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The study will help to understand the requirements to film a documentary. All the possible situations that arise during the shoot and the ways to overcome the situations also will be discussed in this study. The study will explain how mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily lives and some practical ways to overcome this dependency.

All the Aspects of the Documentary

The idea of the Documentary: We all are very much dependent on our mobile phones in our daily lives. We cannot think of a moment without our phones. Mainly smartphones help us to do various important work. On the contrary, smartphones ruin our social lives too (Landberg,2018). Most of us are busy with our phones. Human to human interaction is almost lost. Nowadays, people have more friends on social media than in society. This fact helped us develop the idea of staying without the smartphone for 24 hours. I directed and edited the documentary. One of my group members acted, and one did the voice-over. Another group member was the cameraman of the documentary.

My Role in the documentary: I was the director of the documentary. I ensured that the documentary covered all the aspects we were trying to show to our audience. At the same time, I was trying to make the script creative so that the audiences do not get bored and understand the reason for the documentary (Kerrigan and McIntyre,2019). I also edited the documentary and cut off the unnecessary parts. I kept the crucial parts that helped the documentary be crisp, more interesting, and acceptable to the audience. 

Role of the actor in the documentary: The group member who acted in the documentary had to stay without his phone for 24 hours. The actor was responsible to make the vision of the documentary clear to the audience (Hondros,2021). His phone was separated from him, and it was given back to him after 24 hours. He was not allowed to have his phone back until the shoot was over. 

Role of the voice-over artist and camera-man: The voice-over artist did the voice-over of the script I wrote for the documentary. The voice-over artist did a wonderful job to make the situation more noticeable to the audience. The cameraman also filmed all the important segments of the documentary, which helped the documentary be more realistic. The voice-over artist and the cameraman helped the documentary be more practical and acceptable to the audiences. 

My experiences while filming the documentary: It was a lifetime experience of mine. I experienced and learned a lot from this documentary. I and my group member faced a lot of difficulties during shooting the documentary (Mauro et al.,2021). Still, we will cherish the moments of filming the documentary. This documentary was about the challenge of leaving the phone for 24 hours. I evaluated my skills and capabilities during this project and it also indicated to me how to master the skills of directing and editing a documentary. 

The skills I incorporated in the documentary: I tried to polish the skills required to be a successful director and editor while filming this documentary. I already developed the skills like motivation and interpersonal skills. I applied those skills to direct the actor to do as the documentary needed (Noé et al.,2020). I explained the need for the topic to him and even boosted his confidence too. Communication also plays a significant role in a documentary. I tried to make the best way to communicate with each and every member of my group to take it to the summit of success. This observational documentary helped me to find out the skills that I already have to direct and edit a documentary.

The skills I need to incorporate in the future: This documentary also helped me to understand that I still need to master some more skills to be a better director and editor. Among those, the most important skill is to manage the budget (Noé et al.,2020). I need to plan the budget of the film or documentary before directing it. Other than that, giving attention to the details is another important skill I must have and incorporate.

The issues we faced during the documentary: 1. One of the main issues we faced during the filming of the documentary was the data was limited (Jones et al.,2019). Incorrect data also delayed the work. The research was not up to the mark.

  1. We faced a cooperation issue too. Although, we have a very small group that is why this problem was almost negligible.
  2. Being a low budget documentary we could not afford the right advanced equipment to shoot the documentary. It made the quality of the documentary not up to the mark.
  3. Pre-production process was quite difficult for me to direct the documentary. It took a lot of effort to make the script and also took a lot of time to research the information.
  4. I personally felt a lack of patience in me. Patience is very much needed to direct and especially edit a film or a documentary. 


  1. The first and foremost important thing to directing and editing a documentary is patience (Schleser,2018). Every member who is associated with film production or documentary making should be patient.
  2. The research should be done properly before starting a documentary. It will ease the work of the actor too.
  3. Cooperation is very much needed to film a documentary. Thus, everyone should know the reason for making the documentary.
  4. The documentary should cover the issue that helps to engage the audience (Presence et al.,2021). Choosing the right issue also can help to promote the documentary.
  5. The budget of the documentary should be pre-decided. That would help to do the arrangements systematically.

The study shed light on all the aspects of making a documentary. The necessity of a documentary and the requirements to make a successful documentary are highlighted in this project. The study also discussed the roles of different members of a group to make a documentary. It also helped to understand the issues that arise during making a documentary. Some recommendations to overcome the issues are also provided.


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