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Elevating Manufacturing Productivity with FourJaw's Analytics Software

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Introduction: Elevating Manufacturing Productivity with FourJaw's Analytics Software

This informational report deals with the discussion of the organisation FourJaw, which deals in manufacturing analytics software. However, the organisation captures different kinds of real-time data with the help of its "machine monitoring platform." The organisation was mainly spun out and founded at the University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in 2021. However, the main objectives of the organisation are to help manufacturers look towards more efficient processes. However, it will help them to drive productivity, gain capacity, and grow probability. However, the main project objective for this study is to look into the potential clients and concentrate on the growth challenges of SMEs. However, some recommendations are also provided for setting up the manufacturing facility and its headquarters.

However, the areas where the project is focused are the largest urban areas ofNew York, which will be the main focus. Apart from that, the project was also performed in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia.

Key market insights

This part of the study deals with the discussion of different kinds of marketing insights that are identified during the task. The organisation has performed its marketing constantly, which involves dealing with and contacting people directly. As the contract and agreement settle, the foreign client is then re-approached without any kind of support from an agent this time. This allows the organisation to perform business and has both indirect sales and direct sales. However, it can be said that this allows the distributors and the agents to sell their services and goods to customers at a time. According to the study by Petrova (2019), the sale of services and goods can be performed by an organisation on behalf of their current exporter.In most cases, it can be seen that the licence for the services of an organisation is protected by the patents.

However, these include copyright trademarks and design rights, which come under franchising and use of licencing. Moreover, it can also be seen that Fourjaw has been creating a joint venture agreement and then liaising with more businesses. According to the study by Moschner et al. (2019), having liaised with numerous businesses helps in establishing a new additional company. This will help in sharing the expenses, and the losses, and it will also allow for dividing the gains according to the work done by the intellectual organisations.

Therefore, it allowed the business to be set up in other countries, which will provide an opening for different branches. These branches can then work by owning the subsidiary and by making a perfect acquisition for fully expanding into the global market. The key market insights can also be defined as, at the time of performing business in the USA, a federal system was implemented. As per the study material, having a federal system allows for enormous potential for business exporters. However, it then allows the different kinds of exporters that are presenting the target country. So, Fourjaw got the opportunity to provide potential to its UK exporters due to the lack of some regulatory restrictions. Moreover, this provided an advantage where the exporters got access to the global supply chains and approached each state as a distinct entity. As a result, it helped in implying its own policies and rules that are written according to the legal aspects within the contract of the organisation.

Therefore, after the manufacturing in New York, it ranked #7 according to the nation in terms of manufacturing employment. On average, more than 441, 000 employees are accounted for in the year 2019 and this brought an average annual compensation of 78,869 United States dollars (Study material). However, collaborating with different kinds of organisations allowed in maintaining the quality of the services and increasing the plant capacity much further. According to Katsikeas et al (2020), implementing a key marketing strategy helps in bringing out market insights that allow for the discovery of reasonable and relevant results from “subjective data analysis”. These then allow the customer to respond to the marketing messages and help in developing the value of the organisation and the context of the overall business.

So, these are some of the identified key marketing insights that have been performed by FourJaw at the time of performing business.

Opportunities and challenges

This part of the study deals with the challenges and opportunities that the research has shown in terms of the company. However, it will allow for discussing setting up a call centre in the USA and its procedures.

The opportunities that are identified from the research are that it helped in providing training for different kinds of entrepreneurs and allowed them with growth possibilities. Secondly, it allowed access to implementing a new marketing tool that can be used as a technological advancement for the organisation and the business processes (Study material). However, another opportunity was due to the tax-based incentives that were accounted for by the operational and financial support of the organisation. Third, there was advancement in innovation development and growth support for the organisation. This provided analytics with real time machine datasets and provided unlimited user profiles. So, these user profiles were then viewed with the production data almost every time. Hence, it provided flexibility with monthly payment plans and brought out independent analysis.

However, there are different kinds of challenges and threats that were faced by the organization during its business operations. This includes the engagement of a new competitor in the same market. This will act as a main challenge for the organisation as the new competitor will try to attract customers and provide more benefits (Varadarajan, 2020). Apart from that, new regulations brought up challenges for the organisation when performing business. As per the view of Aragòn-Correa et al. (2020), performing business in different kinds of international countries brings up different sets of governmental rules and regulations. The third challenge that has been identified is that the customer got sometimes got placed into home businesses. As a result, this increases the churn rate of the employees, which leads to minimal production rates. According to the study by Djajasinga et al. (2021), employee churn rate is also known as employee retention, which has a direct impact on the overall business.

Setting up a call centre in the USA

This part of the study deals with the setting up of a call centre that will be present in the USA. However, some of the steps will include different types of informational stages that need to be kept in mind as a checklist. This includes determining the goals, deciding upon the budget, identifying the type of call centre, building up the team, training the employees, and finding the right software for investing in the culture of the organisation (Kasubaski, 2021).

Determining the main goals of the centre

The goal will be to increase the generation of leads and attract more customers to streamline payments. This will help improve customer satisfaction and provide overall support.

Deciding budget

At the time of deciding the budget, the overall cost like fixed costs, income sources, and variable expenses, need to be compiled together. This will allow for idealising the cash flows and making a strict budget.

Identifying the type of call centre

This can be performed and idealised with an outbound call centre and an inbound call centre. Inbound call centres mainly receive different types of incoming calls from customer support teams and outbound call centres generally run with the help of Sales teams and market data.

Building up the team

Hiring the best people can be the main consideration for opening the call centre, that will help in providing flexible work hours and includes prior experience in work. However, the employees rained properly, which will increase the productivity of the workforce.

Finding the right tools and software

The implementation of different kinds of tools and software is very important, as it will facilitate the work processes of the call centre. This will help in generating leads and interacting with customers to improve business operations.


Recommendation 1: Exporting datasets in the raw from

The organisation can work on exporting its data analytics in raw form as because it has been identified as one of its weaknesses. This can be performed by configuring the dialogues that are associated with each of the exports that are made at the time of the exports. This will allow for activating the overall feature that will help in separating the table entries and differentiating each other.

Recommendation 2: Focusing on the different kinds of legal aspects

Focusing on the legal aspects will help in arranging different kinds of agreements when performing business overseas. However, it will provide a clear understanding of the rules and regulations of the government regarding business and help improve the trade regulations of the country. Thus, complying with the legal regulations will help during the delivery of the product and exporting it from the UK.


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