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Strategic Marketing Planning Assignment

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Introduction - Strategic Marketing Planning

Mission statement

The aviation industry of the Middle East is considered to be one of the largest irrigation industries in the world as it operates services throughout the entire world to connect one area of the world to another. The main mission statement of the company is "excellence in everything we do". The mission statement of Qatar Airways is considered to be one of the most prominent and noteworthy aviation companies. Moreover, the goal of Qatar Airways is to become one of the largest aviation industries in the Middle East countries by providing the best quality and cost-effective services to the customers. Qatar Airways is one of the airlines situated in the Gulf states of the Middle East which has become a part of the strategy of the government to diversify economics and revenue-based tourism, commerce, and the transport system of the world.

Summary of performance

Qatar Airways became the World's biggest airline in terms of passenger volume in September. Qatar Airways have overtaken Saudi Airlines with more than 2 million flights. Qatar Airways expanded its flight program with 1,000 flights throughout September compared to August. Qatar Airways accomplished its services with a performance of 87.3 %. To put it differently, 87.3 % of aviation flights of Qatar airways arrived within such a 15-minute gap of their scheduled arrival. Qatar Airways enhanced its timeliness by 12 % compared to the previous month (Seanyen et al., 2021). However, in terms of time, the aircraft falls below that of Europe-based major airlines.

In September, Qatar was able to maintain a good level of reliability. The Doha-based airline scrapped more than 50 regular flights overall. Qatar Airways' schedule reliability climbed by 99.6 % as a result. Schedule reliability fell by 0.2% points during September compared to the previous month. Qatar, but in the other part, displayed a high level of schedule reliability at 99.6% (Seanyen et al., 2021). Qatar Airways is based on government airlines and is controlled by the government. Doha seems to be the central hub and headquarter. The carrier owns a fleet of 235 Boeing and Airbus flights. Qatar Airways employ about 1.5 million people and services 173 new locations around the world. For it is very well quality service, the airline has received several accolades. The airline has its own rewards system, Privilege Club. The company participates in the One-world airline alliance (O’Connell and Bueno, 2018).

Qatar Airways has been used to dealing with challenging circumstances. The year 2019-20 has been one of the most challenging situations in carriers ever. The Qatar Airways Corporation posted a net income of QAR 7 billion for the annual year 2019-20. It is a result of the ongoing airline ban against Qatar. The majority company's dissolution of Air Travel was banned as per the revisions in accounting policy and standardizations, and the COVID-19 pandemic problem.

Market overview


As per the report of the statistics the aviation industry of Saudi Arabia is about more than 1.5 billion industries across the world which generates more than 300 billion dollars revenue and profit collection. The aviation industry also provides employment opportunities to more than 1.5 million people (Petcu, 2021). Qatar Airways is considered to be one of the largest and leading aviation industries situated in the Gulf state. It is also known that Qatar Airways is developing a market in Dubai to feed the busy route of Dubai. The market size of the industry is huge as it contributes to a portion of the gross domestic product of the country. Apart from that, it also provides a huge profit and revenue collection to the economy of the country. The main target of the industry is the customers who consider Emirates Airways expensive and costly. Qatar Airways stated choice is to provide good quality flight services at an affordable and low price. The industry provides more than 2 million job opportunities and advantages to people (Petcu, 2021). The industry is also connected to the aviation industry across the globe. 


Qatar airways transform the airports into a social hub where the passengers can experience better airport services. The company has also improved its digital and technology-based services. Online booking facilities are being provided to the customer. The passenger tracking system has been upgraded and the smooth management systems including integrated technology-based personalized services have also been introduced in the airports. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services have also been introduced to provide relevant information to customers (Temirkhanova, 2019). With technology-based advancements, Qatar Airways has also upgraded the digital security services in the company. The security system is one of the major trains used by Qatar Airways. With digital security services, the customers need not wait much. Automated verification processes have also been introduced to reduce the waiting time for the customers. Qatar Airways have also planned to develop frequent air flight services. The passenger traffic has increased in Qatar Airways which shows that the industry has booming opportunities for increasing market share and market opportunities. Digital transformation has also been planned to be introduced in the Airways. Digitization is rapidly increasing in the aviation industry. The increased automation services have been planned to be implemented for providing better customer and passenger services.



As per the new guidelines of the covid-19 pandemic situation the political environment of the aviation industry has been changed as per the government rules. The government has imposed new guidelines and rules, and trade rules, for maintaining the covid-19 pandemic conditions. As per the new rules and regulations, Qatar Airways has to make necessary strategies for dealing with the challenges. By such a ban Qatar Airways has been greatly affected (Suau-Sanchez et al., 2020). Apart from that, there is also another political impact of the ban on transport connectivity in Middle East countries including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Bahrain. In 2017 Qatar was affected due to the close transport connectivity to various Middle East countries (Abeyratne, 2017). These political conditions are the major macro-environmental or external factors that directly impact the aviation industry.


Economic factors are also one of the major crucial and very important external factors of any industry. Due to the covid-19 pandemic situation, the government banned all aviation flight movements which has left approximately all the aircraft and flights stopped. Only the necessary and commercial flights were allowed to operate its services and therefore it caused economic loss to the entire aviation industry of Qatar (Roy, 2020). The oil reserves provide an opportunity for the aviation industry in exporting oil across the world. The decline in the prices of oil has also brought a use-down pressure on the travel industry and has also influenced the business and commercial visitors to come to Qatar. These are the major economic factors that have impacted Qatar Airways' growth and development.


Because Qatar Airways is a global company, it's necessary to look at social changes that have a global effect on the industry's development. The analysis stated in the preceding part that the growing middle class in emerging economies provides a huge opportunity for aircraft to flourish within those regions. Moreover, in established markets, the demand for travel amongst Generation Y visitors is increasing: this generation unlike previous generations has a tremendous desire to travel and discover different cultures. While Generation Y passengers also are not the biggest group of air passengers, yet will eventually get to be the strongest customer base for the airline industry.


Technology also has a huge impact on the aviation industry because with the development of technology almost all the airline services and operations have been transformed. Technology has also impacted the covid-19 pandemic situation because of all the restrictions, guidelines, and rules to avoid social distancing and maintain the health and wellbeing of the passengers and the employees. Digital technology has been presented in the organization for meeting the requirements and needs of the customers. An online ticket booking system has been introduced for avoiding social distancing. The airline industry has been exploring the options provided by digital innovations to enhance operations and foresee changing customer requirements. This entails carriers developing their online presence and comprehending how new systems such as social networks and mobile apps may be deployed to communicate with their target audience. Though aircraft technology is expected to improve quickly in the next five to ten years, airlines are investigating possible creative ways to reduce fuel economy.


The airline business is regularly condemned for emitting greenhouse gases by releasing a huge concentration of carbon-di-oxide. While aircraft have grown more fuel economical, the firm's environmental costs have grown due to a significant rise in demand for air travel (Ranasinghe et al., 2019). In the western world, governments are gradually forging new steps to enhance airlines to modify their planes. The aviation sector has an extra environmental challenge as either a result of global warming which would be manifested in the shape of recurrent poor weather.


The new travel policies implemented by the US government, restrict electronic devices on board and travel to the US for specific citizens of the Muslim countries such as Iran, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, and Sudan. These are actually legal issues that the Qatari airline industry faces. Furthermore, the regional instability among Qatar and many other nations are also another factor for the legal restrictions.


Geographical segmentation

Most of the regions across the world are presently operated by Qatar Airways. The main strategy of the aviation industry of Qatar is to expand the routes by including the roots of South Pacific areas of Australia and also to the routes of neighboring countries (Ellis, 2020). The division sector is very fluctuating and dynamic and Qatar Airways is a carrier service providing aircraft company that uses all the geographical areas of Middle East countries to connect more than 70 International areas. Qatar Airways targets the geographical areas including the airline operations of the United Kingdom London India Myanmar Abu Dhabi, Dubai Singapore, Kuala Lumpur Jakarta Hong Kong, and many more other countries.

Demographic segmentation

Qatar Airways targets the carrier services to all people. The demographic segmentation consists of the criteria including sex age income and religion.


Male and female passengers are allowed.


Children below 12 years of age and adults of maximum above 55 years of age are permitted.


The main segmented passenger that Qatar Airways has included is based on the monthly income level of 300000 dollars and over.


Non-Muslim and Muslims are all the religious people who are allowed to the Qatar Airways services.

Competitor analysis

Qatar Airways has a used competition level in the marketplace. More than 13 competitors are operating their aviation services in the marketplace. The major competitors of Qatar Airways include Air India Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Air France, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines, Jet Airways, Malaysia Airlines, and Lufthansa. Through strategic marketing, Qatar Airways aims to differentiate itself and gain a competitive edge in this crowded market.

The swot analysis is very crucial because it helps identify the major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company. With this analysis, the company can make effective strategies for improving the weak areas and use the strong points for development and growth.





· Qatar Airways has targeted the segment of people who can travel in the luxury level of airway class and also are capable of paying for the Airways services. The aviation industry has a clear target segment. The brand loyalty of the industry is also high which can attract a large number of customers to the airline services of the company. 

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· Qatar Airways has also a strong and robust backing system of management provided by Government support. There is also a strong leadership practice performed in the industry where the strategies are made by efficient leaders.

· Another strong point of Qatar Airways is that it provides a cross-cultural consciousness in the industry that helps Qatar Airways understand the needs and requirements of the customers. It also has increased the loyalty and satisfaction of the customers. The competitive advantage of the Airways has also increased. The industry also ensures that it will provide diverse in-flight services to make the customers feel comfortable throughout the journey.

· Qatar Airways also provides a top-class travel experience to the passengers by providing comfortable and relaxed seeds boil class reasons and tries to provide the customers with a five-star experience during their travel. Inflight services of the company are also good and impeccable. Starting from the checking system to the safety and security of the customers all are maintained effectively to ensure a comfortable journey to the customers.

The weaknesses of Qatar Airways include:

· As the company focuses on top-class service providers it has to maintain a huge expense for maintaining the quality and facility of the services. Cost management has become one of the major problems for the company because of the fluctuation of oil prices and the huge expense for maintaining the quality of the services.

· The number of low-cost airlines has increased. Competition from the low-cost airline services has also increased.

· The global recession has prompted many organizations to cut their travel spending, resulting in more people preferring low-cost traveling. As a result, low-cost flights are applying pressure on cost carriers.

· With the implementation of new and advanced technology solutions Qatar Airlines' service can provide the best reference to the customers. Doha can become one of the largest financial hubs and an important International hub.

· By developing essential and effective marketing strategies can increase its brand image and brand reputation.

· By developing connectivity across the world to the different airline centers that Qatar Airways can also improve the service of the company.

· The present increase in the tourism industry of the Middle East countries can provide the company a used opportunity to expand its business capacity.

· Qatar airlines have also increased its brand reputation in Europe and other regions

· The threat is the high level of competition in the marketplace.

· There is also another threat of environmental degradation due to huge carbon emissions from aircraft.

· The possibility of new entrants in the airline industry can be a useful thread for the company.

· Many competitors have the huge financial capacity to compete with Qatar airlines.

· As volatility is a useful problem for the airline industry it can also bring many problems and challenges.

· The covid-19 pandemic situation has also brought volatility in the airline services by declining the economic development of the industry

(Source: Seanyen et al., 2021)


The main assumptions include:

  • The new and innovative product can be developed to increase competitiveness and attract customers.
  • Developing various communication can force the organization to recruit expert and talented employees about marketing to accomplish the tasks.
  • When the competition is high regarding the airline fares, the company can lower the price of the tickets.


3-year marketing plan

Where are we now?

Where do we want to be?

How will we get there?

Did we get there?

Qatar Airways is facing challenges due to the covid-19 pandemic situation in which the company has faced a huge economic loss.

The competition level is high in the market. Many aircraft are stopped to provide their services. The government has brought many restrictions.

The main focus of the company is to become one of the leading airline service providers in the Middle East countries by providing the best quality service.

· Positioning strategies

· Branding strategies

· Produce and service developmental strategies

· Sustainability strategies

· Market segmentation strategies

· By product innovation

· Marketing communication strategies

· International marketing strategies

· Social and ethical strategies

· Implementation of the strategies

· Strategy control and metrics

Marketing objectives and strategies

The marketing objectives and strategies have been and decided based on the marketing mix. 


Qatar Airways can improve its product strategy by developing the existing products and bringing innovation in new products. Qatar Airways can improve the market share of the current products. By using competitive pricing strategies, developing promotions, sales advertisements, and using resources that are dedicated to personal selling can help the company increase its market share (Thabit and Raewf, 2018). The company can extend its root network that can also help in improving the market share of the current products. It will thereby help the company penetrate the market. 

The company can focus on the products and markets which are unknown to the company. By using market research the company can also identify the major competitors of the company and also can under identify the requirements and needs of the customers. 

By increasing the usage of the existing customers in the company can also enhance loyalty and satisfaction of the customers that will also help penetrate the market. 

Pricing strategies

Qatar airlines use the practice of going rate pricing strategy that focuses on maintaining a particular price that can be affordable to the customers. That can fix the price depending on the expenses for maintaining facilities and that can also be just and affordable for the customers. Pricing strategies are very crucial for attracting customers. By providing cost-effective and affordable fares for the flights the company can increase its cells and thereby can also enhance revenue collection and profit (Thabit and Raewf, 2018). 


Qatar airlines do not practice any product differentiation strategy but the promotion differentiation strategy is maintained by the company. Qatar can offer a variety of entertainment programs to the passengers through which the product promotion of the company can be shown. Developing the promotional activities in the company can increase its brand reputation (Thabit and Raewf, 2018). The company can develop new strategies to come up with new products like newsletters to distribute to the travel agents to promote the services of the company. Website promotional activities can also help the company increase its brand awareness. These activities can help the company increase its services for 3 years. 

Some of their promotion strategies are mentioned below.

  • The World's Biggest and strongest business class.
  • Surround Sound speakers incorporating Integrated Video and Audio on Demand.
  • The World's largest personal televisions displays
  • Controls for the seat remain computerized.
  • Back relaxation within the seat
  • Qatar has enlisted the support of international media companies to help disseminate the good news.

Place strategy

Qatar's business strategy is untouched by this. Qatar Airways, like other companies, has developed a booking system. The industry focuses on having a supply chain that commences with the manufacturer and concludes with the consumer.


Throughout the entire discussion, it can be concluded that the marketing strategies and objectives of Qatar Airways can be developed by effective approaches and practices. Market research is the foremost activity that the company needs to implement. Using the marketing mix the company can develop the price product promotion and place-related strategies. Dealing with the impact of the covid-19 situation and continuing the airline services of the country, the company needs to develop its marketing strategies to promote its services. Marketing strategies also need to be developed for improving the quality of the products and services and maintaining a good and affordable price strategy for the customers. New products need to be developed and the existing products need to be properly maintained to meet the demands and requirements of the customers. Developing an effective marketing strategy it is important to analyze all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that the company can face. Apart from that, it is also required that the marketers of the company have analyzed the different external factors that have a huge impact on the growth and development of the company. Within only a few years in the business, the company has proven to be one of the greatest service delivery providers. They have grown from a small aircraft to something like a significant leader in the market. By addressing its audiences, the company has been using a relatively reasonable marketing plan. It has also become successful in representing itself as World Class Young, but Steadily Growing – Forward-Thinking, open-minded Image. The airline needs to be on time but that is clear of flaws. When the people are friendly, the cost of the goods is reasonable. , the place is ideal, and the promotion is outstanding, the company can evolve and grow.


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