 4:30 hotels that are presently working worldwide including America, middle East, Africa and Asia. The Radisson hotel has about 100 under construction project all around the world. Radisson has large chain of hotels with various brands such as Radisson blu, Radisson red, Quorvus collection and park Inn by Radisson. The organisational is efficiently recognised for its signature service known as 'Yes I can' which is available for the exclusive guest of hotel. The organisation is 4 star hotel and it still is a famous brand among them elite level guest and the worldwide tourism. The organisation has provide various innovative ideas which makes the products and services as well as the brand name easily recognisable by the customers and make them prefer Radisson rather than other brands (Utzinger, 2018). The present research strategy will identify the factors and causes that influences the preferences and buying behaviour of customers of Radisson that makes them to prefer this brand over and over again.

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Problem statement:

The research project is based on the concept of consumer behaviour and the factors which influences the customer of Radisson to prefer medicine over other brands. The research study will analyse the several factors that are leading success of organisation and continuously creating the demand for products and services among targeted market (Hossain, 2017). The hotel industry faces several crisis in terms of customer satisfaction and preserving consumer loyalty for longer term but still the Radisson hotel is capable to preserve its existing customers as well as attracting new customers somehow. The research will focus on the identification of several attributes and elements that are leading sustainable business practices and reason for high revenues of Radisson hotel around the world. The organisation has a large number of competitors that are providing similar type of services in similar price range is still the organisation maintains business sustainability and surviving efficiently in the competitive market by the help of highly loyal and committed customers (Bappy, 2019). The immense and continuous growth of Radisson hotel develops the urge to identify sustainable factors that are leading sustainable growth and survival of Radisson hotel in the competitive business environment.

Research justification

The following research is essential to be conduct for analysing the efficient practices of Radisson hotel that are leading continuous development and sustainable profitability of organisation. The research study is intended to identify the most efficient and sustainable practices of Radisson hotel to develop appropriate strategies that can be utilised by other organisations of hotel industry in terms of achieving business growth and long-term sustainability (DiMarco&Zawisza, 2016). The research project will also focus on the investigation of several factors that impacts the hotel industry in both positive and negative way to analyse the best practices of Radisson hotel in terms of leading sustainable business practices by minimising the negatively influencing factors. The research project will also include the both type of data collection sources including primary and secondary methods that will provide the deep insights and better understanding of sustainable business practices (Klemi-Stojanov, 2020). The primary data collection lead the genuine and relevant information of business sustainability of Radisson by conducting survey. On the other hand the secondary data will expand the studies of existing methods in terms of developing more recent and relevant information regarding Radisson hotel and its sustainable and successful practices.

Aims & Objectives:

To analyze the market strategy of Radisson hotel in Leeds and their benefits and strategies to attract a large number of customers.

The research objectives for accomplishing proposed research in are as follows-

  • To analyse the stay facilitation of Radisson blu, Leeds leading to its success. This involves analyses of the core services and the quality of hire and services on the satisfaction of customers in terms of leading growth and brand popularity around the world.
  • To analysing the quality and variety of food and eatery services offered by the hotel and how they are different from the competitors in Leeds of same reputation.
  • To analyse the marketing strategies of Radisson hotel in terms of providing quality leisure and becoming successful brand with reputable image among consumers.

Research Questions:

  1. What are the influence of customer preferences and customer expectations on their buying behaviour?
  2. What are the different theories of consumer demand and customer preferences are utilizes by Radisson Leeds in terms of achieving sustainable business profitability?
  3. What is the role of consumer behaviour and the challenges that may face by hotel industry in terms of consumer loyalty and their brand commitment?

Literature Review-

The influence and importance of Customer preference-

According toYi , et. al. (2018), the marketing strategy plays important and significant impact on the costumer but give negative impact on business performance. The article significantly examine and evaluate the impact of product price on the brand image of service Industry that eventually impact the differences of customers in terms of prices and the value or quality. The results from the article indicated that the prices significantly influences the brand image and affect the preferences of customers due to different living status. Article also demonstrated that the influence of prices are less effective on the preference of customers in terms of tourist than residents. The results also illustrated different methods of attracting new customers and retaining existing customers by improving service quality and brand image.

Customer satisfaction plays significant positive impact on costumer and help in growth of business performance. Research concluded that all factors; Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Strategy, and Customer Satisfaction are equally important for the in order to gai better business performance. Costumer is only thing every industry working for like in hotel industry the demand and service satisfaction attracts costumerovertime towards one product.

In the words of Radojevic, et. al. (2017), Marketing off course play important role as per the research conducted by investigators on costumer preference for online social media in hospitality industry research found that 40% of hotel visitors select hotels on the basis of search engines priority and online ratings. And also, one research shows 60% women read tripvistors reviews on hotels. So,considering these factors in mind it is clear to state that Radisson hotel is focusing on all the factors like marketing and most importantly costumer preference and satisfaction and this is helping Radisson to be on top preference. Marketing strategy opened by Radisson is also remarkable as most preferred sites are continuously advertising and the costumer reviews on website is tremendously amazing. One research by Author showed that keeping touch with costumer in all stages can be proved beneficial it increases rating so hospitality industry.

The article significantly demonstrate the factors which affect customer satisfaction at global level by conducting multilevel analysis. The Results demonstrated that different type of tourism destinations impacts the consumer preferences with the industry and organisations. Results of the study reflects that hotel industry and attributes powerful influences the customer satisfaction and their preferences to select same organisation or brand over and over again. The article significantly demonstrated the big picture of different factors which influences customer satisfaction and their preferences in the hotel industry.

The impacts of customer’s expectations and demands on the buying behaviour-

In accordance withAgnihotri, et. al. (2017), there are many kind expectations costumer set up whenever they take any service or buy any product and therereader shows that most of industrial manufacturers believe that their customers have either a ‘high’ or ‘very high’ level of customer demandingness and they are always in search of novel product and there are really high chances where they can drop the old product and wanting to try new one.Findings of article shows that the sustainability is one of the important attribute that influences decision making of a hotel organisation and it also influences the buying behaviour of customers. The customers of hotel industry significantly preferred the ethically efficient and environmental concern organisations in terms of contributing into global sustainability.

The choice based analysis that is a conjoint approach to identify the awareness of brand among targeted customers and the results of efforts made by hotel organisations to become sustainable. It is identified that the hotel organisations significantly focuses on their sustainable operations by focusing on environmental concerns.

Kuokkanen& Sun, (2019), Stated that customer demandingness affects a salesperson’s behaviours and, eventually, performance is one important advantage it has is it basically increases the sales persons creativity and it also enhances the alertness their capacity to improvisation will increase which ultimately increase the sales like in hospitality industry costumer demands and expectations and urgent response make them more efficient in dealing. Additionally, the author reflected in the article that salesperson plays an important role in leveraging customer satisfaction and fulfilling their demands in terms of proving consumer behaviour with the organisation or brand. It is identified that the efficiency and influence of salesperson abilities is crucial for leading high customer satisfaction which eventually develops brand loyalty and commitment of new and existing customers.

It is illustrated that it is essential for the business management of hotel industry to take insights. Additionally, the author reflected in the article that salesperson plays an important role in leveraging customer satisfaction and fulfilling their demands in terms of proving consumer behaviour with the organisation or brand. It is identified that the efficiency and influence of salesperson abilities is crucial for leading high customer satisfaction which eventually develops brand loyalty and commitment of new and existing customers. The author illustrated that it is essential for the business management of hotel industry to take insights.

According to MercadeMele, et. al. (2019), Thecontrol theory provides a useful framework to help understand sales service ambidexterity. Control theory proposes that individual goals represent subjectively experienced reference points. Ambidexterity imparts in an employee’s ability to manage these difficult tasks and achieve dual performance outcomes. The efficient practices of organisation aligned with the fulfilment of corporate Social responsibility can significantly bring the strategic advantages and develops competitive edge of organisations in terms of achieving customer expectations. The corporate social responsibility or CSR has significant influence on achieving consumer expectations from the organisation and it is support business forms to positively modify consumer behaviour. However the findings demonstrated that CSR elements also has adverse impact on the choices of customers. The managers or leaders are required to utilise the correct mix of different characteristics CSR in terms of satisfying ethical consumers with their service.

The reason of preference of Radisson blue hotel is also states by author that high percentage of costumer demands the different experience every time and Radisson hotel by implementing new policies and changes in service infrastructure and internal furnishes surprises costumer every time and always try to give different experience than previous one and decrease the chances of switch to another hotels. High end hotels are proving amazing service but they are not changing there way of work and this is the lagging factor which is taking Radisson the top (MercadeMele, et. al., 2019). The author indicates that green marketing has a significant influence on the buying behaviour of customers add it develop sustainable image of a hotel among tourist and residential customers. The study significantly focused on the identification of different factors creditors in back to the consumer behaviour of hotel industry and it requires in-depth examination to develop a useful recommendations corporate strategies of green marketing. Also demonstrated on the direct characters created by very of green attitudinal loyalty and the green trust of consumers. It is identified that the green marketing activities and has a significant influence on the indirect relationship with the customers of hotel industry and it increases trust and commitment between organisation and consumers.

Consumer demand theory to analyse customer preferences regarding Radisson Leeds UK-

According to Hu, et. al. (2020), there is a relative importance of different attributes of hotel industry in the process of consideration sets and the booking stages. Article significantly demonstrated the theory of fast frugal heuristic and the no compensatory strategy for improving the adoption process and experience of customers at booking stages in hotel organisations. it is identified from the strategy that online searches plays an important role in improving brand image and attractiveness among targeted customers. Promotional discounts are one of the effective methods that in has the valence as well as overall ratings of organisation in terms of customer satisfaction. The article stated that discount rates or discount offers are more influencing for the price sensitive people and it also influences them to prefer low price hotels.

In the opinion ofYao, et. al., (2019), The supply and demand theory of CSR suggests that, to increase profits, firms should only supply CSR that consumers, and other stakeholders, demand. But the actual supply to the demands of costumer is still missing. There are three gap that are present in CSR marketing that are ethical consumer marketing. Few studied showed that A few studies have attempted to integrate CSR into the strategic management process by identifying the modes and stages of integration. Thefirms often supply CSR that are irrelevant to the consumer and does not match to the demand. Third, there has been little research on demands of consumers would truly value to create an impact on purchase behaviour. Strategic CSR is defined as “any ‘responsible’ activity that allows a firm to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, regardless of motive”

As per the opinion of Verma& Chandra, (2018), Radisson blue hotel group is on the top priority list is due to the above reason as the ethical CSR is important, things that are done with moral code is required and it attracts others. Demand and supply misinterpretation is not at all present Radisson services as they are totally aware and they are serving what exactlypeople want with different experiment and surprisesevery time. Sustainable development is now game changing factor it is also is in the eyes of Radisson and this is imparting ethical are moral responsibly in them which is helping in attraction of costumer. However the article indicated that the consensual model for predicting the buying behaviour of green advertisement is challenging to achieve the desirable outcomes. The article significantly illustrated the impact of several construct and testing techniques to influence the consumer of green behaviour. The article resulted that the green prosocial behaviour and attitudes of people directly influences the consumption value of green consumers. Overall study illustrated that green advertisement is one of the important method of positively influencing the behaviour of consumers at hotel industry.

Consumer behaviour model and its role-

As per the views ofdo Paco, et. al. (2019), It is defined personality plays important role in customer demands and behaviour. Id,ego,superego is main defining factor so according to them different advertisement and treatment should be done.By providing one buyer behaviour model accordioning to him humans are interpret as system so also called as system model. The article explain buyer behaviour by establishing a link between the organisation and its consumer’s prospective. The article has significant focus on the examination of consumer behaviour to identify the influence of marketing strategy on the business performance and customer satisfaction into hotel industry. It is identified that the efficient marketing strategy has a positive impact on the consumer behaviour as it leads to better consumer satisfaction and develop positive business performance to lead sustainability.

On the other hand, the poor marketing strategy or ineffective tactics in the marketing process of organisation lead the dissatisfaction of customers and also decreases their loyalty with the brand. The author also demonstrated that marketing strategy impact customer satisfaction in a positive way with negative in significance on the business performance. Result of study concluded that for achieving highly efficient business performance the business organisations are required to combine different variables in terms of achieving positive and optimum outcomes.

In the words of Kanten&Darma, (2017), there are several stages are utilizes toprovide message among customers regarding firms and information about product. The advertisement the way costumer derives the message third when costumer buys the service fourth when costumer uses the service. All these stages are important and Radisson hotel is providing its service at the top by keeping all these above four factors in mind from advertisementmarketing to facilities, experience, and infrastructurelocations convenience. Hence it is simply understandable that consumer behaviour is influences by several factors and it directly benefits the particular organization because of better and satisfactory services.

According to Lichev, (2017), The human behaviour is the condition of psychological factors such as human behaviour and it has a significant influence of conducting different activities such as buying service or product from particular brand. The article illustrated that the psychological factors support business management of hotel industry in terms of determining the consumer behaviour by attempting integrated psychological knowledge for increasing economic benefits. Although, socio psychological factors are complex to analyse consumer behaviour and for resolving the major problems of contemporary business organisations. The article focuses on cognitive models and identified that the commercial activities and the combination of appropriate psychological factors motivate the consumers to repeat their purchasing behaviour based on their positive experience and the quality of products and services from brand.

The importance of consumer behaviour for business profit and sustainability:

In the words of Bocken, (2017), Business organisations utilizes several in which year the business lead sustainable consumption strategic Framework is one of the significant Framework that is developed four individual and wider constructive tactics in terms of encouraging sustainable constructions and customer satisfaction to lead business sustainability. The article has a significant advantage as it is illustrated the different cases for demonstrating sustainable constructions in terms of strategies, initiatives and the influence. However it is identified that the climate change is influencing the sustainable business and practices of organisation that negatively influences the business performance and the sustainability to lead organisational success. The article suggested that sustainable consumption is essential for future organisations to utilise concepts and achieving customer satisfaction to lead business sustainability.

According to Lahti, et. al., (2018), The circular economy and different ways that are utilised by Business companies to perform competition required significant understanding in terms of establishing new directions and important research for achieving sustainable business practices and the utilisation of circular Business models. Circular economy model is one of the trending except which is utilising by business organisation for leading better satisfaction of stakeholders. However the utilisation of circular economy also faces criticism and a deep debate over the utilisation of complete cycling materials and the impact of close resource loops. Thereis also lack of evidence as to justify the positive impacts and ethical practices align with the circular economy in terms of leading business sustainability.

In the opinion of Tur-Porcar, et. al., (2018), The sustainability of business organisations and companies is one of the important factor which is highly concerned by the large industries including product and services industry. The different factors of entrepreneurship also impacts the sustainability of business organisations in terms of achieving essential social norms and creating benefiting business ventures. However the process of leading sustainability is a complex process and it is a lengthy and efficient practices to Foster the business sustainability aligned with the environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction. The results demonstrated that the organisational practices of social wellbeing and efforts to improve the environmental conditions in terms of generating profits lead the sustainable brand image with ethical perspectives. However the management of business activities, Vera mental sustainability and human relations is a complex procedure.

In accordance with Rather & Sharma, (2017), The customer satisfaction is one of the significant factor which is crucial role in leading organisational sustainability of hotel industry. As the business sustainability of service organisations is totally based upon the satisfaction of customers to attract new customers and retaining existing ones. It is identified that the customer loyalty and their satisfaction from organisational services has a positive impact on the business sustainability of hotel industry. The hotel industry is evolving as a global industries in which the different type of people and stakeholders are working together at worldwide. Study demonstrated that the hotel industries are facing foremost challenges of maintaining customer satisfaction and their loyalty with organisational services due to increase in competition and rapidly increasing entrepreneurial spirit.

The challenges in maintaining customer loyalty and commitment:

According to Goutam&Gopalakrishna , (2018), The entry of tailors in the service industry is one of the significant concern of organisations. Entry of new organisation is a challenge of sustaining business organisation and leveraging customer satisfaction due to availability of various options and substitute services among targeted customers. Providing high Quality services at optimum level 4 different type of customers is also challenging for the hotel industry in terms of attracting new customers and to retain the existing customers with the organisation for long term. However the web-based shopping also impacting organisational sustainability and consumer satisfaction both positive and negative way.

In accordance with Nyadzayo&Khajehzadeh, (2016), The customer loyalty is a strategic goal of service industry to lead the sustainable business for long term. The brand image is one of the important and specific variable to lead consumer loyalty and enhancing customer satisfaction for developing long-term relationships as recognised by practitioners. The service industry faces issues of CRM quality to develop efficient relationship between the several variables to lead efficient support to develop sustainable business. The article demonstrated that despite of significant efforts of business managers and marketing strategies the consumer loyalty is still a great challenge for service industries.

In the views of Priyo, et. al., (2019), The quality of services has direct and indirect influence on the consumer loyalty of hotel industry. The Appropriate quality of services in the hotel industry is most significant to lead successful customer satisfaction. The hospitality industry faces drastic issue of economic challenges in terms of attracting targeted customers from domestic and international market. The hotel industry also faces issues of finance to lead the growth of organisation into international market for achieving better market share in the industry and sustain the business for long term. The article also include argument that due to fears competition the maintenance of customer loyalty is become more challenging.

In the opinion of Rather, (2019), The business organisations of hotel industry and other industries are continuously seeking for the improvement in customer engagement with the business products and services to achieve sustainability. Business organisations realised that is most important factor of business success for the hotel industry to lead the corporate performance profitable and achieving the competitive advantages by leading sales growth align with the customer satisfaction and brand commitment. A different theories such as relationship marketing theory and the social exchange theory also leads empirical perspectives which demonstrate that the engagement is essential to improve their satisfaction and commitment with the brand and develop sustainable relationships with targeted audience.

As stated by Paparoidamis, et. al., (2019), The increasing diversity in the domestic and commercial services of hotel industry is a significant challenge for the organisations to develop multicultural adoption in the organisation and achieve intercultural interactions. The multicultural interactions are very challenging for hotel industry because it require facilitated acceptance and the tolerance towards the different and diverse perspectives of different people. The process of developing international service settings of hotel services and other services lead the inabilities in the organisation that adversely impact the functional efficiency and Detroit the cross cultural activities.

Methodology and Analytical Framework

Analytical Framework

The analytical framework for the research study is the pictorial presentation of the approach which is going to be followed to accomplish research objectives. The following research work comprises two stages, namely initiation phase and analysis phase. In the initiation phase, the topic selection approval, problem identification, and identification of the research objectives is done. This requires analysis of the literature and secondary data sources.

Research Methodology

As the research is focusing on carrying out the market research about determining the preference of customers to stay in a particular hotel rather than other hotels in Leeds, a thorough research is required to be carried out on this aspect. The marketing research plays a significant role in determining and studying factors that lead to change the decision of customers (Agnihotri et al., 2017). In the following research, the experimental research design has been chosen as this is the most apt design for this research work. This is because it is quite useful in establishing a notable cause and effect. In this case, the cause includes the scientific factors affecting people’s preferences for choosing the Hotel Radisson Blu Leeds over other hotels. According to Huand Yang (2020), there are other benefits of this research design. The first and foremost is the stronger hold

Research Approach

It is important to note here that the research was conducted by making use of the mixed research design. This is because some of the data required for this research work is quantitative in nature while a few of it is having qualitative nature. Apart from these, there are many other reasons for choosing the mix research method. According to Huand Yang (2020),this particular research helps in collecting a wide range of data which is comprehensive. It integrates qualitative and quantitative data to provide depth to the understanding of the issue being studied in the research. Furthermore, Agnihotri et al(2017) have argued that it provides methodological flexibility to the research. The research can make use of many designs such as randomized trials and observational studies. However, for this research, the graphical analysis was done as mixed research methodology quite adaptable and can be used with such analysis methods.

Data Collection

Design of Questionnaire

Questionnaires were sent to 100 people who have been to Radisson Blu Hotel, Leeds. These people were contacted through emails comprising a link of Google form comprising the questions related to the objectives of this research work. At the very beginning of the form, three questions related to the gender, age, and purpose of visiting the hotel. This was really helpful for the researcher to hypothesise differences between preferences and choices of customers. Subscribers were also requested to fill out the form wholly and do not leave any question. The questionnaire was evaluated as a baseline model and along with this, 16 categories on the basis of age, companion & purpose they travel with, and demographic. According to Huand Yang (2020), the research needs to be ethical and as a part of this, all respondents were provided clear instructions about their fundamental rights and their liberty to answer the question they want to. The purpose of the research work was communicated to them and they were assured that their personal information wouldn’t be shared with anyone.

The questionnaire had 11 questions in total that were having some realistic choices. The reason for keeping the questionnaire short is to encourage respondents to answer all the questions without consuming much of their time.

Choice Set Designs

For the reference purpose, the study of Johnston (2014) was taken into consideration that researched the “Consumer willingness-to-pay for hotel room amenities.” The researcher tested and analysed the opinion of customers stayed in a hotel to determine what factors influence customer’s willingness to pay for different amenities. The outcomes of the research were used to improve the business strategy of hotels to encourage and persuade customers to buy the services and hotel amenities. The research helped the businesses to set the price for the amenities so that customers can buy them.

This research was very much useful in designing the questionnaire. The first three questions in the survey form were very general and aimed to determine basic information about the participant, such as age, frequency of visiting a hotel, and the purpose of the stay. In the second part of the questionnaire, questions related to the respondents’ preferences were placed. The author made use of the experimental design to study the business problem (Johnston, 2014).

Data Analysis

Once the data was gathered, the next step was to analyse the data to work out the relevant and useful information from it regarding the research problem. With the help of the so-called choice modeling approach, the results of this primary survey assisted in determining the factors leading to the selection of the Hotel Radisson Blu, Leeds over other hotels of similar categories in the city. This particular model bundled the characteristics of the hotels that are unique and are not found in other hotels. Apart from this, their responses about the service quality, value for money, hospitality of staff members, and room characteristics have helped researchers in reaching to the final conclusion.

Here, a researcher would make use of the probability-based model that says that a person chooses Option A over B when the difference between their services is high. This can be presented in the following equation:-

P(A over B)= 1/[1+e-(serviceA- serviceB)]

If the difference between the service quality of A and B increases, then people would choose A over B.

For this research purpose, graphs are used to determine the gap in the services of the Hotel Radisson Blu Leeds and other hotels in the city. Hence, the aforementioned equation is enough to compute the outcome and reach on the conclusion of this research work.

Key Dependencies

The following research topic is characterized with some dependencies that might affect the course of action of this research work. The very first and foremost dependency related to this work is associated with the availability of the previous research works on topics that could help in identifying the parameters to be studied and for which the data would be collected using primary survey forms. Apart from this, the research would also make use of the secondary data for this work available in the public domain. Apart from this, the final approval of the tutor is required which is also considered as the research work dependency. 


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