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Digital Strategy And Leadership Coursework Specification

Introduction: Digital Strategy And Leadership Coursework Specification

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  • The digital strategy aims on utilizing technology to improve the state of business.
  • Leadership affects other people to follow that are situated in an organisation (Franklin et al. 2022).

The digital strategy focuses on using the parts of technology to make progress in the business. It mentions the directions a company or organisation will grab. These will be taken to build new advantages that are related to the competition. Leadership is a particular part that can happen at all kinds of levels that are situated in an organization and society too. People, who are in these positions influence or affect other peoples. 

Rules of Digital Strategy

  • Judging the digital impact is also important or essential in a market of competition. 
  • Ambitions that are related to digital performance are a great step towards success (Camacho et al. 2021).

The process of making a high understanding is an effective strategy. This strategy is built because of the environment of the competition a particular client is operating in. The particular companies or organisations that win in the field of digital have big thinking about the work. They make a strong structure of the work by taking advantage of what exists there. This particular process is used to unlock new features. 


  • The mindset that is related to the digital strategy consequences in a good way. 
  • Managing transformation is all about succeeding at earning and fulfilling the demands of the stakeholders (McGill et al. 2021). 

The digital mindset brings a change to work that is related to the cultural field. It is a multistage method that works on the maturity and experience that is related to the business of the client. Building or establishing a culture that is related to the digital strategy is essential. Stakeholders' demands that are related to the tools and techniques are included in the part of managing transformation. A process that is continuously improving assists this by helping to recognize better routes to proceed without any kind of sacrifice. 

Principles of leadership Coursework

  • Servant leadership is the particular part that gives ideas about order to lead things. 
  • Prioritizing the services is the most important part of principles in leadership coursework (Aaronson & Leblond, 2018).

One must be the servant who has the idea about emotional intelligence. Servant leaders have countless amounts of care for others. This particular part is like a nurse that will provide the attention that needs it more. Servant leaders will look first at those particular issues that have huge attention or need first. The core values make servant leadership such a great opportunity for the system of healthcare. 


  • Sharing powers works great to understand the part of leadership. 
  • A safe place that is situated in a workplace will make the work process smoother (Wang et al. 2019). 

Servant leaders want to share their responsibilities and powers when it is the appropriate time. The process of taking a decision is distributed and each of them is situated like they have their personal opinion or voice. The workplace should be safe at first to process the perfect method of work. It will be situated like a mistake that is measurable and can show up. After that those individuals will feel like they require burying the issue or mistake. 

Role of Jeff Immelt

  • Jeff Immelt was the CEO of the BE multinational company. 
  • He was so good and wise as a leader as he did some important work in the company (Megahed & Ghoneim, 2021).

Jeff Immelt started his career at the age of sixteen. He was situated or placed at the multinational company that is known as GE multinational company. He remained the CEO, as his works were wonderfully good. He guided the whole company through the year 2008. He described the role of the CEO as tough as is it nowadays. Some parts that are known as discipline and curiosity made his work easier. 


  • He was a man of discipline and this part helped him to make progress in the company.
  • The process of gathering information is also an effective part of the company that was done by him (ge.com, 2022).

Jeff Immelt maintained discipline in the company that helped him and other Executives that are related to the GE. This makes the most effective consequences makeover that was ever made in history. They gathered information that was actually essential to the development and trends all the time. All the time they do not actually react to them. It is one of the proven effective ideas that are situated in a company or organisation. 

Theories of Digital Strategy

  • Strategies that include digital marketing strategies are also an essential part of a company.
  • This particular part is about online offers that are related to the market (ge.com, 2022).

A digital marketing strategy is made for reaching extra people or audiences at once. This part includes various parts that are known as direct massage to the marketing people. Marketing that is related to email and many more. This theory is known as theory that is known as market segmentation. This gives the idea about the marketers and these are moving away from the part that is known as mass marketing. This particular method is applied to indicate more groups of individuals. 

Significance of DS

  • The data structure is a significant or important part that is situated in a program.
  • This enhances the performance in the program or place o work (ge.com, 2022). 

The data structure is the particular part that can be placed in a program. It increases the efficiency, and correction of the work. This particular part plays a great role in the ground of performance that is situated in a process of work. The primary or main part of the program gathers or stores and retrieved all the data that are connected to the user. 

This particular process should be done as fast or soon as possible. It is a particular way to organize all the data. It is done in a format that is a specialized form. This specific process is done so that all the details can be stored, gathered and checked in a fast way. This is the kind of way that is effective and quick. This assists in handling different kinds of information, utilizing data for easy use. 


  • This allows the easier process of various data that are helpful for the work.
  • Supplies management related to the databases situated in a program (ge.com, 2022). 

This process is so helpful for work as it allows or gives the authority to process the collected data in an easier process. Management databases are utilized in various places, such as indexing with the assistance of arrays and hash tables. There are three primary or main characteristics situated in the data structure. Those important parts were a complexity that is related to space and time. Besides these two correctness is also an essential part that is situated in the characteristics of data structure. 

Challenges faced by GE 

  • Jeff Immelt took over the company during the tough times of the organization.  
  • He faced numerous challenges and tried to overcome them by applying several theories and tools (ge.com, 2022). 

Immelt’s time as the CEO faced challenges regarding stock price and the pressure of activist investors. Moreover, the different sectors of this organization are facing challenges such as the aviation industry being affected due to the lack of supply chain in production. The challenges faced by the healthcare industry were in maintaining safety measures. In addition to this, low-cost innovation and reducing the errors of the clinical equipment used in the medical field created problems in the company’s reputation.


  • The shares of the power industry faced a downfall due to the abrupt decision of leaving the business of thermal power( Olsen & Tomlin, 2020).
  • The company also faced problems regarding the investment and profit sector in foreign markets (Vafadar et al. 2021).

The company’s abrupt decision to leave the thermal business affected the share price and reputation of the company. Moreover, the early financial crisis also influenced the company and therefore resulted in the sinking of its economic standards. In addition to this, the expansion of the renewable resources of power also affects the business of this company. Moreover, this company invested a huge sum of money in the market o global turbines. This signifies that it has overpaid and wasted capital.

Digital Transformation

  • Digital transformation refers to the use of digital technologies to modify primitive technologies and aims at improving the utilization of resources.
  • It also improves the process of managing the business and customers of a particular firm (ge.com, 2022).

This is a business strategy that enhances the working process of a firm and contributes to the flourishment of the business firm. In addition to this, Digital Transformation aims at modifying the business plans and culture of the company and tries to meet the evolved requirement of the business market. The basic components of this strategy involve satisfying the customers, developing digitization and maintaining the management of the company’s performance.


  • GE wanted to own the company’s internet to innovate its existing business and expand the business of the company.
  • It formed a different unit to perform the operation of the IT sectors of the company (ge.com, 2022). 

The aims of this company went in vain as it opened different units for controlling the IT operations of the company. This affected the business strategy of the company and resulted in the failure of the proper utilization of digital transformation. However, the implementation of this technology was to improve data analytics and the performance of the company focusing on the technology. Instead, the objectives were different from the capabilities of the company, hence affecting the company’s performance. 


  • The challenges faced by this company can be resolved by implementing several theories and technical tools in the modification of software.
  • The strategies of edge computing and partnership can be used by the company to improve the risks and develop the market globally (Schallmo & Daniel, 2018). 

GE has got opportunities to rebound the company’s success with the introduction of new companies in the market. Moreover, the performance and expertise of the company can be improved with the implementation of solutions regarding the areas of safety, economy, performance, maintenance and automation. The utilization of edge computing can improve the management of the company's data as it enhances the evaluation of the data in situ. In addition to this, it also provides reliability and security of the data.


  • Focus on the demands and requirements of the consumers are an important point that can be improved by developing the IT sector of the company. 
  • Partnerships with different companies can improve the reputation and financial crisis of the company (ge.com, 2022).

These two points illustrate the factors that can retain the reputation of the company. Therefore, focusing more on the consumers will give the company more ideas about the strategies and demands in the global market. Therefore it will help in making more constructive plans for the flourishment of the business. Moreover, there are many IoT companies in the market, thus it becomes very difficult to make a position among them. Therefore, a partnership with one of them can enhance the chances of success in the global market and manage the economic status of the company. 

Concept of DSL

  • The concept of DSL mainly deals with the communication system that involves the use of telecommunication wire to transfer the internet.
  • This is the most common mode of communication used along with cable internet (ge.com, 2022). 

This mode of communication includes the transfer of the internet through copper wire lines. In addition to this, it is considered the most used internet connection along with the cable internet connection. It mainly focuses on the distribution of high-speed data. Moreover, splitters are used to divert the frequency of the internet so that they can be used in both the facilities of telephone and the internet.

Significance of DSL

  • The utilization of the DSL mode of communication benefited and affect the company’s management of the data. 
  • The significance of DSL states that this is a cost-effective technology and does not require any additional wiring system (Schallmo & Daniel, 2018).

The use of this communication mode can benefit as it can use manage with the wire provided along with the telephone. Therefore, it reduces the cost of the extra wire. Other than this, it provides the best connectivity and provides connections to both the telephone as well as the internet facility. Apart from this, the most advantageous feature of this connection states that consumers can switch to different connection speeds according to pricing choice.

Achievements of GE

  • GE has struggled with many problems regarding finance and management of the company assets and finally managed to overcome them gradually.
  • The partnership strategy with Competitive Power Ventures benefitted in reigning the reputation and functioning of the company (Wang et al. 2019).

According to the analysis of the company, it regained the position of the world’s best producer of gas turbines. This is because it contributed the most heavy-duty, advanced and efficient gas turbine to the world. Other than this, it also ventured into partnerships with other companies and succeeded in producing engineered types of equipment and modern gas turbines that helped the power supply all over the world.


  • The management of the investment of GE has been in control and thus it helped in the economic status of the company.
  • The company has announced the introduction of the MXL2 along with the Additive Manufactured Performance (Verhoef et al. 2021).

The company in partnership introduce the above-mentioned gas turbine which is known as the world’s first solution for the GT13E2 gas turbines. This equipment has special features as it is developed with additive technology and adds many special facilities to it. It is more advantageous as the facility of the cooling channel can be incorporated into this type of gas turbine. It gives the machine the ability to function more efficiently and causes an upgrade to the reputation of the company.

Evaluation of DE’s Digital Business Strategy

  • The firm that is manufactured finds the tough evaluation of the right model of digital business. 
  • There are three phases of companies that are situated for the evaluation of the business model (Wang et al. 2019). 

The time when it is the era of digitalization, some firms that are related to manufacturing. They find it tough or difficult to figure out the right model for digital business. Managers and leaders that are situated in the company asses carefully every business model opportunity to avoid traps that are related to digitization. Three highlighted traps related to digitization and three-phase work companies can utilize to evaluate models related to digital business. 


  • The study is based on a detailed analysis of GE and how it has performed in its early years to date.
  • It also illustrates theories that are used by the company to improve its reputation and how it has affected them.

The reputation of the company was disrupted due to the failure in the economic standard of the company. However, it was revived by incorporating different theories and principles. Moreover, many changes are made in the strategies of the company and therefore it resulted to be useful and helped it to revive its name in different sectors.



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