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Documentary Analysis With Descriptive Annotated Bibliography

Introduction - Documentary Analysis With Descriptive Annotated Bibliography

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Social media is one of the most trending and growing technologies which is gaining immense growth and recognition day by day, especially generation Z or teenagers or adolescents, who are getting negatively impacted in terms of mental health. The report aims to conduct a documentary analysis on the topic "IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON MENTAL HEALTH OF TEENAGERS" by selecting relevant articles that will focus on the theme. The major themes related to the topic includes the impact of social media on psychological distress and other mental health conditions of adolescents, impacts of social media on school functioning and mediating processes, the challenges develop due to social media creating and Society and depression among adolescents, etc. The selected articles will focus on the variables of topic such as social media, mental health and teenagers by considering the demonstrated themes. The report also aims to demonstrate the impacts of mass media on a particular group (teenagers or adolescents) and the process of shaping audiences or media. The constitutive part of the report will include the discussion about documentary information and will reach the relevant conclusion to summarise findings. The report will be completed with a reference list containing the bibliographic information and address of selected articles for study.

Documentary Analysis:

Article 1: Social media might be bad for teens’ mental health at certain age windows

Bibliographic Information of the Chosen Article

According to O’Reilly et al, (2018), stated that the effect of social media on adolescents has been growing in terms of mental health. This study has focused on some groups with 54 adolescent's ages between 11-18 years. With the help of thematic analysis, it has been identified that social media is a threat to mental well-being for the teenagers. Three different themes have been identified such as; the use of social media is a kind of compulsion, this platform was observed as a cyber-bullying, and it was supposed to cause apprehension and mood sicknesses among some teenagers.

Who owns the News Publication?

The journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry is owned by the Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health. It was first published in 1960. Wiley-Blackwell is the publisher of all the journal articles.

Who is this Publication aimed at?

The aim of new publication was "to bring together all the original journal papers fretful with the teenagers or child from such assorted disciplines as psychology, social case work, sociology, and paediatrics. The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry is a peer reviewed academic journal that includes the field of child psychoanalysis & consciousness. This is an international journal article that brings together experimental practise with the applicable examination of highest division concentrating on understanding emotional well-being, treatment issues for children, mental health, health care researchers, and patients support.

How is the group represented in it?

The targeted group of this research paper was the students aged between 11-18 years. A particular group of students was selected to review their mental health.

Article 2: Teenage social media use linked to less life-satisfaction for some

Bibliographic Information of the Chosen Article

According to Keles, McCrae and Grealish, (2020) the most common disorders in children and teenagers are depression and anxiety. It has been identified that the influence of social media on teenagers has develop an importance due to an upsurge in the mental health problems.

Who owns the News Publication?

An international Journal of Adolescence and Youth are published by Taylor and Francis Ltd. This journal article is a peer-reviewed open admission that distributes on adolescents and youth across international contexts. The journal article was recognized on 1972.

Who is this Publication aimed at?

The aim of this journal article is to recognize, observe, and associate issues, strategies, and difficulties related to youth & adolescents throughout the world.

How is the group represented in it?

This study has targeted the students aged 13 to 18. The outcome of using the social media by teenagers results in psychological distress, depression, and anxiety.

Article 3: Social media use impacts wellbeing in teens, UK study finds

Bibliographic Information of the Chosen Article

According to Thorisdottir et al, (2019) stated that social media has become a combined part of daily life. It has been identified that teenagers and young adults are the most lively used of social media. It has been identified that Facebook is the most common social media platform there were used by the students. Anxiety and depresses mood have been identified as an impacts of using social media.

Who owns the News Publication?

The journal of cyberpsychology, Behaviour, and Social Networking was introduced in 1998. This news journal is published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc and Brenda K. Wiederhold.

Who is this Publication aimed at?

This publication aimed to understand the psychological and social impact of social networking practices. For the past 15 years, cyber psychology, Behaviour, a& Social Networking journal article has followed the trend of virtual reality and social networking.

How is the group represented in it?

Researcher has targeted students aged 14 to 16 years in the 8th, 9th, and 10th grade of school. A particular of questionnaire were administered to all the students.


To conclude, the selected topic is worth documentary analysis because it is important to understand the consequences of using social media at different levels for mental health and other aspects of growth among youth. It is demonstrated that the selected articles are highly relevant to the topic and have appropriate and effective objectives to be achieved for supporting the youth suffering from mental illness due to social media usage. It is explored that the articles are derived from sound publishers and associated with internal biases that are represented from its Publication. It is also elaborated that certain groups and events are effectively represented by the authors or owners of the article that are totally reliable to the aim and topic of study. It is concluded that the selected articles for documentary analysis and discussion are academic because they are Peer-reviewed and clearly represent themselves as formal writing. It is also concluded that there are certainties when media is shaped by the audience and in some cases, the audiences shape the contents and themes of study.


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Van Den Eijnden, R., Koning, I., Doornwaard, S., Van Gurp, F. and Ter Bogt, T., 2018. The impact of heavy and disordered use of games and social media on adolescents’ psychological, social, and school functioning. Journal of behavioral addictions7(3), pp.697-706.

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