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CW2 Critical Reflection Of Ethical Issues Assignment Sample

I. Aim and objectives of the proposed project

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1.1 Aim of the project

The primary aim of the research is to recognise the reasons which are encouraging people to opt for takeaway services rather than eating in Thai restaurants.

1.2. Objectives

The objective of the research has been determined by aligning the research topic and research aims. The main objective of the research will be,

  • To recognise the aspects which are encouraging people to take the takeaway services rather than eating in the Thai restaurants in Wallington.
  • To analyse the level of satisfaction among the consumers who are preferring to take the takeaway services.
  • To identify the benefits and negative aspects of choosing to take away services over traditional eating outside.
  • To make a concluding section with relevant data and facts.
  1. Methodology

Research Approach

One of the most crucial aspects of research that guides the researcher in the process of data collection and data processing is called the research approach. The research approach is dependent upon the research topic and on the sources of data collection. There are three different research approach which is, inductive research approach, deductive approach and abductive research approach (Sharma, 2020). In this research, the formulation of ideas and principles will be based upon the data collected from the primary sources. Hence, the inductive approach will be the most suitable one for this purpose as it focuses upon an individual's own perspective rather than referring to other previous theories and creations.

Research Design

Research design is associated with the efficient framework which enables research to be successfully conducted. The main advantage a research design gives to the researcher is that it helps the researcher to identify the type of research for the selected topic. There is six type of research design including, explanatory research design, exploratory research design, descriptive research design, experimental and quasi-experimental research design (Hilsen and Olsen, 2021). For this particular research, the descriptive research design will be utilised as it has a structured system that benefits in analysing and collecting data. It will also benefit the researcher to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the data and help in understanding the relevance of research questions and gathered data.

Data Collection Method

The data collection method is the process of acquiring or gathering data by the researcher (Pandey and Pandey, 2021).There are two types of data collection, for instance,primary datacollection and secondary data collection. In this research, the required data for the selected topic and selective objectives will be extracted via the primary data collection method. As the researcher is working in a Thai restaurant, it will be easy for him to collect data from customers through interviews and surveys.

Participants of the Research

All the data will be collected fresh from the customers via interviews and surveys. 50 participants will be taking part in the survey. The participants of the research can be regardless of any category. These individuals can be the people who take the takeaway services. For acquiring qualitative data, the participants can be regular as well as new customers. There will be no limitation among the participants regarding, age group, income and background. 10participants will take part in the interview process.

III Reflection on ethical issues

3.1 Autonomy, privacy and dignity of the participants and organisations?

For every research it is one of the significant parts while collecting data is to maintain the dignity, privacy and autonomy of the participants which enhance the credibility and authenticity of the data. As the research will be done via collecting primary data and through taking interviews and surveys, therefore, it is vital to take note of the elements regarding the ways of maintaining the participant's dignity, privacy and autonomy while gathering data.

In this regard, the researcher will include delivering enough information relating to the research ad delivering enough options in order to choose from as per the participant's comfortability and then forward to the voluntary agreement and consent in order to participate in the activity (Bramstedt, 2020). To maintain privacy the researcher will keep the participant identity confidential and also ensure all the recorded data will be secured via password-protected files, encrypted while sharing information over interned and will be kept in locked doors and drawers. For the purpose of maintaining dignity, the researcher along with ensuring privacy and information confidentiality will also respect their choice and opinion along with their right to change their mind.

3.2. Scientific integrity

For this particular research, the required data will be collected via the primary data collection method. In this regard, the researcher will be taking interviews of 10 participants and a survey of 50 participants to collect viable data. In order to collect and record data, there is multiple skill required by the researcher. Among these, the researcher must be an active listener instead of selective listening to collect the responses of the interviewee and should be aware of the things for avoiding bias in a survey. In addition, the researcher should have good questioning skills.

Furthermore, the researcher should also have a balanced state of critical thinking and common sense along with a combination of reasoning skills and imaginative skills (Young, Zubrzycki and Plath, 2020). The affirmation of the credibility of the research comes directly from the statement that all the participants of the research are the consumer of the Takeaway service who will be able to deliver the most authentic and first-hand data behind the reason for choosing the Takeaway service. In addition, the inclusion of diverse ages, income backgrounds and new and old customers will make the research more authentic and credible. Among all the skills, the researcher needs to improve critical thinking skills. In this regard, the researcher will improve the skill via simplifying things, solving maths and focusing more on observation.

3.3. Social responsibility

With the increase of busy schedules in the workplace, people are now preferring more to eat out rather than making a meal at home. Due to this the popularity of restaurants has increased extensively. This research basically aims to understand multiple factors relating to the preference of Taking away service rather than choosing Thai restaurants. This research will help the industry marketer to understand the takeaway service in detail and also benefit the business management students to get the comprehension of the factors impacting the decision making of the food preference of customer which will benefit in recognising impacting factors and also facilitate in making strategies in order to improve the efficiency of Thai restaurants in Wallington. Due to Covid, the interview conduction will be via digital platforms in order to maintain Covid restriction and to maintain the good health of the participants (Lin, 2021).

3.4. Maximising benefit and minimising harm

The research is of great importance as the discussion will represent the solution to the challenges faced by Thai restaurants which will help to improve the organisation. The main risk is to manage the cost and time, as the research will take time, extracting the outcome will be time-consuming and also if the budget increases which will deliver a negative impact. Furthermore, proper disability to maintain the confidentiality of the organisational information may lead to destroying the company’s reputation. And, inadequate questions and unofficial behaviour can impact the wellbeing of the participant which can have a negative impact upon the participant’s decision making. Lastly, the regional marketer, business management students and the owners and managers of the Thai restaurants will be most beneficial as the report will deliver informative data regarding the areas of improvement.


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Present a list, using Harvard standard, containing the texts that you have used to support the production of the assignment

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