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A Comparison Of The Marketing Methods Of Two Multinational Hotel Brands

Introduction - A Comparison Of The Marketing Methods Of Two Multinational Hotel Brands

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Travelodge Hotels Limited is one of the private hotels and hospitality industry that operates its business throughout the United Kingdom, including Ireland and Spain. It is one of the largest independent hotel brands in the United Kingdom, with more than 570 hotel services across the United Kingdom (Filimonau et al., 2020). The company was founded in 1985, and since then, they are always providing their customers with satisfactory services. Crowne Plaza is also a British Multinational hotel chain that operates its 431 hotel brands in the United Kingdom. The hotel Crowne Plaza was established in 1983(George et al., 2021). In this essay, the marketing strategies of these multinational hotel brands are going to be described in detail. The reason behind choosing these hotel brands is that they are the top leading hotel services in the United Kingdom and have a sustainable business marketing strategy, and also show the potential growth in future.

Marketing choices

Competition between hotels and the hospitality industry is increasing day by day. For that reason, the hotel brands Travelodge and Crowne Plaza make considerable changes in their business marketing strategy because a sustainable marketing strategy helps in their growth and development. Travelodge used the social media marketing campaign strategy and invested 26 million pounds in running the campaign (Hay et al., 2021). They also include the television advertising strategy in their marketing plans for the very first time. In the early time, the hotel Travelodge used an ineffective business strategy such as mouth to mouth publication and reducing the prices of their hotel services. This strategy might not be sufficient for their growth and development, and they make a turnover in their marketing strategy. Due to the rapid changes in market position as it is becoming more digital and flexible, the hotel brand Crowne Plaza also made an update in its business marketing strategy. In their early time, they used the customer satisfaction strategy most of the time to run their business which was not so effective and efficient for their business. Nevertheless, in the changing era, they adapted the collaboration strategy and digital marketing strategies to make some practical changes in their marketing method. Both the hotel industries are adapting to the one-step digitalization process to improve their business because digital marketing strategy in this era is one of the effective and efficient ways to promote any business rapidly to a considerable number of audiences. Nevertheless, sometimes, it creates a massive disadvantage in the development and growth of these two hotels, Industries Travelodge and Crowne Plaza.

Market position

Travelodge is one of the leading hotel chains in the United Kingdom and generated revenue of more than 560 million British pounds in the year 2021. The current market share of the hotel industry Travelodge across the various targeted audiences in the United Kingdom is almost 53.89% male and 46.11% female (Panno et al., 2019). The majority of the visitors to the hotel industry are people from the age group 25-34. The main competitor of the hotel industry Travelodge is hotel Premier Inn which is also a valuable hotel brand in the United Kingdom. Using digital marketing strategies such as websites, the traffic is all about 59.90% which is a substantial numerical for the hotel industry. On the other side, in the hospitality industry, Crowne Plaza generated revenue of approx. 2.3 billion during the financial year 2021. The hotel industry almost targets 56.75% of men and women from the age group between 40 (Maliuga et al., 2018). It also has a disadvantage over the hotel Premier Inn. However, both the hotel industries are additionally adapting new and unique technologies to increase their market position in the hospitality markets of the United Kingdom.

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Current marketing strategy

The current market strategy that the hotel industry Travelodge uses is a digital marketing strategy and also the television advertising strategy to bring warmth and sustainability to their development. The company almost invested $10 million to promote its digital marketing strategy (Nuseir et al., 2021). This marketing strategy helps the hotel industry to understand its competitors in the market of the United Kingdom and helps to move the marketing focus from an ineffective low business strategy to a profitable marketing strategy. For the rapidly changing demands of their customers, they adapted the e-commerce strategy to understand the key market challenges and the needs and demands of their customers. To reduce the competition in the hotel industry, Premier Inn uses Lenny Henry as its brand ambassador and promotes TV advertisements. Moreover, they are doing some updates in their hotel rooms to increase their customer's productivity and feature a buffet-style English bar and cafe to improve customer management (Reddy et al., 2019). The Crowne Plaza hotel industry is using the influencer marketing strategy, which is a part of digital marketing. The hotel industry believes that making strong connections with influential people increases the productivity of their hotel chains. For that reason, they made a massive investment in the marketing strategy and hired various influential people to promote their business. It helps the hotel industry to create a personal brand value in the market of the United Kingdom, which is really beneficial for their future growth and development. Are Morch is the digital marketing coach of the hotel industry Crowne Plaza who creates innovative and effective digital customer experiences to promote their business and increase the profit of their revenue.

Consideration of marketing strategy

Except for the digital marketing strategy of the hotel industry, Travelodge uses some the other sustainable strategies to promote its business without hurting the environment. The hotel industry has run a sustainable green marketing program for the past years. The primary purpose of the hotel industry is to reduce its carbon footprint by changing its marketing strategy, such as building new hotel chains in the industry and running their hotels today (Wario et al., 2020). They use the aerated showerheads and caps inside their hotel rooms to reduce the water consumption as much as possible because water is being heated in the washrooms. The hotel industry takes the initiative to reduce the lighting energy by producing energy-efficient lights in their new hotel chains. They also manage the green performance of the hotel by examining the usage of energy each hour through smart meters. In the hospitality industry, Travelodge produces the environmental controller in their hotel rooms to ensure the switch is off when no one is in this room. This systematic process saves more than 40% more energy than average days.

On the other side, in the hotel industry, Crowne Plaza also takes massive initiative in green marketing sustainable strategy. Energy reducing and saving is an ongoing process in the hotel industry Crowne Plaza. In their hotel rooms, they use the motion sensor to reduce the energy in a more effective and efficient way. To turn up from the standard light, they use the energy-saving LED lights in their hotel rooms. To save the water, the hotel industry includes the sensor features in the flush of their bathrooms to stop the wastage of water. Moreover, they recycle the stormwater by collecting them with the help of the local council. The recycling water is used in their toilets and laundry. They always take the initiative to reduce the usage of plastic products from their early years. They do not even use a single thing of plastic in their hospitality industry.

Marketing in covid 19 pandemic

During the covid 19 pandemic situation, every business industry faces a tremendous amount of loss which they can cope with within the next coming years. For that reason, the hotel industry Travelodge also faces some disadvantages in the pandemic situation. Before the pandemic situation in the year 2019, the company welcomed over 10 million customers in their iconic hotel brand and attracted more than 1000 customers per week (Zeaitar et al., 2019). However, during the pandemic situation, the number of customers reduced by almost 50%, and they faced a tremendous amount of loss in their productivity because travellers were not allowed in this situation due to the lockdown process. At the present time they are recovering from the hectic situation and now operate over 30 million customers annually, which is a significant improvement, and now they are providing and maintaining every precaution in their services to make their services sustainable (Lin et al., 2019). On the other side, in the hotel industry, Crowne Plaza also faces a considerable number of disadvantages and losses in the pandemic situation. They face a decrease in their customers and employees too because the majority of their employees are attacked by a coronavirus, which reduces the employee productivity of the hotel industry Crowne Plaza. However, now, they are out of the hectic situation and provide their customers with the topmost services by adapting the precautions of the pandemic situation. They maintain hygiene and clean their hotel rooms often to decrease the issue of the pandemic situation.


This essay shows the parameters of the development of two multinational hotels, Industries Travelodge and Crowne Plaza. Both hotel industries are the top most leading hotel chains in the United Kingdom and make a significant impact on the economic background of the United Kingdom. The analysis helps to understand the marketing differences between these two hotel brands.



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