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Annotated Review

This essay will help in making a comparison of the languages that are used to achieve effects in two different texts. Two different texts that are going to be evaluated are "Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte (1847)” and “California avocado advertisement”.

Two different texts that are being evaluated in this essay are a total of different kinds. The opening scene of Wuthering Heights is a novel that has been formulated by Emily Bronte, the language short of introducing the audience to a scenario. On the other hand, the avocado advertisement introduces the public to a product in such a way that influences the willingness of ordinary men to buy the product. 

According to Girishekar et al. (2021), the value of a product develops from the presentation of that product in front of the public. Features and benefits of California Avocado have been presented through the advertisement in front of the public. The lucrative tone of languages is capable of gaining attention from the public in advertisements of avocados. For evidence, lines like, “Tom left the family farm to chase his dreams", languages like these help in the development of a passionate tone that can gain customers attention to the particular piece of advertisement.

Customers generally tend to avoid advertisements at times of online and offline advertising presentation (Redondo and Aznar, 2018). The idea of introducing a journey to the customers helps in the development of interest in the minds of customers. The language tone used in avocado advertisements also helps in gaining the attention of customers. Influence to people in maintaining a healthy and traditional American lifestyle shall help make customers attentive towards this advertisement. On the other hand, the beginning scene of Wuthering Heights has dialogues that are calm and simple in nature. For instance, “Mr Heathcliff ?”, “Mr Lockwood, your new tenant, sir”.

Opening senses with such luggage tones helps readers get into their imagination and excerpt something to begin soon. The name Wuthering Heights itself holds a sense of storm in the phrase, as the word "Wuthering" is generally presented in case of stormy wind or strong wind. The simplistic tone of the dialogues delivered in the opening phase can get readers' attention in the book. The factor of "Ego" and "SuperEgo '', has been presented by the author in the dialogue of Wuthering Heights (Giordano, 2020). Dialogues like “Here we have the…, I suppose," sign that Mr Lockwood is interested in things that he has no business in. presentation of the tone in language can be identified by the reader that something is going to happen in this scenario. The process of suspense development can be identified in the writings of Wuthering Heights.

The sense of hope that takes place in a reader's mind helps the reader feel connected with the novel. Willingness to study further comes from this process. Connection development with readers is necessary for the popularisation of a novel; the language tone in this novel certainly helps readers develop a sense of expectation.

In the case of avocado, words like "nurturing", "tender", and "heart" help the customers in gaining an idea about the developing process of California Avocados. The introduction process of a new brand in front of customers has been done well by using these words according to a manner that helps gain the attention of customers (Vos and Bartels, 2018). Proposing customers an idea of healthy living shall help identify benefits they can get after procuring the California Avocados.

Words expressed in this advertisement like "crafted with care" develop the expectation in the minds of consumers that avocados will be beneficial for health. Through these languages, business owners become capable of convincing customers about the freshness of a product offered by them through an advertisement. The idea of declaring avocados as fresh helps the business owners in influencing customers to purchase the fresh products that are available for a short period. Introduction of healthy materials in front of customers also has been done by the writer in this advertisement. 

According to Rachmawati et al. (2019), influencing customers to make a purchase is necessary for business development. Words used in the introduction of a product to customers play a vital role in addressing the benefits and necessity of buying that product for customers. Small words used in the advertisement of California Avocado can make customers rethink purchasing the product even if they are not willing to buy fruits from the market. Presenting the value of a product in front of customers is an excellent idea of marketing and advertising. Diminutive yet powerful words about the quality of the avocados offered to customers are well introduced through this advertisement.

Words that talk about Joseph are like "Old" and "very elderly" in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Words like these signify the old age nature of man, as he becomes unable to make any kind of presence in the novel. Words play an essential role in making a character insignificant in this novel. The physicalism of character in this novel is done to the readers from the words used by Emily Bronte (Elpidorou, 2018). Words used to describe Joseph make readers understand that this character will immediately set any kind of mark in this novel. Rather these characters can have a crucial role to play in the middle of the novel.

Characters that are introduced in this play are not of epical significance, and instead, it is an introduction to a novel about ordinary men. The idea of presenting words like “Misanthropist heaven" makes the readers understand that most of the characters in this play are not of epical significance. The willingness to get a better life, simple aspirations of human beings and other factors help understand each character's commoner factor. Apart from introducing a typical "Hero" in the novel, words express a few ordinary men at the beginning of the novel (Goodlad, 2021). Words of the novel are capable of introducing men to the characters and their limitations through the novel. On the other hand, simple introductions of teaching characters are done by introducing small words that have been used in the novel.

An exciting feature about the avocado advertisement is that the third person application is visible in the advertisement. The introduction of sentences with "He" and "His" generates a sense of interest in customers' minds. Typical advertisements are written in the first person; introducing a third person sentenced in the advertisement is to develop a storytelling concept in front of customers. The eagerness of customers in the development of customers in reading full advertisements has been successfully implemented in the marketing process of California Avocado advertisement.

Words can leave a significant impact on both audience and readers in case of advertisement and novel writing. Based on that concept, both avocado advertisements and Wuthering Heights are capable of driving readers' attention for respective purposes. Attention development of customers through the introduction of innovative ideas and words was successful in the case of California Avocado Advertisement. On the other hand, Emily Bronte was capable of a successful introduction of characters.


The introduction of innovation in both pieces of writing has helped to understand the effectiveness of words in influencing customers and readers. Selection of both articles is also innovative in this critical analysis. Evaluation of introductory section of a novel and an advertisement preview opportunity of evaluation through different segments of written documents.

Introduction of characters in the novel of Emily Bronte is made through a rather simplistic tone. The hesitance of Lockwood has been presented in this novel from the introduction of words like, “...his fingers sheltered themselves", heroic nature of each character has been avoided in the beginning section by the introduction of simplistic words about them. None of the extravagant or exaggerated words was used in this section to emphasize aunty character. The idea of introducing ordinary men in novels is an example of modern literature. This is different from the character's introduction of love expression of the poets and storytellers of the Elizabethan era, where exaggerated and originated words were used to bring out the epical characteristics in life and love affairs of ordinary men.

The introduction of the third person helps the readers follow a journey of an ordinary man in the advertisement of California Avocado. In most cases, customers tend to avoid exaggerated and extremely orated words in advertisements of other products. The innovative idea of introducing a journey of a young fellow to discover the avocado by him that contains all the necessary healthy factors that are beneficial for the development of a healthier lifestyle for an ordinary person living in California was a successful attempt by the advertising agency. Introduction of like, "Toms care and craft” and “Development of California Level" helps customers understand that proper evaluation is being made for the avocadoes before making a plan of selling it to the people.

According to Rana and Paul (2017), the preference of customers in the USA will always remain for the organic food that the California Advertisement is introducing. Assurance to the customers that each of the quality of the avocados will be evaluated before introducing them to the customer's segment helps in gaining attention. Food products are often offered to young people in the house, so the authenticity of the product needs to be assayed by the customers when making a purchase. After attention, the development of customer’s words like matching the quality of California helps in generating an assurance to the customers in case of product authenticity.

Introduction of the word “Wuthering” in the portion of the novel signifies the north wind of England. There is an introduction of storm in the mane of the novel; therefore, readers get an idea through development of words that any kind of significant situation will take place after these characters that yet seems peaceful from the introduction of the play. The force of strong wind has been introduced in the novel by the introduction of such an effective name from the writer.

Pain in the life of common men also has been emphasized in the portion of the novel. The idea of establishing the common man nature of all characters in this novel introduces the limitation that they possess. Shyness and fear from God has been introduced in the portion of the novel reviewed. Words play a crucial role at times when lines like "Lord help us!" becomes visible in this novel. Limitation of the common man in front of God and the act of God has been presented through the words in this novel. It also helps in the analysis of the faith of mankind in the almighty God that he will help them in moments of despair.

Presence of this can be found in the advertisement, for instance, "In live with father's land", presence of an impression about Tom to the readers. Words are capable of developing characters of the protagonist of an advertisement in the eyes of customers. It was essential as customers will evaluate the California Avocados from the evaluation of Tom. In this kind of case, a certificate of the good protagonist in the advertisement was necessary. Customers, after recognizing Tom as a good character from the words of the writer, understood the effectiveness of California Avocado as a good organic treat worthy of being palatable by people of that land.

 In conclusion, the introduction of characters in a palace of work through the development of words is necessary for a writer. Influence of the words helps in development of an idea about the character and the type of role he or she is going to play in the piece of writing. The Portrayal of Tom in the advertisement successfully provides customers with assurance about the California Avocados. On the other hand, in Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte was successful in developing a different nature in each of her characters. Introduction of the Title in the novel is also appropriate and significant.


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