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Human Resource Management In Healthcare

Introduction - Human Resource Management In Healthcare

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In the Healthcare sector, the main purpose is to interact with people and the whole process is run by and for the people. Therefore, Human resource management (HRM) plays the most crucial role here. The study aims to focus on the process and impact of the HRM department of Enable Therapy Services on employee recruitment and retention in the healthcare organisation and its influence on organisational growth. 

Process of recruitment and retaining staff

It is essential to retain and recruit staff at the same time for maintaining a good work culture and the betterment of any organisation (Bibi, 2019). In the health care sector, it is more important to follow the proper recruitment strategies for steady growth. A study shows that staff turnover in the health care sector is the highest in the UK. Here, it is a challenge for the HRM to recruit and retain staff in this sector because the average pay scale is lower than in any other industry. A report states that in 2019, the average age of employees was over 55 (homecare.co.uk, 2019). It means in the next 10 years there is a massive need for recruitment and retention. Therefore, the process of hiring should be continuous and effective.

Figure 1: Recruitment and staff retention

(Source: Monteiro et al. 2020)

At first, it is important to prioritize the fact that potentiality is more important than experience. One employee must have the ability and desire to absorb new skills for the betterment of the workplace (Price et al. 2019). Outsourcing can cause permanent damage to health care organisation, because those employees can match the required keywords and are cost-effective but in the long run, recruiting from close sources can be more effective. That is why outsourcing should stop and keeping recruitment close to the company is important. Recruitment can give fresh faces and add energy but retention is the key to maintaining the growth. Focusing on retention is important for HRM because employees with experience are much easier to work with. Using their loyalty for growth can be effective for health care sectors. A mentorship, providing additional benefits, and respecting seniority can encourage retention.

Factors need to consider in the planning and undertaking of the recruitment process

Keeping eye on the whole recruitment and retention process is important for any HRM because what works and what fails should be tracked for the future (Huang et al. 2018). In, Enable Therapy Services follows the most effective recruitment and retention process for years now. With the most hardworking employee base, it delivers the best assessment and rehabilitation services for people. For continuing that process the organisation needs to consider some basic factors regarding the planning of the recruitment process.

Employees are the people who handle the everyday business for Enable Therapy Services. Therefore the hiring process should focus on some basic things. In the health care sector Loyalty is needed because it is the trust factor that helps people to heal and deal with the employees (Monteiro et al. 2020). Before investing time and money the HRM team of Enable Therapy Services checks if it is worthy or not. It is important to find people who will stay for the long term. This company checks employees' work history before hiring to understand their loyalty. The best way of identifying a person's ability to work reflects on their experiences. However, in Enable Therapy Services, sometimes the potentiality of the healthcare professional is considered to be more important than work experience. It is risky but till now it has never disappointed the HRM team. In the Health care sector, hard work is considered a key skill. With the experience of recruitment, in Enable Therapy Services, being hardworking is not an option. Dealing with people needs extra care and attention because that will ensure that the customer will come back or not (Price et al. 2019). There is another factor that needs consideration in the health sector, are soft skills. In Enable Therapy Services, communication skills work ethic, and ability to teamworking is considered as both personality traits and Soft skills. Not only in Enable Therapy Services but recruiting in other health sectors also, those factors need more attention than others.

HR strategies for healthcare staff retaining

In Enable Therapy Services, recruitment and retention are completely up to the HRM team, and for maintaining the success rates, they followed a steady effective strategy for years. Reports show that the number of employees in health sectors in the UK from 2009 to 2020 increased gradually (statista.com, 2020). With an arising number of new employees, balancing the needs and opportunities has become a new challenge for the HRM team. Due to maintaining the balance and quality there is a specific HR strategy for healthcare staff retention.

 For maintaining the same workplace and work culture for years Orientation is needed for the new hires. They should learn about the job and the culture of health care organisation in the very first place. In the health care sector, where every patient needs more attention employees need attention too. Employees' mental, physical and financial fitness affects the overall job that is why the HRM team must consider those things. Workplace communication is important for a healthy job atmosphere (Monteiro et al. 2020). Through proper communication with employers, job satisfaction can be monitored by the HRM. For retaining employees it is important to maintain a good reputation, professional development, and efficiency in the work environment. As a part of performance tracking of the employees, it is important for the HRM team to conduct training and development processes, continuously. For having good feedback at work, it is a must to upgrade the skills of the employees, for gaining the ability to evolve more, which eventually increases the success rates (Price et al. 2019). However, after doing a recognisable job proper acknowledgment and rewards can inspire an efficient employee to work harder. For having a good reputation among the employees, this strategy is also very effective for the HRM team.

Impact of poor HR management

For any organisation especially in health care sectors, the whole structure of employment and work culture depends on the HRM team. In Enable Therapy Services (linkedin.com, 2022), the HRM is responsible for maintaining a good reputation among the employees. But in the health sector, the impact of very poor HR management affects the employees directly. In the workplace, if any kind of employee dissatisfaction arises, without proper management it is impossible to solve and this is going to affect the main work eventually (Ramshaw and Cosgrove, 2020). Lack of acknowledgment and recognition from the HR team can lower the morale of employees, which is very harmful to the overall organisation. The very important part of the HR team and their job is handling thelegal issues. Poor HR management can directly affect the reputation of the company, especially when in the health care sector maintaining a good reputation is a must.

Reflection on potential improvement

In Enable Therapy Services, recruitment, and retaining there is an effective process that follows for years now. It reflects on the current performance of the organistaion. However, I, as a trainee in the HR department of this company, will like to introduce some more innovations in the process that will help in filtering the best employees.

Paying attention to the competitors is a must in the health care sector. Proving the same kind of facilities needs the same kind of efficiency too. Keeping an eye on the other health care organisation helps you in figuring the salary structure, work facilities, etc. Other than that, I will prefer Asking questions regarding the job to your employees before hiring is important too because without knowing the main issues you cannot move forward in hiring.


From the study, it can be concluded that for creating positive vibes and a successful growth rate for any organisation, especially for a Health care Organisation, it is important to pay more attention to the recruitment and retention process. In Enable Therapy Services, with the help of a proper structure of hiring, filtration worked best in influencing the overall organisational growth.



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