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Mock Exam Preparation Question-Answers

Introduction - Mock Exam Preparation Question-Answers

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Trade and Factor Mobility Theory

Answer 1

Free Trade Improving Global Efficiency

Free trade is very important because it increases the prosperity of the consumers. Free trade always allows the customers to purchase more and that is to do the good quality products at a very low cost. It also helps in driving economic growth and enhances efficiency along with the advanced innovation with Haier fairness which goes along with the rule based procedure. Such benefits start to increase the overall trade when the exporting and importing system increases smoothly. Increased support for higher qualities, free trade facilitates the production of lower-cost goods (Fasanya et al. 2021). Inflation expectations in the United States have been alleviated by lower-cost items, primarily from China and Mexico. Importing from low-income countries like China lowers prices by nearly 2.5 percentage points for each of the 1.5 percentage share of the market, allowing Westerners to put more resources into infrastructures.

Answer 2

Relation between Foreign Trade and International Factor Mobility

By removing obstacles to capital movement between sectors, accessibility to international trade as well as FDI improves the performance with which the production components are typically assigned. International factor mobility is extremely vital in international trade cooperation, therefore their incorporation into foreign trade frameworks has grown significantly within the latter thirty years of the 20th century (Gupta et al. 2021). Factor mobility does have financial as well as non-financial repercussions because it includes the transportation of individuals as well as their assets. As a result, arguments over a nation's immigration controls are perhaps more apparent than those regarding wealth flows beyond national boundaries. Furthermore, governments are constantly attempting to assess the effects of factor mobility versus capital movements in various scenarios.

Global Supply Chain

Answer 1

Critical Factors in Successful Global Supply-Chain Management

Corporations are becoming completely conscious about the requirements to guarantee that they along with their providers have made sound supply chain choices inside an immensely complex environment. This is critical that the global supply chain management functions efficiently since this is one of the most essential aspects impacting inventory systems (Harland, 2021). The critical factors that are responsible for the successful global supply - chain management are as follows.

  • Any supply chain within this world is too much involved with offshoring, and this is very crucial for the supply chain success.
  • It should always be maintained that they are ready for any kind of unexpected events such as the natural disaster or the events caused by biodiversity.
  • Implementing lean approaches are becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers. Merely manufacturing entails a producer purchasing inventory when orders come in, rather than keeping a huge level of supplies on hand. So that the supply team should be too efficient in the “time inventory management”.

Answer 2

Establishing Successful Transportation Networks for Global Supply Chain

Networks are indeed frequently used as an example for the design as well as operation of "transportation networks". Transportation systems, unlike non-spatial connections, fall under the broad set of geographical network systems since its structure as well as development is practically restricted. Because some weren't developed at the very same time, by the similar company and their global supply chain, or with almost the same technologies, transportation systems are constructed across a patchwork of connections (Li and Whalley, 2021). The transit system might be created across several generations, with additional portions employing various technologies each time. The railway system might be created by a number of distinct railway firms before being consolidated in the future. The network of different carriers, within each terminal, might make up the "air transportation network" that is susceptible to acquisitions including newcomers.

Trade Protectionism

Answer 1

If home manufacturers are unable to face the competition with foreign businesses, import restrictions would be imposed by governments to promote the growth of native enterprises. Governments may even establish trade barriers to encourage indigenous manufacturing instead of promoting businesses to relocate outside of the nation (Osabohien et al. 2021). Tariff barriers or the taxes upon importers as well as sometimes exporters are one type of trade restriction, as are non-tariff obstacles including such trade restrictions, local manufacturing subsidies, economic sanctions which are typically for geographical reasons, as well as licenses expected to bring products into the economic sector.

Answer 2

Free trade refers to the unrestricted exchange of goods and services across national borders on a global scale (Pankratz and Schiller, 2021). Free trade benefits countries in a number of different ways. Governments impose restrictions on trade and intervene in a variety of ways to limit or affect free trade. Government intervention can be used to achieve a range of goals, including producing revenue, attaining policy goals, and safeguarding or assisting the government's people or businesses.

Answer 3

The major tools by which the trade is getting restricted as well as regulated are as follows.

Devaluation: It is nothing Bird very deliberate as well as legally designed reduction within the importance of any e nation's currency compared with other Nation's currencies (Uddin, 2021). In terms of restriction this always increases the price of input and always decreases the price for exporting and by performing that exports get lower in cost them the imports.

Embargo Imposition: Here the meaning of embargo is preventing particular products from entering within a particular country due to the consequence of any one factor for several other factors. Here the government plays a very cunning role and puts an embargo on particular goods by which they can stop their consumption and after several days for encouraging the consumption they lift it up.

License: The government also uses a tool by which they restrict the global trade, is nothing but the license. If anybody wants to import goods from other countries they should mandate have a license and that license should be issued by the government of that country for those certain goods within the country.

Answer 4

Recognizing exactly what business consumer’s need and responding to their requirements faster than rivals may provide a company a significant competitive edge in a competitive market. For competing effectively, a company should guarantee that its primary emphasis is on its consumers (Singh and Singh, 2021). To keep another step ahead of the game, one must also grasp their capabilities as well as the weaknesses, as well as how competitors would respond to client wants as well as market changes. Simultaneously, one should ensure that the company conforms including all applicable trade regulations.

Markets for Foreign Exchange

Answer 1

Accessibility is strong: "The foreign exchange market" is the world's largest and greatest readily liquidated financial industry.

Marketplace Integrity: The marketplace is quite transparent.

Evolving Market Design: "The foreign exchange market" is having an evolving market configuration.

It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To talk about the control of the government of the foreign currencies in the border it can be stated that Bans on using "foreign currency" inside the nation, currency conversion restrictions to "government-approved" intermediaries, and set currency values are all examples of governmental foreign exchange regulations.

Answer 2

While multinational corporations must purchase inside a variety of currencies throughout the globe, the major objective is to prevent deficits as well as to lock inside the "currency exchange rate" so that the companies can control the profits with certainty. International corporations, such as Wal-Mart, frequently establish businesses to assist companies moderate or control risks by conducting business within the local economies. Within China, this company presently operates 305 locations (Uddin, 2021). Every outlet produces renminbi revenues, allowing this corporation to operate local operations.



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