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Supply Chain Mapping For Value

Introduction - Supply Chain Mapping For Value

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A supply chain is the network of individual goods or items of each organization involved in sales activities. The supply chain mapping for Value and Slazenger has been selected for the particular study which is facilitated to meet the new demands of individual customers. Effective planning, as well as resources is necessary to improve supply chain value and which is controlling the manufacturing process of each organization. The sources of possible information are necessary that is collected from the company's reports and broadcast programs. The infrastructural aspects of the supply chain depend on possible information. There are four major elements of the supply chain such as planning, sources, delivery, and return. The supply chain structure is necessary to maintain organizational roots and necessary to provide efficient guidelines to involve organizational output.

1. The infrastructure of the supply chain

Production is the most important aspect of supply chain system and it provides possible outcomes for the business. In order to, maintain the inventory level of the business is mandatory which is possible by using efficient supply chain management. Proper planning is necessary for supply chain management and sometimes inefficient responses disrupt the supply chain process. In fluctuation of transport costs or regulations are necessary and environmental occurrences are the actual process of supply chain disruption (De Vass, Shee& Miah, 2021). The physical supply chain that are included within the infrastructure of the supply chain are the plants, factories, warehouses and ports in which the products will be readily generated from the sources which will be integrated as the final point of consumptions in a large basis. Hence the case study is readily related infrastructure tennis ball supply chain which will be supplied with a high quality material and are been expected to have a 39000 spectators per day with a 17 million global views in a large manner. Beside this, high visibility will be readily provided by the supply chain of tennis ball materials which will be provided at a low cost 54250 unit cost.

Figure 1: Supply chain management functions

(Source: Wen, Choi & Chung, 2019)

A great supply chain disruption is a common factor in a business that puts positive and negative impacts on the business. Economic recovery is the best way to resolve the financial difficulties of the business which is maintaining the supply chain practices of the business. There are some positive elements of the business such as purchasing, distribution as well as and integration which are also considered effective supply chain management (Wen, Choi & Chung, 2019). Retail supply chain management is an important aspect that involves numerous possible opportunities in a business. Advertisement is necessary to improve the supply chain management of a business which is to develop positive business demand.

A large number of retail sectors are improved basic demand by good supply chain management which improves future opportunities. The supply chain management of Value and Slazenger will increase business values by attracting numerous customers. Poor supply chain management is also common in a business but effective communication is necessary to minimize long-term difficulties. Business infrastructure is also necessary which is maintained by the positive business response. The supply chain will be advantageous in providing fast delivery that providing a British scenario and it readily fits to that of the Wimbledon image.

2. Key areas of the retail supply chain

Figure 2: Key areas of supply chain

(Source: de Vass, Shee& Miah, 2021)

Location, transportation as well as maintaining inventory level is major key areas of business that improve retail supply chain management. The supply chain process of business is required effective communication to maintain long-term business sustainability (de Vass, Shee& Miah, 2021). Strategic planning is another important way to maintain sustainable supply chain management if value and Slazengerwhich improves the business process. Sometimes individual business organizations are focusing on production factors because this is the only way to enhance more demand of individual customers. The new supply chain will readily evaluate as a lower cost manufacture that will be providing low cost raw materials with a high quality raw materials like the NZ wool, US Clay, Greek Silicone in a huge manner. The negative key aspects that have been readily integrated from the case study of the supply chain mapping are the increase of the fuel prices and high cost in the logistics area. It can be also less environmental friendly and key aspects like customs delay risk can be associated with the tennis balls supply chain product.

In order to improve the value of the supply chain, there are numerous options such as customer satisfaction, improving the distribution network as well as review important procedure on regular basis. In order to, identify a market process of the organization is important and most business organizations are gradually focusing on the suppliers' relationship which is enhancing the customer dealing process.

There are five other important processes to efficiently maintain supply chain management of business such as effective planning, resources as well as delivery or return of the products. In order to, boost global supply chain management anti-competitive practices are necessary which also prioritize the public health of the business (Min, Zacharia, & Smith, 2019). Understanding customer’s demand is important to increase more business demand, which easily mitigates difficulties through competitive practices. Supply chain strategy provides a particular roadmap to meet companies' demands and customer satisfaction is the best way to optimize supply chain management. For example exceeding the actual demand of the stakeholders can play a great role to meet the strategic requirements of retail supply chain management.

3. Dominant order fulfilment strategy to emerging current market

An order fulfilment strategy is important in the business and can be able to directly connect with potential customers. A fulfilment strategy of supply chain management is important and that can easily meet inventory levels by sending new orders to the customers. A fulfilment strategy is necessary to emerge in the current market of the organization (Gawankar, Gunasekaran &Kamble, 2020). Order fulfilment strategy temporarily involves receiving goods, distribution centres, or short-term storage. Through the fulfilment strategy, it will help the supply chain of tennis ball manufacturing to set a long journey of the products with typically travelling one-fifth of the total miles of a tennis ball.

Figure 3: Evaluation of supply chain

(Source: de Vass, Shee & Miah, 2021)

Order fulfilment strategies are potential and that can able to increase market demands and ensure internal orders are taken in multiple ways. Production factors are also necessary to involve fulfilment strategy and also meet effective requirements between the customers and organization. In order to, emerging currency market of the business is mandatory and that can able to involve strategic changes during the common situation (Aich et al. 2019). An efficient supply chain management is necessary and can fulfil major business requirements. An efficient production factor is also necessary to create long-term business demand. Fulfilment errors are common factors in the business and that do not meet potential business requirements. 

Technical analysis helps to mitigate business processes of the tennis ball manufacturing and can able to meet potential business requirements. In order to, handling long-term business returns is necessary which is involved in the fulfilment strategy. Fulfilment solutions are mandatory and that can meet potential business requirements (Cai, Dai & Zhang, 2019). In order to, emerging market conditions organization is necessary and which involves fulfilment strategy in a business. Maintaining customer demand is important and that can able to manage the potential requirements of a business. A multichannel supply chain is mandatory and able to meet the potential requirements of a business.


Based on the above discussion it can be concluded that handling returns as well as fulfilment strategy which is necessary for the business. Effective supply chain management is necessary to meet new business requirements and storing inventory is another way to increase customer demand. Strategic communication is mandatory to meet the outstanding requirements of a business. Strategic communication is important to enhancing organizational strategy. Outstanding business performance is mandatory and that can able to meet future requirements. Transparent requirements are mandatory and they can meet potential business requirements. Fulfil company's orders are necessary and that plays transition role by fulfilling customers' requirement. Hence, it has been identified from the report that through supply chain of the tennis ball manufacturing it will help in increasing the value of the customers by creating a growth in the network of the supply chain in an integrated basis. Hence greater visibility has been emerged and opportunities will be raised for the Slazenger in future which will create value at a large basis.

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