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Explanation Principle Of Private Residence Relief (PPR)

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Introduction: Explanation Principle Of Private Residence Relief (PPR)

The study is going to cover detailed information on Principle private residence (PPR) relief along with the exemptions of capital gain taxes. The study has provided information on the term PPR and its applicability. It is going to detailed explanation and the restrictions with the help of examples for the property evaluation. The study is going to use various details regarding the application of the PPR relief and provides a brief deduction applicability in individuals' property. The principal private residence relief is going to use to deduct policies and process property evaluation determination for the capital gain tax deduction.

Thesis statement

The term PPR, explains that when a person occupies a house or property on its own, it has been exempt from the CGT. People should live within that property and use the entire property as a home, or land, it has been exempt from the CGT tax applications.

Main body

Evaluation of the term PPR relief evaluation

The PPR Relief is being restricted if a person did not fully occupy the property and it mentions as its home. This relief has been applicable for the entire period of the owner of the entire property is the main residence of the person. The last 12 months of the ownership of a property are considered a period of occupation in PPR relief. Some situations occurred like a person moving into a new house but not selling the previous home. In this case, if a person occupying the home for the last 12 months it can be applicable for PPR relief (Kakoulidou and Roantree, 2021). In the PPR relief, only one resident of a person can be qualifying for the exemptions for the person. In the case of the Civil partners and the people who live together only one residence should qualify under these relief exemptions. These conditions have been used for utilizing the capital gain taxes on the property’s profit on sales aspects, not covering the entire sales prices of the property. If a person faces loss rather than gain in terms of selling the property, that particular person is not liable to pay the capital gain taxes (Loutzenhiser and de La Feria, 2020). The 36 months’ rule indicated the exemptions proportional period before the evaluation of sales of the property. The relief considered the last 18 months of the residence within the property for the owner before selling it and claims for the relief.

Restrictions if only part of the property used

If a person used only half of a property as a home and going to claim PPR relief. It might provide various restrictions in that case, as it does not affect the claim of full exemptions in a "Rent a Room scheme” (revenue.ie, 2021). In this scheme, applicable if the owner used their house as half of at home and half for the business, the exemption claim is charged for only half the portion. For example, the sale price of the property is mentioned as 5,80,000 euros. The allowable deducted expenses should be considered as the purchase price after the property which is 4,80,000 euro. This evaluation mentions that the chargeable gain of the property should be 1,00,000 euros. The applicable Persian PPR relief should be (1,00,000 euro* 0.80), that is the 80000 euro. The deducted personnel exemptions should be mentioned as 1270 euros. The taxable gain of the property is mentioned as 18730 euros (revenue.ie, 2021). However, the applicable CGT is mentioned as (18730 euro* 0.33), which is 6181 euro. This evaluation mentions that the person has to feel the return of CGT before 31st October 2019 and have to pay the due amount before 15th of December, 2018.

Restrictions if the person has not lived always within the property

If the person not lived within the property due to having the job requirement, it will be considered as partial PPR relief aspects to the person. If the person had a job that requires them to live outside of the Republic of Ireland, then also partial relief has been applicable (revenue.ie, 2021). However, if the person's PPR remains unchanged due to receiving care in the nursing home or hospital, or convalescent home. Along with PPR unoccupied for the residency within the retirement home based on a fee-paying basis, are also applicable for the partial PPR relief. For example, if a person has a property valuing 480000 euros. Its deductible allowance expenses include, the purchase price of 380000 euros, and the fees of solicitor purchase and sales include 700 and 1000 Euros (revenue.ie, 2021). The deductible allowance is expenses and also includes auctioneer's fees amounting to 1500 euros. The total chargeable gain of PPR is mentioned as amounting to 96800 euros, along with the applicable partial relief of 0.79 (96800*0.79) which is 76472 euros. The deducted personal exemption is mentioned as 1270 euros, and the taxable gain has been 19058 euros. Due CGT proportional has been charged as 33% on the taxable gain that amounting to 6289 euros. The CGT proportional amount has to require to pay before 15th December 2018 and is required to fill the return proportion of 31st December 2019.

Restriction applicable if the property has development value

If a person's property has a higher partial value it might apply for the partial relief of PPR. The higher potential property value has been known as the development value, this development value has been considered based on the current usability of the property. However, if people say let's home and land for up to one acre, it is mentioned as its development value (revenue.ie, 2021). In this case, the relief proportion only applies to the value of the land or house excluding the development value. Before calculation of the partial relief of PPR, it is required to consider the value proportion of the notional gain. The calculation of the notional game required a details workout of the part of expenses along with the deducted amount from the current use of the value of the property. The details workout of expenses for the notional gain required the multiplication of expenses of the sales along with the current usable value (Nassios et al. 2019). The calculation for the partial relief fund of PPR has been considered first the workout of notional gain and deducted value for the date of purchase of the residence. For example, the notional gain has been calculated using the current property value amounting to 3,00,000 euros, along with the deduction of part of expenses for the property's sale. The amount distribution has been mentioned as 10,000 euro as the expenses of sale and 4,00,000 euro as the sale proportional value. However, the calculation for the deduction part of expenses of the sale of the property is mentioned as, (10,000 * 3,00,000/4,00,000) euro (revenue.ie, 2021). The total expenses of the sale of the property have been mentioned as 7500 euros. Hence the notional gain of the property is amounting to 292500 euros. Hence the Persian relief should be mentioned as multiplying the actual value of the property at the time of purchasing the property along with the adjusted multiplier which is 3.74. In this situation, the allowable deducted expenses include purchase price and cost price disposal cost. The total chargeable gain, in this case, should be mentioned as 187932 euros, after deducting the disposal cost of 10000 euros and the purchase price of 202068 euros considering the 1st purchasing cost. Applicable partial relief of PPR for this case is mentioned as, 90432 euro and the taxable gain should be considered 33% of this refile amount. The CGT due proportional amount mentioned as (97500 euro *33%) that is 32175 euro.

Application of Principal private residence relief (PPR)

The application of PPR relief fund applies to the sale or disposal of dwelling houses. The dwelling house should be the individual’s property and the building should have grounds and gardens within the permitted area that also is going to qualify for the relief. The applicable permitted area of the house should be within 5000 square meters. People should not be going to require to pay capital gain taxes if it going to sell their residence or house by maintaining all the PPR criteria. The criteria are being followed as, People should sell their residence, and it has been required that the mentioned resident should not be used for business purposes it is only used for personal living purposes.


This report has been covering details of Principal private residence relief and capital gain taxes. The study provides the different criteria for the individual properties and their applicability of the relief regarding capital gain taxes. It has provided examples of residence from different points of view. It mostly includes restrictions regarding property development value, restrictions regarding property that the person has not lived within that, along with restrictions for a part of the property used by the owner. All these restrictions and their applicability have been explained and provided in detail exemptions involvement for the PPR relief fund evaluation determination.


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