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Developing Yourself As An Effective Hr Practitioner

1. Introduction - Developing Yourself As An Effective Hr Practitioner

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The study is based on the effective HR practitioner and their professionalism helps in handling the situation and dealing with the critical information. The study has focused on the importance of HR practitioners and their skills in dealing with organizational problems and customer needs. The main aspects of the Hr practitioners also help the employees to report unethical issues and maintain business integrity.

2. Methodology

While conducting this research to develop myself as a better developmental practitioner, three random people were interviewed. Therefore primary qualitative analysis has been integrated while developing this research purpose. Customer needs and their professional values are iterated upon in identifying both human resources and developmental measures. Both the activities were evaluated using a profession map which sets up an international benchmark in understanding the profession of people. Core values of behavioural science and organisational data will be evaluated for better advancing the people analytics measure. Through qualitative analysis, practitioner expertise has also been integrated so that better understanding features of investing strategically will be better understood.

3. Discussion and Findings

3.1 Activity 1

Values of a professional map include features which are principle-led, evidence-led and outcome-driven. Profession map under CIPD sets a global standard view which requires a larger contribution to people's professional measures. Principle-led evidence looks over the paradigm of making good decisions. Inclusion of work matter in principle less standard of expertise includes purview of professionalism measures. Moreover, looking at the purview of people's profession individuals need to look towards the professional context. The evidence-based core values measure looks over the paradigm of the professional judgement measures (Heaslip et al. 2019). Through the inclusion of a range of sources as evidence measures larger support for the expertise of the practitioner, concern regarding stakeholder and organisational data will also be including different outcomes.

Value under outcome-driven measure looks over different impacts through which work, people, professionalism and phases of individuals are iterated over In this context, the individual will involve a paradigm of better understanding the context of a varied number of context measures (O’Riordan, 2020). The valuation of focus represents a better positive difference between professional and social contexts. Under the above evidence-based measure purview, core values of Human Resources proactive include the paradigm of bettering the consequences of staff work will include the section upon which the human resource for learning and development practitioners will be utilising a better concept of favouritism. In this paradigm, the risk of losing valuable employees also remains (Mohammed et al. 2018). Therefore the employees may have to initialise the consistent application and thus apply conviction upon which moral convictions might be placed. The consequence of ethical behaviours and adhering to complying laws with the HR practices.

Core knowledge-The HR must be knowledgeable about the types of principles which are involved in the selection, training and development of employees. Here they also should implement greater concern wherein strategic planning, resource allocation and greater coordination of people and resources need to be aligned (Peopleprofession.cipd.org. 2022). Core knowledge usually focuses on areas which are required to build better value and positive impact up-on which working model is better integrated over. Both behaviours and culture are important for an organisation as it sets up a better basis of understanding thus influencing organisational systems (Woloch, 2019). Human behaviour is included within a positive culture of influencing the system of a better working environment. Here it is important for the individual to maintain better support in people engagement factors where encouraging learning methods in the workplace will be better integrated over.

Core behaviour- Core behaviour traits are needed within an HR professional who is inclusive of being better credible, courageous and solution-driven. The Hr should be able to handle critical solutions wherein, the best manner of enquiring thinkers within the collaborative human beacons paradigm will have to be involved (Rochford, 2018). Therefore Hr professionals should have a heightened passion for learning and should work inclusively and meet better goals and objectives of the organisation. Acting and thinking are the two basic criteria which need different behaviour upon empowering individuals to develop better evaluations

Specialist Knowledge-As HR professional's specialisation of knowledge will be possessed through a better understanding of how individuals will be able to create a positive impact. Therefore, specialisation in various disciplines like that of employee experience and relations needs to be better improved upon (Fernandez and Gallardo-Gallardo, 2020). Moreover, talent management and their resourcing of individuals for organisational development help in better people analytics. The skill of better assessing intercultural sensitivity will be requiring better dealing with managers and employees to remain beneficial for the entire organisational context.

3.2 Activity 2

The discussion related to customer needs was focused on during the research process. As cited by Timoshenko and Hauser (2019), three customers were involved in the process and the data was collected related to their pReferences. The data relating to customer 1 is showing the conflict related to the fair price. The customer is specified that the pricing structure of the product is high and is not fair to the customer's preference. The HR practitioner needs to maintain the causes of the rivalry and provide a better offering to the customers. The data relating to customer 2 is showing the conflict of good service.  As per the view of Stander et al. (2020), the customer suggested that they will be paying more for the product if the level of customer service is better. Hence, HR practitioners need to improve their customer service so that they can meet the customer's needs and preferences. The main role of the HR practitioner is to clear the issues arising in the organization. This will help to gain more trust and loyalty from customers. The collected data related to customer 3 is showing the conflict related to meeting customer needs and expectations. The customer specified their view of having a good product to remain loyal to the product. Customer satisfaction will help to start adding loyalty of customers to enhance business. Therefore, HR practitioners need to identify the needs of the customer to meet their demands and promote customer loyalty (Mihova and Ivanova, 2020).

Effective communication is needed for creating a good management system in the organization. There are different methods available for creating proper communication with the customers as well as for understanding their needs. Three methods are - “Verbal communication”, “Written communication”, and “Visual communication”.

Verbal communication

Advantages: This communication helps to save lots of time, apart from that, this also helps to save money. Through this communication, the feedback from the customers can be gotten quickly (Stacho et al., 2019). This is considered the most suitable method for understanding the needs of the customers as this is very easy to prepare.

Disadvantages: this communication lacks legal validity hence that can create problems in certain cases.

Written communication

Advantages: this is considered the most suitable method for doing long-distance type communication as well as for the redundant standing charges. This also helps to create an enduring record of proof that helps to provide the receiver with a sufficient period to act, think, and react. This communication uses legal documents therefore here the risk is less.

Disadvantages: there is a huge possibility of miscommunication being present here as well as problems with cost and materials.

Visual communication

Advantages: for delivering the information more instantly this communication process is needed. This also helps to create more flexibility than the verbal one. Apart from that, this is considered as the more attention seeker process that helps to grab the attention of the customers and try to make them more engaged.

Disadvantages: this communication cannot be used in the detailed type of communication it also consists of lack of clarity.

Effective service delivery is mainly used for creating efficient, as well as effective services for the delivery, that also involves the creating a proper bond with the customers and the company. For meeting the objectives of the customers delivering the product on time is very much needed in this service (Khasawneh, 2021). However, this helps to create proper attention over this company from the customer's side. Apart from that, the customers can be able to derive huge benefits from the products and services that are provided by the company. On the other hand, this also includes delivering the services on the proper budget because without this the customer can feel uninterested. In this effective service dealing with the difficult type of customers is also needed for maintaining proper balance in the organization (Nsefu et al., 2021). Apart from this, handling the customers as well as resolving different kinds of complaints is also needed for maintaining the proper balance within the company.

3.3 Activity 3: CPD Plan

What do I want/need to learn?

What will I do to achieve this?

What resources or support will I need?

What will my success criteria be?

Target dates for review and completion

I am engaged with an institution presently. This institution has helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses

I have to motivate myself at first to enhance my knowledge on daily basis. 

I need to focus on my written communication as well as my verbal communication. I need much support from my hierarchy to motivate myself to be engaged in this learning method. 

I have to set some goals to reach at the end of the day. 

1 month

I will also create the positive atmosphere by providing positive feedback and making a good conversation with my employees

I need to enhance my communication skill as an HR. 

I will be a part of training to enhance my existing skills as well as to enhance my communication skill

The knowledge on theMaslow's hierarchy of needs will help me

3 months

Empowering the employees lead them to think constrictive way

I will Inspire the employees to contribute their ideas

After successfully following this I will be able to create my own impression

This wil help me to apply my skills in the future. 

4 months

I need to learn how to take decision during the contradictions. 

I have to include all my employees in the decision making sessions

I need their full support to make my decisions applicable for majority. 

More employees can be a part of the decision making sessions and organizational growth.

6 months

3.4 Activity 4: CPD Reflection

Key dates

What did you do?


What did you learn from this?

How have/will you use this?

Any further action?

6 months

After assessing the CPD plan I can admit that I possess several competencies needed as an HR practitioner. 

This plan has helped me to find out the goals of an HR manager and execute it accordingly

Communication skill is an important criteria in an HR practitioner. 

I will use this course further to gain more knowledge that will help my future career as an HR manager. 


From the above discussion, it can be said that the CIPD plan is crucial to becoming clear about self skills. This plan helps the aspiring HR manager to proceed strategically and more scientifically. After going through this plan it can be recommended that for becoming a good HR manager he needs to focus more on his communication skill. Through this skill, the manager can solve critical problems for the employees in a workplace. Therefore I decided to enhance my communication skills by watching and reading the motivational speeches of great leaders and personalities of all eras.



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