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Introduction of Education And Special Educational Needs

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Special education needs are some of the practices which are implemented so that the people with disabilities would be able to fulfil their individual needs. There are different kinds of disabilities which are present and have to be given different learning practices as well. The following report would be discussing the SEND and SENDCO principles which are used in order to be able to gain the right working.


Discuss SEND, learning difficulties and learning disabilities


Special educational needs and disability, is set of coded principles for children who are facing learning difficulties or learning disabilities. There has to be special way of teaching them as well so that they would be able to fulfil their daily activities and have a normal life as much as possible. Example, special schools make sure that these factors are being addressed which is a great factor.

Learning difficulties

Learning difficulties is a condition in which an individual would find problems to be able to learn in a traditional classroom context. Literacy skills development can be interfered with and there is going to be affecting on memory, ability to focus and organizational skills (Kocaj and et.al., 2018).

Learning disabilities

Having difficulties of gaining knowledge and skills as compared to the same age group and there are different learning disabilities which are present. All individuals have a different method of learning in order to make sure that they are being able to cope with the situation.

AC 1.2 and 1.3 Meaning of educational health care plan and responsible for carrying it out

Educational health care plan is a legal document which is going to describe the kind of help and support that is required by the child which is aging below 25. There is a special educational provision that is present in this aspect in order to make sure that there is good support that is current.

The people responsible for educational health care plan are the teachers which observe and learn about the students well (Yaraya and et.al., 2018). It is very important for the teachers to make sure that they are providing the right support which is required by them so that there would be higher operations and working.

AC 2.1 Graduate approach to support learner with SEND

The graduate approach to support the learners with SEND is assess, plan, do and review process to support their child is a very practical method of doing things. Assess is to identify the child, plan is to make sure that there is a detailed planning for the support they need, do is appropriate support, review is make sure that the programs are working and then involve outside agencies to make sure that there is professional help and guidance as well which is being provided (Heyder, Südkamp and Steinmayr, 2020). Children need the extra help so that they would be able to match the expectation of the program.

AC 3.2 Key principles of SENDCO code of practice

To understand the children and their parents so that there are decisions taken accordingly this is going to make the health and social care services. Working together is very important to overcome this situation which is good for disagreement. Authorities have to make the right decisions in order to be able to provide further education and health and social care management has to be present in order to provide the best of facilities and working which is good for the overall working.

  • Coordination has to be present with SEN whole school so that the children can havbe the best functioning.
  • Children have to be provided with the right information in order to be able to get the right working and performance.

AC 4.1 Benefits of inclusive practice for SEND learners

Emotionally and the behaviour of the children has to be understood so that there is good learning practices which are present. Benefits of this factor are that there is better conducting of traditional methods of sharing knowledge. Traditional method of sharing information is very effective which is going to make the special children feel normal as well. It is very important to make sure that everyone understands and expectations are being matched as well (Williams-Brown and Hodkinson, 2020). Differences are going to be lesser in SEND learners since they are all special and need the same attention like all their fellow colleagues.


AC 3.1 and 5.1 Job specification

Covered in PPT


AC 6.1 and 6.2 Spider diagram on SEND act and children and families act 2014

From the above data it can be assumed that there are a lot of actions which are being taken for the special children which are present. There has to be good balance that has to be present in order to make sure that there are right operations that are going to be there. Special children do not understand the value of the working which is why it important for them to be able to have the right understanding of them so that there is planning which can take place. There must be right operations and working which is going to be there when there is going to be good implementation which is going to be there (Robinson, 2017). The principles of SEND act focus on the views, wishes and feelings of the child so that there are possible decisions which can be taken for them. Principles of Children and family act 2014 are responding to the parents so that there are better concerns which are being addressed from time to time. Principles are very essential to be followed in both the acts to make sure that there is a growth which is present in special children. The parents of the special children also have to be taught the right way of understanding and supporting their children so that there is a good balance which is present.


From the above report it can be concluded that it is important to have the right working and processing which needs to be present for the special education and educational purpose. All the individuals have a different way of understanding and this factor must be understood well. It is important to have which can be followed to be able to gain the right knowledge and information for the long run.


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