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Social Emotional Mental Health School With Challenging Behaviours

Introduction- Addressing Challenging Behaviors through Holistic Mental Health Education

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1. Classification of storing resources

The classification of storing resources is important for detecting school resources shortly. The resources are stored by the organization firstly by year process and finally in the unit process system. Each resource is given a name that follows a standard naming scheme and includes the lecture number and a resource description. This allows the school staff to search what they are finding and cover the specific number of lectures. The staff store their resources in various locations to reduce the loss of data risk in the future (Krishan and Suhag, 2019). This will help to store the staff document and staff portal, students’ documents and portal in a format of google docs and Moodle. Digital resources are very practical for the organization but they contain data loss and data storage, and organize and manage the students and staff files and documents. In the school the physical storage plan is very important for storing the students' data (Wörbelaueretal. 2019). The physical storage can store the non-digital and real data, offline exam sheets and students submitted assessment. Suspension files, which enable precise categorization, labeling, and grouping, are another advantage of filing cabinets.

The method of storing resources in school is using the Google Docs, it will help to limit the file size during slow upload speed and download the connection speed for storing. The school staff will create a document folder of the staff documents, this is basically a primary location of storing the staff's document. The schools utilize box files to archive paper-based materials that are no longer needed on a regular basis. On the starting of each year the school staff are created a new folder to fill the new staff and student document files.

2. Ways of sharing resources

The schools use 4 methods of sharing resources with the learning professionals for utilizing their discussion of resources. The first method is the portal for the staff, that can help the staff to upload any files that they want to share with the colleagues, but don't want the students to see the files they upload. Creating a student portal is the second method to upload and share the resources with the learning professionals. These Resources files are shared between both students and staff. Similar functions are offered by the Moodle method, although it is more difficult to upload large files, and students have complained to the staff that the method is too complicated for them. Staff can only see the resources when they teach the students on a specific course, this factor can be positive and negative for the staff. This will limit the staff resource sharing level but manage the departments controls. The staff utilize these methods as standard procedure with the learning professionals. Therefore, anyone can take their resources without any one permission (Luo and Yee, 2022). There have been times when castoffs have asked directly to share a specific resource. Usually, this is specific code or a database design that is too large to be uploaded using any of the methods above. In these cases, the staff choose to send the resource to the coworker using a combination of email and a memory stick. Teachers can see through their benefit to teach and help every class. The owners can place responsibility among all teachers, and increase their payment. The teachers are sending the lesson through the mail towards the students, this will encourage more teachers to do the same things for providing their lesson. As long as the student asks and doesn't insist, the teacher will be flattered that the student recalled their work, and the student won't rile anyone up (Cheetham and Lever, 2021). The staff need to also use the colleague resources method to share resources with the learning professional. This will help the teacher to protect their document for any kind of changes and insert the name bottom of each Doc page. This will make the resource process slow significantly and the staff also recreate the file for storing the resources at the same time. The teachers will specifically ask the students how they share their task with the teachers. The students send their task files via email and share the doc files to create and collect resources for the teacher.

3 Legal requirements and responsibilities

3.1 Legal requirements and responsibilities for the development

Social emotional mental health schools use some techniques of positive behavior management to encourage people towards their organizations. The organization will implement some strategies to help the children with their difficult social and emotional behavior (Cross and Cross, 2021). A specialized program, such as circle time sessions, anger management sessions, Lego-based therapy, circle of friends, social storytelling, and restorative practice, are helped by the student's questions.

The school's teachers will teach and give opportunities to the students to develop their self-awareness, self-belief, enhance their social skills, students plan and enhance their strength. The legislation that will be used by the school for further development will be the “Mental Health Act 1983” (Nhs.uk, 2022).This act will help the students in getting immediate treatment for their mental health condition. Another leg nations that will be used by the schools for further development will be the “Equality Act 2010” (Gov.uk, 2022). This act will help the students discriminate against on the basis of their genders, sex, religion, etc.

3.2 Use of resources that incorporate equality and diversity

In order to maintain integrated development, the use of resources is very useful for the Social emotional mental health schools. The resources help the organization to protect their data’s, restrictions and organize their schools that incorporate equality and diversity and represent cultural development.

  • The resources of data protection can help the schools to protect their student data for future enquiries. It can ensure the school doesn't break any rules against the student
  • The organization rule is to investigate how teachers' locus of control, gender, age, and seniority relate to their perceptions of the functions of school rules (Leslie etal. 2019). That is the main cause of the rule-braking system in the schools.
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