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Introduction of Crime and the Media

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Better safe community is a social enterprise for public good, operated by volunteer professional in neighbourhood of tower Hamlets, Newham and Hackney. In this report, a critical analysis is done based on the experience I have gained in this company in a role of a video editor. The report highlighted the work-based experience that I have gained, the skills and knowledge I have improved and developed while on placement. It also contains different challenges that I have faced while on placement and how I have overcome those challenges. The report also highlighted my achievements during the work-related learning experience and the feedback provided by my supervisor and placement line manager. Are critical appraisal of the progress towards achieving the target in my work-related learning agreement is also highlighted in this report.


I have worked in a better safe community company which is a liveable community where individuals can perform their daily activities in an environment that is free from risk, injury or harm or fear. The step of community helps in enhancing the well beings through building vibrant, cohesive, strong and participatory communities. The aim of this type of community is to build a place that is attractive and safe to visit and live in. BSC orbital safe communities are ranked by volume professionals. This community is founded by an administrator who has ten years of experience in community development in supporting principal solicitors and refugee’s resettlement who promotes BSc in corporate laws and human rights. Individuals request someone to keep them illness-free and healthy, and a better safe community knows that. The company is focusing on providing a good marketing strategy to communicate with people and help their life become easier. I have worked as a video editor in the company to create content that will help the community to know more about health and safety as well as to provide more information about the company. I was responsible for assembling and editing the raw materials and recording in a finished and suitable product. The materials which were included are graphics, sound effects, dialogues, camera footage and other special effects.

The companies involved in bringing voice to communities who are voiceless. Training and jobs support is given to residents, and a community pampering campaign is offered to local groups at a minimum amount; the company also provides a student placement campaign in which student placement is supervised in local enterprises (Black et al. 2020). I have gained a lot of experience while creating a video that will help difficult to know more about better safe communities and how they are contributing. The content is presented in such a way that it will attract target customers. There were different types of videos that were presented, such as hazard awareness, site health and safety videos, safety campaign and culture change videos, fire safety and new equipment training videos. These videos were created in different ways, such as mini-dramas, animated characters, vox Pops or real presenters.


During the placement, a lot of knowledge and skills are developed by me, which help me to implement those skills and knowledge in my work experience. The skills which I have acquired was attention to details which was my potential to accurately and thoroughly complete my task through precision and focus.

As a video editor, I must be able to evaluate every aspect of my work and should also access more comprehensive completed projects. I became more adaptable, which had allowed me to quickly and easily adjust my attitude and approach when there was a change in the environment. While editing a video, I need to be more accountable and focused, which is why self-motivation is a vital skill. My communication skill is also developed, and I can effectively depend on and receive a huge range of information (Adewumi-Gunn, 2019). This was helpful for me as I have worked with a number of professionals, including the director, sound editor, special effect editor. Problem-solving skills developed acid help the company to work with footage that is given to make a cohesive and comprehensive storyline. The contents were presented in such a way that it will be easy for people to connect.

The knowledge that I have gained during the placement includes choosing the right software for video editing, which will help in improving the video editing process. Differences between editing software are there, which helped to create an effective video for a better safe community. Even with super-fast editing software and computer systems, I was required to be organised and systematic in order to become a more efficient video editor.


There are different challenges that I have experienced in a better safety community. Inconsistent audio is a major problem. This problem is solved by adjusting the audio until the music, and the voice harmonise and blend together. The audio issue was usually shown in the post-production stage. When the video was created in the health and safety community, there was a problem with synchronisation. For solving this problem, the audio waveform is utilised as a visualisation afterwards (Li et al., 2021). Removing sensitive information is another issue. It's easy to accidentally capture private data information in screen recording. Using software can help in creating area-specific blood in the video, and the information can be concealed in a better way. Blur tools can be used for reducing this problem to highlight or hide information. This, too, will not only help in providing protection to our personal information but also provide attention to a specific area on the video. With the help of this tool, the video will be more effective and more attractive for the audience, with proper knowledge of information about making an environment that is harmless and free from fear. Corrupted video files were another problem that I have faced by working as a video editor in a better safety community. For solving this product, videos operational video repair software is chosen from a trusted developer. It must be a delegate and safe to solve all the corrupted issues in the video like errors in the video slider, movement of videos, sound and video frames. As it is a community based on safety and health, it is important to reinforce that safety is maintained at every level of the organisation (Nilson, 2018). Culture should be a fundamental thing for improving safety. Everyone in the organisation should be able to feel my interest in supporting safety initiatives. The video should be presented in such a way that the audience gets motivated by the knowledge that is provided by us and applies consistently every day.


My progress towards achieving the target set by me and my placement provided the work is to reduce the number of violence and cost of injuries and to promote safety and health in the community. The content of the video is made in such a way that it will be helpful for families and individuals as well as for organisation and for the wider community. With the help of my video editing skills, I was able to provide proper information to the audience about safe communities and their importance. I was able to create animated videos as well as mini-dramas videos to which the message is conveyed to the audience of the health and safety community. Better safety community health in improving the quality of life of individuals as well as for the community as well and it saves different lives.

Promoting true community videos has proven as an effective initiative for promoting both safeties as well as minimising the injury burdens (Dym and Fiesler, 2020). Why significant community development is achieved as well as programs like the safety of work, road safety falls prevention outdoor sports safety, water safety and safer public places. The main target was to create a video in such a way that it will be effective for the community and will provide the necessary information about collaboration with community partners. A report has been created by the ministry of community safety and correctional services. I have created mini-dramas, vox pop, and animated videos. Animated videos were advantages to the target audience by explaining how a community can create a healthy and safe environment to animated explainer videos. This video will help in describing my service to the target audience with the help of fun animation. For creating the video for attractive animation is used. Corrupted video files was another problem that I have faced by working as a video editor in a better safety community.


It can be concluded by saying that digital software is used by me to organise the sound files and video files into a final product. As a video editor in a better safety community, I was required to possess both creative and technical potentialities to be able to create the vision of the clients in an effective manner. Working in this position, I have experience working with creative software and learnt creative digital designs. The other things which I have blood during the work are transferring and collecting all forms of media into particular editing software. I have established a clear understanding of purpose and storyline AFV videos creation. I was able to improve the quality of sound and video by using several video software and made the content of the video attractive.

The contest was presented in such a way that it will be able to race to the audience and provide them knowledge on how they can create a harmless environment for better living (Hastings, 2018). The feedback provided by the placement line manager video that is created is effective, and it will help in making life much easier. Proper safety measures should be taken when filming a health and safety video. If there is a lack of attention and rules, risk can be there at the filming location, and accidents are likely to occur. A risk assessment is done as the video is made in a diverse environment. Performing risk assessment before beginning production is important. This will help in ensuring that the video-making process runs smoothly without any unfortunate happenings. The advice which is provided by the supervisor and placement line manager is choosing the appropriate software for video editing, watching video editing tutorials, using a fast computer, proper story and maintaining an efficient workflow (Fylan, 2017). I have created mini-dramas, vox pop, and animated videos. Animated videos were advantages to the target audience by explaining how a community can create a healthy and safe environment to animated explainer videos (Barker et al. 2019). This video will help in describing my service to the target audience with the help of fun animation. For creating the video for attractive animation is used. It simplifies the project and highlights the good points in front of the audience. Creating animated videos on better health and safety communities was one of the targets which I have achieved during my experience.

Action plan

I can improve my skills in video editing by focusing more on content that will cover the topics related to the safety community, such as visualising how the lighting on streets can be improved and how a security system can be installed. My video editing process can be improved by inputting sounds and uncut rushes and storing and synchronising them into files on the computer. I should consider focusing more on assembling the raw footage and presenting a video in a more attractive way. Writing commentary or voiceover can be incorporated into the videos to help the audience. Subtitles can be provided by the videos which help the audience. I should experiment mode with techniques and styles, including designing graphic elements (Wang et al. 2020). I should concentrate more on on-screen playing and creative writing.

While working as a video editor in a better safety community, I have gained a lot of knowledge about the importance of the safety community and how it can be implemented. The company has 46 community enterprises that help in accessing the degree students by providing them free support for start-up enterprises. A better safe community is a community-based organisation focused mainly on helping the world with happier and better places. With the help of their tireless staff, the company organises community-building events and fundraisers and also provides in-depth training for the volunteers. I was able to provide proper content on my video-making process during my work experience, which has helped several individuals to know about the safety community and how they can create a better environment.



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