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Digital Transformation

Introduction - Digital Transformation

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Galaxy that serves in the field of Sports and Recreation (S&R) was founded around ten years ago with the goal of increasing and showing geographic knowledge of reservation for various tourist places in order to provide cultural, historical, and natural resources. Digital transformations have seen more attention from the business perspectives. The recent marketing strategy has shifted towards digital platforms and social media campaigns which further modifies the strategic module in modern corporate. The company mission and vision is to promote the integrity and the perseverance of the overall essence of the places that we visit.


As a social media manager, I have to look after the company’s online existence and its brand awareness. This is achieved through the methods of creating good and attractive content, and also by analyzing the target customer group and understanding their requirements from tours and travels company. Along with that my job role also considers the responsibilities of providing a smooth recollection with the customer experience and also includes the proper collection of the customer reviews and their experiences with our company to further expand the customer approach. My job role of social media manager also includes the act of creating and managing creative projects and campaigns that serve the motto and vision of the company as well as its customer acquisition ratios. In our discussion we evaluate the various imperatives, phases, related to our business growth strategies and the possible threats and solutions. The mission of our company is the promotion of the cultural, historical and the natural niches of the globe by enhancing and portraying the global knowledge. And our company’s vision is to preserve the integrity and the identity of the traveling locations including the cultural, environmental and heritage essence of the place and the well-being of its residents


While complying to the role of social media manager for the traveling company Galaxy tours and travels, I gained the confidence for enhancing the communication skills to enhance the interaction with the clients. Moreover, the role also provided me the insight to understand and design the operational and tactical strategies that are helpful for the growth and brand awareness of the company as well as its marketing structure and in turn the net revenue generation.


The evaluation of my role helped me to understand the importance of stakeholders for a tours and travels company. It included the government body as the national guidelines as an important factor for the travelling aspect. Then the coordination required between a travelling company and various hospitality organizations like Hotels, resorts and so on. Moreover, the track with the airlines companies and other transportation groups like taxi, buses or trains are also very important considerations.


The analysis provided me with an insight into the factors that can potentially harm the digital marketing for a tours and travels company. Natural incidences like COVID 19 pandemic or artificial incidences like wars and disruption of harmony in countries like the Russia-Ukraine war etc can potentially damage the backbone of traveling companies. Also the online travel agency still needs to come up with strategies to bridge the gap for people who like to travel but can’t trust a travel company for their needs.


The reflective report can be concluded on the short note that, as a social media manager, I consider the adoption of various tools like campaigns or progressive marketing to enhance the structure and market penetration of traveling companies. Enhancing custom interaction and cost effective travel options aided with efficient marketing paradigms can enhance the market structure for Galaxy tours and travels.

Action Plan

A good action plan for the marketing or digital transformation of the Galaxy tours and travels might include the subtle incorporation of green marketing ideas more profoundly. Green marketing will help our company to adequately fulfill the motto and vision of the company to protect the niches of the world as well as its requirement of net revenue generation. The mission of preserving is the integrity, cultural, environmental and heritage aspect of the places.



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