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BABM1001: The Indispensable Role of Managers in Organizational Success: A Case Study of Amazon

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Introduction: BABM1001: Defining Management and its Importance in Directing Business Operations

The term management can be defined as the direction of a company in the form of both profit organization and non-profit firms or any regimental bodies. Controlis also identified as both the art and science of directing assets of the business in the right direction so as the achieve the organization's goals (Das, 2019). One of the main objectives behind conducting this essay to shed light on the topic of management and managers. The study will discuss in what manner executives are pivotal to companies and their various functions in the selected company that is Amazon. Amazon.com, Inc. is an American global innovation organisation that provides its focal point in web-based business, distributed computing, web-based promotion, computerised streaming, and AI (Amazon, 2019).


The main functions of management are usually categorised under three main headings which are discussed in detail below:

Management Functions Planning Organizing Staffing Directing Controlling
Description Planning is the fundamental role of the administration. It manages to make out a future strategy and choose ahead of time the most proper course of activities for the accomplishment of pre-decided objectives (Kapur, 2018). Organizing is the method involved with uniting physical, monetary, and HR and creating useful relationships among them for the accomplishment of authoritative objectives. Staffing is identified to be the capability of monitoring the association design and keeping it monitored. Directing is that piece of administrative capability that activates the authoritative strategies to turn out proficiently for the accomplishment of hierarchical drives (Conkright, 2015). Controlling infers estimation of achievement against the principles and adjustment of deviation if any to guarantee the accomplishment of hierarchical objectives (Schraeder, 2014).
How managers perform each function In the process of planning within top management of Amazon the executives usually put forth objectives and decide the most effective process to accomplish the goals of the company (Ramu, 2018). At the stage of organizing, managers of Amazon particularly of the finance division decide in what manner best to dispense assets to accomplish the objective. Also considering this management function Amazon works through administration by means of the execution of additional shallow authoritative designs. The hierarchical construction in Amazon includes centring on seeing people as discrete, taking into account that it's anything but a small organization. In staffing, HR managers of Amazon handle each part of an organization's staffing requirements. In staffing managers are accountable for selecting, preparing, and holding representatives, and they likewise fire workers when needed. Amazon is a major organization that commends a huge web-based presence that assists individuals with finding a particular line of work at Amazon. The existence of the data set permits communities to recruit and acquire exact insight concerning each given work. Managers usually perform directing by providing training, guiding, and administering the presentation of the specialists to accomplish foreordained objectives. Also in Amazon, the headship authority is successful in overseeing and driving the workers. It involves rousing, empowering, and propelling representatives to take part in imaginative thoughts that are probably going to shape future organizational achievement Managers perform this function by establishing norms, measuring the performance of the employees and taking proper action as and when needed (Ramu, 2018). At Amazon, setting up a pattern execution on the assumptions of the typical employees will be fundamental. It assists in estimating an individual's presentation before fulfilment of the preparation with working out. After allowing the workers to comprehend their normal exhibition, quarterly execution examinations are important.

So, after discussing the meaning and function of management the next topic that comes is whether managers are significant for organizations. To answer this question, it will be first important to know the actual definition of a manager.

The Indispensable Role of Managers in Organisational Success: An Analysis of Amazon's Managerial Practices

Managers are the ones who are identified as the pillar of a firm, particularly in big firms like Amazon. The managers of Amazon usually ensure proper functions in the respective firm to attain the objectives of the company, which differ in daily function (Engwall, 2018). For any company, for example, Amazon, managers are considered to be one of the important elements who runs the overall functioning that finally helps in achieving the company goals. A manager of a company, for example, the managers of Amazon in general helps in addressing the gathering's advantage and endeavours for association and self-achievement. They go about as representatives for the two sides of the separation the investors and the workers. They are entrusted to care for both the interests of the business and the individuals who work in them. Also, executives are vital for associations on the grounds that a director assumes an extremely critical part in arranging and going with choices of the organization (Tovmasyan, 2017). For example, the top-level Supervisors of Amazon control and screen the representatives, and in the ongoing period chiefs likewise work with crafted by the workers. The top-level Supervisors of Amazon Chiefs are additionally accountable for the allotment of the assets accessible to the association like a portion of the workforce, monetary assets as well as material assets, and so on. Administrators likewise put forth the transient objectives of the organization and they additionally work with the top chief board in settling on long-haul conclusions about the organization (Mohammed, 2021). For guaranteeing that representatives are moving in the correct path for accomplishing objectives, chiefs continue to really take a look at their work. Subsequently, chiefs assume a vital part in the associations (Sadq, 2018). Thus, from the overall discussion of this particular segment managers are one of the important for any organization be it a MNC or a SME.

Now the after identifying the importance of the managers the next question comes in Does what they do “matter. In spite of information technology along with all the discussion of strengthening, the administration by its own doing is, regardless, turning out to be more, not less, far and wide. What directors do consequently matter essentially on the grounds that countless individuals are doing "the board" as their primary job. In any case, does what administrators really do matter as far as its impacts on individuals being made due, and, provided that this is true, how? And the answer to this question is undeniably yes. But prior to answering this question it will be important to know what mangers actually do and wat is their job ( School,London Business , 2022). The mangers usually do the below mentioned functions:

  1. Going about as a nonentity, delegate, or resource for a work unit
  2. Observing and scattering data
  3. Organizing
  4. Bargaining with a wide electorate
  5. Arranging and planning work
  6. Distributing assets to various work exercises
  7. Coordinating and checking crafted by subordinates
  8. Explicit human assets the board exercises
  9. Critical thinking and taking care of aggravations to the work process
  10. Advancing cycles and items (Hales, 2001)

The work which they do actually matches because of the reason that shows the correct path to the employees. The best administrators will take advantage of the inborn inspiration of their colleagues, assisting individuals with feeling roused and profoundly propelled to carry their smartest plans to work consistently. They tap into the employee's "inborn" human inspirations by making elevated degrees of independence, authority, and reason, rather than centring the focus on disciplines or rewards like rewards ("extraneous" inspirations) (Wilde,Katie , 2018). As a result, it can be said that they are pivotal for corporal success. This point can be explained using the company example of Amazon.

The Pivotal Role of Amazon's Managers in Driving Company Success

Amazon’s managers are considered to be important for the company success because they are considered to be the prime person for the company. Amazon’s managers hold themselves along with every one within the company as well as responsible for illustrating the headship standards by means of their superior actions on a daily basis. They headship norms illustrate in what manner Amazon conduct their business in addition to in what manner the managers work rigorously to uphold the clients within the middle of the decisions. The unique organization culture created by the managers of Amazon helps them in achieving the organizational goals that work as a success for the entire company (Amazon, 2019). In addition to this it has been also noted in case of Amazon that top level managers are mostly accountable for making goals, missions as well as visions that led to company success. They additionally help the junior level managers to understand what and how should they guide the employees that will ultimately help in achieving the overall company objectives. Amazon managers also prevailed with regards to building a buyer paradise. They charge substantially less in addition to guarantee significantly more than different stores and stages: The best determination by joining a retail business with a commercial centre business, the best cost by utilizing the "buybox", and the speediest conveyance by offering FBA to their venders. This type of activities takes place only when managers are capable of understanding the company needs and based on that take the measures which is usually seen in the managers of Amazon company and that is why they are considered as one of the leading companies with top grade managers (Amazon, 2019).


So, from the overall discussion on the topic of management along with the importance of managers it can be said that no company will be run without a proper guidance from a good manager. Manager is the backbone of a good company and they are only responsible for achieving the company success. It can also be concluded from the sturdy that Amazon’s managers are they key to their company success whose discissions are considered as the most pivotal for achieving organizational goals. Still there is a great scope of improving the management style within the Amazon for which the managers need to follow the few basics suggestions which are listed below:

  1. Strengthening the decisions making process
  2. Cultivating self-consciousness
  3. Building honesty and empathy
  4. Establishing frequent monitoring
  5. Completing administrative training yearly


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