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Comparative Analysis of Wileyfox and Lava Mobile Companies

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1. Introduction : Comparing Mobile Giants: A PESTLE Analysis of Wileyfox and Lava

 This study covers the analysis and comparison of two leading Mobile Manufacturing companies, WILEYFOX, and LAVA respectively from the United Kingdom and India. This report covers all the aspects of the analysis with proper parameters and key factors. This report also covers the similarities and differences between both companies in order to segregate the comparison. The recommendation for both the companies in their profession and the market ground is also covered in this report. Based on the comparative analysis and data it will be easy to identify what exactly the role both the companies playing in their respective market and what exactly the stands that they take.

2. About the two companies

Wileyfox and Lava phones both are one of the key players in the mobile phone market in the United Kingdom and in India. Wileyfox provides a local touch in the United Kingdom mobile phone market with high value and low-cost mobile to the local customers. Lava phones also work in the same way with providing low-cost mobile phones, but the competitive market for Lava phones is huge as compared to Wileyfox. The main market for the Wileyfox is the local customer and local market group mainly, where they provide completely different product from the legacy phones. Lava in the other stands extended its market in multiple other countries form the south Asia region, providing low-cost affordable phones to them. Both the companies are new and founded recently and fight against the well-established brands in the mobile market arena. The marketing strategy of both the companies is different but the end goals are more or less the same with the same kind of competitive environment.

3. Present business performance of two companies in the mobile industry in both countries with data from between 2010 to 2019.

Based on the following parameters we can simply understand the business performance for both the companies. Comparing Wileyfox and Lava phones in the United Kingdom and in the Indian market respectively:



Wileyfox in United Kingdom

Lava in India



The parameter here relates the business expansion, including the business growth and customer base. Wileyfox has achieved a good business expansion in the period of 2015 to 2019 with creating a huge customer base and fulfilling the market needs. And this keeps on going in the positive and forward direction with greater benefits for Wileyfox.

Working in such competitive environment and expanding the business was a huge task to achieve for Lava phones, but the effective market strategies and work brought the results for them. Their local and international business expands so well in the period of 2012-2019 that it allows them to focus well in coming future.


Product Quality& Customer Experience

Wileyfox is one of the best mobile selling company of United Kingdom and providing the best quality product is the main motive for them. By this they started created a huge customer base, more and more people are connecting with them because of the customer satisfaction and the services they provide.

Same factor works in the same manner for Lava mobiles, as the product quality is better than the competitors and the customer satisfaction with their services is also huge. Combination of both helped them achieving the greater heights in the Indian competitive mobile market, and sustaining the same in the market.


Cash Balance

With expanding business the cash flow is also expanding, this is a good sign for any business. In the duration of 2010 to 2019 for Wileyfox more number of customers started engaging themselves with the brand and with this the cash flow started expanding, the business prospect and strategies were changed to generate more revenue and profit.

This is an important factor for Lava mobile as well, working in such competitive environment requires a good cash flow to survive and expand, new strategies and new updates in the business only gets possible if the cash flow of a company is sustainable and provides them power to introduce new feature in the products.


Profitability& Debt Ration

For new schemes and new enhancement the important aspects is profitability, if the company is not making a good profit then the downfall starts soon. Wileyfox plan their marketing strategies and product so well in the market that they got the maximum profit. In this duration WileyFox is among the companies which gains maximum profit in UK mobile industries and in UK mobile market.

Profitability is the factor which gives a good boast to Lava mobile to introduce their product in the global market. With increasing revenue the investors count also increased, and this allows Lava mobile to plan for new schemes and launch more products in the market. The marketing strategies is also one of the factor of Lava mobile success and profit.

 4. 2 Factors from each Political, Economic, Social, Technology, and International Trade, over the years which influenced the performance of the companies within two countries



Wileyfox in United Kingdom

Lava in India



Political factor plays an average role in the growth of WileyFox, the product manufacturing and distribution was not get much affected by this. WileyFox following the government guidelines and working on the defined parameters helped them gaining the business and targeting the customers. Also the finance policies of Wileyfox are good well matured that it did not get affected much by this factor.

This factor plays an important role in Indian mobile market for Lava phones. As the government encourages the local product and local manufacturing helps in growing Lava phones exponentially. The government schemes and plans helped them gaining the financial and customer market. This factor was an important key factor for the success of Lava phones in Indian mobile market.



The major and important factor for the success of WileyFox is this, their schemes are planned so well that it goes well along with this factor. The boast in the UK economy and market boast helped WileyFox selling their product in mass level and gaining maximum number of profit.

This factor favors the Lava phone in the past and favoring them in current situation as well, Indian economy boasted in past few years with a great difference. And above that Indian mobile market expands exponentially in past few years, number of customers started purchasing the smart phones and Lava being one of the best choice for them.



Creating a difference and totally adopting new technology helped them stands out from the regular mobile manufacturing companies, and this become an important factor for WileyFox, choosing different became the trend and this social factor helped in gaining the huge advantage for WileyFox. Mostly teenagers started using mobile phones of WileyFox as the social status symbol.

With boast in the Indian economy the social parameters and social factors also changed, more number of people started purchasing the smart phones and this helped Lava phones gaining a huge advantage and helped them gaining more profit from Indian mobile market. Overall this was also an important factor for Lava phones for their expansion.



Wileyfox started with the idea of implementing new and latest technology that makes them odd from the regular phones. The regular android and phones were something they did not want to go with, and this helped them gaining the more number of customer in the UK mobile phone market.

Lava was launched with the regular smartphone technology with android implementation but then they started adopting such technologies which were unique in the market. They focused on the customer experience and customer needs and integrating the latest technology their makes them a big player in Indian mobile market.


International Trade

This factor also not impacted much for the WileyFox, they started with the local buying idea and experience and focused in that area only to target the local customers.

Lava changed their strategies from targeting only local Indian market to the complete south Asia region and that makes them gaining a huge profit. Lava phones targeted the both local and international market.(Alanzi, 2018)

5. Compare the difference/similarities of business environment and impact on business performance between two countries 500

Both the companies performed well in their respective market and gained a good position, at the present situation as well both the companies are doing great. Where some of the factors favors the both some other factor became challenge. Below are the similarities and differences in the business environment. Also will be covering the three basic business performance factor along with the business environment factors to understand the impact well.(Rastogi, 2016)

The Business performance factor:

  • Customer Foresight & Insight
  • Competitor Foresight & Insight
  • Peripheral Vision

These performance factor are analyzed over the business environment factors.

  • Similarities: In this section the study covers the list of business environment factors which are similar for both of them.
  • Economic Factor: This factor helping both the companies in the same way, as the economy and financial situation for both the countries are good most of the people can afford using the smartphones, provided it is in range and provides quality. Customer insights and satisfaction helped Lava phones and WileyFox expanding their business with great speed. Also along with that as the quality is coming in range, this helped in wiping out the competitors in the mobile phone market.
  • Social and Cultural Factors: The second similar factor that helped both the companies gaining a good customer base in the social and cultural factor, both the companies are manufacturing the product which is quite famous and trendy in the teenagers, both the companies are making product which are now kind of a part of status symbol for them, and with the variety of feature it is also popular in the middle age generation. And this helped them gaining a huge advantage in the mobile phone markets for both the companies.
  • Differences: As there are similarities present in some factors for both the companies, there are some factors which helped one in great extend and being neutral for other, those are:
  • Political and Legal Factors: Here this factor helped a lot and still helping Lava phones gaining local and international market in the South Asia region. The government policies to encouraging the local products helped Lava phones gaining more profit in the local market, even the expenses are less because of the government policies. For Lava phones this factor is continuously helping them gaining an advantage against the foreign products. Unlike in the case of WileyFox where this factor is more or less the neutral one, the get the support from local government but not to that extend that it can actually create a difference. (Stanescu, 2016)
  • Physical and Technology Factor: Now this also an important factor for the WileyFox, because they have started with the idea of distinguishing their phones from the traditional mobile phones company and the common technology. This helped WileyFox gaining a great customer market and gaining and making a huge customer base. Unlike for Lava phones where they have started with the commonly used technology and common factors and hence does not create any significance difference in gaining the customers.

It is clear that some factors helped both the organization and some helped only one but the strategies and planned of both the organization helped them manage these situations.

6. Recommendation for the companies

There are some factors which should be taken into consideration for the companies to grow well in the future. For making a decent profit in continuous manner is an important factor where both the companies should work on it. Below are some recommendation points for both the companies that should be taken into consideration by them:

  • International Market: This is the one important factor where both the companies are lagging and should plan for better strategies to cover the international market. Where Lava phone is limited to the South Asia region, WileyFox is limited base in terms of international market. This is an important aspect that both the companies should look and imply.
  • Technology Enhancement: The next factor where both the companies should work on and should target is the technology enhancement. WileyFox started with a good node and started with the latest technology but somehow the enhancement graph is moving down and this will enables the competitors to overcome or gain the customer base of WileyFox. Same goes for Lava phones as they started with the commonly used technology and going along with them will allows other companies to take an advantage against Lava phones. For the greater profit and enhancing customer base it is very much important for both the companies to keep on upgrading the technology in their products.(Kolios, 2013)
  • Customer Base: Both the companies has the limited customer base where the primary customer for both the companies are teenagers, they should take a move ahead and plan for enhancing the customer base. They can target the middle age generation, if some new feature are added and the product designed is changed which should go along with the business profiles then they can enhance and can gain a huge customer base. This is an important factor for both the companies to look into so that the revenue system can be boasted and maximum profit can be derived. Selling their product in limited customer base can impact the product stability and can increase the risk factors.
  • Variety of Product: This is also a factor where both the companies are lagging, they do not have variety of products which can fulfil the market needs. The limited number of products restricting them to have the limited number of customer and hence both the companies should look into the aspects where they can launch new products with different variety and features so that more number of customers start buying their product and they can increase the customer base and profit.

7. Conclusion 100

This study tried to cover all the points that should be taken into consideration for the business growth. Also discussed the aspects where the list of parameters are discussed which actually made difference in business growth for both the companies and still playing an important role. There are some similarities or some similar factors which helped both the companies, also there are some factors where one company is performing great as compare to other. This study cover all these aspects in regards of WileyFox and Lava phones. Instead the geographic mobile market of both the companies are different but they share the common comparison parameters, the study covers them all.


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