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Career Planning For Social Scientists

Introduction - Career Planning For Social Scientists

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Planning on career gives a direction and makes a path clear for an individual to reduce weaknesses to make career goals achievable. In this study a proper career planning for social scientists is going to be done for understanding the required skills to flourish in this area. Entire study is conducted in a reflective manner to portray an individual’s required effort in polishing career goals for a better future. Experiences, attributes, qualifications and skills that need to be adopted by a social scientist are going to be discussed in this study. Areas of lacking by an individual is going to be identified that helps in building up a SMART objective to make each career goal achievable.

Reflection on learning and development

Weekly journal entries have been prepared to plan out a learning and development path to become a social scientist.

Week 1: I started understanding the field of social science and conducted in-depth research. I have found that building up a career as a social scientist is necessary to understand in becoming a professional researcher that constantly examines different aspects of a society. Gradually, I started collecting information regarding past achievements and events that occur within a particular society. I conducted an investigation regarding various governments and institutions to understand the decision making procedure regarding an event within a society. I made a comparison on decisions taken and impact occurs on a particular society.

Week 2: In the next week I started excavating the skills required to build a proper career as a social scientist. I have found that speaking up clearly and listening to others is the prime skill required by an individual. Constantly remain up-to-date regarding varied events occurring within a society and keep in a written format. Keeping data in a sequencing manner is going to help me in providing proper work-related materials.

Week 3: Standing in the third week I started finding out renowned academic institutes from where I can pursue my studies and achieve a degree for becoming a social scientist (Permatasari, 2019). Moreover, I started searching for any professional online programmes that help in securing the required skills that support my career goals. 

Week 4: In the last week, I am going to search various areas where I can apply to secure a professional job after completing my academics in social science. Moreover, I will try to see future prospects in this area and better employment opportunities in different parts of the world to ensure an improved career by being a social scientist.

Learning about oneself using career development theories

“Frank Parsons’ trait and factor Theory” is one of the popular career development theories that provide an idea to an individual regarding matching personal traits with required skills for pursuing a career. Observing the concept of this theory I have understood that in-built personal traits within me are going to support me in becoming a social scientist. However, I have to develop certain more advanced skills to flourish in this area without any hurdles (Ficanysha and Iswari, 2022). I have to make sure what the current job factors such as work are or pay environment to become a proper social scientist. Matching the gathered information on factors with personal values and requirements is going to be my proactive action which I have understood after excavating information on this theoretical concept.

“Krumboltz social learning theory” is another career development theory that is highly going to support me in flourishing as a social scientist.  According to this theoretical concept Krumboltz provides a proper guideline to people in thinking what the existing learning opportunities are before taking a career decision (Mirzayee and Fekri, 2018). In this way, I have understood how social environment plays an important role in changing ideas and views (Rizanuddin, 2020). Observing this theory I have identified that environmental events and conditions help me in recognising political, social and cultural controls. Being a social scientist in future I can have a full idea regarding movement of these controls within a society. This theory indicates an individual needs to gather associative and instrumental learning experiences. Those experiences are going to help in achieving success in career path by constantly extracting motivation from people’s perspectives.

Intended Career Goals

Around the world there are some famous social scientists such as James Hutton, Charles Lyell and Louis Agassiz whom I used to follow to fulfil my career goal in becoming a social scientist. I am interested in studying various aspects of a society as events occur in society interest me from an early stage of my life and this has inspired me to become a social scientist in near future (Hung and Yen, 2020). I constantly do research on different groups, institutions and individuals to provide insight regarding exercise power, making decisions and creating a difference. In this way, constant research helped me to pursue this area and build a professional career as a social scientist. I have identified the importance of studying social science and analysed that this study not only helps in understanding one's own behaviour but also helps in understanding peers’ behaviour on a social event. Therefore, my intended career goal is to secure specialisation in economics as it is one of the important parts of human society. Creating a specific focus on a large area of social science is going to help in to adopt specialisation. Furthermore, inspiration and interest is going to support me in achieving the career goal easily.

Actions to achieve goals

Qualification: I have to attain a bachelor’s degree in social science to pursue my higher studies in a specific area that is economics. I have to constantly conduct my research work on economic theories and scientific fields that improves my interest in pursuing this career goal. I have an option of doing higher studies that help in strengthening my knowledge in this area. Moreover, higher studies are going to support me in exploring different career opportunities that lie within the knowledge area of social science.

Skills: Building up excellent analytical skills such as critical thinking, creativity and data analysis is highly required to flourish in this area of social science to my knowledge (Chen et al. 2018). Hence, understanding basic engineering principles is going to help me in polishing my analytical skills. Developing the skill of understanding mapping techniques and implementing them within practical world is another skill to become an efficient social scientist. Becoming versatile and adopting flexibility is another quite significant skill that helps in securing changes taken place within this area of knowledge.

Attributes: A proper thorough methodical approach is being required to give adequate attention to every minute detail on geological maps (Astawa, 2019). I have to work in a team to develop my teamwork skills and that team needs to include private or public sector economists and social scientists from different areas of knowledge. Working with individuals coming from different specialist backgrounds apart from my knowledge area is going to develop my attributes.

Experience: Gaining experience becoming a social scientist is highly necessary as it helps in building up a network. Experience of working in any institute as an economist works over the degrees I am going to acquire.

Setting Current Skills

Setting current skills is highly required to match my existing skills and identify the required areas of development. Firstly, I have felt that mathematical aptitude holds the highest priority in dealing with large economic related databases. Hence, this aptitude is going to help me in handling charts and graphs comfortably by observing the mathematical principles. Understanding complex system of a nation is another most effective skill to become an expert social scientist with adequate knowledge regarding economics (Hussaini et al. 2020). In order to excel within a particular knowledge area I have found it is important to pull together data from varied sources and fields with a combination of proper theoretical concepts. Becoming an independent thinker is a highly skill I have to set within myself to pave a new direction for my original research on becoming a social scientist. I have noticed that becoming comfortable with uncertainty is another skill that needs to be set to take appropriate decisions during an uncertain situation without getting puzzled.

Career Development Award

University of Bedfordshire provides a Career Development Plan that has been designed in three stages where an individual can explore, plan, prepare and achieve (Hariko and Anggriana, 2019). Till now in this study I have identified required and existing skills for becoming an efficient social scientist. According to my identification I have seen that there are many career options present by studying social science. I have decided to attain specialisation in a specific area and secure knowledge regarding economics which is a significant part of human society. I am planning and preparing myself to attain my career goal and trying to grab an employment opportunity. I have an aim to acquire a digital badge with a certificate after completing all the stages of my career development plan.

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Summarising the overall information from this study it is easy to interpret that a vast knowledge is required to achieve success in a particular career. Career Planning is done by identifying proper steps required to become a social scientist. Different career development theories have been used to interpret various learning opportunities an individual can acquire to prosper in a specific knowledge area.

Personal Development Plan 

Development Goal


Success Factor(s)

Expected date

Team Work

Lack of efficiency regarding working with a group of people. Initially, I have to set a goal and clarify my role within a team. Working with a positive mindset is required to exercise all practices together.

I am going to work with a group of professionals. Achieving a positive outcome is going to help in understanding the exact effort has been put to achieve team working properly.

1 year after working in an institute as a social scientist.

Critical thinking Skills development

Thinking critically is a procedure that requires identifying an uncertain situation that requires numerous factors handled with critical analysis. I have to conduct in-depth research and determine relevant critical thinking skills to address the situation properly.

Becoming a self-critic is going to achieve success in removing difficulty while thinking critically. Moreover, I have to become an active listener to add value to this challenging area present within me. 

Minimum 2 year is required to think critically after working as a professional social scientist. I will be able to segregate different situations properly and understand an uncertain situation that requires a critical thinking procedure.

Learning new tool usage

I have to learn to use transformational tool to become a good social researcher.

Using modern tools in researching is providing me with the outcome those are consistent, collaborative and extensive networking has to be observed to achieve success in becoming a social scientist.

6 months is required to learn to use any research tool after pursuing a career as a social scientist.

Table 1: PDP

SMART objectives






Time Based

Aim of learning social studies to become a social scientist

I am preparing myself to learn social science as it has impactful careers.

Measuring my skills and observing my performance after learning social science

Achievable a career on social science is highly possible as many educational institute provide a degree on this area

An academic degree with appropriate skills is highly relevant in achieving my ultimate vision.

2-5 years

Developing varied analytical skills

Increase reading and constantly taking part in activities that helps in improving my analytical skills.

Comparing my previous position and current position after attending activities for improving an analytical skill.

Taking part in a professional course that properly guides me to fill up the gaps and support me in succeeding to become a social scientist.

Researching, forecasting, data mining and problem-solving are certain analytical skills that are highly relevant for my ultimate vision.

1-2 years

Encouraging social growth

I have to foster myself regarding social growth

Social research is highly required on different social areas.

It is possible to achieve the intention by identifying societal development issues those are not properly addressed.

Being a social researcher identifying potential social solutions is going to be relevant for my ultimate vision.


To learn effective communication skills




Learning the specific communication skills is very important as by it communication with the teachers and teammates can be improved which can improve my career successfully (Callahan, 2021).


The identified specific communication skills need to be measured properly for its proper learning.

The communication skills are not very difficult to be learned and hence, they can be learned by proper practice of learning communication skills. Hence, it is attainable.

In doing the career planning, use of the effective communication skills are very important as by its implementation, effective communication can be done with the teachers and the stakeholders of the future job which can improve the career planning effectively.

1-2 Years


Identification of own flaws




In learning different skills and implementing it and to learn new things, it is very important to identify own flaws by which proper recommendation ways can be found to eliminate and mitigate those flaws and hence, it is absolutely measureable.


Own flaws can be identified or measured by doing the proper self-analysis of all the areas and finding the weakest area that needs to be improved. Hence, it is measureable.

Identification of the own flaws in different areas are very achievable and it can be done by doing proper self-assessment.

Identification of the own flaws is also very realistic and relevant as well as by identifying own flaws, its mitigating ways can also be found by which career planning can be done properly.

1 Year

Table 2: SMART Objective


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